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Hi, my name is Ashley I’m 14 and going into 9th grade. I’m 5″3′ and have a decent body(at least i think so).My boobs are 34C and im pretty sure they’re bigger than my friends Jordan and Amy. The seem to think so.
I have A dad named Jeremy and a Mom named Cathy. Oh and also an annoying 7 year old brother. Anyways I have this Amazing neighbor named Cody. We’ve been friends since 6th grade and I’ve had this growing crush on him! Allthough I don’t know if he feels the same way… Anyways it started like this…

Chapter 1

“Mom!” I yelled.
“What do you want ashley?” She responded. “Is Cody Here yet?” i asked “no he shouldn’t be here for another 5 minutes, And by the way Ashley come down here i need to talk to you.” she said I trotted down the stairs into the kitchen and found her standing there with a evil, yet understanding look on her face. “Why are you looking at me like that?” i asked “Honey, Cody’s going to probably be alone by himself for a couple days, and it just so happens that your father has to go to florida to discuss his new job. And ill be traveling with your little brother john To new mexico for his surgery for about 10 days.” she said “I just want to make sure that..” she pulled out a box behind her back i didn’t even have to read the label which clearly said “TROJAN” on it but i still new what they were. “Mom, me and cody are friends just because I have a crish on him dosn’t mean were going to have Sex.” i said. In mind i was thinking about Cody shoving his dick in me, but i couldn’t tell my mom that. “Honey please just take them, and promise me if anything happens, You’ll use one. Or the whole pack depending on how things go.” she said soothingly “Okay mom ill take them but I’m not saying they’ll be used.” I scolded playfully. Even though as soon as i went upstairs to put them in my room I immediatly opened them to see what it looked like, I’ve never seen one before so i wanted to know. It wasn’t as exiting as i thought it would be but they were pretty amusing. Just the thought of a slim rubber skin protecting me from getting pregnant.
Even though i told my mom i wasn’t planning on using them In my mind i wanted to use the whole Box.
About 7 minutes Later Cody showed up and Said the usual “Hi Mrs.Van Whats new?” And as always my mom said “Nothing much just getting ready to go to new mexico we’re leaving in about 15 minutes.” “oh well i hope John escort bayan Gets better.” he said sympothetically. “Me too, this might be the only person who can fix Him.”she said almost crying. “Where’s Ashley?” Cody said. “Oh i think she’s up in her room. Why don’t you go check?”She asked.”Okay!” I then heard footsteps going up the stairs and quickly hid the condoms In my backpack. “He ashley what’s going on?” He asked and jumped on my bed landing on me playfully. “Oh nothing much” i said trying hard to be sure not to make my face turn red. “Ohhh are you blushing?” he said and pulled me to my feet. “Well it’s kind of hard not to i mean your very Cute and well…” i stopped my self and decided not to tell him about feeling his hard on touch my leg when he jumped on me.”So want to play a game?” he asked. “Like what?” I said “TICKLE FIGHT!” hen out of nowhere he started tickling me and i burst out laughing. we had a ticle fight for about 10 minutes then my mom said she was leaving and to come down to say goodbye. I did as i was told and reluctantly kissed and hugged my brother. I only wish i was kissing and hugging Cody. After they Had left i Asked Cody if he wanted to watch a movie Of course he said yes. We decided to watch a romantic movie. But then we changed out minds and i put in american pie. Probably not the best choice because i start getting wet and start rubbing my clit almost everytime i watch it. Then i asked cody around 2pm if his parents were home. He said that they went to California for a family reunion and they wont be back for at least 10 days.
This was perfect. I might Actualy Get To spend time wIth Cody!

Chapter 2

It was almost 6pm and we were watching Scary movie 3 And I took a chance and laid my head on Cody’s shoulder. He gladly accepted it and allowed me to lay there. “I think i fell asleep for a while and looked at the clock. It read 9:00pm Cody was just sitting there Seeing if i was awake yet. He must’ve put a blanket around me to keep me warm. I thanked him and kissed him on the cheek. He Got red and i noticed something rising in his pants. “Hmmm somebody’s eager” i said With a sexy smile. “What? Oh shit im sorry you can see that Ashley i didn’t mean to it just kind of happened. Im so sorry.” he said “Its okay Cody, I kind of like it.” I Said blushing. “Umm you do?” he asked. Then i took a chance, I sat up, pulled him on top of me and bursa escort bayan started kissing him, I even snaked my tounge in his mouth. He accepted the invatation and gladly kissed me back. We layed there fora minute and then i said, “I Always wanted to kiss you.” i said “Really?” He asked. “Sometimes boys are clueless, i’ve wanted you since the 6th grade!” I said Shyfully letting my feelings come out slowly. “Oh why didn’t you tell me?” he asked. “I tried but your such a sexy guy that i though would never like me or even care about a girl like me…” Then as we lay there i can fell him getting harder and harder. “Ohh seems like your little friend down there dosn’t get enough attention.” I said With a smile. He said “Well i’ve never had it touched before I usually just had to Masturbate.” he said. “I know.” I said with a evil yet sexy grin. “What how did you know?” he asked shocked. “You bedroom window is open when you do your Happy Time. Every Tuesday night around 7 right?” i said. “Oh you’ve been watching me huh? Now you know my dick is little… It’s only 6inches.” He said with a sad expression. Now i may be Know dick expert but his Dick is bigger than anyone ive ever seen. “Hey just to let you know I think your dick is The best!” i sad grinning.”Really??” he said with a smile. “Yeah, and to prove it…” Then i got on the floor and unzipped his pants then unbuttoned them Pulling them down to the floor. His boxers where like a Tent with his dick sticking straight out. Finally I pulled down his boxers and his dick swung out and touched my nose.
Then i asked him “Do you want me to touch it?” He said “I wouldn’t make you do anything you wouldn’t want to do but Yes i want you to Touch it!” I giggled and Touched the cap of his dick with my Finger and rubbed it, He immediatly started moaning. Then i griped the whole thing with my hand and started working it up and down jacking it. After about 2 minutes he said “If you keep doing this Im going to…” He didn’t get a chance to finish. Out of now where He squirted on my clothes and i Gladly cleaned off his dick, Slowly lowering my mouth onto it and sucking it getting every drop of cum i could get. Then i said ” Well my clothes are all dirty and i don’t have any clean ones. Hope you don’t mind me in my bra and panties.” i said and winked. Once my pants were off i pulled my shirt over my head and my booms dropped down bursa eskort right in front of him. He reached a hand out and placed it on my right boob. “OH that feels nice…” i sad groaning. Then i Noticed he had some cum on his shirt and i removed his shirt for him. Finally I had Cody James in front of me naked.
His dick Sticking out and ready for action. “This wont do, Ill have to get naked all the way if you are!” I removed my panties and Then i asked him to unbutton my Bra. He did so gladly and i stood there my back to him and he was looking at me with his mouth open. I turned around and instantly his boner grew from 7inches to 8 inches i swear it did! I grabbed his hand and we walked up the stairs to my room, i layed on it and opened my legs, “Want some Sexy?” He nodded but then said “But i dont have any condoms..” It’s okay i got that covered. “I reached im my backpack and pulled out a tin square and threw it at him. I swear he opened it like a pro. I helped him roll it on hes dick then he climbed on top of me and he started kissing me and licking all over. It was the best sensation. Once he got to my Vagina he said “Ohhh very wet.” and i Smiled. Then he said “You sure your ready?” I nodded and said “I’ve been ready forever now stick your dick in me. By the way there might be some blood since im still a virgin.” He nodded and gently pushed his dick in slowly. It felt kind of wierd at first but then as soon as i felt a rip i Felt enourmous Pain. I Shrieked. he instantly stopped and said “Are you okay? you wan to stop?” I said “No.. no.. just give me a second.” i said and tears started gliding down my cheeks.” Okay Fuck away.” And he resumed going in and out of me.

Chapter 3

It was getting hot. My whole body felt like it was on fire. I was Moaning and Groaning. “Oh.. Oh.. FUCK CODY FUCK ME! GET ME ALL HORNY AND FUCK MY BRAINS OUT!! Ohh YESSS! ohh right there right there! Fuck! OH.. OH.. PUSH HARDER!!!!! HARDER!!!” Then i collapsed On the bed. He kisssed me and said ” I think im gunna Cum.” And i said “Cum in me cody. C’mon do it for me cum in my Fucking Pussy!” Then i felt Fluid rushing out of my Pussy. He slowly pulled his dick out the Condom was covered with a bit of redness(which was possibly my blood) and filled with sperm. I Gladly took it and sucked the sperm out.
I layed on the bed and we cuddled Until Morning And then he put his arm around me and i Started touching him then we had a Touch Fight until we fell back asleep.

This is my First story Please leave Comments and Feedback. If there’s enough Good comments i Will make a Part 2. Thanks 🙂

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