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Aunt Jo’s Dirty Secret Ch. 02

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Big Dick

The meal in the Italian restaurant was excellent; Aunt Jo was relaxed, she was chatting a lot. Jack said, “I think I’ll send mum a message, I haven’t heard a word from her which is unusual as she usually writes every day which makes me feel that I’m on holiday with her. It might be that she’s no Internet on the ship.”

Aunt Jo replied, “I think that there will be an Internet, but maybe she hasn’t found it. She’ll be fine; May will look after her, they’ll be having a great time, they’ll be eating each other’s pussies when they get horny, which probably will be every day.”

“Does mum and May have sex?”

“They’ve been friends for a long time; they went to school and University together. May used to stay with us at the weekend when they were at University; I often heard them having sex, let’s say that they both know how to give the other relief!”

They went back home, walking arm in arm, Aunt Jo looked happy. They kissed and touched when they got into the house; they straight to the bedroom. For the next two hours, Jack took Aunt Jo to places she had never been before; they made love in total harmony; there was togetherness in everything they did.

Jack did Aunt Jo from behind in both her holes, she loved it, she had multiple orgasms then Jack shot his load inside her hungry cunt, Aunt Jo was fast asleep two minutes later.

Jack went for a glass of wine. He sat in the lounge then messaged his mum; it read, “Hi mum, I hope that this finds you well. Are you ok as I haven’t heard anything from you and your now been away for a week? I’m working hard, and Aunt Jo is looking after me. Drop me a line and let me know how you’re doing. It’s May’s birthday on Tuesday, so I’ll send her a message. All my love, Jack xx.”

Jack topped up his wine glass; his phone beeped, mum had replied, it read, “Darling, thank you for your message, I’d no WiFi then May found the WiFi reception area, I can write now. I’m putting on weight, the food is amazing, we have breakfast at eight, morning coffee at eleven, lunch at one, afternoon tea at four then dinner at seven. I’m putting on weight, not on my stomach but my breasts are enormous.”

“I’ve only one swimming costume with me, and I’m scared my melons will pop out. I tried the shop onboard, but they had nothing that fitted me. Apart from that, we’re having a great holiday, send May a birthday greeting, she’ll appreciate that. I’ll write every day now. I’m home in seven days, all my love, mum xx.”

Jack replied, “Mum don’t worry, I love big tits. If you have a spare swimming costume at home, then I could FedEx to the Shipping Office at the next port that you visit. However, maybe we could run out of time there. You enjoy your holiday and have fun with May. Write when you can, love Jack xx.”

Mum replied, “You’re a dirty boy, but dirty boys can be fun. bursa eskort Thanks for the offer but our next port is Barbados where we disembark then fly home. I’ll be careful when I wear my swimming costume and will do everything slowly when I wear it. I’m now an E cup, E for enormous. Has Charlie not got his twenty-first coming up? Love mum xx.”

Jack replied, “Mum, please take a selfie of your tits, I’d love to see them, I often think of my sucking on them when I was a baby, I hope that you enjoyed that when I did it. Your home on Friday and the following Friday is his twenty-first, I’ll stay with you then so I can have a drink, looking forward to the selfies, love Jack xx.”

Five minutes later, the pictures arrived, Jack was taken aback with the views, there were four in total, one in her swimsuit where her massive tits were bursting out of her swimsuit. The other three were of his mum posing topless; May must have taken them, mum looked stunning, her tits were magnificent, she had an all-over tan, the pictures were recent.

There was also a short video of mum standing naked, from waist up, she then started to touch her hard nipples, she then slowly brought her left nipple to her mouth and licked and sucked it. She did the same with her right tit; mum was a very sexy lady, she was looking straight at the camera as she was filmed.

The message read, “The pictures and video are for your eyes only, I’ve sent them to you because I trust you so much. Yes, I remember breastfeeding you, I fed you eight and nine times a day, every time that you sucked my nipples you made me cum, I missed it when you were two, and we stopped the breastfeeding. As soon as I knew that I was pregnant, I stopped drinking alcohol, for two years and eight months, I was alcohol-free.”

“I’ll drive you if you want for Charlie’s twenty-first then you can have a drink. I’m thinking a lot about you, Jack, when I get back, I’d like to spend some time with you. I hope that you feel the same way. I love you, love mum, xx.”

Jack felt so good when he read what mum had written. He replied, “My darling, thanks for trusting me, no one else will see your pictures or your exciting video, I’m sure that I’ll watch them often and that there will be consequences! I’ll go to Charlie’s at seven and leave at nine, how about you and I have an Indian takeaway together and some wine, we haven’t done that for a long time. I want to spend some quality time with you. Your pictures and video are terrific; thank you. I love you, love Jack xx.”

Jack got another message from his mum saying that she was looking forward to the curry. The next ten days with Aunt Jo were terrific; the sex was intense. It was also very intimate, which both of them loved. Aunt Jo had told Jack that Maria, her ex-nun girlfriend, would stay over on Wednesday bursa escort bayan night. Jack asked what did Aunt Jo want him to do with Maria? Aunt Jo replied, “You must ass fuck her the way you ass fuck me. Then you’ll be so pampered by two women who know how to give a man pleasure. Maria and I work so well together; we will all eat in the Hotel at seven then come here, you will enjoy it, Jack, Maria hasn’t had a cock for over four years, she’s looking forward to meeting you. She has a beautiful body, she’s a nice person, and she loves good sex.”

Mum and May had got back home; both had started again at work on Monday morning. Jack had sent a birthday greeting to May, May was over the moon and sent Jack a picture of mum and May drinking champagne on the ship. They were both wearing low cut cocktail dresses; they looked stunning; Jack knew then that they were both very fuckable women.

Mum had exchanged messages every day. She had called Jack when she had got home. They had flirted in the most careful possible way; Jack had the feeling that his mum was very interested in Jack but was worried she overplayed her hand.

Jack had noticed that she was in a time-zone six hours behind Jack. Jack was asleep when these arrived at four in the morning, which was ten in the evening for mum. Jack had messaged his mum about the cocktail dresses saying that her tits looked beautiful in the picture, his mum had replied, “Thanks for the compliment, if you look closely you will see that my nipples are hard, I was thinking about you, grins, I hope that you don’t mind me thinking about you like that. I love you, love mum, xx.”

The other exciting thing was Jack had replied to May thanking her for sending the lovely picture. May had replied, “Dear Jack, it was my pleasure sending it to you, Val loves to dress up in the evening, she loves the formality on the Cruise ship. When we get home I’ll invite you and Val over for supper then we can both dress up for you. We are both enjoying our holiday. See you soon. Love May x.”

Jack knew that his mum and May very close, he had the feeling that they were planning something, this intrigued him. Jack had been to his mum’s house to check the mail and make sure everything was ok; he had promised to do this once a week. Something made him look in his mum’s bedroom; he got the shock of his life.

Mum had an iPad in her bedside cabinet. Jack knew his mum’s password. He checked her browsing history; she loved port, an older woman with younger men. She loved porn where the guys had big cocks. In ten minutes, Jack learned so much about his mum. She was into online sex. Val had two email accounts; her naughty one was very naughty. May and she shared many men for online sex. Then he found her photo files. Mum had a beautiful hairless cunt with görükle escort a long sex slit. Jack used a USB stick and transferred all of mum’s pictures, videos. He had a complete insight now into his; he also knew how to handle her on Friday.

Wednesday was terrific; Aunt Jo met Maria at six at her house. They came over to the Hotel at seven; they had champagne in the Cocktail Bar. Maria was a beautiful woman; she was like Aunt Jo, twinsets, skirts and pearls. She was intelligent and articulate. Jack liked her immediately; she had honest eyes and a beautiful smile. Maria broke the ice by telling a joke; “Two nuns are riding their bikes to church. One nun said I’ve never come this way before. The other nun replied I know it’s the cobblestones.”

They all laughed, then Aunt Jo said, “Talking about cuming, let’s go home and have some fun.”

Maria thanked Jo for the beautiful meal, and they walked to Jo’s house. Jo got some champagne, when she came into the lounge Jack and Maria were already kissing and touching, Jo said, “Maria, you’re such a fast worker, let’s all get naked then you’ll see the most magnificent cock you’ve ever seen in your life!”

They all stripped naked, Maria and Jo had very similar bodies, Jack was impressed with Maria’s long sex slit, Aunt Jo said, “Maria, I’ll let you get to know Jack, you two can kiss and touch, Jack will ass fuck you first, when you’re ready let me know, and I’ll lube your ass for you.”

Maria said, “Jack, I love your cock, I’ve never seen one as big, I’ll go down on him and make him really hard for you.”

Maria was excellent, she was deep throating Jack very quickly, Jack went down on her too, her clit was big but slightly smaller than Aunt Jo’s. Maria loved it when Jack sucked her clit and finger fucked her. Jack asked Aunt Jo to lube Maria’s ass, then the fun began. Maria said afterwards that it was the best fuck of her life. She had many orgasms; Jack had taken his time with her; he gave her so much pleasure. Maria appreciated this as she was like Aunt Jo, just used for sex.

Jack had given Maria three vaginal orgasms; she couldn’t believe the pleasure Jack’s bulbous head had given her G-spot, then he had done her pussy from behind, she loved it deep and hard. Jack was stroking her hard clit throughout their lovemaking. Maria was a gripper; Jack loved the way she gripped. Maria was like Aunt Jo, a great ride, they both knew how to give pleasure. Jack knew how to provide them with Jackpleasure.

Aunt Jo asked after Jack and Maria had climaxed how Jack had enjoyed his evening. Jack replied, “I’ve had a great night, I’d love to see Maria regularly, maybe we should try and arrange a weekend, but it can’t be this weekend as I have Charlie’s twenty-first on Friday. I’ve also things to do at mum’s house this weekend, but we should arrange something for the future.”

Aunt Jo and Maria arranged that Maria would come this weekend as Aunt Jo would be lonely. They all went to bed; Jack did Aunt Jo then he did Maria again. The next morning Jack did Maria again before she left for school. After Maria had left he did Aunt Jo again, she loved it.

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