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Aunt Cathy Pt. 02

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{Disclaimer: All characters in this piece are eighteen or over}

You know that adage sometimes you get what you need, not what you what? Dad had brought Cathy’s suitcase’s and set them right next to the table corner where I was sitting. The laptop sat on top of the two bags. I’m no military strategist, but I’m pretty good at saving my ass if I need to.

Our house is an old farm house with a big kitchen. Everyone was on the opposite side of me, so I had time before they’d all be trying to help. Standing up I fake jammed my groin into the table edge and went down. The laptop was now right in front of my face.

“Damn it that hurt” I Grabbed Cathy’s laptop in one hand, gripped the table edge with the other, and stood up faking a painful grunt. “Here it is again, my birthday present.” Aunt Cathy giggled at the present comment. Anyone want to guess what the laptop was covering? Yup, you got it.

My aunt pouted her lips and said, “Aww, please fix it,” pouting doe eyed while she said it. Next thing I knew I was pressed up against those deadly tits. I just hugged her making sure that laptop stayed in place and didn’t move. It probably did move though, there was some serious throbbing going on behind it.

When the hug ended, I looked at her grinning. “You know I’ll fix it, but you’re going to have to pay this time” Mom and dad were behind her so they couldn’t see her face. I freaking saw it.

We were facing each other, so she could have just said it then and there. Instead, she bit her bottom lip and leaned in next to my ear. The hottest breath of a whisper set my ear on fire, “I just might do that.” She pulled away, those sultry brown eyes looking right into mine and flicked her tongue between her lips. I know for a fact the laptop jumped at that.

By this time, I could see dad was starting to get that ‘what’s going on’ look on his face. Time for the rest of my scheme. “Look guy’s I got a game this weekend, I don’t want to chance a sore groin muscle. I’m going to go put a cold pack on this.” I looked at dad, he tapped his head with a finger and pointed at me as if to say good thinking.

Leaning against my bedroom door I couldn’t believe I’d pulled it off. The laptop went on top of my dresser and off came my jeans, my cock sprang out stiff as a frozen hot dog, “Me and you got a serious problem bud.” I figured there was enough time to fap one out, put the cold pack on, slip on some sweats and head back down before anyone started yelling for me. I was counting on the cold to keep my hot dog at bay. Let me reiterate, my fucking life I swear.

Sweatpants, check. elastic bandage, check. Cold pack. Son of a bitch. There was none left, now what? Even if I did relieve the cock problem It would just come back. I knew enough about myself that I was going to be hard till I did something about it. Only solution I could think of was to put a condom on to keep that wet spot away, then wrap my cock against my leg and hope everyone thought it was the cold pack. Yeah, I know, sketchy at best.

With everything wrapped up, it looked like I’d stuffed a dam sausage down there, and of course right on cue, “You coming down or what?” I headed down, everything crossed that could be crossed hoping this was going to work. Soon as I entered the kitchen dad started guffawing.

He bursa escort pointed at my crotch, “What did you do stuff a gopher down there?” I could feel my face turning red and saw my aunt looking where dad was pointing. Never once had I retorted to one of dad’s shots, so I don’t know why I did this time. I did though.

“What’s the matter dad? Don’t run in the family?” My dad’s eyes popped, Mom and aunt Cathy almost fell off the breakfast nook bench laughing. I stood there wondering if my ‘just kill me’ prayer was about to come true by the hands of my dad. Instead he just looked at me grinning and gave me a thumbs up. This night just kept getting weirder.

While everyone was still laughing at my come back to dad I sat down next to Cathy. Her skirt had ridden up when she’d sat down. The tops of her thigh highs were showing, and some skin was visible between the tops and the hem of her skirt. Her skin looked like it was butterscotch toned and creamy soft. Man, I wanted to touch that skin.

The drinking age around here starts at eighteen and dad had bought me a six pack of tall boys. It wasn’t a big deal I’d been drinking every time we won a game. The whole team would head to the graveyard and drink a few to celebrate. Cathy had gotten up to refill her wine glass but had sat across from me when she came back, maybe she’d read my thoughts about her skin.

I figured I should say something to thank everyone for everything. “Hey, got something I want to say.” Dad had put the beers in a cooler in front of me. When I went to grab a beer to cheer everyone, Cathy stretched across the table for the cooler. Why? I don’t know, but with only four beers left she took an awful long time to locate one. All the while that wicked cleavage starting to make things throb again.

“I just want to thank you guys for not only the party, but for my dad, the best role model a guy could have. Mom for keeping this family on an even keel and killing me or dad, yet, when we drive her nuts, and of course my Aunt Cathy,” I got a grin on my face. “for not snoring to loud when I’m in her bed tonight.”

That last part did it. Mom blew up in giggles, dad actually slammed his fist on the table booming laughter, and my aunt? She was blushing, blew my mind, I had never seen her blush. Glasses (and a beer can) all got raised and we cheered each other.

With that done dad downed the rest of his whiskey, looked at mom and winked. Mom still had half a glass of wine but giggled. This was going to be a ear plug night, unless you like hearing your parents, errr, yeah. Mom hugged both me and Cathy. Dad, gripped onto my hand, “Good night, Happy birthday.” They walked out together, mom with her head on dads’ shoulder, the love was still there.

The clink of a bottle on a glass reminded me I wasn’t alone. Cathy filled her wine glass and stood up. Something must have been out of place because she turned away from me, reached for something in her purse, and started fiddling under her skirt. I guess what had been wrong got fixed because she shimmied her skirt back down in a way that that could not have been done sexier.

“Hey lover I’m going to go outside for a puff, coming along?” I don’t do drugs and it’s not my place to tell someone not to. Mom and dad did it once in a bursa escort while, and I’d know Cathy smoked so it didn’t bug me. She picked up her wine glass and we went outside.

When we got on the back porch, my aunt walked down the steps and stood in the yard looking up. I followed and did the same. Being so far away from the city and its light pollution It’s amazing how many stars you can see. Always reminded me of a black sheet of paper where different sized pins had been pushed through. Two lines of stars on the back of my aunt’s legs were giving the view a run for its money though.

She pulled a small cigarette case out of her purse, opened it and took her smoke out, I was surprised at how thin it was. She giggled at the look I had, “Personal sized, waste not want not.” made sense to me. Flicking her lighter I headed back up to the porch. When the red glow disappeared, she spread her arms twirling in the grass, softly singing something I couldn’t make out.

Coming back to the porch she leaned against one of the posts, (I thought I heard a quiet buzzing but chalked it up to the bug zapper next to my ear) Cathy crossed her legs at the ankles, and stretched her arms high over her head, her eyes closed. She was just too beautiful, and I let my eyes slowly run over her. Her velvet heels, long silk covered legs, that tiny skintight skirt and those big, nipple hard boobs.

I should have been paying attention. Once I got past those lips, I saw that her eyes were staring right into mine and were looking anything but sultry. I was busted. She’d caught me ogling her and there was no way I could back out of it. I thought she was going to lower the boom on me. Instead she undid another button on her blouse. This night just kept getting weirder.

As if on cue the breeze started to play with her blouse, flipping it every now and then just enough to glimpse a nipple. I could feel my self leaking more into the condom and was truly scared I might have a hands free orgasm. “So, how’s things on the girl friend front lover?” My head literally had to shake to recompose myself. Cathy was sipping her wine with eyes that looked half sleepy, half taunting. Damn she looked so edible right now.

“Broke up with my last one about a month ago, no big deal, she just wanted some hockey jock arm candy. Was a dead fuck anyway.” I saw wine spit out. ‘Holy crap did I just seriously say that last part, to my aunt?’

She let out a loud, “WHAT!” The sleepy look gone replaced by wide eyes. “Well, well, well. So, I guess you’re not a virgin any more huh? Just how many girls have you done Romeo?” She practically spat that out. Was no use lying so I told her.

“Two. An older woman on my eighteenth birthday, and my last girl friend from last month. Ok?” The guys on my team had arranged for a special ‘date’ for my eighteenth.

“Oh really? And how old is old?”

“Said she was forty, I think she was older, but she was still pretty, and sweet.”

Downing the last of my beer I started for the kitchen door, “I’ll be right back.” I let the screen door slam behind me. I was getting mad. “What the fuck is going on? She teases me all night, doesn’t get pissed when I check her out, but does because’ I’m not a virgin? Her blouse might as well be completely bursa eskort off now too. I mean seriously, what the hell?” Grabbing another beer, I went back outside and cracked it.

Just as I sat down a wind came up and blew Cathy’s blouse wide open. Those big natural boobs with their hard nipples seemed to shimmer in the light from the Kitchen window. My aunt started to reel around and cover up then stopped. Unabashedly she turned to face me both arms under her breasts. “Better boobs than mine too I bet huh?”

Like I said, I’d had enough and gulped down my beer. “Look nobody I’ve ever seen, real or otherwise, has boobs as good as yours. In fact, nobody comes close to anything about you. You can freak out, get pissed, whatever you want, I’m going to bed.” I could hear her heels right behind me as I went inside.


We have a mirror above our kitchen table, in it I could see her behind me, blouse closed, but with a lascivious smile on her lips. She didn’t look like she was pissed or even upset. I heard a mm-mm-hmmm, saw her suddenly shudder, her face flushed then a long sigh came from her lips. Still looking in the mirror I saw one of her hands go down the front of her skirt, when she pulled it out there was a flash of silver. A vibrator? Is that what I’d heard buzzing, and had she just cum?

Her voice was close behind me and a little out of breath when she asked, “Will you help me with my bag?”

“Yup.” I guess I said that a little cold because her voice softened almost to a whisper.

“Following me up the stairs ok? I’m pretty out of it, you might have to catch me.”

“Do my best Cathy.” Don’t know why but I dropped the aunt this time

She said, “Thank you.” another devilish look in her eyes.

With that we headed to the stairs and started up. Halfway up I heard her claim that an earring had fallen off. Most women would have grabbed the stair rail, bent their knees and picked it up, not her. She spread her legs, bent at the waist and I saw what I thought I’d never see except in my fantasies.

Silk red panties barley covered those flawlessness ass cheeks and snuggled right over her wet pussy. I could see they were soaking wet, and I licked my lips. I’m telling you it took all I had not to just dive right in. Every time my cock started to throb a little less, she’d restoke the boilers in my balls someway.

My head was swimming. She must have known what I was going to see. And how could she not feel how wet she was? Had I been right? Was it a vibrator and did she cum. When we got to her door, I put her bags in her room and was about to say good night when she asked me to wait. She disappeared into her room.

When she came back out, she handed me a packet of something called silk wash. “I don’t have a sink in here can you soak somethings in yours? Don’t want to commander

the main bathroom.”

“Uh, yeah sure, I guess. What things?”

She’d just come out of her room and could have removed what she needed soaked in there, but nope. Cathy leaned against the wall and slowly removed her heels, then slid her hands all the way up each leg and one at a time rolled off her thigh highs. With each leg her tits would press against her thighs making them flatten out and push out of her blouse.

I thought that was it till she bent at the waist again. Her face got so close to my crotch I could feel her hot breath on my cock. Taking her time she slid off those panties and placed them in my empty hand, they were soaked and warm. With a wink she said, “Thanks lover.” And closed her door.

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