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Her jet black hair was bound in a tight French braid, accentuating her exotic, catlike almond-shaped eyes and her high, perfectly sculpted cheekbones. Her small, almost child-like pink mouth seemed to form a tiny pout as she studied the papers spread out before her. “Damn…” she kept murmuring, frowning to herself, completely oblivious to the man staring at her from across the nearly empty diner. One shapely leg swung rhythmically and the other was folded beneath her as she worked.

Kevin Duvall watched the petite Asian lady with undisguised fascination, his own blue eyes wide and admiring as he took in her delicate loveliness. There was something about her that had simply grabbed him from the moment he first saw her, six months ago. She was there every Thursday night, every Tuesday night, from seven to about ten or so, crunching numbers and working for hours on whatever it was she did. Since that night, so was Kevin. He sometimes felt mortified about the fact he blatantly spied upon her, and he was definitely sick of the food, but he couldn’t seem to bring himself to stop coming.

Something was going to have to change, though, Kevin knew, because he was starting to feel like a stalker. He was a nice enough guy, good looking in that Blond-haired, blue-eyed all-American kind of way, 5’10 inches of strength and vitality that had never failed him when it came to scoring women. Hard, brutal work building houses had kept him lean and tough, but ever since he had first seen her, he hadn’t thought about anyone else. He had been sporting a nine-inch hard-on for six months now, and he was tired of jacking off in the bathroom every night he saw her.

Why didn’t she ever notice him? Kevin’s own frown deepened as he contemplated his situation and felt his familiar, painful tightening in his balls. It had become more than a physical ache—Kevin felt his heart squeeze painfully as he watched her.

It took him a moment to realize she was staring back at him. Kevin felt the fire race up to his face as her eyes locked with his. A perplexed expression was on her lovely face and her leg had ceased its movement. A jolt of electricity shot through Kevin and he felt himself pale as he watched her, horrified, get up and move towards him.

Her stride was smooth and determined, and Kevin could only stare as she stood beside him, barely five feet tall and far more lovely than he had imagined. Her exquisitely carved-face was tilted at an angle as she gazed at him with questioning, curious, beautiful eyes. Kevin felt like he was drowning as he noticed the flecks of green and gold in them, and the long, black eyelashes that framed them so perfectly. Intelligent, sensual, curious eyes that seemed to look him through and through to render him speechless.

“You were staring at me again.” She said, quietly, calmly.

Kevin felt as though he would die, and when he spoke, it seemed as though his words were lost in a different language. “Mfmdfdfdf…” He mumbled, his face flaming.

Suddenly, a warm, teasing smile spread across the girl’s face, and she laughed out loud. “I’m sorry, I’ve embarrassed you.” She said, reaching out to enclose Kartal Escort his fingers with hers. “But I figured I might as well say hello or find somewhere else to work…you’re starting to distract me.”

Kevin paused, and when she laughed again, he felt himself laugh, too. “God, I’m such an idiot,” he apologized, running a hand through his hair with a sheepish grin. “My name is Kevin.”

“Mine is Laine.” She told him, sliding into the seat next to him with a warm grin. “So tell me,” she invited, in a conversational, teasing tone, “What is it that has you so fascinated?”

Kevin felt himself flush again, but her smile seemed genuine. He hesitated only briefly, then decided that the truth would serve him best. “I’ve been watching you,” he admitted, feeling slightly ashamed, “I think you are one of the loveliest girls I’ve ever seen, but I didn’t know how to approach you.”

“Only one of the loveliest?” She teased, caressing his hand gently and smiling.

“God, if you only knew!” Kevin blurted, feeling himself relax and start to really enjoy her. For a moment, he even forgot about his hard cock as she continued to smile at him. “I can’t think of anyone else, I haven’t been with anyone since I first saw you, that’s how spun I am!” he exclaimed.

“In that case, why don’t we get out of here?” She suggested, her tone taking on a definite suggestive tone. “I’m not dressed to go out, but if you’d like, you can follow me back to my place and I could change.”

Kevin turned his admiring eyes towards her outfit. As always, she was dressed in a trim, perfectly tailored suit, wine-colored today that seemed to both conceal and enhance her figure. Lust jolted him again as he imagined being in her apartment and perhaps seeing what was beneath that professionalism.

She was smiling wickedly at him, and Kevin smiled sheepishly as he realized he had gotten lost again. Jumping to his feet, he followed her to the table she had been at and watched as she gathered her things. “You must have a tough job,” He commented. “What is it that you do?”

She only smiled mysteriously at him as she slung her shoulder bag and case over her shoulder. “Let’s go.”

The drive took only five minutes, but it seemed excruciatingly long to Kevin as he followed her 2001 Saturn through the rainy night. At last, they pulled into a quiet parking lot of a well-maintained complex. Kevin turned off his own car and waited, his hands shaking, as he watched her get out of her car and approach his.

The rain on her smooth, make-up free face seemed natural and she looked wild and exotic as she smiled at him. “Are you coming?” She asked, grinning at him.

He jumped out of the car and followed her as she led him to the apartment, opening the door and disappearing inside. Immediately, Kevin took in the warm, inviting home, with its rich tapestries and cherry wood furnishings. It felt like another world—totally different than his own Spartan plywood junk that he had been so proud of.

Kevin felt himself drawn further into the room and he turned, admiring everything around him, feeling the person Laine was in every Tuzla Escort possession and style that the room showed.

“Do you like it?” She asked, softly. Kevin turned, and for what seemed like the hundredth time that night, was speechless. Laine was leaning against the doorway, her long, raven hair free of its tidy braid and falling in soft waves down to her toned, tiny waist. Gone was the neat suit…she stood there, in all of her naked glory, her small, perfect breasts topped by rock-hard dark nipples and areola the size of silver-dollars.

Kevin’s eyes dropped to the cleft between her legs and felt his mouth go dry as he saw the hairless mound, and he felt himself begin to tremble as she looked at him with those amazing, sensuous eyes. “Come here.” She beckoned, drawing him towards her.

As if possessed by a force greater than himself, Kevin moved towards her. Dropping to his knees, his hands rose to encircle her waist. He pressed his face against the gentle swell of her belly, inhaling the exotic jasmine of her perfume, and felt her small hands play with his hair, stroking him gently. “I want to make love to you.” He whispered.

She answered by parting her legs a bit, and Kevin began to kiss the inside of her thigh. Her body blazed with heat and the wetness was on her thigh, waiting for his tongue. He tasted her, groaning with desire as she crooned to him softly, tugging at his hair and moaning softly as he drew her down to the floor and parted her legs, burying his face in her succulent, tiny pussy.

She was tasted like flowers, he thought, deliriously, hearing her cries as he ran his tongue deep into her cunt, drinking her essence like it was a fine nectar. Delicious, and unlike anything he had ever experienced—it seemed like witches’ brew, almost burning his tongue as he worked himself towards her pleasure. He felt her body spasm on his tongue and felt the warm blast of her pussy juice streaming on his face and he lapped it up, feeling like a man possessed.

“More!” She cried, her voice strained with passion, as she spread her legs for him, her body magnificent in the light of the storm. Kevin tore at his jeans and his rock-hard cock jumped free, twitching as his fingers caressed her soaking pussy. And more she got, as he plunged that desperate cock into her, crying out with the most primitive of voices as he felt her vice-like velvet folds absorb him into the tightest, most pleasurable places he had ever been. Unable to bear it, Kevin felt himself explode deep inside of her and screamed out loud with pleasure, at the same time groaning with disappointment. She answered by rolling him over and straddling him, her tight pussy holding him deep inside her as she began to fuck him with slow, deliberate strides. Kevin moaned as his cock grew even harder and he felt her unbelievably snug cunt milking his cock, drawing him towards another orgasm.

“I love you!” Kevin gasped, reaching up to caress her breasts, looking up at her exquisite form and feeling the trueness of his words fill him. She smiled at him and bent low to kiss him, and their lips locked and held, their tongues echoing Anadolu Yakası Escort the steady pumping of his cock in her pussy.

“Make me come for you again….” She whispered in his ear, electricity shooting through them as they moved together. Kevin seized her by the waist and pulled her beneath him again, feeling crazed with lust. Her legs wrapped around him and he plunged his dick in her over and over as she screamed her encouragement. Never in his wildest fantasies of the most brutal of rapes had he been this forceful, this wild—and as he felt himself thrusting wildly into this beautiful, exotic girl, he felt himself come like he had never come before in his entire life. His cock seemed to fill with fire as it erupted deep into her depths and secretly he prayed he would impregnate her and bind her to him for life.

“Yes!” She screamed, contracting beneath him and gushing around his still-hard cock. “Fuck me harder, give it to me! Don’t stop!”

He felt like he was outside of himself as he turned her over and pulled her onto all fours. Kevin felt like an animal as he buried himself in her cunt again, admiring her sculpted back and the firm, round ass. She really was a tiny, delicate thing, molded perfectly…but so, so small! His mind told him to be decent, to spare her, but even as he thought this, his eyes widened and he parted her ass cheeks, pausing briefly, waiting for her to protest. When she only groaned, he took his pussy-juice-wet nine-inch cock and speared her ass with it, sinking into her ass with a yell.

Even though he had already come twice, Kevin felt his balls tighten. The feel of her hot asian ass clasped around his long-neglected dick and months of lusting for her and falling in love with the idea of her made his rock-hard cock throb. Beneath him and on her knees, she seemed like the perfect picture of subservience, a girl willing to do anything for her man. He felt like a monster as he fucked her, and yet so fulfilled and consumed by love and passion.

“I want to come inside your pussy…” He groaned.

“Anything…anything!” She moaned, riding his cock like an American cowgirl with her tight little ass.

He pulled his cock free and buried it in her again, fucking her like there was no tomorrow. He felt her come again, triggering his own orgasm. Come burst out of him, filling her well-fucked pussy with his hot cream for the fourth time. He collapsed against her.

“Oh my god!” He said to her, as he pushed her wild, sweaty hair from her smiling face. “I wish I had said hello to you six months ago!”

She reached up and drew his face down towards hers and kissed him. “You did…but it was your heart talking.”

Kevin smiled down at her and nodded. “It really was.” He agreed, pulling her closer. “I love you.” Suddenly, he laughed. “Anyway, what exactly have you been up to all this time? You always seem to have so much work, and you never stop. What are you working on?”

She grinned at him. “I’m a teacher. Those were lesson plans, grades, tests…the usual stuff. But sometimes, I just brought work along to watch you looking at me.”

Kevin began to laugh. “You brat,” he scolded, playfully. “I bet you teach those kids a lot.” He said, sincerely.

As she drifted off to sleep in his arms, Kevin sighed with satisfaction and contentment. He knew in that moment he was never going to find anyone like her—and was going to marry this Asian delight.

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