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Awakenings: Seduction By The Sea

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You are wrapped in my arms, snug with your back against me. As usual, I awaken before you do, watching you, savouring the sweet perfection of you next to me. Inhaling deeply, I imbibe the heady scent of you, pausing for a moment to trap your essence within me.

The sunlight creeps in, casting soft shadows in our cliffside villa. Clad in a white satin slip and a thong, you look like a goddess from a dream. The view from the bed is breathtaking; the dawn and the rising sun turn the sea a golden hue. The birds make a gentle melody against the background of waves crashing against the rocks far below; two courting squirrels playfully pursue each other across the branches of the Banyan tree outside our bedroom.

Our clothes lie scattered on the day-bed, a reminder of the urgency with which we made love after dinner. I kneel on the bed; rousing you gently with soft kisses. Cupping your cheek with one hand, I kiss your lips as my hands move to your breast, circling your nipple through the soft silk of your slip. Whispering softly to your still-dreamy mind, I tell you of your beauty, within and without. I roll your nipple tenderly, and it grows firm to my touch. You roll over to lie on your back and open your eyes hesitantly. I smile innocently as I bend down to take your big toe in my lips, sucking on gently as my tongue runs over the tip salaciously. You’re still sleepy, and everything still seems just a little hazy.

You awaken and protest feebly, but still allow me to lick my way up your calf softly. Sivas Escort Slowly, my tongue works its way up to your thighs. Pausing there for a moment, I look up at you and smile lovingly. Straying to more sensitive areas, I slide your silk slip up above your waist. Leaning down, I part your thighs with my palms and put my lips at your service. My eyes look intensely into yours as I lick at your slit through your panties, awakening your clit with my tongue.

You feel your panties being pulled aside, exposing your moistness. You squirm as I gently blow air on your clit. My lips encircle your clit; the tip of my tongue runs over softly it. You quiver and protest for a moment, then lie back and surrender as the spark of arousal kindles within you.

My hand roams over your belly, leaving no place untouched. My palm glides gently over the smooth perfection of your skin. With measured pace, the tip of my tongue makes light and gentle circles over your clit, softly arousing you. Your clit grows firmer, and your moistness becomes wetness. I savour the creamy nectar of your love. I moisten the tip of my index finger as you watch, then advance it gently into your wetness until the fingertip reaches your g-spot.

I pause for a moment, smiling within as I see the need in your eyes. I begin by tongue-teasing your clit faster and faster, fingering your g-spot with my fingertip in unison. My other hand moves up your body and catches your nipple, rolling it in time with my caresses. You remain passive, Sivas Escort Bayan letting me gently awaken your body and mind. Slowly but surely, you respond; your moistness becomes wetness; you put your hand on your mound and pull up gently to allow me to get at your clitoris more readily.

With maddening deliberateness, I explore your clit with the tip of my tongue. I tongue-tease you, holding your clit in place with my lips while my tongue chases it around in my mouth. Desire awakened within, you tighten on my finger. Confident that I have your full attention, I thrust myself deeper within you, my finger caressing your g-spot more insistently. On the verge of losing control, you mount my finger and impale yourself upon it with desperate and urgent need.

You writhe on the bed, tortured by the pleasure that you feel coiling within you. Your nipples are hard, your back is arched. Your breath quickens and you know the moment is close. You resist for a while; your body begs for release, yet you try to deny the irresistible. The energy of contradiction builds up within your loins. I urge you on, lapping at your clit with wild abandon. You feel me curl my finger inside you, pressing upon your g-spot with just the perfect pressure, exactly right where you like it.

I look intently into your eyes; I read your every desire. Connected in mind and body, we dance at the edge of climax for what seems an eternity. You endure for just a while more, until your body succumbs to the demanding Escort Sivas yet gentle tip of my tongue and the slight but sure strokes of fingertip upon your g-spot.

With a long cry of triumph, you spasm on my finger, screaming as the climax ravages you, my relentless fingers and tongue driving you higher and higher. You gasp; your head is tilted back, and you clutch at the sheets. Your wetness floods onto my lips and I take it all into me, swallowing your gift as you come.

Your thighs press against my cheeks as you clamp your legs together, and you trap my finger inside you, squeezing it tightly within your wetness. Relentless, I deftly tongue your clit and finger your g-spot and nipple wickedly. All your defenses are breached; you begin to fly once more. Inundated by ecstasy, your whole being resonates as you call out my name.

The climax endures; you can neither think nor speak. You are utterly lost, seized by a deluge of pure and total pleasure which roams your mind wildly with a will of its own. Your body yearns for respite but your soul demands more as once more you fall off the precipice and come in one long, hard enormous and final orgasm,.

I move back up the bed, lying behind you and hugging you close to me. I run my fingers through your hair, soothing your long silken curls back into place. I take you in my arms, rubbing your belly with one hand and caressing your cheek with the other as you close your eyes and succumb to that sleepy feeling. I pull the blanket over us to encapsulate our warmth. You feel my lips on your neck as I kiss you softly and soothe you back into dreamland. Engulfed by love, you feel warm, safe and secure. I feel you drift back into a light slumber. And just as you fall asleep, perhaps you hear me whisper “I love you”

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