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At The Movies With Angelique

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I know this girl called Angelique, and she loves the movies. Not only does she love what’s happening on the screen, but it’s her favourite place to fuck. One day you might be licking your choc-top or plunging your hand into a cup of buttery popcorn, when you will hear something or sense something or see something just a little bit different to the usual movie experience.

I didn’t used to know this either, so I’ll tell you how I came to find out.

I didn’t know this about Angelique until one time my girlfriend was away overseas for work. Angelique had just broken up with Lucy, which they did on a regular basis – the longest it lasted was about 6 weeks once – and she phoned me looking for a shoulder to cry on (or so I thought). We had been talking for an hour or so about how we missed our girls and what it would be like when they came home. Suddenly Angelique said “Oh, fuck this, let’s go out and forget about things for a while – how about we go to the movies?”

“OK” I agreed and so Angelique named a movie theatre and some movie I had never heard of and said “Meet you there in an hour.”

Well, seeing as it was ‘just Angelique’, who I’d known forever, I didn’t bother getting dressed up. I grabbed my keys and purse, stuffed them in the pocket of my jeans, and left. As usual I wasn’t wearing any knickers (I like feeling the seam of my jeans rub directly against my clit) and I just had a loose sweatshirt on top, no bra, coz I like my nipple rings rubbing directly against the fabric. I’d been planning a night in to shave my head, so it was feeling a bit rough and overgrown – about a quarter of an inch growth. . . I usually like to mow it down a bit from there to a prickly stubble!

Angelique was waiting outside when I got there. She was propped against an archway of the old deco arthouse cinema, one leg bent and looking for all the world like a hooker waiting for a john. That girl always looks like such a slut! Lucy gets very stern with her and makes her wear a collar, but as Lucy was gone for the moment, she was off the leash today and not wearing a collar! Today she had on a leopard-skin print micro mini skirt which barely covered her arse and cunt, a sheer see-through blouse – unbuttoned so that the top of her black lacy bra was showing, and preposterous 8 inch heels! Her face was exquisitely made up, like she’d spent about 4 hours in front of a mirror, and her hair was tumbling luxuriantly down her back and around her shoulders. For a moment I wondered WHO she was waiting for, til I remembered it was us who had a “date”!

“Hey, hot stuff”, I joshed her as I approached. A little fiery bolt of arousal electricity flashed through my cunt, and I became very conscious of my clit straining against the seam and a sense of dampness in the crotch of my jeans. She immediately bestowed upon me one of her radiant smiles and leant in to give me a friendly kiss hello. In those heels she was about 4 inches taller than me (I’m five-seven) . She also grabbed a handful of my butt and gave it a squeeze.

“I’ve got the tickets” she said and waved them. “Premium seating – lounge chairs. Let’s get some champers and chockies to take in with us! My treat!” Angelique led the way and I became aware that as she walked I could see the curve Kadıköy Escort of her bare arse cheeks just peeking out from her skirt. What a tart! Angelique always has been a tarty show-off I thought to myself, remembering the time at our all-girl high school she got sent home for wearing vinyl shorts which looked moulded on, leaving nothing to the imagination!

I’m usually a beer and pretzels kind of woman, so champagne and chocolates was a bit of a change. But I figured Angelique was going all out to forget about Lucy, so why not indulge her?

It wasn’t til we were settling into our seats that I remembered to ask her what the movie was about. The one word answer she gave me surprised me a bit. “Dykes”.

“Eh?” I leaned closer. She laughed and said “French movie about Lemons. You know, females of the homosexual persuasion. . Carpet munchers. Janeys. Horsewomen. Truck drivers. Amy-johns. Beaver eaters. Boon daggers. Bulls and Diesels, Butches and Femmes. Fairy ladies. Jaspers. Lesbyterians. Lezzies. Lezzos. Margies. Mintles. Ruffles. Sergeants. Split tail lovers. Tootsies. Top sergeants. Tribadists. Velvet tippers. “

“L-e-s-b-i-a-n-s” she enunciated in a very loud stage whisper, and then laughing, she leaned over and grabbed for one of my tits, giving it a tweak and pinching my rapidly hardening nipple playfully between her fingers several times in quick succession. My cunt flashed and I was sure I could detect the smell of moist arousal about myself.

The cinema was filling up around us, and it became clear that the place was full of girls of the Sapphic persuasion. “First day of the Lesbian Film Festival” Angelique offered, running her hand along the back of my neck and up my clippered neck and head. I had been so out of it since my girl had been out of town I’d completely missed it. So, here I was on a “date” with a girl I’d known since preschool, a woman of my own proclivities whom I had never seen naked, whom I had never lusted after, and who was at this moment turning me into a quivering heap of jelly. Not that I have ever been an exclusively one-woman woman, but any time I had fucked someone other than my lover Sue, she had been there too.

I took refuge in my glass of champagne, and quaffed it down rather more rapidly than I might have. The bubbles were a match for the bubbling going on inside my jeans!

As the lights dimmed, Angelique took a chocolate from the box and fiddled around making some movements, rearranging her skirt or something, so I thought.

Advertisements flashed on the screen for a women’s sex-toys outlet and a luxury island resort run by and for women. I barely took it in as I was conscious of the movements Angelique was making in the seat next to me. She had pushed her tiny skirt up and had wiggled her g-string off and had her hand between her legs cupping her mound. I dared not look directly, but I could feel her arm moving rhythmically and occasionally brushing against mine on the shared arm of the chair. I gasped a little when I realised what she was doing. In all my life I had never witnessed anything like this. We were in a public movie theatre, watching adverts and she was making like she was home watching a porno tape!

I sneaked Kadıköy Escort Bayan a glance at my companion as the screen darkened and the movie began. As if anticipating this moment, Angelique leaned over and said “I always fuck at the movies!”

My mouth hung open and I must have looked like a bit of a moron. “I said”, she repeated. “I always fuck at the movies!”

“Uh-huh” I gulped, and shifted my gaze to her bare cunt and her hand working itself in and out of her hole, circling her clit and tugging her lips. At that moment, Angelique leaned over and ran her tongue around the back of my ear and started to gently nibble my lobe. She whispered “I don’t just jig myself. you know .. . it takes TWO to fuck, and I ALWAYS fuck at the movies!” She grabbed my hand and placing hers over the top, guided my hand to her mound.

The implication of what was happening came to me in a rush – and my jeans got very, very wetI glanced around the movie theatre to see if anyone else was aware of what was going on up the back. I couldn’t tell very clearly, but I could glimpse one couple kissing passionately a few seats along, oblivious to anyone else.

Without another word, Angelique had slipped out of her seat and was on her knees before me. My friend then moved and buried her head under my sweatshirt, her mouth coming to rest on one of my firmly erect nipples. As Angelique continued to flick at my breasts with her tongue, I pulled her closer. I am a real sucker for breast play, and can get off on it alone. She sucked and tongued them for a long time, and my core was burning. By now I was panting and squirming, clearly wanting the release of orgasm. I felt congested with arousal and pre-orgasmic tension. You know what it’s like: you just NEED to have that crescendo so you can come down and feel fulfilled. I was straining against the seam of my jeans, moving around more and more in order to help myself cum. But Angelique was not going to allow things to happen that easily!

“Bet ya clit is on fire!” Angelique whispered ” and I reckon you’ll be swimming wet inside those jeans! Why not let me help you get them off?”

She placed one hand inside the waistband of my jeans and with the other eased down the zipper very slowly, taking care not to snag it on my bare flesh. Having done that she placed her hands under my arse and raised it slightly off the seat. I stayed in that position, making my abdominal muscles work for their money, so Angelique could ease the denim down my legs and eventually tug them off altogether. I was now naked from the waist down, my wet cunt raised millimetres from Angelique’s face. I now had my eyes lightly closed and was losing myself in the attentions of my oldest friend and newest lover! I was barely conscious of flickering shades of light from the screen and the accompanying soundtrack.

So there I was, lying back in my seat, naked from the waist down, with Angelique between my spread legs, her own skirt ridden up over her hips, her bare arse pointing towards the seat in front. Angelique was using her tongue on my slit. Of course I was so slick and wet now she was lapping and drinking me in as she was now giving me this fantastic tongue fuck. It only took a few seconds Escort Kadıköy before I was thrusting vigorously into her face as she sucked on my clit and had her tongue buried up my velvet passage. I couldn’t help it, but when the exquisite release came, I moaned so loudly several heads in the row in front swivelled round as if to check what was happening. It was only then I had a momentary insight that it was a movie theatre and it was like we were a live-action part of the show!

Next thing Angelique was up off the floor and was straddling one of my legs, her own bare cunt sitting slickly moist against my skin. She had her face near mine, and I could smell my own sex as her lips met mine and I opened my mouth so her tongue and mine could dance, as her hand stroked the nape of my and up the back of my cropped-hair head .

When she broke the kiss Angelique whispered “Now you’re feeling better, it’s time to fuck!” All I could manage in response was a burbled “Uh?”

My lover got off my leg and squatted at my feet on the floor. She pulled her over-sized handbag towards her and from it produced an object which took me totally by surprise. She held up a leather harness with a dyke-dick attached! “Great goddess” I gasped “You’re not going to put that on here are you?”

“No”, came the reply. “You are!”

With that she lifted one of my legs and placed my foot through the opening between the side strap and t-bar holding the girly-cock, and then repeated the process with my other foot. She made some adjustments to allow it to slide up my legs as if dressing me in a pair of panties. “Lift your arse” she ordered, and, so mesmerised, I did. Eventually the fuck-me-tool was in place and the appropriate adjustments made so it fitted snugly against my mound and clit.

Angelique now returned to her previous position astraddle my leg. She arched back and with both hands unbuttoned her sheer top. I caressed the top of her café latte breasts, then pulled the cups of her black lace bra down underneath them, so that her boobs sat forward, her hard and erect nipples presented to me for nibbling. I buried my face in her tits and gorged on them. I slipped my hands under her arse cheeks and fondled and caressed her. She reached back and twiddled with a zipper on her skirt. I was surprised to discover that the zip ran the full length of the skirt, so once she had it undone it fell away from her body completely.

By now I had one of my fingers along the length of her arse crack, and she was sliding back and forth, wet and slick. I jiggled the tip of my finger against her puckered hole which seemed to arouse her so a gush of stickiness seeped out and over my hand. At that moment Angelique stood and pushed my legs closer together and inched forward towards my lap and the latex dildo protruding from me. Some of my previous lovers hated cocks, saying it reminded them of their former husbands or boyfriends. Others, clearly like Angelique, love being dicked, as long as it’s attached to one of her own sex.

Angeligue took my hands and placed them on her slit. I caressed and played a moment, then spread her lips and opened her hole, playing in her wetness. She then lowered herself onto the chickdick and started bouncing and squirming around, doing all the fuck-work as I reclined in my chair. If I was in control I would have thrust and fucked her, banging at her like a dieseldyke, but here in the movie theatre, Angelique was doing all the riding.

Well, after all, she had told me she always fucks at the movies! And today was no exception!

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