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Big Tits

She stood in front of the desk, her back to me. Late afternoon sunlight poured through the window, penetrating her thin summer dress and illuminating, underneath, the body I desired so much. From my position by the door, her highlighted form and the white bra and panties that hugged her smooth skin, were so plainly visible. I followed the outline of her slightly parted legs up from the dress’ hem to the enticing Y shaped gap at the top of her thighs. Was she aware of her casual exposure? I did not know, but it was more than my growing hardness could bare: I had longed to explore that forbidden body for so many years. I walked towards the desk.

“Have you seen these pictures?” she said, gazing down at a folder on the desk. I stood directly behind her and looked over her right shoulder at the photographs. She sensed my closeness and, in some small surprise, turned her puzzled face to me.

“They were taken at my 21st birthday party.” she said self-consciously and immediately looked back at the photos. I remained standing inches from her, bathing in her intoxicating scent and admiring the displayed top of her heaving breasts. With a quickening breath and nervous hands, she flattened the corners of the folder, straightening creases that did not exist. My warm breath washed over her almost bare shoulder. Swallowing dryly, she brought up her hand to play at the necklace that lay draped across her cleavage.

“I was very pretty then.” she said shakily and raised her head to look out of the window.

“You still are.” I whispered as I drew her hair gently to one side.

Unable to stop myself, I lightly kissed the nape of her neck. She sighed, tilting her head back and to the side, offering her neck to my lips and the tender kisses that travelled slowly up towards her ear. She flinched slightly when I placed my hands upon her hips and then groaned, almost imperceptibly, as I ran my hands down the sides of her thighs. Knowing now, that she welcomed my touch, I pressed myself against her body, the bulge in my jeans pushing between her soft, round buttocks. Trembling, she took my hands in hers and pulled my arms closely around herself, my biceps pushing her breasts together.

My heart was beating so hard, I felt sure she could feel it thumping against her body; I wanted her to feel it! With slow deliberation I placed more kisses down her neck and along to the curve of her shoulder. Placing her hands flat on the desk, she pushed her ass back into my growing erection, her hips gently gyrating..

“I want you so much.” I said

“Then Mersin Escort fuck me.” she replied, looking in to my eyes.

I stepped back and turned her around. With a joyous feeling of disbelief, I took in her honest beauty and savoured the way she bit at her lower lip. My stomach twisted in yearning and desire. I cupped my hand around the back of her neck and pulled her to me. We kissed, lightly at first, but as our mouths opened and our tongues met, a desperate urgency took over. At last, after all those frustrating years, her perfect lips were mine to feel and taste.

Her hands clutched at my ass, and tugging hard, she ground my pelvis into hers. I could resist no longer and slipped the straps of both her dress and bra from her shoulders. After a moment of exquisite hesitation, I roughly pulled the straps downwards, setting her constrained breasts free. We broke off our kiss and I gazed down at her exposed tits, the taut nipples jutting outwards as if trying to touch me. Reaching back and clasping the edge of the desk, she pushed out her chest and glanced down impatiently at each raised breast.

“Kiss them.” she pleaded.

I slid my hands around her ass, lowered my head and closed my lips over a waiting nipple. My lips, teeth and tongue played with both of her proffered orbs in turn. Licking and nibbling, I felt each areola pucker and swell under my arousing touch. Whilst my hands kneaded and caressed her thinly covered ass, she stroked the back of my head, groaning quietly as she watched me wetly please her pink nipples.

Abruptly she lifted my head up and then dropped to her knees. With frantic desperation she undid my belt, button and fly, before hurriedly pulling down my jeans and boxers. My drooling cock sprang out and up to meet her eager lips.

“Mmmmm” she moaned as my twitching manhood was taken hungrily into her mouth. Her head bobbed and her tongue writhed as she noisily sucked on me, her curled fingers pumping at the root of my rigid shaft . I entwined my hand in her hair and tugged at it, gently dragging her willing mouth farther down my length. A long gasp escaped my lips as I saw her taking so much of me deep inside her

“You could never know how long I’ve needed you.” I said hoarsely.

She stared up into my eyes, her full lips closed tightly over the base of my cock. To answer she pulled me from her mouth with a tongue flicking slurp and ran my slick phallus over her cheek, smearing her flushed skin in saliva and pre-cum.

“Since the day you watched me in the Mersin Escort Bayan shower?” she asked with a dirty smile. I almost covered her naughty, knowing face in cum right there.

She knew I was spying on her that day? The day she had brought herself to a shuddering orgasm in my bathroom, her hot body covered in white soapy foam and her glistening legs spread wide?

“You knew I was watching?”

Lightly cupping my balls, she ran her wet tongue from the tight sack up to the top of my so very hard cock.

“That’s why I made myself cum.” she purred, kissing my red, throbbing tip.

With that confession, I had to stop my prick from exploding all over her. I reached down, grabbed her by the arms and lifted her up on to the desk. Sitting on the very edge, she pulled up her flowing dress, opened her legs and pulled her wet panties to one side.

“Make it yours baby.” she said.

I dropped to my knees before the woman who had plagued my dreams and fantasies for so long. Grabbing her curved calves I pushed her legs even farther apart and gently kissed and bit at her inner thighs. Watching the expression of pleasure on her face I slowly drew my tongue nearer to her moist pussy and exposed asshole.

She groaned and shook with anticipation as my hand joined hers in pulling the damp panty crotch to one side. With those pleading eyes, she urged me on and eventually, in response, I kissed her puckered asshole; feeling it spasm at the barest touch of my lips. Her free hand grasped the back of my head as she tried to push me harder against her, but I resisted. My tongue slipped and tickled around her asshole, making her gasp and whimper. I tasted the sweet saltiness of her skin as my lapping travelled up and down her smooth perineum, cruelly denying her pussy the attention it ached for. Her grip on my head became more insistent.

“Oh my God, lick it! Lick it!” she begged, her clenched fist pulling and stretching the thin panties to near breaking point in her desperation to have me taste her waiting hole. Juices flowed down and met my tongue and in ecstasy, I drank in the sweet smell and taste of her desire: her lust; her overwhelming need for me.

I slowly licked along the outside of one swollen pussy lip, stopping just short of her barely covered clit, then repeated the teasing motion over her other pink fold. Her eyes were shut tight and her spread legs quivered in tortuous expectation as I prolonged the delicious agony.

“Oh my.” she whispered when at last, my tongue pushed between Escort Mersin the wet, engorged labia and slowly entered her. Pouring juices flowed into my mouth with each slippery penetration and my neck muscles strained against her hand’s constant urging for deeper relief.

I placed the flat of my tongue upon her clit.

“OHHH YEAH” she breathed, her hand flexing rhythmically in my hair. I did not move, I just left myself pressed down hard over her squashed clit. Her hips began to gyrate and grind as she ran her pink, hard button against my spread tongue. With rising moans and curses she masturbated herself upon me.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” she intoned when eventually I began to rub and twist my tongue upon her proud bud, my face becoming covered in the flowing juices of pleasure.

She clenched her fingers in my hair and dragged me away from her pussy.

“Quick, fuck me!” she said, her breathing shallow and her body sweating in the hot afternoon sunlight.

I stood up and pushed my dripping cock up through the now widely parted folds to rest upon her pearl. Her panties were now pulled round her ass cheek, the elastic stretched beyond any further use. She squirmed under the downward pressure of my held shaft.

“FUCK ME!” she screamed.

I did. As soon as I slid into her ready hole I felt the heat of her tunnel flood over my cock, a heat that magically spread swiftly throughout my whole body. All the years of wanting, of frustration, of those nights alone imagining what we would do to each other, took away all self-control. I fucked her, not slowly or tenderly, but hard and fast. No finesse or gentle caresses now, I pumped and slammed into her wet, clenching pussy, my hands roughly kneading her ass, thighs and tits . The desk creaked and shifted under the intense pounding; papers, pens and books sent scattering in all directions. I wanted to possess all of her at once, to feel, to claim, to make her mine. We were both sweating now, our limbs slipping and sliding over each others writhing bodies in frenzied attempts to satisfy all lusts simultaneously.

We fucked, we took and gave; we eradicated all those years of longing..

“I’m gonna cum!” I cried.

“Fill me!” she gasped.

I pulled her to me and kissed her hard, my tongue and lips, like the rest of me, trying to experience all of her. She flung her arms around my back, digging in her pawing fingernails, then wailed into my mouth as my deeply buried cock shot out the ocean of cum I so needed to give her. In union, our loins ground frantically together and our indistinct forms entwined into one. As I spurted and pumped I felt her shudder and contract upon my love for her, With a spinning dizziness and buckling knees, I yielded to the explosion of heart-wrenching pleasure that consumed me.

I held her so very tight.

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