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Atlanta Underground Ch. 06

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“Mother! You’re really getting into this ‘nasty’ business… Here you are — naked, in bed with your son having just fucked the crap out of him and now you come up with a plan to seduce your own daughter!”

“I think that you kind of like the idea, too! I can tell because your penis is so hard!”

“Suck it, Mom.”

“It’s still got our cum on it…”

“Just scoot down in the bed and SUCK it!”

“But, I …”

“Suck it! Suck our cum off my cock! Make it clean and make it cum again!”

” … okay … mmm … “

“That’s better… Keep your lips around it … Use your tongue on the ridge from my balls right up to the slit … Up and down … Up and down … Hold the base of my cock with your hand … Up and down … Make your lips tighter. When I cum, just hold it in your mouth — don’t swallow — and let it dribble down your chin and back onto my cock. Keep sucking. … And after I’m done cumming, I want you to lick it all up off my balls and cock and then show me your tongue with all of my cum and then I want you to swallow it! And I want you to tell me how much you love the taste… uuuh … I’m cumming …”

” mmm … uuugh … ppt! That tastes awful! It tastes like Chlorox…”

“You’ll get to love it, Mother. Now, lick it all up and tell me you love it!”

“mmm … ooo thee it … (hard swallow) There! Okay I did it. I guess it wasn’t that bad.”

“Tell me how much you love the taste of your own son’s cum.”

“Okay. I love the taste of my own son’s cum. There I said it.”

“You’re beautiful and I love you. Let’s shower and go out tonight. I’m hungry!”

“But, I haven’t had my orgasm yet…”

“Mother, you had seven orgasms just an hour ago! Four on my tongue, one when I slid my finger into your butt hole, and two when I fucked you. And I promise you that you can have seven more when we get back to the room but I’ve got to eat.”


“So this is Underground Atlanta! It’s great! There’s an Italian restaurant. Let’s eat there. Okay, Mom?”

“Looks good to me. Just görükle escort bayan don’t order pizza…”

“I love pizza, Mom, but I’ll be good. This is like a real date. Let’s hold hands and neck.”

“No PDA! What if one of my customers is here?”

“Well, for God’s sake, don’t introduce me as your son! And besides, we look as if we were a couple of people very much in love anyway.”

“That’s for sure…”


“This is good Chianti, Mom. It makes me feel warm… What’s so interesting at the other table?”

“If I’m right, two college age couples were having dinner together when one girl got jealous of her date’s attention toward the other girl. Then he stood up and told her off and took off with the other girl. Then she started crying and the boy that stayed tried to comfort her. She’s getting up and it looks like she’s going to the bathroom. I’m going to see if I can help…”


“You see if you can find out anything.”


“Excuse me. My name is Bob and we couldn’t help overhear your little to do. My ‘date’ just followed your, uh, the girl to try to help. Would you like to join us at our table?”

“Thanks. My name is John. I’ll tell the waiter we moved when he comes by.”

“Looks like that other guy took your date, John.”

“Yeah, this was the first time that we’d been out. My sister set us up. This was a double date. My sister and her ‘pond scum’ boyfriend and the attractive and very available Shelly!”

“Your sister and my ‘date’ are coming back. Uh, hi! My name’s Bob. Hazel, this is John.”

“Hi, Bob. My name’s Jennifer. Sorry to cause such a problem. We shouldn’t barge in on you two. It looks like we’re interrupting something very special.”

Mom said, “Don’t think anything about it. We want to help if we can. What was the problem?”

John replied, “It seems that Jenny — she’s my sister — can’t find a boyfriend that hasn’t been to jail or knows any words more than two syllables…”

Jenny said, “That’s not true. It’s just altıparmak eskort that you think there are so many good men out there to meet and there just aren’t!”

John said (a little too loudly), “You always pick some control freak! You think you need to be dominated! Why else would you wear a ‘dog collar’?”

Then Mom said, “I think I know what the problem really is. And, I know how to fix it! Okay, John. Tell me about the most perfect girl for you. And Jenny, I want you to be thinking of the most wonderful man… What’s he like? Okay, John, it’s your turn. Tell me if I wrong but if Jenny weren’t your sister, wouldn’t you like to have her as a girlfriend? And Jenny. Doesn’t John just make you jealous every time he talks about dating someone? Jenny told me that you two are going to college here in Atlanta and are rooming together to share expenses. Tell me if I’m wrong.”

“Well, Jenny is the sweetest woman that I know and we do get along and like to do the same things,” said John.

“I’m too embarrassed to say… but, three weeks ago I happened to come back to our apartment early and saw John naked.” whispered Jenny. “I keep thinking of him night and day… especially at night. He’s always been so extra special.”

Then Mom announced that we should finish our dinner and all go back to our hotel to ‘talk’.


Mom was definitely ‘in charge’ of the festivities. “Let’s all have a glass of wine or two and let our hair down. I want you two to feel at ease with the idea that you are in love with your sibling. The thought of incest may be so taboo that it both restrains you and energizes you. It may surprise you that Bob and I are son and mother and we have had a blinding love and sexual relationship for over two … days!”

“No wonder you understand…”

Mom seemed to be curious about Jenny’s collar. “Did you bring a leash with you?”

Jenny replied, “Yes. It’s here in my purse. Here. It fastens in back.”

Mom went on, “Bob, put the leash on her and take nilüfer escort her over next to the bed and take off all of her clothes. Slowly… And as you undress her, take pictures of her for the web site. Just so you know, John … and Jenny … Bobby is creating an incest web site and your pictures will fit right in. Oh, John. Isn’t she the cutest girl in the world? I know this is a special time. The first time that you fuck your sister!”

“It’s more special than that, Hazel. It’s my first time ever. Jenny’s not a virgin but I am.” John looked apprehensive.

“Wow! Jenny, did you know that? John’s a virgin?” Mom asked.

“Yes, I knew that and I’ve been wanting him since we moved in together.”

Mom came over to where I had stripped Jenny. All she had on was the dog collar with the attached leash. Her head was slightly bowed. Her body was too skinny for me but you could see that her brother wanted her badly! Mom pushed Jenny back on the bed and spread her legs. John and I watched as my mother parted her labia and looked hard at her pussy.

“Have you ever had a female lick your cunt, Jenny?” Mom asked softly.

“No, ma’m.”

“You tell me how it feels because I’m going to introduce you to girly lovin’. Such a sweet looking pussy! You are so juicy already! I’m going to kiss it. I’m going to tongue it. I’m going to jam my fingers up your pussy… and then your ass hole… I’m going to jam as many fingers up your ass hole as I can and start jacking you off while I bite your clit. I’m going to suck that wittle bitty clitty and make it two inches long! It’ll be long enough to fuck your brother’s penis hole!”

“Oh, ma’m, that feels so good. so good… so good… kiss it again… oh, God, not my ass… please, not my ass…”

“Shut up, little girl! Bobby, tug on that leash! Here. Let me spread her labia. I’ll pull her lips really wide open for you. Now, spank that clit with your hand. Harder! Harder! Good! Now let me finish her off with my mouth.”

“Aaaaaaa no more … no more … please … I can’t cum any more … aaaaaa …”

“Okay, John. Now fuck her! She’s ready for her virgin brother. And if you don’t hurry, I’m going to pick YOUR cherry…”, Mom ordered.

“Shouldn’t I wear a condom?” John asked.

“Fuck her, John! Fuck her good! Fuck her good and pregnant! Bobby and I will be fucking right next to you!”

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