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Australian Apartment

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My wife and I have a great, erotic sex life (even before we met) and we have both turned our experiences into stories. Read LouisaLove for her experiences. This story is different because I was only there for part of the time. Louisa told me the rest, so I have written it all in the third person. And yes, it is true, we are in Melbourne, Australia and the views from the penthouse are amazing. Louisa particularly enjoys watching Paul work out. This is the city which spawned the soap ‘Neighbours’. For us it took on a whole new meaning this New Year (2010). As always, the names have been changed.

* * * * *

Jeff went to the door with her. As always around the house when it was warm he was completely naked so he stopped at the entrance as she went over to the lift and called it. She turned back towards him and said, “Are you sure about this?”

She was wearing a clinging black dress which held her ample breasts firmly together framing the soft brown mounds above the low-cut square neckline. It drew in at her curvaceous waist, rounding out again over the twin, firm buttocks which were her best feature. The dress was short by her usual standards, stopping midway down her gorgeous thighs, showing off long legs covered in fishnet stay-ups. But the most significant features of the dress were the diagonal slash-cuts, five in all, each one revealing a hint of the luscious body which lay below, but not quite giving away everything. This dress always turned Jeff on and he felt his cock stiffening. She came over to him and he kissed her. “Yes,” he replied softly and slipped his hand up between her thighs to the wetness which he knew glistened under there. Louisa never wore panties.

The lift arrived and she turned swiftly away, turning to blow him a kiss as the doors slid closed. He closed the apartment door and went through to the balcony. It was twilight and the view from the penthouse was stunning, as always. The suburb had a low-build policy and, although the apartment was only on the fourth floor, it was at the top of the highest building in the vicinity. The wrap-around balcony looked out to the Dandenong Ranges and as he walked round it he could see the lights of the city beginning to show in the distance, the Eureka Tower dominating the Melbourne skyline. As he continued around the balcony the sun had just sunk into the Western sky and there was a deep ochre glow rising into and ever darkening blue. He could also see the roof-top of the adjacent apartment, just below him. Paul was working out on his multi-gym, the sweat glistening on his naked torso.

The apartment across the lane was occupied by two young men, one of whom had a live-in girlfriend. Often there were many other people visiting. It was obviously a great place for a party and, although the music was loud, it was tasteful. Louisa and Jeff enjoyed listening to loud rock and the friendship had started when Paul had turned his music down to listen to something Jeff was playing. Jeff had noticed the shift in the background noise and looked over. Paul was leaning on the parapet of his roof-top deck with the thumbs up. “Great music, mate. I love Pink Floyd.”

After that exchanges became more frequent and Louisa suggested inviting them around the next time they had a party. Because they lived so near, Paul and Jim and his girlfriend, Sally, were the last to leave that night and Paul unloaded to Louisa about the recent break-up with his own girlfriend. He had thought the relationship was going well and yet she had suddenly gone off with someone else. Louisa consoled him and told him that it didn’t mean he had done anything wrong. But there was an innocence about him and she told Jeff afterwards that she felt that Paul was probably too nice, which girls always find frustrating. However, he was fit and physically attractive and would find another girl soon enough.

A month after that, Jeff and Louisa were invited back for the Hogmanay celebrations. They took some beers and wine with them and were already quite merry from having had a few beers at the local bar. Jim let them in. Midnight had already passed so they kissed and were kissed, or shook hands in the case of the men, by everyone they passed on the three flights up to the rooftop. Paul was up there and gave Jeff a firm handshake and Louisa a warm embrace. She was wearing a knee-length soft diaphanous red dress, her large, firm breasts accentuated by the balcony bra she wore underneath, the frilly edges of which could be glimpsed tantalisingly as she moved. Paul motioned her to a wooden armchair and she slid into it, her dress riding up her thighs a little. She made no attempt to pull it down. Jeff handed Paul the bag of drinks and grabbed the chair beside Louisa. “Beers?” asked Paul.

“There’s a bottle of Cava in the bag. Why don’t you open that?”

Paul went downstairs for glasses and Louisa turned to Jeff. “He’s quite cute, you know, and very strong. If he hasn’t got a girl yet, and I don’t see one, I may have to take him in hand myself. Jeff feigned shock. Rize Escort “Don’t come it. You know we’ve discussed it before and you said…”

“It would turn me on to see you with another man,” Jeff cut in.

“Exactly. And I like Paul, and I feel sorry for him.”

“I don’t think feeling sorry for someone is necessarily a good reason to bed him.”

“Well I’ve done that before. Anyway, I’m not being entirely virtuous. Did you see the package under those tight jeans?”

At that, Paul reappeared with 3 glasses and uncorked the bubbly.

“Where is everyone?” Jeff asked.

“There’s a couple downstairs who seem to be into each other and the rest have gone down to the beach. It’s an Ozzie tradition.”

“What about you?” Louisa asked.

“I need to be here in case any others arrive.” He said this as he sat down beside Jeff.

“Don’t sit there, Paul. I can’t see you. Bring your chair round.” As she said this, Louisa pointed to a spot in front of us. “That’s better. I can see you now.”

“And you can see Louisa,” thought Jeff.

Paul was looking at Louisa’s breasts appraisingly. “Have you got yourself a new girlfriend yet?” she asked. He looked up quickly, slightly startled by the interruption of his gaze and the directness of the question.

“No, I’m being careful this time. I don’t want to get hurt again so soon.” He was looking directly into Louisa’s eyes and the softness of her face suggested sympathy and understanding. This wasn’t a man’s conversation, so Jeff sat quietly.

“But don’t you miss the female company and the fun?” she asked.

“Well, yes.”

“And what about, you know?” As she asked this, Louisa crossed one leg over the other, revealing a considerable length of thigh and making her dress slide further up her legs. It wasn’t like Louisa to be so diffident and I was impressed by the care with which she was handling him. Normally she would just have come out and said sex. But her body language made it clear that was what she meant anyway.

Paul looked slightly lost for words and then uttered, “Well, yes.” And then, after a pause while Louisa uncrossed her legs again, “Of course.” He glanced down. Jeff looked too. The dress had slid up slightly further and Jeff felt sure that from his vantage point, Paul could see her bare mound of Venus. That was clearly Louisa’s intention.

“Paul, do you mind if I give you some advice?” As she said this, Louisa leaned forward and took his hand, combining the sensuality of her soft touch with the tantalising view of her deep and welcoming cleavage.

Paul didn’t answer.

“I’m a lot older than you and a lot more experienced. You’re a really nice guy.” She squeezed his hand. “But girls are never really attracted to the nice ones. They like a bit of excitement, danger: a bit of a thrill. You need to separate out friendship, sex, love and lifelong partnership. It took me 25 years to meet Jeff, and I’m glad to say that we have all of these. But I had to kiss a lot of frogs before I found my prince. I enjoyed the search, the men who were lovers, the men who took me to dinner, and the ones who are still good friends.”

She let go of Paul’s hand and leaned back, crossing her legs the other way this time. Paul was transfixed by the long naked thigh leading up to the pink glimpse of her naked pussy. He felt confused. Louisa was a lot older than him. But very sexy, erotically attractive even. She seemed to be mothering him, giving advice. But she also seemed to be coming on to him, although she hadn’t actually said as much.

Jeff was keeping quiet, not wanting to break the spell Louisa had cast. But Louisa herself broke it.

“C’mon guys. My glass is empty. What does a girl have to do to get a drink around here?”

Jeff and Paul reached for the bottle simultaneously, Jeff getting there first.

“Sorry Paul, you’re the host. You pour.” And he handed over the bottle.

Paul’s hand was unsteady. He spilled some of the sparkling liquid on Louisa’s dress. She uncrossed her legs and lifted the hem, making no pretence at hiding what was on show underneath. Paul had a full view of her pink slit. His jaw dropped.

She let the skirt fall. “Don’t worry. It’ll come out. Lucky it was white wine.” She smiled. “I see you were looking at my pussy. Wouldn’t you like some of that?”

Paul’s eyes opened wide and he looked over at Jeff. “It’s fine with me.” Jeff said. “In fact, I think it would be fun for you. You’ll find Louisa is very experienced. We’ve discussed this kind of thing before and I get off on the idea of Louisa with other men.”

“But I couldn’t, I couldn’t. It’s not right.”

“Paul, my wife is a very attractive woman and a great shag. She has a huge libido and I can’t always keep up. I’d be delighted to let a nice guy like you have her. In fact, I’d be happy to watch.”

“Don’t you think I’m attractive, Paul?”

“Yes. But…”

“So don’t I turn you on?”

“No, I mean yes. But I couldn’t.” He looked at Jeff for Rize Escort Bayan help.

Jeff realised that he could stop the situation, but didn’t want to spoil Louisa’s fun. Anyway, it was clear that Jeff’s presence was causing some of Paul’s discomfort, so he acted. “The bubbly’s finished and I fancy a cold one.” He stood up. “Anyone else?”

“Can I have a glass of red, darling, preferably Shiraz?”

“No worries. Paul?”

“A beer thanks.”

With that Jeff disappeared downstairs to search for the cooler. He looked for a bathroom on the way and stumbled in on a couple panting deeply in a bedroom, butt naked. She was sitting on him grinding away and yelling while he let out low grunts. They didn’t seem to notice the door opening, so he left it ajar in case closing it again disturbed their rhythm. As he was preparing to climb the spiral staircase back up to the roof, he heard a gaggle of voices behind and a group of revellers re-appeared from the beach followed by Jim and his girl. Jim shouted over them. “Anyone wants a beer just go straight up and I’ll bring a pack. The rest of you can find your own poison. I’m officially off-duty for the rest of the party.”

Jeff hurried up the stair in case Paul and Louisa were in a state of undress. But they were still talking and now Paul was looking more into Louisa’s eyes. “The others have arrived back.”

“I’d better go down and help.” Paul seemed in a hurry to get away. Jeff handed him his beer as he passed.

Jeff sat down opposite Louisa this time, to enjoy the view Paul had had. Louisa put her hand down and pulled the skirt of her dress up obligingly so that he could see her engorged pussy lips. “They’re all coming upstairs.”

“So?” she replied.

He knew better than argue. “That didn’t seem to go so well.”

“Hmm. It did, and it didn’t.”


“After you left he became a bit more open and we ended up discussing his sexual fears because, do you know he’s only had two active partners? And both seemed to be quite straight. Or at least he only did missionary with them. He was nervous about going further in case he pissed them off and in case he did something wrong”

“What a shame. And he must be…”

“28. Can you believe that?”

“You got that from him too?”

“I told you. He was much more frank after you left.”

“But this isn’t going anywhere.”

“Don’t bet on it. You should have seen the hard-on in his jeans when he stood up. He must be in absolute agony.”

“Anyway, I have an idea.” She kicked her silver sandals under the chair. “Dance?” she smiled at Jeff.

They got home late after much more drinking, Jeff crashing out on a sofa. Louisa’s preferred point of escape was the wooden chair on the rooftop in which she fell into a deep sleep. When she awoke, it was daylight and the morning sea-breeze had blown her skirt up around her waist. Her pussy was in full view, but there was no-one else around. She had no idea how long it had been exposed and there was no telling how many men and women had looked at it, but she felt between her legs and could only detect her own juices.

“Pity,” she said out loud as she made her way to the stairs, spiralling uneasily down and dragging Jeff from his deep slumber as she passed the sofa. They slept until the afternoon and spent the rest of the day welcoming family and friends from all over the world to the New Year on Skype. It was evening before they saw Paul and Jim tidying up on the roof.

“Hell of a party.” Jeff shouted over. “Thanks for the invite.”

“No worries, mate,” Jim replied. “How do you feel?” Paul busied with the tidying.

“Not as bad as I did when I woke up this afternoon. No alcohol for a few days, I think.”

Louisa appeared at his shoulder. “If you find a pair of silver sandals, they’re mine.”

“Already have. Want us to throw them over?”

“No, they might land on the roof. I’ll come over and get them sometime. Just put them aside. I’ve got some shifts to work so probably not for a few days.”

“OK, then.” Paul was looking up by now and gave a wave.

Louisa smiled back and tossed her head. “See you.” And with that she went back into the apartment.

That was for days ago, and as Jeff sat back in his chair overlooking the rooftop opposite he thought what a very sly temptress his wife was.

In the lift Louisa checked herself in the full length mirror. She had darkened her eyes more than usual and the raised eyelashes made them both sexy and willing. She had decided that this boy needed help and, as he seemed to be in on his own, tonight would be the night. Jeff’s feel up her skirt had confirmed his suspicion that she was hot and as the lift approached the ground floor she put her hands between her legs and pulled out a glistening finger which she tasted. As the lift door opened, Dave, who lived on the 2nd floor, appeared and she winked at him as he let her out. “Hi Dave”, she said, huskily. As she walked down the hall, she knew he Escort Rize was staring at her all the way, because the lift doors didn’t close. “Well he likes it”, she thought.

Out on the pavement she turned right and walked round to the neighbours’ front door, her high-heeled stilettos accentuating the long fishnet-covered legs. The glimpses of the top of her stay-ups, showing as she moved, announced that these were not all-embracing tights and inviting several men’s eyes to mentally undress her as she passed. By the time she had covered the two-minute walk she was almost dripping in anticipation. She passed a taxi waiting on the road and was aware that the driver had a very good view from his seated position. As she turned into the pathway, she bent over to adjust the strap of her shoe giving him a clear view of her naked ass.

She was about to ring the doorbell when she was startled by the door opening quickly. It was Jim. “Hi, Louisa. Here for the sandals? I have to dash.” He was about to rush past and suddenly noticed her outfit. He appraised her, and being much taller, particularly her cleavage. “Nice outfit.”

Louisa did not want him suspecting what was up. “Jeff and I are going to a club. I can’t dance in these heels, so I need the sandals.”

“Just go on up. They’re on the coffee table. You can’t miss them. Just grab them and pull the door when you leave. I have to go. Late.” He ran towards the taxi and then turned. “Oh, don’t worry if you hear noises, Paul’s on the roof working out. With that he jumped into the taxi and turned to the driver. “Did you see?”

“Yes, someone’s a lucky guy.”

Louisa closed the door quietly, took off her high heels and tiptoed upstairs. This was a bonus. In the living area on the first floor she spotted the sandals. She put them on the floor under the table. She didn’t want to find them. She needed to ask Paul for them. She climbed the spiral staircase to the rooftop and saw Paul doing pull-ups on the multi-gym. He was facing her, but looking into the sky, concentrating. She stood there for a moment, watching the rivulets of sweat running down his chest and admiring the huge biceps as he repeatedly lifted himself. He was wearing tight-fitting gym shorts and his package was clearly visible. He was bathed in the light from the spot above the entrance. She waited until he dropped to the deck and then he saw her figure, although not her face.

“Hello?” he asked. And then thinking it was Jim’s girlfriend he said. “Sally, Jim just left. He thought you were to meet him at the cinema.”

“It’s not Sally, it’s Louisa.” She moved forward into the light and he could see her. “I’m looking for my sandals.”

“They’re on the coffee table. How did you get in?”

“Jim let me in as he was leaving. He told me that they were on the table, but I can’t find them. I didn’t want to poke around.”

“I’ll get them for you.” He walked towards her. She stopped him as he tried to pass by putting a hand on his chest.

“Wow. You have been working out.”

“I’m sorry, it’s not very pleasant.”

“Oh, but I like it. Don’t you normally say hello to a girl when you see her?”

With that, Louisa reached her face up to his for a friendly kiss and he, helpless, turned towards her and leaned forward. As their cheeks met, she deliberately put her arm around him, pulling him closer, so that his bare, sweaty body came in contact with her full, sculpted bosom. Flesh on flesh. She turned her head so that their lips met, but briefly, so that it could have been an accident.

“That’s better,” she scolded playfully, fluttering her eyes as she did so.

He smiled back, relaxing slightly. “Why are you dressed like that?”

“We were meant to be going out to a club. I needed my sandals for dancing.”


“Yes. On the way round I had a call from Jeff. He has to work late. Rush job that has to be finished tonight. No telling when he’ll be back, but he’ll call me when he’s leaving.”

“Well, I’ll find your sandals anyway.”

“No rush now. But I could do with a beer. This dry heat really gets to me.”

“Yes, the wind is coming off the desert. I need a drink myself after the exercise.”

He appeared a moment later, sandals in one hand, bottles in the other. They both took a large swig.

“Were you finished?”

“Yes. Well no, but I don’t need to do any more.”

“Don’t stop for me. I like to see a man with a good body working out. In fact, I often watch you and Jim from our balcony.”

“Really? OK. I normally finish with some press ups and sit ups.” And with that, he lay face-down on the mat in front of the multi-gym and began a series of 5 groups of 10. Louisa was impressed. His body must have been all of 90 kilos and he seemed to lift it with ease.

She took a chair and relaxed in it near his feet, crossing her legs and sipping her beer. As he finished his routine, Paul turned over to do his sit ups, hands behind his head. He sat up and found he was looking straight up her skirt. He stopped. “That’s very off-putting,” he said.

She smiled at him. “Don’t you like it, Paul?”

“Of course I do, that’s why it’s off-putting.” Then, “oh, what’s the use.” He picked up his towel and rubbed over his body then sat down beside her.

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