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Ashley’s Story

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Chapter 1

Ashley had lost count of how many times she’s climaxed with her Business Intro Professor relentlessly pounding away at her from behind. She loved it when his large black hands would grip her large muscular ass as he slammed into it over and over again. Ashley was in heaven, she was where she belonged.

As her eyes rolled in the back of her head, the 19 year old briefly thought about how she got to this point, moaning and clawing at the bed sheets in her college Professor’s bed.

She was a senior in high school, a star varsity volleyball player, and dating a really nice guy with whom she planned on losing her virginity at prom night.
One dance at prom with her boyfriend’s friend changed everything. He was the school’s quarterback, black, and very tall – he reminded Ashley of her stepdad, Tony. “Mmm, Tony,” she thought as her professor continued his assault from behind.

Ashley started masturbating to her stepdad many years prior, always feeling guilt afterward, thinking that if her mother, Joanne, ever discovered her fantasy, it would break her heart. It would kill her mom if she ever saw them having sex. She would never do that to her, so Ashley kept her fantasies and attraction to Tony to herself, actively avoiding black male students at school because of what she knew what happen if she was close to one. Thinking that it could send her over the edge and possible become cock-crazed enough to sleep with her stepfather.

That night at prom her boyfriend went to the restroom and to get some punch. A black friend danced with Ashley while her boyfriend was away. He took his cock out while they danced. Ashley’s eyes shot open and she stopped moving, feeling that heavy mass against her gorgeous, athletic ass. Looking around from side-to-side to confirm no students or teachers were watching, she slowly reached around behind her and found it. It was huge. She slowly flexed her butt cheeks against it, causing him to moan in her ear and reach around to her stomach, pulling her back against it. She looked down at his dark skinned hand on her the front of her prom gown. Glimpses of her stepdad popped into her head. Her heart began racing, she was out of breath, and her pussy was dripping. Within five minutes she found herself in an alley behind the school, her dressed pulled up, losing her virginity to a black kid at school, pretending he was her step dad.
Ashley missed several calls from her boyfriend that night. Finally after midnight, after Ashley had sex with five more black classmates in a hotel room they had purchased for the night, she called her boyfriend, informing him that she went home because she wasn’t feeling well. Ending the call, she continued her night, continued swallowing their seed, continued to bend over for each one multiple times. She could finally experience a black guy without hurting her beloved mother, by sleeping with her stepdad, her mom’s husband. Over the course of the summer, she dumped her boyfriend, and had a black cock embedded in her nearly every night. She was so happy to discover that it fulfilled her fantasy and didn’t cause her to try to seduce Tony and hurt her mother in the process.

That fall she headed up to Atlanta for college. Ashley had one black professor. He told his students to call him Professor Ty. He was around six feet tall, looked to be in his late 40’s, and had a goatee and a shaved head. Professor Ty was spewing semen all over Ashley’s back within the first week.

Near the end of the first semester was when Professor Ty’s wife, Devin, walked in on the two of them in bed, causing Ashley to briefly turn to face the woman as her Professor continued behind her. The two of them slept together for the rest of her freshman year. The divorce was fairly painless for Professor Ty, due to ongoing problems he and Devin had been having – they had been separated for awhile. Walking in on him and Ashley expedited the divorce process. At the end of that year, Professor Ty, resigned and moved away to teach elsewhere. They said their goodbyes; Ashley headed home to Tampa Bay for the summer, and resumed her summer sex sessions with various black, former classmates from the previous summer.

Ashley moaned again, this new Professor grabbed her long, dark brown hair, pulling her head up. He groaned as his hips slammed into her butt, sending ripples and waves of flesh away from the impact. He pushed her back down to the mattress, pulling out, stroking his cock, spraying his load all over her back. Ashley loved that feeling. She wondered if Tony does that to her mother.

“Ahh yeah, that was good,” He said, slapping her ass. “You should probably leave soon though. My wife will be home in around 30 minutes. I need clean up some,” he said looking at the alarm clock next to the bed.

Ashley gave his cock a few licks to clean it, grabbed her clothes, freshened up, and then left, kissing her Professor goodbye. “Happy New Year. See you in class,” she said, waving goodbye then walking to her car. She had returned to college after the Christmas break early to spend extra time in bed with him.

Chapter 2

Later that day, Ashley was covered in sweat, her bare midriff glistening wet. Her grey yoga pants creeping up in between her butt cheeks as she performed more squats at the gym near campus.

She switched to lunges and nodded at her friend, Giselle, a 22 year old senior at the university. Finishing her set, Ashley sat down, her butt and thighs already burning, wiping the sweat from her forehead. She stood and walked past her friend, who was working on her arms.

Gisele shook her and smiled, “Why do you always do legs and butt? I never see you work other areas of the body.” her blonde friend asked. Ashley thought she was so naïve. Grabbing her water bottle, Ashley winked at her as she walked passed, playfully slapping Gisele’s ass.

“Are you coming out with us tonight?” Ashley asked her friend.

“Nah, I’m not into dance clubs. Thanks though,” Gisele replied. Ashley smiled and nodded, saying goodbye, thinking that it meant more chances of her going home with a guy since it’d be less competition.

At her dorm, Ashley turned around in the shower, the water bouncing off her ass, moaning jokingly as her roommate Jules slapped her butt several times. “I wish mine was as nice as yours. I bet your stepdad would love to get his cock in this,” Jules said, shaking it several times before Ashley turned back around.

“Ha! Maybe, but I could never hurt my mom, you know this,” Ashley reminded Jules, putting her arms around her as the steam from the shower enveloped them.

“Yep I know. Don’t worry I’m sure we’ll find someone tonight at that club near campus,” Jules guessed.


It was loud and crowded at the night club the two girls went to. It was near campus and was mostly college students. There were a few older people there though. Ashley and Jules danced with each other, both wearing tight, short, black dresses.
Looking around the room, Ashley saw a very large, black man with wide shoulders, sitting and talking to a few other people, including a couple white women. He was glancing at Ashley every few minutes. She decided to answer a question he was no doubt asking in his head by turning around so he could check out her ass.

Ashley and Jules continued dancing for a few minutes when a tall, most likely basketball player, tapped Jules on her shoulder. She smiled, ending her dance with Ashley and followed the man a few feet away. Ashley glanced back at the direction of the large black man to find him gone. She sighed and made her way to the ladies room to freshen up. Just before she reached the door she felt a tap on her shoulder and turning around she looked up at the 6 foot tall black man with extremely wide shoulders.

He nodded to Ashley, signaling her to follow him back onto the dance floor. She complied; they found a spot to dance, and she turned around and began gyrating her butt against his crotch.

She closed her eyes, feeling the erection against her butt cheeks as they danced, moaning slightly when he placed his hand on her stomach. Ashley flexed her ass against his crotch; it was going to be a good night.

“What’s your name,” the man whispered from behind. Ashley looked over her shoulder up at him, her 5’4” height under his shadow.

“I’m Ashley. What’s your name?” She called back to him.

“I’m called Fat Rob,” he replied.

“Fat Rob?” Ashley was dumbfounded. This man wasn’t fat, large and bulky, but not obese. “Why are you called that?”

“Follow me,” He said, whispering in her ear. Ashley nodded, looking around to find Jules. She was several feet away in the crowded club. Ashley could make out her friend’s head bobbing up and down through the crowd, her dance partner’s fingers entwined in Jules’ short, dark hair. Ashley smiled, knowing Jules was sucking dick on the dance floor, something so typical of her. She followed Fat Rob toward the exit, assuming Jules would find her own way home.


“Ah yes!” Ashley screamed in pleasure, “So that’s why they call you Fat Rob?” She asked bouncing wildly up and down in the back seat of an Escalade; on an immensely fat cock belonging to the man she met in the nightclub 45 minutes earlier. It took a lot of work to get it in her, but eventually Fat Rob was successful.

After Ashley came several times in the hour she was riding Fat Rob, he was ready to have his turn. “Get that cum,” he grunted, as Ashley hopped off his lap, going to her knees, closing her mouth around that huge, bulbous cockhead. She could barely fit it in inside her mouth, feeling her lips stretch far, just like her pussy lips did. She sucked the tip of semen, swallowing every ounce that flowed into her mouth.

Fat Rob invited her back to his home, leading her to his bedroom. Guiding her to his bed he slapped her butt a few times, and began his second assault. Ashley came one final time an hour later, collapsing on her stomach. She looked over her shoulder at a sweaty Fat Rob as he pulled out, letting his cock land on her lower back with a fleshy thud. She moaned when she watched that thick meat begin spurting semen on her back, Fat Rob’s head looking to the ceiling, moaning.

“Ah shit, you gotta come and dance at one of my clubs,” Fat Rob said, out of breath. “How old are you? Seventeen?” he asked.

“I’m 19,” Ashley answered.

Fat Rob grabbed a towel, wiping himself down, climbing into bed. “I’d pay you good. I’d pay you money and I’d pay you with this,” he said, grabbing his weakening cock, jerking it a couple times.

“Oh yeah?”

“Yes. You can take a black cock really well Miss Ashley. Most of my customers are black. They’d love you for sure.” Fat Rob explained.

“It would be nice to make some extra money,” Ashley said, sitting up in bed, letting the semen dribble off her back onto the mattress.

“Then come by one of my clubs next weekend. I’ll love to see you work that ass of yours on stage.”

Chapter 3

“So you’re really going to go through with it? I wished I could,” Jules said in the shower while squeezing Ashley’s butt.

“I am,” she smiled, turning around once more.

Jules went to her knees, a hand on each of Ashley’s ass cheeks, “All those men watching you dance up there, flinging money at you. I wish I could see it, but,” she slowly kissed each of Ashley’s butt cheeks, “I’m going out with that guy I met last weekend and his friends.”

Ashley moaned, Jules was making her horny in the shower, “It’s ok. Have you ordered that strap-on to use on me yet?” Ashley asked, thinking fondly back to the several threeways they had shared with various black students, occasionally getting carried away and momentarily forgetting about the guy, focusing on each other instead.

“Not yet, but I will,” Jules stood, running her fingers in between Ashley’s crack.

“Good, it’ll be fun. I gotta go now though, I’m running late,” Ashley said, turning around, planting a kiss on her roommate’s mouth.


On her way to the strip club, Ashley called her mother, Joanne, speaking briefly about her weekend plans. She told her she was hanging out with a friend, which was a half-truth. Her mother told her to be careful and reminded her that her step-brother, TJ, was nearby if she needed help with anything.

Ashley told her mother she remembered that, though she wasn’t very close to TJ, Tony’s son, due to the age difference – TJ being in his mid-30s didn’t allow them to play and hang out as much in their younger years. Ashley and her older brother were far closer, having spent most of their time playing together, due to his closer proximity in age.

When Ashley arrived at one of the strip clubs Fat Rob managed, she was greeted by him in the back alley, taken inside to his office, stuffed with thick, meaty, black cock until she came within a few minutes, and then left to pick out her outfit for the night.

It consisted of super tight red shorts, only covering half her butt, and a matching vest which exposed her all the cleavage of her medium sized breasts.

She was a natural. Flexing, grinding, jerking her butt around on stage, against the pole, against men that laid down money, removing her clothes and fingering herself on stage. She felt wild, free, and so incredibly sexy. She loved every second.

She wasn’t a trained stripper so really all she did was dance and grind seductively on stage. The pole dancers really stole the show in her opinion.

When her performance on stage ended, her night didn’t. Over the course of three hours she was constantly taking men into the back room areas for private dances. She fought every urge in her body not to take their cocks out and ride each one to orgasm. Fat Rob told her no sex though.

“It was amazing,” Ashley told Fat Rob at the end of the night, handing him a large sum of bills, the club’s share of money from private dances.

“Glad you like it, Miss Ashley. Care to make even more tonight?” Fat Rob said, flipping through the various bills.

“Absolutely,” the college sophomore replied.

“Good. A friend of mine from out-of-town is here this weekend. He wants me to send one of the dancers to his hotel room. He asked for you.”

“He wants me to dance for him in his room?” Ashley asked.

“No. He wants you for the night, if you know what I mean,” Fat Rob answered.

“Uh, how much?” she asked.

“A couple thousand is your share.”

“All I have to do is have sex with him and stay the night?”

“That’s it,” Fat Rob said with a smile. “Just put your dress back on, head to his room, shower, and wait for him. He’ll have a robe picked out for you. Take care of him all night and the money is yours.”

“Like a – ” Ashley started to say.

“A prostitute, exactly. But,” Fat Rob said, tipping her chin up to look into her eyes, “I think you’re ok with that. Aren’t you? Two grand and a night with a black man, sounds like its win-win for you, Miss Ashley.”

Ashley cleared her throat, “Where’s his hotel room?”


She couldn’t resist. Smiling to herself in the mirror while drying her hair and waiting for this customer to arrive, thinking stripping and providing this “service” every once in awhile, was no big deal. Ashley was looking forward to it. She’d make a ton of extra money doing this.

She put on the white bathroom robe, with nothing on underneath, and sat quietly at the small table by the bed. A slight twinge of regret came over her, but she quickly squashed it, thinking that she was young, this was college, and to enjoy herself.

Ashley stood, pulling the drapes from the windows back to look out over the city, admiring the lights from the skyscrapers of Atlanta in the distance. She could see the room behind her in a reflection. Her eyes widened when she saw the hotel room door open. He was here.

She smiled to herself, watching him enter the room via the reflection against the glass. He was very tall, black, and from what she could tell, very muscular. She couldn’t make out his face very well, but she didn’t mind. He was wearing a collared, button up shirt, and khaki pants. He turned the lamp off next to the bed and slowly made his way to her. She lost sight of him in the darkened room, only seeing his moon lit hand reflected in the window as he came to rest it on her shoulder. She instinctively pushed her butt outward, slowly arching her back, searching for his crotch.

The man said nothing, but Ashley could hear him undress. Unbuttoning his shirt, letting it fall to the floor, unzipping his pants, sliding them down and stepping out of them, causing Ashley to elicit a moan when she felt a large erection come to rest on her lower back. Her heart raced with excitement when she watched his hand reach around to undo the tie of her robe, letting it fall to the ground, his cock pulsing now against her bare skin.

His hand went into Ashley’s long brown hair, gripping it as the man smelled it, pulling her down, and guiding her to her knees. Ashley turned around to see his massive member in her face, illuminated by the moon light. Not looking upward, she ran her hands over the man’s abs, moaning while she peppered his cockhead with kisses, gripping the base of the shaft with her other hand. This cock was hers all night; she had no time to waste.

She engulfed the head as best she could, bobbing and weaving her head back and forth on it, getting it coated in her saliva. A few moments later she popped it out of her mouth. Looking up to the man in the dark room, “What’s your name?” she asked.

The man grabbed her hair tighter, bringing her face to look up to his. He leaned down, his eyes coming into view. Ashley’s şişli escort own eyes shot open in horror.

“I think you know who I am, you little slut. You’re mine all night,” Tony, her stepfather, said.

Chapter 4

“No, no, no, wait!” Ashley said, trying to back away from her stepfather, but she was too slow and he was too fast. Tony, grabbing her by the back of her head, clinching her hair in his fists, held her in place.

“Open!” he demanded, slapping her face with his giant dick. Ashley hands were on his thighs, futilely trying to push him away.

He was so strong. Holding her tight against his crotch, she tried to break free but couldn’t. “Open!” he ordered her again. For a moment Ashley thought she could bite his cock, grab the robe and run away, but she didn’t. Somewhere in the back of her mind as her heart raced and she glanced up at his obsidian frame above her, she slowly opened her mouth.

Tony rammed his cock in as far as he could. Ashley felt her tears welling up; however, she felt something else too. Tony, grabbing her head with both hands now, face fucked her for several minutes, pushing his cock further and further down her throat. Ashley wanted to scream but couldn’t. As she watched her small, dainty hands rest on his tree trunk thighs, his chiseled stomach move back and forth, slamming into her forehead with each thrust of his cock down her throat, the gagging sensation stopped. For a second she thought about her mother. She thought about how hurt she would be if she knew about this. Ashley slowly moved her hands behind Tony, gently squeezing his muscular glutes, her eyes glazing over.

Suddenly, before she could enjoy her hands clenching his ass cheeks, he pulled back, his cock dislodging from her throat. Mucus-like, thick drool poured out of her mouth, flowing over chin, dangling there until it landed on her breasts and stomach. Tony pulled her up by her hair, bent down, scooped her up, throwing her over his shoulder and slammed her down on the bed. He quickly pulled her legs apart and climbed on top of her.

“I’m going to enjoy this. I’ve been watching you for years,” he said, his hand on her throat, the other guiding his cockhead up and down on her clit.
“I thought I had you the summer before you left to come up here for school. I followed you several times. Saw you with those black boys from your school,” Tony continued.

“I figured it was only a matter of time before you’d come on to me, begging me for my dick,” He said, tapping his heavy cockhead against her clit again. “But you never did, you came up here for school, and I figured I’d lost my chance. Then I saw you at that strip club. I know Fat Rob. He did me a favor, letting me pay a little extra for a night with his newest dancer. To get a piece of your juicy ass, a goal I’ve had for quite some time now, is priceless.”
Ashley gripped his wrist, attempting to take his hand off her throat. She looked up at his huge arms and shoulders, then his chest, then further down to the colossal cock that was poking into her vaginal opening. “So big,” she thought, her legs instinctually relaxing and spreading further for him.

“Now I got you tonight. When I’m done with you, you’ll never tell your momma, you’ll be begging me for it and I’ll oblige. I’ll make my way up here every once in awhile, and I’ll take you again and again,” he explained.

Ashley was furious, angry at him and at herself. She tried to wiggle free, but he held her firmly in place. She wanted to scream for him to get off her, but instead she screamed in her head for him to do it, to push that huge rod all the way into her now oozing pussy.

Tony looked in to her eyes with an arrogant smirk on his face, “You ready?” he asked. Not waiting for an answer, he pumped his hips hard into her, stabbing and impaling her one time all the way to her cervix, causing her to moan in a combination of pain and pleasure. He did it again, loosening his grip on her throat, then with a third hard powerful thrust, he let go of her neck completely. Ashley cried out as he slammed into her again; balls deep, to his pubic hair covered base. One final look in his eyes, he grinned devilishly at her, her mouth hanging open; she nodded slowly knowing the onslaught would now begin.

He was a machine. Once he started going after those first several, powerful impales to establish his dominance over her, he didn’t stop. Tony was relentless. His cock was pistoning in and out of her over and over again, causing her tits to jiggle violently with each impact, causing the bed frame to slam against the wall behind them. “Ahhh!” she yelped, looking up to his eyes. Thirty seconds after he started his machine-like fucking, she grasped at his arms, clawed at his chest, tears filled her eyes, she couldn’t stop this if she wanted to – she was cumming.
Ashley’s moans were reduced to whimpers after the first 15 minutes. He never stopped, continuously grinding into her through her first, second, then third orgasm.

Thinking she should stop him, thinking she should scream for her life and end this, thinking she should try to attack him somehow, she remained where she was on her back, her feet interlocking behind him as he worked.

Ashley would’ve thought he truly was some sort of android if it weren’t for the drops of sweat from Tony’s chin landing on her face, neck, and chest. He never looked away from her face, constantly slamming his hips into her at incredible speed.

Another 30 minutes passed. Ashley and Tony were both covered in sweat and out of breath. She thought for a moment he was tiring, and perhaps he was, but it was only of that position. Tony lifted her off the mattress, sitting back on it, and with his hand firmly gripping her rib cage, he began lifting and slamming her down on his cock.

There was no end to it. Another fifteen minutes passed in the position and Ashley’s eyes rolled into the back of her head; Tony continued to grit his teeth as he slammed her up and down, only pausing to push her nearly limp head onto his shoulder and stand up off the bed.

Slamming her against the wall, her feet still locked behind him, he began pumping up into her again. Gradually over the course of several minutes, they slid across the room, Ashley still pinned up against the wall. He was staring in her face the whole time, clutching at her hips and butt, lifting her up and down, sliding her against the wall.

Tony spun around, they were standing in the bathroom door way, he paused to flick the light on. Ashley’s eyes were closed, her mouth still hanging open, an arm raised to hold on the top of the door frame above her. Another orgasm washed over her.

Tony made his way to the toilet, spinning around and lowering himself. Ashley was straddling him now, and similar to an old cartoon where a character is shaken and keeps shaking after the thing shaking them stopped, she kept bouncing. Her feet firmly planted on the bathroom floor, her arms wrapped around Tony’s shoulders, she kept squatted up and down, impaling herself.

“There you go,” Tony said, taking a break, slapping her right butt cheek several times with his right hand, while his left hand tightly clutched her other. “Ride that dick.”

“Ahhh yes!” She screamed out with another wave of pleasure traveling through her. She was the machine now, she would keep going and going, bouncing on him until her thighs gave out. Fifteen minutes later they did, searing in fiery pain from exhaustion.

Tony quickly pulled her off his cock like she was nothing, pushing her to the floor, flipping her over, slapping her butt several more times, and then mounting her from behind. Pulling her sweat drenched hair back; he went at her like a hungry animal. Each hard thrust pushed her across the bathroom floor toward the bathtub until eventually after several minutes of hard pounding from behind, her hands were holding onto the edge of the tub.

“Come on! Take it slut!” Tony yelled, slapping her now red ass again several times. Bam! Bam! Bam! He slammed into her harder than ever, sending her over the edge of the tub, with him following. She was laying on her stomach now in the tub, gripping to pull herself up, her legs still very week from earlier. She clawed at the faucets in front of her, accidentally turning on the shower. Tony groaned as the cold water hit him.

Ashley thought she should use that as a distraction to get away, but she was on the verge of another orgasm as the cold water poured down on them. Tony pulled her arms back, holding her by the wrists, pounding away at her now thoroughly destroyed pussy.

He grabbed her soaking wet body, lifting her from behind, and moved out the tub, through the door, back to the bed. Tony pushed her head down to the mattress, mounted her once more from behind, and kept going

Fifteen minutes later, a thoroughly red ass, complete with a bite mark from Tony when he finally pulled out and flipped her over on her back, she lay there on the bed out-of-breath with his semen covering her face.

Chapter 5

Ashley didn’t remember how she got home. She remembered that after Tony first blasted his cum in her face, there was period of relief that it was over, mixed with sadness that it was over. Fortunately and at the same time unfortunately, Tony started again about an hour later, switching to her anus instead. Embedding his cock in her colon, she felt full, whole. After injecting her digestive track with semen, he rested again, only to start back up again in an hour. The last thing Ashley remembers was holding on to his head tightly as he sucked her tits hard enough to leave marks, while looking to the side, out the window see the first light of dawn, followed by Tony’s words stating that he’ll be back again for her. It all a blur at this point.

She was naked in her bed back at her dorm room. She heard the water from the shower in the bathroom. Ashley slowly opened her eyes. She heard Jules, her roommate, moan deeply. Ashley winced in pain. Her legs hurt, her butt hurt, her jaw hurt, and her pussy hurt. “So deep,” she whispered, thinking of Tony.

It hurt to get out of bed, but she managed to do it, slowly making her way to the bathroom. Jules was in the shower with the basketball player she met at the club the previous week. He looked over the top of the shower curtain to Ashley, nodding his head, “Hey, what’s up?”

Ashley nodded back, not bothering to make contact, sitting on the toilet to pee. “Want to join us?” he asked, followed by another moan from Jules. Ashley just shook her head, no, while looking to the floor. Not bothering to flush she limped back to her bed and started crying.

Tony was right, she would never tell her mother, she wanted him again, and she wanted it so bad. He was wrong in that she would beg for it and be around when he returned. She wouldn’t be. She scribbled a note for Jules, grabbed some clothes, her books, and a bag and called her step-brother, TJ.


Nicole was TJs partner. The two of them were both police officers and had the day off. She was on all fours on the bed, her huge, muscular ass illuminated by the morning sunlight pouring through the window. TJ groaned as he pulled his cock out, allowing it to rest on her butt. Nicole flexed it against his cock, see-sawing his long rod in between her cheeks.

TJ moaned again, feeling his shaft tightened and pulsate, in between her cheeks. In a moment semen erupted from the tip, the sunlight shining off the slick, dark cockhead. Nicole moaned as it landed on her back. He slapped her cheek playfully and made his way to the bathroom. His phone was on counter and rang as soon as he was washing his hands after flushing.

“Ashley, hey, how are you?” TJ answered. “Wait, slow down, are you ok?”

“I need a place to go. I was seeing,” she paused, “this guy, and I, uh, he just,” she didn’t want to tell TJ it was his father, “I want to avoid him.” Ashley frantically explained.

“Please come over then, it’ll be ok. You can lay low here for awhile. Did he hurt you? Should you fill out a police report on him?” TJ asked.

“No! I mean, he didn’t, it’s just he said he was coming back and I don’t know when. I don’t want to see him, it didn’t end well,” Ashley told a half truth. It ended in her passing out in an orgasmic coma, which to her, meant it ended pretty good. The guilt that she loved it and wanted it again, also the guilt from allowing it to happen to begin with, was horrible.

TJ gave her simple directions and ended the call. “Who was that?” Nicole asked.

“It was my stepsister. She said she wants to hang here for awhile. Some guy was giving her problems or something,” TJ answered.

“I see. I should probably go anyway. I need to check in on my son. It was good seeing you again, like this, I mean,” Nicole smiled, sitting up on the bed.

TJ smiled, bending down to kiss her tenderly, “Yes it was.”

They said their goodbyes. TJ put on some clothes and straightened up his apartment a little, smiling as he worked; he loved having a white partner whose body was built for black cock.


Ashley missed a call from Fat Rob, from Jules, and from Gisele on the way to TJ’s. She didn’t feel like talking to them, she just wanted a hot shower and to sit and recuperate.

She did just that. After a polite hug from TJ, he suggested she use his shower, as if he were able to tell she needed it. Maybe her mangled hair, messed up makeup, and overall musky odor gave it away. He grabbed her bag, complimenting her appearance, smiling warmly. She couldn’t help but blush.

After checking her vagina in the shower for damage and seeing none, she fought everything she had to resist rubbing her clit, knowing her thoughts would take her to Tony, her stepfather, the man she’s masturbated to for years. Things were different now.

Ashley smiled again, seeing a fresh towel folded for her on TJ’s bed. She dried off and put on her small, gray, yoga shorts, pulling them out of her crack, and a white t-shirt. Her smile was even wider when she saw TJ had fixed them both breakfast.

They sat and chatted at the bar area of the kitchen, sitting on stools, briefly going over the events of their lives in the past few years. TJ had become a police officer in the Atlanta area, but occasionally thinks about moving back to Tampa Bay. She talked about college and her various classes.

“Thanks again for letting me hang out here some,” She told TJ, spinning around in the stool to face him.

He did the same, “Hey, it’s alright. You can stay as long as you want. I’ll take the couch, you can have the bed, it’s ok.”

“No, no, I couldn’t take your bed!” Ashley replied.

TJ sighed, “Well then I’m afraid you can’t stay here,” he joked. “Your only option is to sleep in a bed.”

Ashley laughed, swatting at his huge bicep. “You should sleep in a bed too.”

“I don’t snore,” TJ replied.

“Neither do I!”

“Ok, well, I don’t mind sharing a bed with you if you don’t.”

“I don’t,” Ashley smiled. She stood off her stool, gingerly wrapping arms around his broad shoulders. TJ, still sitting placed his hands on her waist, pulling her close, resting them on the small of her back.

They ended their brief embrace and spent most of the Sunday talking, watching TV, or light snacking. That night she joined TJ for dinner with Nicole and TJ’s half-brother, Ulysses. It was a wonderful time. The two black men told stories on each other, attempting to embarrass the other. Ashley vaguely remembered meeting Ulysses long ago. He wasn’t as big and muscular back then – neither was TJ.

Ashley gave Ulysses a hug goodnight, with him telling her as he’s around a lot they’ll probably run into each other again. Nicole did the same, suggesting her and Ashley work out some time, seeing as how they had very similar bountiful backsides. It was a wonderful night, far different than the previous one. Ashley felt coming to TJ’s was the best decision she could have made.

Later TJ yawned and stretched in bed. He lay there shirtless and in long pajama pants. He patted the mattress next to him, signaling Ashley to climb in. She smiled, snuggling up next to her stepbrother in her grey yoga shorts and tank top, closing her eyes when his huge arm held her close, resting on her hip. TJ turned the lamp off and said goodnight.

The guilt from that weekend was slowly washing away in his bed and arms. She felt safe, secure, and happy. Resting her hand on his chest, she closed her eyes, drifting off to sleep, thinking things were going to be different now.

Chapter 6

Ashley entered a new routine. She would go to school all day during week, come home to study, and then later, after TJ got off his shift, she would fall asleep in his arms.

“Are you and your dad close?” Ashley asked TJ one night, laying next to him in bed, her hands trailing his stomach. She was wondering if there was a chance Tony might show up at TJ’s apartment.

“Sort of, but not really. His style of raising me was basically leaving me alone to fend for myself. He spent a lot of time away, chasing women, traveling and so on,” he answered.

“Until he met my mom?” Ashley asked.

“Well, I’m not too fond of how he treats Joanne to be honest. Your mother is a wonderful woman, I think he should be around more for her,” TJ replied.

“Does he come visit you?” She asked.

“He’ll come up here sometimes, but I’m either working, or he’s busy. He has occasionally met me for lunch, but he usually gets his own hotel room.”

“I see,” Ashley trailed off, thoughts of Tony’s sweaty body, his cock pistoning in and out of her a several days prior shot through taksim escort her. She blinked rapidly, discarding thoughts of how amazing it felt to be taken the way he took her.

“Are you sure I’m not in the way here or causing a problem?” She asked, changing the subject.

“Of course not! I like having you around, for what little we see each other,” TJ said, pulling her closer, her head resting on his shoulder now. “Besides, we weren’t all that close when you were younger; I wasn’t close to any of your mom’s kids. I was up here doing my thing I guess. So I think this’ll be nice. Don’t you?”

Ashley nodded, smiling softly, closing her eyes, taking in his scent. TJ rested his large hand on the small of her back. Ashley looked down his torso, toward his crotch when TJ suddenly stretched and turned the lamp off, just as Ashley was wondering how large he was. Pushing those thoughts out of her mind, she closed her eyes again, drifting off to sleep in a warm embrace.

The next day Ashley called Jules to let her know she was fine and staying at TJ’s apartment. She also called Fat Rob, whom she had missed several calls from. She informed him she couldn’t dance anymore or provide sex services for his close clients and friends. Fat Rob sounded sad, mentioning that the guy she spent time with the previous weekend, said he would be coming back and specifically requested her to take care of all his needs while he’s in town. Ashley apologized, saying she can’t do it and then hung up on Fat Rob to continue her studying.

That weekend Ashley hung out with both TJ and Ulysses once again. They went out to dinner Saturday night and had a wonderful time. Ulysses came back to TJ’s and the three of them played cards. Ulysses left after a couple of hours and Ashley found herself in TJ’s arms once more. The next day they went to the gym where TJ helped her with exercising other body areas besides her butt. His gym was much nicer than the one she went to near campus. Each locker room had their own showers, which they used separately. That evening TJ fixed pasta for her and Ulysses.

Ashley spoke to her mother several more times during the month of January, always asking about her brother overseas, or how she was doing, never mentioning Tony. Ashley found that resisting thoughts of him became much easier. Within a few weeks she barely thought about him or that night at all. She mainly studied, worked out with TJ, hung out with him and Ulysses during the weekend, and always went to sleep in TJ’s arms. She felt that life was good.


“So Nicole isn’t your girlfriend?” Ashley asked him one night in bed before he turned the lamp off. She had been by a couple times, but the visit seemed awkward to Ashley.

“Nope, just my partner on the job,” he replied.

“Do you and her, uh, well, you know? I mean it’s none of my business, I was just, sorry,” Ashley trailed off and sighed.

TJ chuckled, “It’s ok. We’re both adults here. Her and I have slept together some, yes.”

“Oh,” She said, starting to blush, “When was the last time you two did that?”

“I believe it was the day you got here,” TJ answered.

A pang of guilt shot through Ashley, guilt that she might be interfering in TJ’s sex life. She tried not to frown as she laid there next to him, but couldn’t help it.

“Valentine’s Day is here soon; maybe you two could hang out?” Ashley suggested.

“Maybe so, yeah,” TJ smiled, stretching next to the bed, turning the light off.

Chapter 7

“Wow,” Ashley smiled at TJ, “You look great.” She had picked out his clothes for his dinner with Nicole that night for Valentine’s Day. She was watching him turn around. She couldn’t deny this tall, muscular, black man sent chills down her own spine. She imagined Nicole feeling the same way and riding his cock all night. She thought about how amazing it must be. She thought about how she missed having a cock inside her. It had been over a month since Tony. All desire to have him inside her had faded. She hadn’t heard from him at all, hoping it would stay that way; she happily remained at TJ’s.

“Thanks. I’ll give you the credit though,” TJ said, hugging Ashley lightly.

“I can go somewhere, if I need to.” She quietly suggested.

“Huh? No, no, that’s not necessary. Stay here,” TJ insisted.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to get in the way,” Ashley said, lowering her eyes.

“Hey, it’s fine,” TJ said, tipping her chin upward with his index finger. “We got a hotel room,” He winked, offering a smile.

Ashley felt better. She hated the thought of causing this black Adonis to miss out on being serviced. She smiled, watching him leave, happy to spend Valentine’s alone. She wondered what Jules was up to, but ultimately didn’t care. She studied a bit, watched a movie, and dozed off on the couch.

She was awoken a few hours later by TJ coming home. Ashley sat up on the couch, wiping her eyes, adjusting to the light, “TJ?”

“Hey,” he replied flatly.

“Thought you’d be gone all night! The hotel room?”

TJ simply shook his head, taking off his jacket, setting his keys on the counter. “Didn’t work out,” he said sighing, walking toward this bedroom.

“What do you mean?” Ashley asked following after him.

TJ began unbuttoning his shirt, “She wasn’t feeling well. She drank way too much wine. We just lost focus, so I took her home,” He said, taking his shirt out of his pants.

“Oh. I’m sorry,” Ashley replied, standing in his doorway.

“It’s ok. I’m going to shower, I’ll see you a little later,” TJ said to a slowly nodding Ashley.

She felt awful making her way back to the couch. TJ’s night was ruined. Ashley also felt happiness knowing she was there with TJ, a man who wouldn’t take advantage of a drunken woman, knowing that he’d protect her. The mixed emotions of the next 30 seconds changed to guilt, knowing of what she had done with TJ’s father, something he or her family could never know. Ashley stood and headed back to TJ’s bedroom. She was going to suggest they go out for breakfast tomorrow or maybe even a late night diner – anything to get him out of the apartment.

Ashley stopped right as she rounded the corner, her mouth hanging open, watching TJ in his bed room. He was facing away from her, his huge, muscular back and ass on display. Grabbing a towel, holding it at his side, blocking the view of his equipment, he turned to walk toward his bathroom where the shower water was heating up. Ashley watched in awe, he had an amazing body – just like Tony’s.

Peeping around the corner, she watched him enter the shower, unable to look away as the steam enveloped him. Ashley took a deep breath and slowly slid her shorts and thong down past her knees, stepping out of them, kicking them to the side, her eyes focused on the man in the shower. Doing the same with her t-shirt, she walked into the bathroom; TJ’s back facing her, observing him look downward, his hand in front of him. She crept slowly toward him, making her way to the steamy glass door of the shower, watching TJ put his free hand on the wall in front of him as he no doubt stroked himself. Pausing once more, Ashley silently stood there watching him, after a moment, she opened the door.

“Ashley! What are you doing?!?” TJ exclaimed, turning around in the shower to see his stepsister entering it. She said nothing, not taking her brown eyes off his, gently pushing him back, and feeling his erect cock poke her in the tummy.

“Ashley,” he trailed off, watching her bend down slightly, grabbing his cock at the base, giving that huge cockhead a slow lick, never taking her eyes off his. “Please don’t,” he whispered, shaking his head.

Ashley ignored him. She turned around in the shower, arching her back, extending her butt to him – offering it to him. “Oh,” TJ let out a long moan when saw it. “Ashley we shouldn’t,” he said, starting to bend at his knees, lowering himself.

Ashley flexed her gluteus muscles against TJ’s lowering member, causing him to moan yet again. “Ashley,” he said once more time, feeling her large cheeks flex against his rod as it rested in between them. He kept going lower, bending further at the knees, he took a hand to his cock, beginning to guide it where it needed to be – where it belonged.

He was so gentle, so methodical, entering her from behind in the shower. When his cock slowly came to a rest inside her, Ashley let out a moan, and TJ leaning forward, began kissing along her neck. He tugged at her wet hair, pulling her back, slowly kissing his way to her mouth.

Ashley moaned into his kiss, their tongues meeting, TJ’s cock embedded all the way, not moving. Then it started – the slow, sliding of cock meat back and forth, in and out of Ashley. Their mouths remained stuck to each others. Several more minutes passed. TJ switched back to kissing her neck. Ashley’s hands were on the glass shower wall in front of her. She slowly reached behind her, grabbing the back of TJ’s head, while his hands cupped her breasts, all while he continued slowly going in and out of her.

“Cum for me,” TJ whispered, his large hand sliding down her tummy, to slowly rub her clit with this index and middle fingers. It didn’t take long, her mouth fell open, her eyes stared into his, and she began moaning, her pussy massaging his cock. “That’s it,” he whispered watching the sophomore climax.

When it passed, her body gradually relaxed, her core loosened, TJ turned her around in the shower. He picked her up, her legs straddling him, pinning her against the glass wall. Firmly holding her butt, he began thrusting upward, gently, lovingly, looking upon her moaning face. Ashley reached around her with her left hand to hold on to the top of the shower stall, while her right hand held on to the back of TJ’s neck.

He was so slow and caring. He was the total opposite of his father. The look of determination on his face, mixed with the occasional temporary closing of his eyes, savoring her inner walls as they convulsed around his shaft, sent her over the edge once more. “Oh yes!” she cried out, gripping the back of his head.

Reaching around to turn the water off, TJ took her to his bed, still soaking wet. He sat down on the edge of the mattress, kissing her, slowly twisting their tongues around the other. Ashley followed suit and slowly began to rise up and down on him. His hands were firmly squeezing her ass cheeks. TJ’s eyes rolled into the back of his head, looking to the ceiling, moaning as her perfect little body rose up and down on his cock, milking it, loving it for the next 15 minutes.

After her orgasm, he spun her around back on the bed, climbing on top of her. Flexing his glutes, he began to pump his hips into her, dragging his lower abs across her clit, kissing her as he worked. He kept going, eventually pushing her up to the bed headboard. Ashley came again, her hand reaching behind her, holding herself in place. TJ kept thrusting in and out of her while she climaxed, not stopping, he was a machine – just like Tony.

“I should’ve done this all along,” Ashley thought to herself, holding TJ tightly, his wet, dark body above hers.

Another 30 minutes passed, another orgasm for Ashley, TJ sat up, bringing her with him. “I don’t have any condoms, we should – ”

“Shhh,” Ashley interrupted him, lifting herself off his cock, positioning herself in front of it on the bed. She began to lick it clean of her juices, her tongue coating it in saliva, hungry for its semen. TJ moaned, his hand gripping the side of her head.

“Ashley,” He said, just before his cock starting pulsating and pumping his prized juice into Ashley’s mouth. He tasted so good. Sucking up every last drop, she ran her hands over his torso, moaning as his delicious seed coated her tongue.

They collapsed next to each other on his bed, his arm around her, holding her closely. They flashed each other a smile and Ashley went back to work, kissing and licking his body, causing his cock to come back to life 15 minutes later.


She tasted great. Her butt was in his face as the two of them were locked in a 69 position. They had been there for close to an hour. TJ ran his tongue all around her puckered asshole, to her vagina to plunge into its depths, and back again, his hands pulling her cheeks apart.

Ashley moaned, swirling her tongue all across his bulbous cockhead, her hand massaging his balls. He was so big, so impressive – just like Tony.

When TJ could stand it no more, he lifted her off his face, keeping her on all fours, entered her gently, and began his love making from behind. “You look so amazing, Ashley,” he said, running his hands up and down her back.

“Ahhh,” she simply moaned in response.

With what seemed like hours, TJ finally blew his load once more, into her mouth, down her throat and she drank him up.


The sun started to peep up over the horizon. Ashley turned her head and smiled, looking to it rise, whimpering as TJ kissed along her neck, while sliding his cock in and out again. He was getting tired, she could tell; every pump of his hips was labored. She turned to face him, kissing him, caressing his face.

“Let’s sleep,” she said. He nodded, rolling off her, taking her with him. Ashley slowly stroked his cock, already covered in her juices, using them as a lubricant. TJ moaned and squirted his seed over his stomach, his fountain of semen illuminated by the morning sunlight. They fell asleep with smiles on their faces, in each other’s arms. They would nap, take a shower, and continue until one of them had to go to work or class.

Chapter 8

“Ah yes!” Ashley cried out on her 20th birthday on February 28th. Her and TJ were pulling another all-nighter. She was laying on her stomach, while he worked from above her, pounding away, causing her butt to jiggle. Her back had small streams of sweat running downward toward her spine, pooling slightly at the small of her back. The past two weeks with TJ had been the most incredible, pleasure-filled, sexual experience she had ever had in her young life.

When they were done, they kissed, cuddled, and then showered. Ashley saw she missed a call from her mother while they were showering. She immediately called her back with TJ playfully planting kisses on her butt. She swatted him away and said hello to her mom, Joanne.

It was a standard call, nothing out of the ordinary, no mention of Tony, Ashley asking how things were with her and her brother. Ashley sighed, looking down to the phone after the call ended. TJ held her from behind,”Hey we don’t have to keep doing this if you don’t want to. I don’t want you to feel guilt about it. I mean, we aren’t blood related, and all, but still.”

“We should probably keep it a secret,” Ashley winked. She did feel guilt, but it was fleeting, never hanging around long enough for her to dismiss sleeping with TJ. They kissed and started another session.

The next day Ashley was leaving the gym, heading back to her car in the parking deck, when she had an encounter with Fat Rob.

“Yeah I know you switched gyms,” He said from around the corner of the parking garage. “I got employees that keep an eye on things,” He added.

Ashley was startled when she turned around to see him there, “You had me followed?” Her heart stopped thinking he may know where she’s staying and inform Tony.

“I have to keep an eye on my investments, Miss Ashley,” Fat Rob said looking her over in her tight yoga pants, grabbing his hardening cock through his slacks.

“I told you I can’t dance or be a prostitute for you anymore,” Ashley responded angrily, backing away slowly.

“You little slut!” Fat Rob screamed, taking her off guard. “You were built for black cock, now get out there and service it! I know you want that extra money.”

Ashley started tearing up, “No, I – ”

“Shut up!” Fat Rob demanded, moving closer and closer to her while she backed away. “You’re coming with me, I’m going to put you to work again and you’re going to love it too,” he sneered.

Ashley sprinted, running as fast as she could to her car, not bothering to look behind her. When she got there she nearly screamed again, seeing all four tires had been slashed. She made her way down the steps, out running Fat Rob, running back to the gym. She nearly collided with one of his associates waiting at the end of the stairs. “Watch where you’re going, bitch,” he sneered, attempting to grab her.

Thinking quickly, she kicked the man in the groin, sending him to the ground and kept running.


Nicole was hungrily sucking TJ’s cock in their patrol car when his cell phone rang. Recognizing it was Ashley’s ringtone he answered. She was frantic, talking a mile a minute, explaining about her tires, asking him to pick her up at the gym.

“Ashley, wait, I can’t. Slow down. I can’t since it’s not in my precinct,” TJ explained. “I can see if someone in that one can give you a ride home. I can’t leave my precinct while on the clock.”

Ashley shook her head, pacing back and forth near the lobby area, looking out the door to see if Fat Rob was there. She headed inside,” I don’t know, I – ”

She stopped moving and saw Ulysses in the corner setting his bag down. They all worked out at that gym and luckily Ulysses had just gotten there. “I see Ulysses! I’ll ask him,” she told TJ, running over to Ulysses.

“Please do, he will be glad to take you home, alright?” TJ suggested, ending their call.

“Ulysses!” Ashley exclaimed, rushing over to him in a panic. “Can you take me home please? Some guy was chasing me, and I think they slashed my tires, and TJ is on patrol beşiktaş escort and he – ”

“Ashley! Yes, yes, it’s ok! I can take you. Are they still after you?” Ulysses said, trying to calm the girl down.

“I, I don’t know, I kicked one in the crotch. Not sure about the other. But my tires – ”

“Ok, come with me. Where did this happen?” Ulysses asked.

“In the parking garage.”

“Alright, I was lucky to find a spot in the parking lot out front. Follow me,” He said, grabbing his bag and Ashley by the arm.

They looked both ways upon exiting the gym. “Do you see them?” he asked.

“No, I don’t. Let’s go.” Ashley said. The two of them quickly made their way to Ulysses’ car. He unlocked it with his keys and the two of them quickly got in and locked the doors. He drove off, telling Ashley to duck down in case someone saw her in his car, hastily leaving the parking lot.

Ashley stayed ducked down all the way back to TJ’s apartment. Ulysses assured her they were safe, helped her into the apartment, and told her he’d stay a little while if she wanted. “Please,” Ashley nodded.

“I’ll be glad to. Why don’t you go shower and I’ll watch some TV right here,” Ulysses said.


“I stayed out in LA for awhile, doing a few jobs here and there. I missed my family so I decided to move back here to Atlanta,” Ulysses told Ashley. They had been sitting on the couch chatting for a few hours.

“I wouldn’t mind going out there,” Ashley shrugged. “To see what it’s like.”

“Maybe you still could, if you wanted. Maybe transfer to a school out there,” Ulysses said.

“Yeah, maybe,” She smiled, sitting on the other side of the couch from him. “Are you really close with your family?”

“Yeah, I’d say so. My stepmom. Well technically she’s not my stepmom anymore, since her and my dad split, but I still think of her as that,” Ulysses explained.

“Oh, I’m sorry they split.”

“It’s fine. They had problems for awhile. They were separated when she walked in on him and a girl in bed together,” Ulysses explained, Ashley eyes widening slightly.

“I see. That must’ve been pretty rough to walk in on that,” Ashley said.

“Yeah, she thinks it was a student of my dad’s. He was a professor at a nearby college,” Ulysses explained.

Ashley cleared her throat, “Oh wow. I wonder if I ever had him as a professor.” She wondered out loud, her heart rate increasing.

“Maybe,” Ulysses shrugged. “All the students called him Professor Ty, he got along with everyone really well.”

Ashley turned back to the TV, attempting to slow down her heart rate. “I think I’ll grab some water, want any?” She asked, rushing to the kitchen area.

“No thanks,” he replied.

She gulped it down, heading to the bed room, her mind was spinning, feeling felt like garbage. It was another secret, it was another person that she hurt and would have to hide this from. She wanted to go away, she wanted to leave, and she wanted to transfer somewhere. She looked at herself in the mirror, shaking her head, feeling so stupid.
“I need to start fresh somewhere,” Ashley briefly thought before finishing her water and heading back to the couch.

“Hey, thanks again for helping me today.” Ashley said to Ulysses after plopping down on the couch again.

“It’s no problem. I was there after my yoga class, but I didn’t mind helping. That’s horrible about those guys and your tires. Oh and happy birthday by the way. Yesterday, right?” Ulysses asked.

“Yeah,” She smiled, blushing slightly.

“Anyway, I better head off,” he said, standing to leave.

“Ok, thank you,” She stood with him, giving him an awkward hug, guilt from her past mistakes rushing over her.

Ashley watched him walk toward the door, opening it to leave, her heart was racing again, she had to act fast.

“Ulysses wait!” She called out to him, causing him to look back through the door at her. She was standing nude for him. She had quickly slid her shorts and thong off, threw off her t-shirt, and was standing there for him. Just like with TJ, she felt this would, to some degree, appease her of guilt.

Ulysses slowly reentered the apartment, closing the door behind him. Standing before her naked body, he ran the back of his fingers against her erect nipple,” You’re beautiful,” he said.

“So are you,” Ashley replied.


Hours went by, the two of them entwined, interwoven in each other’s bodies. They rolled around on the floor; Ashley was picked up, pinned against the wall, thrown onto the bed, and mounted from behind. Ulysses was so similar to TJ, both in size and in methods. She climaxed so many times over the next few hours. Ulysses’ slow and methodical love-making bringing her orgasm after orgasm, each one causing her regrets to wash away.

They took a break to eat dinner – leftovers from the previous evening. They sat nude at the table, eating, smiling, and chatting with Ashley confessing that her and TJ have been doing this for the past two weeks. Ulysses nodded, seemingly having no issues with that. After dinner, Ulysses picked her up, carrying her to the bed once more and had his way with her.

A couple hours later, they were sitting on the couch, watching a movie. Ulysses decided to spend the night, sleeping on the couch, so she and TJ could have fun together. Ashley caressed his face, “You two are really sweet,” she said, kissing him passionately.

A little while later, TJ arrived home from his patrol, sitting next to Ashley on the couch, trapping her in between himself and Ulysses.

“I think I want to start fresh,” Ashley said, standing in front of the couch. “I want to look into transferring to another school in another part of the country.”

“Are you sure?” TJ asked a look of concern on his face.

“Yes, I think that’d be a good move for me,” Ashley said, thinking about her tires and Fat Rob, along with Tony. “I want to stay here for Spring break next month if that’s ok,” she said, thinking she wanted to avoid Tony at all costs.

“Well sure, as long as your mom is ok with that,” TJ replied. “I just want you to be happy,” he added, a slight twinge of sadness in his voice.

“You two have been so great to me. I am happy. Know what’d make me even happier?” Ashley playfully asked.

The two men on the couch shrugged, looking up to her standing before them. Ashley smiled and took off her shirt, the slid her shorts down; she wasn’t wearing a bra or thong.
Ashley went to her knees before them, crawled over to where they were sitting, fishing out their cocks with each hand, no words were spoken only mischievous smiles from her. TJ had to assist due to his uniform still being on, but once he was unbuttoned and unzipped, he scooted closer to Ulysses on the couch.

They were so delicious. Ashley moaning, switching from TJ’s to Ulysses’ cock and back again, eventually licking and kissing their cocks heads at the same time. There was no way she could fit them both in her mouth, but she thought she could fit them somewhere else.

Ashley mounted TJ first. He was on the couch still. Ulysses moved behind her, gripping her hips, slowly guiding his cock to her occupied vagina. It was difficult at first, but he managed to slide his in right along with TJ’s after several minutes of effort. All three let out a moan of relief when both cocks were firmly inserted into her.

Ashley was in a daze, her eyes half open, her mouth hanging open, TJ sucking her tits, Ulysses kissing her back and neck. She came nearly instantly when both men were lodged inside her. Their thrusts were in perfect sync with each other. TJ would pump into her as Ulysses went out. Ashley never felt so full, so stretched, and so very good.

She lost track of time – they all did. At some point during the night they moved to the bedroom. Standing in the middle of the room, TJ pummeling her pussy while holding her up, her legs wrapped around him, Ulysses moved to her anus, sliding his cock in and out in sync with TJ. Her body nearly exploded from pleasure.

They were on the bed next; TJ switching places with Ulysses, behind her, while she straddled and rode Ulysses.

They went all night, collapsing in a pile of heaving, sweaty people. The two men finally decided to allow themselves to cum, injecting her stretched out mouth with semen at the same time. They lay on the bed, Ashley in between them, drifting off to sleep as dawn approached.

Chapter 9

Ashley’s was ok, albeit slightly sad, that she decided to stay at college for Spring break. She didn’t want to see Tony ever again. She also spoke with her mother about transferring. After hours of conversation about why she feels she made a mistake coming to this college, her mother relented, agreeing that she should transfer. Joanne was more concerned about Ashley being so far away than anything.

The next two weeks were spent with TJ’s, Ulysses’, or TJ’s and Ulysses’ cocks embedded in her body. Ulysses usually joined in on the weekends, but during the week it was all TJ.

“You ever been with a white guy?” TJ asked, running his fingers through her matted, wet, brown hair, laying in bed after a lengthy sex session.

“Almost,” Ashley said, thinking back to prom night in high school. “It just never happened.”

“You think you will?”

Ashley rose, running her hand over TJ’s chest, shrugging, “I suppose I will at some point. I don’t know though.”

TJ nodded, his hand going down to her meaty buttocks, massaging and kneading them with his strong hands.


The next day was the day before Spring break. Ashley headed back to her dorm room on campus to pick up some new clothes and a few other items. TJ had helped get her car towed and new tires put on it a few days after the incident in the parking garage. As Ashley approached her dorm room, she could hear the sounds of sex from the hallway. Jules was no doubt with someone.

Ashley rolled her eyes, entering her dorm, attempting to get her things as quickly as possible when she froze. She heard something familiar. It was a grunt, a deep grunt, followed by a loud slap.

Her eyes once again widened with horror as she peeped around the corner into the bedroom. She saw Jules’ back arched, looking upward, screaming in pleasure while straddling Tony, his hand gripping her ass, occasionally slapping it.

Upon realizing she informed Jules of her whereabouts, Ashley sprinted out of there, running to her car as fast as she could, speeding off back toward TJ’s.

“You have to trust me, please? Just don’t let him know I’m here,” She told TJ frantically after she arrived.

“What’s wrong?” TJ replied.

“I can’t go back to Tampa, I have some issues with your dad that I need to work out, and you’re just going to have to trust me on this. Ok?” Ashley said, quickly packing her things.

“I, I’m confused – ”

“Look, it’s alright, but I just don’t want to see him right now. Maybe my mom didn’t tell him I wasn’t coming home for spring break and he’s here to get me or something, I don’t know!” She said putting her clothes in a bag.

TJ sighed, sitting on the edge of the bed, nodding to Ulysses when he arrived for the weekend. “Hey, what’s going on?” he asked.

“My dad is here in town to get Ashley. She doesn’t want him to know she’s here. Look, Ashley, if something is going on with him or if he did something,” TJ said, clinching his fists, “I want you to tell me.”

Ashley stopped packing. She sat on the bed next to TJ, “I just,” She sighed, not wanting to tell TJ what happened, “he didn’t hurt me. I don’t want to be in the car with him and I feel like I’ve never warmed up to him yet. Please just trust me and please don’t let him know where I am if he shows up here.”

TJ put his arm around her, “Alright, I understand. I’ll do what I can.”

Ashley kept packing her bag when, after several more minutes, they heard a knock at TJ’s door. The three of them shot each other looks. “I’ll hide under the bed,” Ashley told Ulysses while TJ went to answer the door.

Ulysses pushed her big butt under the mattress to help her, and then sat on the bed, acting casual.

Ashley lay there, looking toward TJ’s bedroom door, listening, “Hey Dad, what are you doing here?” She heard TJ answer the door.

“I’m looking for Ashley,” he said flatly.

“Ashley? Here?” TJ acted surprised.

“Yeah her roommate, Jules here, said that Ashley was staying here.” Tony explained.

Ashley gasped, realizing Tony brought Jules with him, she shook her head when she heard Jules say “hi” to TJ.

“Oh right, yeah she was here but isn’t now.” TJ said.

“She isn’t? Well where is she? Are those your pink shorts?” Tony said to TJ looking over his shoulder to the couch in the living room area.

“No, no, they aren’t. They belong to – ” TJ attempted to lie, saying they belong to his coworker Nicole, but was interrupted but Jules.

“Yeah, I think those are hers” Jules pointed out. Ashley rolled her eyes under the bed.

“I saw her car here,” Tony flatly told TJ. Ashley chastised herself for parking out front, but she didn’t realize Tony would arrive so quickly.

“Yeah, Ok, well she might’ve gone for a walk or to check the mail. Why don’t we leave and go look for here. Come on, I’ll walk with you,” TJ said, hoping to buy Ashley some time to escape.

“I’ll stay here and wait for her,” Jules added. Ashley gritted her teeth in and clinched her fist in anger. This was going to be a tough situation to get out of.

Ashley looked toward the door, the back of Ulysses’ feet in view as he sat on the corner of the bed, she watched and listened for several minutes.

“Oh hi,” Jules said, her hips and legs appearing in Ashley view of the door.

“Hello,” Ulysses replied in a friendly manner.

“Who are you?” Jules asked, entering the room.

“My name is Ulysses, I’m TJ’s half-bro, we were going to grab some lunch.”

“I see,” Ashley saw her take a few more steps into the bedroom.

There was an awkward silence. Ashley could only see up to Jules’ knees from her vantage point. She also saw Jules’ shirt land on the carpeted floor next to her feet.

“Uh, what, uh what’s going on?” Ulysses said standing and moving away from Jules.

“Thought we could have some fun while we wait for them to get back,” Jules replied. Ashley watched Jules step out of her pants.

“I, uh, not sure that’s a – ” Ulysses tried to say before Jules interrupted him. Ashley saw her feet lunge across the room, pushing Ulysses against the wall. “Wait, I don’t think,” he tried to say.

Jules just giggled, Ashley listening to her kissing sounds, guiding Ulysses to the bed. Ashley cringed when she listened to the bed creak, hoping they wouldn’t feel her mass below them.

Ulysses put up a struggle, but not much of one, causing more eye-rolling from Ashley under the bed. She knew Jules had mounted him in her addiction to black cock and was mostly likely bouncing wildly on Ulysses’ dick at this point. The bed was shaking violently and Jules was aggressively fucking Ulysses. In a few moments she was climaxing, screaming in pleasure, causing Ashley to wince from her position.

Jules was putting her clothes back on when TJ and Tony arrived. Jules headed out of the bed room leaving Ulysses alone and flabbergasted.

Ashley nearly giggled she heard Ulysses sigh and whisper “sorry” from above. She observed his hands reach on the floor where his shirt landed, presumably putting his clothes back on. He sat in his original position on the corner of the bed.

TJ entered the room alone. “All gone?” Ulysses asked him.

“Yep. Ashley still here?” He asked. Ashley shot her hand out from under the bed, causing a slight laugh from the men. She crawled out and stood before them.

“I was trapped in here. I couldn’t leave,” she shot Ulysses a look and wink, embarrassing him.

Later that night, Ashley smiled to herself, laying on her stomach while TJ and Ulysses each worked her left and right ass cheeks respectively, covering them with hickeys.


Ashley didn’t go home for spring break like she had decided. She spent that time in bed with TJ – with Ulysses, too, during the weekends. She spent the rest of the semester in this routine. Often talking to her mother, informing her of her pursuits of a new college to attend, always asking about how she was doing, asking about her brother, and telling her she loved them.

Tony never came back the rest of the semester. Ashley saw him when she went home to Tampa in May after a marathon goodbye threeway session with TJ and Ulysses in Atlanta. Tony hardly paid her attention and she avoided him like the plague. They both knew that things would be pretty bad if their secret was made known. For whatever reason Tony didn’t want Joanne to know. Ashley figured he wanted to make her his secret, tearing her pussy up, keeping it from her mother, his wife, whenever he wanted. Unfortunately for him, he never got his wish.

Ashley was in Tampa for about a month, constantly spending time with her mother – shopping, going to the beach some and going to movies. It was a wonderful time.

She said goodbye to her in mid-June and flew out to California to attend UCLA, to start over, to start fresh.

One day near the end of September, Ashley was sitting on a bench on campus, going over her notes for class. The weather was lovely, she had a great apartment near campus, and her classes were enjoyable. Someone caught her eye. She strained to see him in the distance. As he got closer to her she recognized the tall, black man, her eyes shooting open. He was walking across a grassy area near one of the buildings, carrying a briefcase, politely waving at a few passing students. It was Professor Ty.

Ashley exhaled slowly, closed her notebook, stood and walked away in the opposite direction.

The End.

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