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Aunt Cathy Pt. 39

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{Disclaimer: All characters in this piece are eighteen or over}

I didn’t know if sob had informed Bonnie about the drinks thing so she was filled in on our way back inside. Bonnie was definitely back, her eyes flared up burning mad, thankfully when I explained where the blame would fall she agreed, letting it go. Soon as Cathy laid eyes on us she motioned with both hands to come over. “Deidra this is my girlfriend Bonnie.” Dee got a sly little smile on her lips,

“Girlfriend huh?”

She didn’t know who she was dealing with. Bonnie leaned over, (don’t know how her boobs didn’t pop out) and equally as slyly answered, “Uh-huh, sometimes till the wee hours of the morning.” Mom choked on her drink while my wife stifled a laugh, Dee got a little wide-eyed but recovered quick enough making my stare at reds cleavage look like a quick glance.

“Well, can’t say as I’d blame either of you two. And I mean you and cat, not those incredible twins.” Bonnie giggled at that.

“I think I like you.”

“Mmmmm, till six A.M too?” Mom had recouped from her gagging incident and muttered an exasperated, ‘oh my god get a room’. Dee got them all laughing with her reply of, “No need, own my own house.” Bonnie was asked to join them for a drink and Cathy’s new buddy once again sent me off to the bar, this time when she called me lover Bonnie’s head almost snapped off her neck looking at my aunt.

The bartender took the order, wondered why I’d want a lain ginger ale, then told me to go sit down, “We do have wait staff you know.”

“I know that, you know that, and they,” I nodded toward the milfy quintuplet, “All know that. I’m just being toyed with.”

He repeated what I’d said to Bonnie except it was well received this time. “Bro, I do not have an ounce of pity for you.” had to laugh at that.

“Yeah. I have to agree, the situation isn’t exactly something to sulk over. I’ll make sure to tell the redhead about your interest.”

“Don’t bother bro. A woman like that’s got at least thirty guys after her.” My shoulders shrugged and I went to sit down. (I did mention it to Bonnie though. Before we left she went up to the bar and made that dude’s life. Yeah, she had a boyfriend, but a little erotic chat never hurt anyone. You should have seen buddy’s smile when she gave him her Snapchat.) The drinks showed up before I’d barely sat down and thank god I didn’t have a mouthful of one, dee asked Bonnie something that would have sent it spewing out of my lips.

“Can I touch you?” That brought up, almost, every single head at the tables, coach was still doodling away. Bonnie kind of stalled for a second, but like I said, she was back and answered with a jut of her chest.

“Yeah just don’t pinch, they’re really sensitive.” A giggle came from dee.

“Thanks for the offer, but I meant this.” Her hands went to the sides of reds neck. Lifting her hair she let it course between her fingers. “I’ve always wanted hair like this, so soft and free.” It may have been a simple gesture, but she, like all the other women I currently knew made everything erotic. All the giggling, and now this subtle erotism had me going again.

“There’s nothing wrong with your hair.” Dee’s hair was cut in what I called a Cleopatra style. Dead straight and shiny black.

“Thank you, but it’s not mine.”

I opened my big mouth on that one. “You rent your hair?” Dee gave me a sardonic look flicking the little plastic straw from her drink at a surprisingly rapid speed toward my head. (she tried to teach me how it was done but I could never pick up on it).

“No turkey, I had it with real hair years ago. Afros are all fine but mine always grew out like some drunk had attacked a hedge, so it all came off in favor of wigs, sound’s a bit drastic, but I love being able to go from style and color at a whim. Besides, it has the adding bonus of being an asshole repellent.” That got my mother’s curiosity going.

“How so?”

“I go into ice mode, yank the one I’m wearing off, slam it down and start glaring. Works every time.” That hit me just right and it was my turn to bust a gut. “See, our young colt knows what that would do to him don’t you?”

“With those eyes. Man, I’d probably become a coach.” Deidra picked up on that one immediately, and leaned over very close to my face,

“The hairstyle wouldn’t suit you.”

When she leaned back she did so at a slow rate and I felt a drop start to leak from my cock eye. Her lean-in had caused her dress to fall away from her breasts, not so they were falling out, just enough to give me a personal viewing. The slow lean back left that view in a long lingering moment, and man what a view. Misty had some serious competition in the ‘more than a handful is a waste’ race.

Two almost perfectly round, half globes of flesh looked as though they’d been fashioned from polished confectioneries chocolate. Her nipples were tiny but pert and she’d had them pierced with pointed gemstone studs the same blue as her eyes. Basically, they were the axiom of mouth-watering ankara escort defined, I was dying for a firm test squeeze.

Mom and Cathy had been in a conversation but Bonnie had been watching the whole thing. She knew exactly what I’d been eyeing and gave me a look that made me a tinge embarrassed, then proceeded to inform dee how I was prone to such activities. Deidra answered that she was well aware of that and asked Bonnie if she wanted to know a secret. Seemed like a foolish question, what woman doesn’t like secrets. Whatever it was she said to her, red’s answer was a long drawn out, “Noooooo!”

“Totally serious, if it worked I mean. If not, just have to trip the light fantastic a little more.”

For the second time that night, the status of my cock was checked out with a squeeze, this time from Bonnie. “Oh, it worked.” That seemed to please dee immensely who got Cathy’s attention and three ominous bits of information started greeting my ears.

Bonnie looked at me, gleefully leering: “Your in for it baby.”

Deidra told Cathy: “It worked, were back in business.”

Cathy gave me that look of mischief she’d get when I was about to be schooled on something new and pleasurable. “Monkey toes.”

I would have asked what the fuck that meant but she’d called a waiter over and was asking if we could move tables together. Before I knew it Mary and sob had joined us, and my view of Dawson was being filled with one of Cathy and Deidra. The fact they both had sat in front of me made me wonder what molar I was going to have to grind down when I got accosted.

You ever have false hope of a reprieve? Mine came with dinner. The time with Bonnie on the bus, (Bonnie on the bus. That should have been a Bon Scott era AC/DC song) had given time for dinner to be ordered. Mom knew me: A steak, (medium) Baked potato, (butter, sour cream, no chives and bacon bits), and veggies. I figured during eating nothing was going to happen. Yeah, I know, must have forgotten who I was talking about.

All hope ended with a couple of, ‘CLICK CLACK’S’. Seems cat and dee’s giggles were not the only things that harmonized in tandem, two sets of high heels hitting the floor did the same. Then it gelled for me. Heels off, the light fantastic, monkey toes. It all added up to one thing, and that was Cathy’s warning to me about her expertise in the field of foot jobs.

I wish I would have had the presence of mind to somehow set my phone up under the table and record what happened. Even with my imagination, it was hard to fathom how they pulled off what they did.

Neither Cathy nor Deidra are amazons, but the tables at Robert’s are narrow, basically meant for romantic dinners, not family ones. So it wasn’t hard for them to get their feet within striking distance. A pair of feet landed one on each kneecap and started to push my legs apart. I instinctively tried to close them and found I couldn’t. Now, me and Cathy have leg wrestled a few times, and although she’s not weak, I spend hours using mine playing hockey so I knew it wasn’t her feet holding my legs apart. Dee was strong, surprisingly so, and she had no problem keeping my knees spread.

Everybody else was deep into their dinner, not paying attention to anything so never noticed Cathy discretely ripping open a condom pack. I couldn’t help but ponder on how the hell she thought she was going to get that on me. Monkey toes indeed. Wifey had worn an ankle-length skirt to dinner and I had mistakenly assumed she was wearing her usual thigh highs, she hadn’t, opting for knee highs. That allowed her to doff them stealthily and have her other set of prehensile digits un-gloved, so to speak, and free for business.

Deidra had moved her feet down to my calves giving Cathy some working room which she started to use quickly. Both her feet found their way to my suited crotch, one massaging my ball sack while the other one glid like oily soap over my shaft. It felt wildly different than any hand doing the same thing and I started to throb; thankfully the cook had overdone it on my steak giving me something to bite down and chomp on.

Mr. One eye had started to ooze critically, Cathy felt it through the fabric and stopped. It hadn’t even been three hours since our shower tete a tete and my balls felt ready to burst again. You know, and I know, people do not have fingers for toes, but the way she went about undoing my zipper and extracted my cock? I’d argue. With her stopping, I assumed it was about time for the condom to come into play and I was more than curious about that trick. Wrong.

One still stockinged foot wrapped its toes over my glans and started to wiggle and squeeze, it felt fucking incredible. I had to let out a fairly loud gasp to keep from moaning. Mom heard it and asked if I was okay, problem with that was she asked it with a gleam in her eye. Yup, she may not have physically been in on it, but she was feeling it.

Cathy’s other foot which had retracted reappeared stockinged again. One sole of each foot çankaya escort was placed along either side of my shaft. She started a rotating motion, mixing it up with the occasional north-to-south stroke. I was well past leaking now. My cum mixed together with her silked feet and made for a lube Slimer would have been jealous of. It didn’t take too much longer and it was orgasm time, almost, Cathy felt it and again peeled off just in time.

Dee had left the party a while back and I was wondering why till red quietly mewed. Bonnie has this look she gets when being pleasured you could describe as somewhere between half daring you and half begging you. That look was being directed at Deidra, intensely. I had never seen dee’s conveyance of facial lust and it was something to behold.

Those eyes had lost all the gentle candlelight flicker and were now hauntingly intense. The sky-ice blue now cobalt. She saw me watching and looked over. I swear to you all a soft buzzing moved not over but through my shaft and balls until she looked away. Cathy had caught the exchange giving me a grin. It seemed to me she knew exactly what had happened and gave dee an elbow, she looked over, then below the table line, and giggled, “Tricky. But I still say both are impossible.”

The word tricky I figured referred to how the condom was going to get on me, the ‘both’ had me wondering. Two condoms didn’t make a lot of sense. Cathy enlightened me by leaning over to whisper, “Dee doesn’t believe I can get this on you with my feet, she also doesn’t believe that you are going to be able to fill it up. As she put it, ‘just because he’s hung like one, does not mean he has the same output’ she doesn’t seem to believe in the power of vitamins.”

Before the debacle called practice earlier that day, auntie had made me take a double dose of her pill concoction citing a lack of sleep, among other things as to why. She’d also used the same excuse just before we left the house this evening to get a couple more down me. Unbeknownst to me, wifey had changed up my vitamin routine with some new pills, the effect of which was going to leave an impression on both me and dee.

I tried to get a look at her feet when she got near again, but the tablecloth blocked my inquisitive view. It didn’t matter, the mission was accomplished, all be it with a slight, painful, hitch. She had it where she intended it to be, but I guess it slipped off sooner than expected, the end result being a snap just under the rim of my glans. That leather steak came in handy again and I didn’t end up yelling so

Cathy mouthed a ‘sorry’ and started in on me.

Somehow she’d managed to get the rubber on me still wearing her silk knee-highs. The slow rotation paired with the up and down movement resumed. Every so often her big toe would find its way to the vee in my glans working there for awhile while her other foot played with my sack. Yes, she’d gotten that out as well. The majority of the condom hung loosely from my tip waiting like a synthetic wineskin ready to be filled up.

Supper lasted an hour, and fifty minutes of that was spent with me being edged. Cathy knew what would happen if she did that. There would be no spurt spurt action, just an uncontrolled blast of cum. All through her foot play she never took her eyes off me and read my face like a large print novel when it came time to let loose.

Both feet went to hold the condom on me, my balls felt like they’d gone into my guts, and I fucking blew a load any colt would have been proud of. It filled that condom to the brim and Cathy had to do some fancy footwork to keep it from launching off of me. As it was she still ended up having cream-covered toes for the rest of the evening.

I was having trouble seeing straight and felt like blacking out. Mom saw that crabbing my hand to steady me, would have been a sweet gesture if she hadn’t been about ready to bust a gut. Mom may have been finding this whole thing hilarious but my body and brain were having a hard time trying to wrap themselves around how much had been expelled from me. Apparently, Deidra had the same problem. Cathy showed her, discretely, the condom. “SON OF A BITCH!!”

As you can well imagine that did not go unnoticed, even by coach. Dee once again recovered swiftly explaining she’d forgotten something before leaving home, and fake called her roommate to tend to the matter. I couldn’t help but notice a flash from under the table; pictures worth a thousand words right?

Cathy got me all put back together then excused herself to the can, no doubt to dispose of the now-inflated rubber. Deidra had me locked in her sight and with the most devilish look on her face asked me for my cell number. I don’t know if it was fog still in my head, the look she had on, or maybe some Mississippi voodoo, but I readily gave it without consulting my wife. Turn’s out that was kind of the plan all along.

Cathy got back to the table and sat down firing a good natured, giggled rib to Deidra. kızılay escort “Homewrecker.” two seconds later the beginning of an unthinkable and equally unbelievable drama began to unfold.


From downstairs, we all heard Doug, loud and aggressive, bark at his sister she could pay for the next one. Sob looked at me his head all wobbly, but eyes clear and straight, and winked. I had to put my head down to stop from blowing sob’s chance at his drunk Emmy as electric stormed out cursing.

The next words that were spoken might as well of been rock salt from a shotgun. They came from dee. “That fucking Dawson and his brother should not be allowed out in public.” She’d been watching electric storm out of the building, when she turned around back to the table all eyes were intense and faces stone. Her hands went to the table edge, and she pushed back into her seat. “WHOA! What did I do?”

Mom who had been punched by the words lost her cool and was livid in her question to Deidra. “What the fuck do you mean brother woman!!?” It was not said politely and received in much the same manner. I was as curious as anyone about the comment but it was clear that a fight between dee and my mother would not end well. Add to that coach had perked up into things, (if everything’s good, he’s fine. things turn sour he’s right in there) giving me a look.

Mary thankfully jumped in to help out. “Look you two, I’m an E.M.T., but I am not working tonight. Cool down, please.” Somehow that seemed to appease him; he nodded at me and then went back to his doodling.

Was my turn.

“Mom,” That one word caused Cathy’s eyes to close and dees to widen. (we’ll get to that a little later) “Everyone else here knows. Deidra doesn’t.” Her head dropped as she put her fingertips to her temples.

“Shit.” The look she gave Deidra when she looked up was apologetic. “I’m sorry.” She looked at me, “Tell her.” After the explanation, I thought dee was going to cry.

“Oh lord. Oh my god, I am so sorry. I thought everybody knew…” Mom cut her short.

“Please tell me what you know, and how.”

“I will, but, what’s your name first?”

Mom answered. “Jennifer.”

“Okay, Jen.” That friendly little verbal handshake effectively added mom into the dee, cat, bon-bon club. (yup Bonnie got her own nickname too, I don’t think she liked it much though) Deidra didn’t get far before me and sob almost died. “You all ever hear of a club called Chelsea’s?” Ain’t only women that can harmonize. We both knew of that place and said shit, at the same time, in fifths.

Despite mom wanting to know what was what, Mary held up a finger to dee. “Whoa, one second, please. Okay, you two. I know what that club is, and I am dying to know how you both do?” Nobody else but me, sob, dee, and Mary knew about the nature of said establishment, so it upped the curiosity level twofold. When I motioned to sob to start with the explanation he shook his head no.

“Was your birthday dude. You explaine.” I just sighed and began.

“Remember when I turned eighteen and me and this guy, took the bus into town to bar hop?” Mom nodded yes. “Well, after we got kicked out of pretty much every bar, tavern, and pub, we still had about three or so hours till the bus left for back here. So we stumbled across a bar we’d never heard of before and a whole lot of very pretty women were heading into it,” I cleared my throat giving sob a look, he had his hand over his mouth trying not to laugh. “We headed in to see…”

Sob chimed in at that pause. “Who we could try and pick up.” Mary was unbelievable in her next question.

“You two morons didn’t notice anything strange?” Was sobs turn to answer.

“Mom we were both plastered, and well, some of them were very good-looking.” Deidra lost it at that.

“You two didn’t actually…”

Time to harmonize again, “HELL NO!”

It was time to expand the story. “Look we spent two hours in there, clueless about everything till the bartender, a guy I may add, turned us on. Everybody was cool, (sob assented to that with a nod) and so what, we were the butt of a joke. Before we left we pooled our money and bought the house a round. Nothing bad happened.”

It didn’t explain anything about the Dawson comment though, and mom brought us all back to the original point somberly. It was the tone of her voice. A wet blanket? No. How bout a cement comforter.

“Exactly how does this pertain to my ex-husband’s current affair, and his now very questionable sexuality?.”

Deidra point blanked it. “Chelsas is a drag club.”

That got a shocked, ‘WHAT!’ From cat, bob-bon, and mom. Cathy emphasized her

what with a hard kick to my shin. She and Bonnie had questions but mom shut those down with a steely look. Dee continued with her explanation. “My brother’s a queen, and I work as a makeup tech. He drags me down, no pun intended, to do the girl’s makeup sometimes.”

Mom scoffed. “The girls?”

“If that’s what they want to be called. It’s not up to me to judge, and most of them, as sob acceded to, are very nice people. I have had to deal with the Dawson brother on more than one occasion at Chelsea’s. He is an asshole, and those come in all orientations and colors.”

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