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Autumn Term Tales – Episode 01

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Note to Readers:

This is the updated, revamped version of my old ‘Crime and Punishment’ Submission. With the stories’ new direction and the changes, the old title was no longer accurate. Hope you enjoy.


24 year old Jennifer ‘Jenny’ Montana is a short woman, standing only five foot four. But that was the only thing small about her. She has shoulder length auburn hair, big, playful eyes that dance with merriment and her red lips are large, curling in a seductive shape at the corners. Though short in her torso, she has long arms and legs, trim and shapely, complimenting her large bosom. Her double D breasts and long, well toned legs were usually the first thing people noticed about her. Boys usually stared a lot and she even turned a few girls’ heads as well. She welcomes the attention and does a lot to keep it, frequenting the local gym at least once a week to keep her shape in check.

When she goes out with her friends she wears shirts and tops that are at least a size to small which cause her already straining body to stand out even more and her skirts and shorts are always rather short. But she isn’t a slut and so restrains herself when at work. Besides, a teacher wearing a tank top and mini skirt would not go down well at the college where she teaches as a biology professor.

She had always been interested in people’s bodies ever since she reached puberty when she was a little over twelve years old. This had led to her studying to be a science teacher who specialized in biology, particularly human biology. Sometimes this let her work very closely with boys, girls and their bodies. Sometimes she had even had special one-to-one ‘study’ sessions with fellow students, and even a few of her professors, while studying at university.

It was September and it had been unnaturally sunny for several days now but today, Friday the 12th, was the hottest by all accounts. Jenny was looking forward to the end of the day at Four O’Clock, just ten minutes away. She wanted to be at home having a cool shower while attending to the itch growing between her thighs. Several times today fights had broken out between some of the boys. Hot, bored and increasingly short tempered, some had turned to violence to settle petty arguments. One had happened right in front of her as she’d been crossing the playing field back to the science block after lunch.

A sports practical class was on at the time and two boys had suddenly decided to hold a wrestling competition. Jenny’s heart had started to race and her breath quickened as she’d watched the two of them rolling about on the grass. Their almost skin tight sports clothes showed off the muscles rippling along their backs and arms, and their shorts left little to the imagination. Caught up in a day dream, she’d stopped to watch, fantasying that the fight was over her. She knew she should feel guilty for such thoughts but it was fun all the same. Then the boys had been pulled apart and she quickly moved on in case anyone asked why she’d stopped.

As the memory faded she sighed and tried to find a position which was a little cooler. She hadn’t had a break all afternoon and it was becoming stifling hot in the packed science room. The windows were open to their full extent but the air coming in was as hot as that going out. The top two buttons of her shirt were undone and she’d taken off her jacket but it hadn’t helped much. Even though she had allowed herself to wear a shirt because of the hot weather she was still boiling up. It was ten to four on Friday afternoon and she longed for the last ten minutes to just suddenly pass. The heat and memories of the boys fighting in tight shorts was really starting to make her yearn to give her crotch the attention it was begging for.

‘Well, that’s not quite true,’ she mused to herself.

What she would really like was for someone else to do it for her and she knew exactly who it was she wanted. She glanced at and then away from him in case he noticed. He didn’t. As usual he was still working. Everyone else had given up trying to concentrate and even the support teacher had resigned himself to the fact that he wasn’t going to get them to work.

She knew it was wrong for teachers to have amorous feelings about their students but she couldn’t help it; just looking at him made her nipples begin to harden. He was the only person in the room that seemed unconcerned by the heat. Indeed, she’d heard him comment on several occasions that when everyone else was hot he felt comfortably cool and when everyone else was freezing he felt perfectly warm. Of course, he’d never actually said it to her.

19 year old Brecon Storm was practically a loner and had only a few close friends. He spent most of his time working, reading or simply sat in silence thinking secret thoughts. She loved the way he relaxed back in his chair, one hand on his stomach while the other either twirled a pen in slow circles between his fingers or drummed a silent rhythm on the desk. He always moldova escort seemed distant and sad but she’d also seen him smile. What a smile! Slow, hesitant, as if it didn’t belong on his face, curving gently upwards at the corners. And his eyes, well, she could lose herself in them. Pupils more like the slits a cat or a reptile would have with a pale blue, almost gray iris ringed by a thin band of much deeper blue.

One of the boys sitting in the front row of desks said something to her, calling her back from her fantasies.

“Yes?” she answered as she looked round.

Adrian Griffis, the boy who’d spoken and those nearest him doubled over as they burst out in fits of grunting laughter. Obviously they had asked her something inappropriate that required a yes or no answer. They had waited until she had been day dreaming knowing she wouldn’t understand what they’d said. The support teacher had unfolded his arms and stood up. He had heard what had been said and even though he was trying to hide it, she could see he was trying hard not to laugh, too. None of the male teachers and even some of the older women teachers would take her seriously. They considered her as being to young and naïve to be a college teacher.

She looked away, embarrassed, thanking for once that it was a hot day as her already reddened face hid the blush colouring her cheeks. She knew it was still there, her panties were becoming moist with more than just sweat because of it, but the itch was subdued a little as her thoughts were disturbed. As her roving eyes past over Brecon they suddenly met his. In the split second it took her to move her eyes back to his he had already averted his gaze.

She sat down, her eyes moving across the textbook in front of her without reading a single word. Was that a blush she’d seen spreading across his cheeks and neck? Had he been looking at her? Her heart raced, the itch bloomed even greater now and she could feel her clit stiffening. She knew from experience how to keep her body from giving away clues as to her private thoughts but inside her brain raged with question after question. Did this mean he liked her? What would happen if he did?

She suddenly noticed that the atmosphere in the classroom had changed. It was still as hot but now the room was silent, frozen almost. She looked up. He was still working but that wasn’t what had everyone’s attention. What had, was Richard Anderson. He was walking slowing down the space between the workbenches towards the one Adrian was sat at. She noticed he had a fresh blotch of florescent orange paint, like the kind used in paintball guns, on his left sleeve. Adrian was lowering his hand, an elastic band lashed around his thumb and index finger to form a catapult. He was smiling. She knew what was about to happen; Adrian only smiled like that when he was about to fight. The support teacher had also noticed and, like some of the students had backed off to a safer distance. A larger number left the classroom altogether, taking their bags and other possessions with them.

Adrian’s pals were still near to him but even they looked worried. Adrian and his crew basically ruled the college campus. They were the hardest and most brutal persons on the campus but still somehow had enough brains to get onto a science course. But Richard Anderson was a law unto himself. No one could touch him and everyone knew what would happen if you did. Adrian stood up slowly, rolling his massive shoulders as he did so and pushing up his sleeves. Richard stopped about a foot away from him. His dark skinned, evenly muscled body could easily match Adrian’s. A few seconds past … then they were suddenly smashing each other back and forth. It happened so fast Jenny hadn’t even seen the first blow.

In the aisle behind and two workbenches down Brecon was, incredibly, still working. She heard the support teacher calling for assistance over the walkie-talkie he carried while he shepherded the other students out of the room. She knew any “assistance” wouldn’t be here in time to stop the two boys from seriously damaging each other. She started to feel guilty again. She was heating up again as she watched the powerful muscles of both boys pump back and forth, glistening with sweet sweat as they landed blow after blow against each other. The remaining students had fled, all except her favourite.

Suddenly, Adrian had one of the metal stools in his hands and was clubbing Richard with it. Richard ripped the stool out of Adrian’s grasp, tossing it behind him as he leapt at Adrian. Jenny watched as if in slow motion as the chair flew across the nearest workbench and into the aisle behind. She would have cried out had there been time. Brecon noticed the stool at the last second and looked up just as it ploughed into his chest and left hand side. He was smashed off his seat and disappeared from Jenny’s view. As he fell he let out a cry of pain so gut wrenching it pulled at Jenny’s heart. She escort istanbul leapt up and started round towards the aisle ends away from the fight, intending to help him. She’d barely reached the first aisle when he was back on his feet.

She froze. He was transformed! She had always thought of him as being about five foot ten but she realized now that he must walk in a hunch. His shoulders back and his head up, he was nearer six foot two. His eyes were ablaze and his lips pulled back in a snarl of pure rage. Forget fancying him, she was in love. He just radiated power. As if to prove it, he leapt over his workbench and picked up another of the stools. Neither Adrian nor Richard saw him coming. Letting out a roar, he brought the stool down two handed, aiming for the back of Richard’s head. Fortunately, Richard moved slightly which caused the blow to land on his left shoulder instead. He dropped like a stone, his collar bone and part of the shoulder blade beneath crushed by the shear force of the blow.

Adrian had been in the process of delivering another right hook when his target suddenly wasn’t there anymore. With nothing to connect with the punch left Adrian off balance. Brecon dropped the stool and in one fluid motion grasped Adrian’s wrist with his right hand, pulling him further off balance while slamming his left elbow into Adrian’s face. He then snapped Adrian’s arm up against his back in an arm lock. Meanwhile, his knee buried itself into Adrian’s groin. He pushed him away so that he landed on top of Richard who was busy shivering in pain. As Adrian fell he managed to grab part of Brecon’s shirt, tearing a chunk out of it.

All Jenny could see was Brecon’s back as she moved towards him. The support teacher suddenly reappeared in the room flanked by two other male teachers. They stopped, staring in shock at the two bullies lying prone on the floor with a sweat drenched Brecon standing over them, while deep shuddering breathes wracked his body. Jenny reached out to turn Brecon around. She suddenly was shocked to find herself looking up at the ceiling. He’d hit her! Brecon had swung round and back handed her off her feet. He was suddenly kneeling beside her.

“I’m so sorry, miss. I didn’t realize it was you. I’m sorry, so sorry.”

He moved to help her up but the support teacher suddenly had an arm round Brecon’s throat.

“You two grab those bastards. I’ll take this one,” he said through gritted teeth.

“NO!” Jenny cried, half in shock, half in anger.

“What?” said the support teacher.

“No,” she said more forcefully as she rose to her feet, “He’s my student, his actions were against me and I’ll deal with him myself not you thugs.”

The support teacher opened his mouth as if to say something, thought better of it and merely shrugged instead. He didn’t have to speak. His smirk said it all. ‘Fine, I’ll leave you to cope with this one’ is what it said. Jenny allowed a fleeting expression of fear to cross her face and his smile widened as he released Brecon before turning away and following the others out. Jenny, smiling inwardly, followed them to the windowless door and shut it after they had gone.

This was exactly what she wanted. The practical science room was the only upstairs room in the science block and its windows were all along one wall, looking out across the farmer’s fields behind the college. It was one of the few places in the college that offered complete privacy. She was also the only person who worked in the science block and apart from her, only the cleaners and the dean had keys to the whole building.

She waited until she heard the support teacher and his lackeys leave the block before turning to Brecon. He’d got off the floor and was now sitting on a stool. Through the rent in the side of his shirt she could see the smooth, sweat streaked skin of his abdomen. Her eyes flashed and her pulse raced. Her itch was almost screaming to be satisfied.

“Wait there, you.” She said in as steady a voice as she could manage.

He merely nodded. The slumped shoulders and the saddened look had returned. Her heart wrenched as she looked at him but though she wanted to go over and console him she couldn’t, not yet. She slipped out of the door and down the stairs, practically flew past the science theory room and came to the outside door. Peering through the window pane she made sure no one was around before detaching the door’s key from her key ring and locking the front door. This was the only entrance and exit to the science block apart from the fire door which could only be opened from the inside. She left the key in the door, making sure it was turned sideward. It was an old fashioned lock which meant it couldn’t be pushed out from the other side while the key was sideward.

She almost ran back up the stairs, but composed herself before entering. As she did she checked the clock. Five past four. Good, all the students would be gone and no other teacher had any reason to be bulgar escort at the science lab.

Now she turned her attention to Brecon. He hadn’t moved from the stool. He had adopted that favourite position of hers, the one were his hand drummed on the desk. Jenny locked the door behind her before crossing to the windows and shutting each of them. She didn’t care about the heat now and she couldn’t take any chances, however unlikely, of anyone hearing them.

‘Besides, two bodies in a room this size won’t cause too much heat,’ the scientist part of her said.

Before turning back to face him, she opened the third button down her shirt and the last three, leaving only the middle two fastened. Now the size of her breasts forced her tight shirt to open, revealing a lot of flesh, most of her toned stomach and several inches of cleavage.

‘This should wet his appetite,’ she thought.

She moved to stand beside him, leaning on the desk with both hands so that her bosom was pinched between them.

“So, Mr Storm,” she spoke slowly, making sure her tone wasn’t too serious and just a little seductive.

She smiled inwardly once more when he turned to look at her. Although he didn’t physically look at them, she could tell by his body language that he’d noticed her open shirt and the expanse of flesh on show. You didn’t get to be a good human biologist without becoming adept at reading people.

“What am I to do with you,” she shook her head as she turned around and leant back with her elbows on the desk so that her chest and hips were pushed forward.

Though she feigned annoyance, she was thrilled to see that her teasing was working. Though his face was clouded by apprehension, she could see the hunger building in his eyes and a blush beginning to creep up his neck.

“Honestly, miss. It was an accident. I hadn’t realized who was behind me until you were falling.”


“What?” he looked puzzled.

“Just call me Jenny, Brecon,” she stroked her hand along his forearm in a way that would seem friendly to a passer by but she knew would feel like more to him. God, the heat of his skin and the feel of it against hers! She desperately wanted the rest on show. She was surprised to feel him freeze at her touch, “This is college after all, you don’t need to be formal,” she said, stressing the last word but he didn’t seem to notice.

She looked up at his face and almost lost her restrain. Oh god, she just wanted to kiss those lips of his and see him smile. The smell of his skin mingling with that of his sweat was driving her crazy. Her breasts were swelling and her blood sang as she gazed into his eyes. She desperately wanted him right then. But she daren’t risk moving too fast. He was still wary and not responding too well even to her overt display. She would have to break him open first, make him feel comfortable with her.

“I don’t think I really should, miss. What with this being such a serious situation and all that.”

He flinched as her eyes blazed and her face flushed with anger.

“Well, that’s another mark against you isn’t it?” she practically hissed at him as she stood with her hands on her hips, “First you strike me then you won’t do as I ask?”

Though he knew she was small, right then Miss Montana seemed to tower of Brecon. He shrunk back as he stammered.

“Miss, please, I …”

“Enough! No more excuses, Brecon. Stand up.”

He stood, defeated and miserable. He was hunched and wore that haunted look she was determined to purge him of.

“Stand up straight! Now, that’s better.”

Brecon was miserable. He’d just done two things that he would grieve over for weeks to come. First he had fought out of anger and then he’d hit the only person other than his friends that made him happy now a days. He had liked her since the first time he’d met her just before Christmas last year when he transferred from his other college. She was his favourite teacher, not just because she was one of the most beautiful women he’d ever seen but for other things besides.

She seemed to be the only teacher he had never managed to piss off. Plus she always seemed so kind and fun to have as a teacher. Plus he was sure that on several occasions there had been some small indications of her liking him in more than the usual teacher-student way. The way she looked at him sometimes when she thought he wasn’t looking, how she always seemed so understanding when he couldn’t hand things in on time due to a busy schedule at home and at college, and how she always seemed so glad to see him in or outside of class.

But he knew he’d blown his chances with her. Of course, they’d been slim to begin with but now there was no way he could redeem himself for this. He stared at a dot on the wall as she walked first one way round him and then back the other way. The smell of her as she walked past was making his blood rise but he refused to let it show. Oh what a fool he’d been to even think she had mutual feelings for him. She’d even seen him looking at her during class. He could tell she disliked him now.

Jenny had walked round him twice now, trying to buy enough time to think of what to do next but she was running out of ideas and she couldn’t control herself much longer.

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