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Asian Innocence Manipulated Ch. 03

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IMPORTANT: This series, based partly on real events, is about the strategic and gradual seduction of a young innocent Asian girl by a master in erotic sex and his Paris-born model lover who actually take her into their keeping for three and a half years. They ‘take her’ over time from a complete sexual novice to a well rewarded passionate sex kitten as their in-house au pair in a quiet upmarket neighbourhood of Singapore without anyone around them there being the wiser.


The previous two chapters and this one are about them identifying her potential as a sexual challenge and then drawing her in despite her resistance. So far it’s sleight of hand/voice seduction building to sex rather than actual sex acts until chapter 4 about10 days behind this one. Just as the main character, the shy and naive virgin Selina must be conditioned in the mind to want sex; then writing her story, I must condition readers’ imagination the need for the slow hand approach. It will be worth waiting for as it’s a two-thirds fictional story and one-third factual about a real Asian girl living in the city today. Read on.

She’s timid, inexperienced and gullible but just before her 20th birthday beautiful Singapore virgin Selina is on her way to a gradual sexual awakening in her first fulltime job as an au pair servant for Frenchman Jacques Pardie, a highly sought after photographer in erotic art — and a masterful lover.

Had the job been advertised for a maid she would not have applied but the chance to be an au pair girl in the household for a widely travelled French businessman and his equally experienced 30 year-old ex-model French partner Josette fascinates her. Her overt innocence makes her keen to become part of their ménage a trios, finding out only that she will be welcomed into their household ‘as one of the family’ and not as a servant in the traditional sense.

Selina’s woeful academic record makes her a sitting duck for being sucked in. When she hears that Jacques Pardie wants to hire a young woman her age who’s not only a virgin, but gullible, she eagerly proclaims she is good at being gullible, confusing the meaning of the word. Before she even meets her new employer, just the sound of his seductive French accent on the phone tells her he is a man of importance, someone she can look up to and believe and respect in authority.

She is totally trusting, compliant by nature and wants to be wanted. Yet her perfect facial features of youth and beauty combined, her stunning 36-18-34 inch hour glass figure and shapely legs suggest she’s more like a dream come true.

While she’s on her way to meet her new destiny, her former landlord Mr Singh is preparing in the north western sector of Bukit Batok to welcome Selina’s tenancy replacements, saucy students Mandy and Sherrie who will really make his day. They dropped out of their secondary school education after a scandal in their last year to find work rather than try for college to better themselves.

He gives them the working teenagers’ concession even though they’re yet to find work. For the voyeuristic landlord now missing his star tenant Selina, the two busty students get into his good books from the outset by deliberately wearing very short skirts and tops without bras.

Selina however is standing kerbside on this Thursday looking out for the interesting Frenchman Jacques Pardie to pick her up but he’s not behind the wheel or even in the immaculate white Mercedes saloon as it silently stops beside her at the kerb to take her to her new fulltime au pair job. Instead, it’s a Singapore national called Jusuf greeting her with a friendly smile, placing her seemingly insignificant medium size suitcase in the massive trunk and opening the rear door for her to meet her new employers.

Apart from their initial greeting nothing is said as the long white saloon heads towards Singapore’s central district of Bukit Timah, but she knows this is the more prestigious part of the city for living as the area claims the highest altitude on the island nation. She could never afford to rent anywhere near this part of the city and she’s slightly nervous about being such a simple girl and wondering what tests lie ahead for her to maintain a standard this man is accustomed to in his busy life.

The driver senses she is very quiet as if deep in thought. “You seem very shy, have you met Mr Pardie before,” he asks to get her talking.

“Oh, I am sorry if I offended you for not speaking, I’ve always been shy. I was brought up very strict and taught I should not talk to someone above me unless they speak to me first.”

The driver laughs. “You are somewhat submissive then? This is what employers like in a maid. You will do well.”

“Oh but I’m not a maid. I’m going to be Mr Pardie’s au pair girl but it does involve working in the kitchen, yes, and whatever.”

The driver knows just enough about French custom and is sure her role as an au pair will be working more closely whatsapp escort than among pots and pans in the kitchen and cleaning up things that get spilt elsewhere. “He can be demanding at times I’m sure so you will need to be on your toes as he will want you to be up there with him. He’s the kind of person who believes that if you believe you can learn to do anything well.”

“Yes, Josette says he was looking for a young lady my age that fitted his preferred description and especially if she’s gullible. Luckily for me I am quite gullible. It’s one of my strengths.”

The driver can that she does not fully understand the meaning of such a simple word as English expression was not her best subject, so he wonders what else she doesn’t know or gets wrong. Lucky she’s very pretty, he thinks to himself.

She wants to find out more about him before they meet in a very short time, unaware that Jacques and Josette are waiting for her in a French restaurant just five minutes away from this moment. “He is a very nice man, yes?” she asks.

“I think so,” the driver says. “Mr Pardie is quite wealthy. This is just his Singapore residence. He has others for when he travels back to France, and he always stays in a sky home 70 storeys high on the beachfront in Surfers Paradise when he goes to Australia. I think he has real estate interests elsewhere he goes in his work.”

“He must work very hard to afford all that,” Selina says to be friendly. “Yes, he works hard but he did inherit much from his grandparents with as big interest in producing wine in the Rhone river valley in France where he acquired his taste of beautiful red vintages. He is very articulate and very particular.”

This makes Selina twitch her fingers nervously, hoping he won’t find her many faults and tire of her quickly, especially the way she panics over little things gone wrong. Even before she sees the Frenchman’s kitchen she imagines burning her fingers on the stove or spilling food on the floor. As the Mercedes saloon approaches its destination she reminds herself over and over not to get flustered and to stay confident. She will smile often to look relaxed but will be like a duck serene on the water, but underneath the surface it’s different.

Jacques, the 50 year-old athletic looking man who will transform Selina’s outlook on life, is sitting in his favourite French restaurant, the Vis-a-Vis in Chun Tin Road, not far from where he resides in upmarket Bukit Timah and with Josette, they are discussing their chosen au pair student.

It’s his idea to have her brought to the restaurant even though it’s only mid morning and it’s not usually open until 11 am. But Jacques is a man of influence, a most welcome regular at the restaurant and as a French national and he’s popular there. He will use the restaurant as first step to seduce Selina so subtly that she will not even know he’s seducing her. He may seem slow but he never scares the horses. Jacques knows that eroticism dwells in the mind, and he will mine her mind chipping at first and then digging until he extracts what he’s after.

His lover Josette, a former glamour model and 20 years his junior, knows how he works because he worked his masterful slow hand approach on her when they met in Barcelona. The Frenchman is reminded by Josette that Selina will be a real test of his patience because she won’t be easy and simply fall at his feet. She’s a scaredy cat rather than the sex kitten he envisages. Her long held fear of sex is upheld by her steel trap mind about morality.

She only believes that a man will respect a woman who is virtuous. This pleases him all the more as it enhances his desire to conquer her, but not just for a one night stand, or for an affair, it’s for more than three years of live-in debauchery — if he has his way.He is French, the nation of artful lovers, and she is Singaporean, the nation of the sexually innocent young.

But Jacques, sitting with his lover in the restaurant, is a lateral thinker and plots his own course knowing where he will one day end up with his quarry. If she’s worth going after he will take his time so that she doesn’t get frightened off as such a novice in close relationships. Bridging a 30-year difference in age in a physical relationship without coercion is not easy. But for all his many years among sexy women in erotic photography, much of the excitement in conceptual eroticism has faded through routine. He needs not just a young, firm nubile female who’s a virgin to brighten the flame within but an extremely naive and innocent one to make the opportunity an even greater pleasure in conquest. If he can win her trust he knows it’s going to make it easier for his bi lover Josette to enjoy fun times, too.

Josette understands her man’s desire to recapture a part of his youth, to be old at heart, old in knowledge but young in energy and body performance. Jacques is very fit for his age, standing 6 feet istanbul escort bayan 2 inches, lean, muscular, alert and handsome with only grey sideburns cropping a shock of dark brown hair that almost reaches his shoulders. He looks the part, standing out in a commanding sense with absolute confidence like an ageing rock star that hasn’t lost his appeal. His confidence is the kind that draws women’s attention to his presence. He doesn’t chase women, he attracts them. Josette is one that stayed for the ride of her lifetime.

Jacques has so far never been wrong in knowing that in most women there’s a hidden desire for lust brought on by fantasies, and that they fantasise about sex more than most men. He will commence to seduce Selina in the very first moments he meets her, but his seduction techniques will go over her head, yet they will plant the earliest seeds of erogenous thoughts in her mind about him. . He will gradually draw her closer and closer to him over the coming minutes, hours and days like a bee to the flower’s pollen and she will not know why, except that it will happen.

The erotic artist knows the power of touch on the human skin and he must initiate a personal bonding relationship with the young Asian girl as a complete stranger to him without her even realising it because when her skin is touched, even in the most platonic way by him, it will produce various unseen responses that will excite her body to automatically produce oxytocins, the emotionally bonding hormone. This will make her feel good around him and make her comfortable in a heart warming way. It is the subtle start that will eventually lead to passionate sex and even further to take her beyond the bounds of mainstream decency.

Looking at his watch, it’s time to meet her. “You must go,” Jacques tells Josette. “If she is on time the car will arrive any minute. Bring her to me.” And within five minutes the white Mercedes saloon trundles along Chun Tin Road and draws into the kerb where Josette is standing. Selina sees her and breaks into a broad smile but wonders why she is standing in the street. The Tamil driver Jusuf opens the rear door and a delectable young lady takes her first steps into the unknown. Josette hugs her.

“So good to see you Selina, come inside, Jacques and I are taking you to a light mid morning bite so we can spoil you before you have the chance to spoil us when you start your duties.” They grin happily at each other but Selina says nothing, too often in the fear of putting a foot wrong so soon. As they enter Josette waves her hands about explaining things.

“This is Jacques’ favourite restaurant because he says it has the world’s best onion soup, and besides we don’t live very far from here, just up the way a bit off Bukit Timah Road. Selina knows that area has many expensive and fashionable bungalows close to the highest point in the island city. They pass rows of tables resplendently draped in bright white linen table cloth, shining cutlery and sparkling wine glasses for white or red preferences. Selina sees it’s a cut above the smaller restaurant where she worked as a table waitress at nights.

It’s unusually empty because it’s only mid morning but Jacques convinced the owner, a friend, to open early just for him as he is a big tipping and influentially rich regular who skipped breakfast and will have an early light lunch. This makes gullible Selina think he’s hired the whole restaurant just for himself and reinforces in her mind he is a man of considerable power. She could not imagine any customer of her former employer’s restaurant doing this.

He stands to greet her. “Ah, so this is the lovely one I spoke to on the phone. You are even prettier than I imagined,” he says as he lifts her right hand and gently kisses the back of it, savouring her soft skin in a mere melting moment for her before he resumes his seat. She blushes at his compliment and the touch of his hand. No one’s ever greeted her like it before.

“I am so happy to meet you sir, and I thank you for putting your trust in me,” she opens with an air of gaiety. You must forgive me for talking so long to answer the phone on Tuesday. I had some difficulty getting to the phone.”

“Do not let that worry you, but you sounded quite upset at the time. Were you thinking of changing your mind?”

“No sir, I actually tripped over coming to the phone and fell on the floor. I felt so silly in front of my landlord.” (Ch 2)

“Well, you are here now and you need not concern yourself with things that went wrong somewhere else. We will see you get every chance to learn on the job and get better and better so we will be like one big happy family.” He’s thinking of the upcoming ménage a trios and the sexual possibilities admiring her natural beauty and well shaped firm breasts but she’s only thinking of holding on to the job and the security it means to her.

“Let me see your hands again, they are quite small aren’t they?” özbek escort he gestures as she holds them out. He gently feels them, tracing his fingers across the palm of each hand,one after the other and moving to her wrists with equally light soothing caresses as if he’s an artist looking for imperfections. There are none. The girl feels a little shiver up her spine and looks at his hands touching her skin and at his eyes which seems to study her outstretched fingers.

“Your fingernails are very clean and tidy, I like that,” he says in a manner reassuring to her. He then ever slowly runs his fingers up to her bare elbows and back down again. She feels the little shiver again. “Yes, you have beautiful soft skin and I suppose that is you all over?”

She doesn’t know what to say at this sudden and unexpected attention. It’s so natural, yet so unusual and somewhat disarming so she retreats into her shyness. “I think so sir. I try hard to be …..”

He interrupts. “Comely?”

She doesn’t know that comely means wholesome, attractive, and pleasing to the eye, but she thinks it’s something good that he likes and since she’s anxious to not put a foot wrong she agrees with him.

“Yes sir, I can come,” she replies, mistaking comely for something else but needing to indicate she is not too immature to work for such a world travelled photographer so often encircled by seasoned and sexy women in his life’s work. She remembers Josette stressing he wants to hire an au pair girl with the opposite qualities of such experienced women, a totally inexperienced virgin.

“We are going to try some of this fine restaurant’s world class French onion soup,” he announces as if it’s an order to comply. “You will like it. It’s my favourite. It’s more like a light meal.” He gestures to the owner who takes the order for three.

“This may fill you up my petite one but trust me; you will enjoy it as soon as it touches your lips and your tongue. You must trust my udgement in knowing what is good.” Josette smiles and looks at Jacques knowing he is playing his word games to condition her mind crevice by crevice and yet make her not aware of it.

The young Singapore girl feels strangely comfortable in his company but doesn’t want to give any impression that underneath the surface she nervous. She will agree if she thinks she can impress him. “I haven’t tried it before but if you say it’s good I am sure I will enjoy it.” He smiles, thinking ahead, “I am sure you will.”

While the three of them engage in small talk waiting for their soup, back at her former address the randy Indian landlord Mr Singh can afford to be more forthright in his crafty plans to make the best of the incoming tenants, students Mandy and Sherrie.He moves quickly to make some improvements — for him at least — by putting in place a six feet long sofa that sits at the end of the double bed facing the see-through mirror built into the wall abutting his personal quarters.

These two students seem to be sexy young wags judging by the way they dressed so provocatively when begging him to let them take the vacant unit. He deviously installs two very powerful and cleverly hidden microphones in the room so he can hear the girls talking clearly so he can find out about any of their weaknesses but the main purpose of the microscopic size eves-dropping devices is to possibly hear something better than talking.

He tests the reception by playing a porn movie at normal conversation level to find out if the sounds of even heavy breathing are clear enough. He races back to his bedroom on the other side of the wall to check and grins greedily as the reception is loud and clear. He could only see Selina masturbating through the back of the mirror from his side but never the sounds of her pleasuring g herself. If these ex-schoolgirls are anything like they seem he’s in for a good time.

He makes sure the nine-inch penis shaped vibrator is tucked neatly between the two pillows on the double bed so they will think that Selina, whom they met when looking at the unit, accidentally left it there in her rush to get the place tidied up. Mr Singh is certain that the two well developed girls are either prick teasing opportunists or they are not virgins. The scene is set for their arrival later this day.

At the Viv-aViv restaurant, they finally finish their French onion soup served in a big crock pot with its special ingredients making it more than just soup. “Do I wear a uniform as your au pair girl,” she asks.

“Ah, yes, in the French tradition that is so, yet not always,” he replies. “For you we think yes, it would be good as you can put aside your weekly wage and bank it to buy other things rather than buy clothes for around our humble abode. But you do not have to wear an apron if that’s what you mean, not unless you want to of course.

“We have some lovely delicate feminine things you can wear while working for us and to match your beauty and some even more delicate but savoury surprises for nightwear. The day to day uniform is quite stunning and we had it made especially for you.”

“Really? You’ve made a special uniform just for me? And some nice things to retire into at night? You got all that just for me? But what if it doesn’t fit?”

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