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Asher, Lilith and the Tigress Ch. 03

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This is part of a four-part series. It should stand by itself, but will make more sense if read in the series. And don’t forget to vote!


“I’m no longer a come-tasting virgin. It actually didn’t have much taste, just a bit, salty, I guess.” Asher could now barely notice the taste of his come on his own mouth. The surprise of Lilith’s impulsive action was still there.

He was lying on her bed, with Lilith still straddled on top of him. Resting on her elbows, she stroked his hair, the hair she had been biting only a few hours earlier. He was enjoying her attention, and the feeling of her pubic hairs rustling against him. Her nipples brushed his chest. His cock did not stir. He had come three times that evening already, and now it lay motionless.

Liliths seductive smile was now a tender smile. “You were brave, then. And generous to me. Don’t you laugh this time. I’ve seen and read enough to know about oral sex, but I don’t really know why I started then, or why I finished like that. But you let me do everything I wanted to. I should thank you.”

“I could say the pleasure was all mine, but I’m hoping you got something out of it. Apart from a mouthful of me, of course.”

“Asher, you have such a way with words! But, I you’re right, I liked it. I enjoyed giving you pleasure. When I see you overcome like that, I feel so good. It’s different when I feel the pleasure. My body just demands it. I don’t get a say.”

The tigress takes over! I have noticed it, believe it or not.”

“Better get used to it. I’ll try and take care of you, but I’m not making any promises.”

They lay together now in easy silence. Sleep was approaching.

Asher stretched. “This has been an evening I will never forget. I have so many feelings crashing around my head, but I’m so tired, I have to sleep… how do you feel?”

“To tell you the truth, I feel completely weird. I feel great, but weird. This afternoon, I told my boss, of all people, about sex with my boyfriend, when in fact I’m single and a virgin. This evening, my life falls apart, then comes together again in the most unbelievable way, and on the way I lose my virginity, have Indian takeaway then suck a man off for the first time.”

Asher chuckled as he idly stroked her thigh. “And to think you said it was me who had a way with words! Well, can I suggest we use the bed one more time – to sleep in. I just don’t feel safe to drive to my place on my own, and we need to make a trip to the chemist for a morning-after pill. We’ve been pretty negligent overall.”

Lilith felt a band tighten across her heart and she sat up straight. Asher had meant no harm, but his words, “my place, on my own” had startled her, and ankara türbanlı escort the talk of The Pill froze her. She was carrying his seed. Maybe his child. Their child. So special, but so rushed; wonderful, but not yet, when she was not ready. Too many emotions poured through her. Tears welled up. They ran out of her closed eyes, down her cheek and dripped off her chin. One dripped on Asher’s hand.

“Lilith! What is it? It was what I said, wasn’t it. About The Pill?” he sat up and hugged her tightly.

“Asher, I’m going way too fast. I can’t sort anything out. I’m going to crash.” Her sobs shuddered through her.

“Oh love, stop. Go easy now. You’re thinking too hard. It’s late and we’re stuffed. Let’s go to bed. I promise we’ll come back to this tomorrow. Now, we rest.”

He put an arm under her thighs and picked her up. He carried her up the bed and gently laid her down in it. He walked around the bed tucking in the sheet, then carefully laid the cover over her. In the kitchen he found some glasses and brought water for the two of them. They sipped. Then he got into the bed behind her and snuggled his body against hers, his arms around her.

Lilith felt calm again. “Mmm, thank you,” she murmured. “You know something?”


“You’ve called me “love” three times now.”

“Well, you’ve called me that once, but who’s counting?”

* * *

Someone was moaning. Long, low moans with barely a break. Lilith realised it was her. From lying on her side in Asher’s embrace, she had half rolled back so she could spread her legs. One hand was between them, rubbing her clitoris while the other pressed her labia. It felt fantastic.

She became aware of Asher’s firm cock against her buttocks. She had read somewhere that men have an erection when they are dreaming, and this aroused her more. In her sleepy state she could feel the tigress approaching, so different from the tender lover who had gone to bed in his arms.

“Asher! Asher!” she whispered.


“Asher, you have to fuck me.”

“Mmffmm.” Asher slept on.

Lilith wriggled her bottom against his cock, which hardened. She reached back and held it, pointing it down towards her pussy. Even if he was asleep, she could still make us of him. Moving it between her legs she brushed her anus with its smooth head. Tingles shot out around her hips to her pussy and she gasped. She pressed it against and around her hole and felt the rush of sensation. This would be something to experience… but later. She needed that cock inside her.

With one leg raised slightly she eased him in. Her wetness let Asher’s cock slide in easily. The hard ankara ukraynalı escort shaft inside her made her tremble with pleasure. The walls of her vagina squeezed and relaxed against it. The tingles shot all over her body. She panted. She rocked her hips and eased the cock in and out. Her fingers stroking her clitoris could also feel the shaft sliding home. Then it started moving in her.

* * * Asher slept, exhausted physically and emotionally. This gorgeous woman who had won him over lay in his arms. The crazy ride of emotions had paused; it would start again, but not till tomorrow. He dreamt pleasantly. Lilith might have been saying something, but it wasn’t coming in.

He had a vague sensation of Lilith’s weight against him. He felt something slightly odd, like underwear not quite right. Then a sudden plunge of hotness, wetness. His cock throbbed as something held it in a wet embrace. Heat boiled in his fuzzy brain as his cock started to move of its own accord. He felt it surge in and out, sending shock waves through him. He could not believe what was happening.

* * * Lilith was loving the sensation of the cock inside her. Her hand still rubbed her clitoris, finding a rhythm with his strokes. With her other hand she felt his strong thighs pushing against hers. She stretched around to feel his downy buttocks now in full swing. She could feel the juices of her arousal leaking out, sticking against their skin. She rubbed her face against the sheet.

Asher started breathing heavily into her hair. The smell of his sweat arose. Then a hand came round, brushed over her fluttering fingers and through her pubic hair. It stroked up her now heaving body. It circled each nipple, finding them rock-hard and pointing out. Tremors shot through Lilith. The hand moved up, the nails lightly scratched her neck and shoulders. It was too much for her. With a high-pitched cry she went over the edge of a searing climax. She wrapped her upper leg round Asher and held him with her upturned heel. He held still so she could feel the ripples of pressure up and down her channel as she came, wave on wave of them.

Asher felt the clamping pressure of her climax on his cock, felt her wetness all around his groin, heard her shrill gasp of pleasure. God, it felt good, and felt good to give her so much.

Lilith subsided a little, to find herself half on her back, impaled on a still-hard Asher. Her hunger jumped back. She slowly wriggled over, keeping Asher inside her, until she was on all fours. Asher kept up, and was rewarded with the sight of her fantastic slim bottom, up in the air for him, his cock already working her cleft. Her perfect round cheeks had ulus escort a faint down on them, which darkened as it went into her crack. Her come had left shiny smears on the skin. He watched in amazement as his cock plunged into her. She seemed so slight below him, but easily took his shaft between her lightly-haired lips. Her juices were everywhere – on his shining cock, in droplets on her hairs, around her anus.

Asher ran his hands down her back and she arched like a Persian cat. He reached around to feel her breasts, which although small were shaking with his thrusts into her cunt. He ran his fingers between his shaft and her lips, and slipped his little finger in with his cock, feeling each stroke as it entered her. This brought a sigh from Lilith.

“Oh yes, more, fuck me more! More!”

He scratched his nails against her hips and buttocks, making her moan with pleasure. He watched her anal ring suck in and out slightly as she gasped and bucked beneath his piston. He ran his little finger up through her love-juices and brought some around her wrinkled hole, circling it and pressing gently. It gave to his pushing.

“OH YES! God yes, in there! Yes!” Lilith cried. “Be careful…”

As he plunged his cock in her cunt, he carefully pushed his finger into her anus. The browny-pink hole eased open for him. One joint in, two joints. It felt so hard and tight compared to her other passage. He could feel her muscles flexing nearby inside her. It felt incredible. He moved it slightly – he hardly needed to, it felt so good where it was. Lilith shuddered with lust.

She tried to still herself for Asher’s finger, but her body was roaring. It demanded cock, demanded to be entered and used. Her skin hummed. Her anus clamped on his finger. Her cunt leaked fluids down both their legs. She slumped down on her elbows and felt her nipples brushed back and forth on the sheet below. She bit the sheet and howled into it.

Starting somewhere near her feet, another climax welled up. Her legs, her upturned bottom, her breasts, every part of her cried out as it broke over her, stilling her at last. Asher felt it and his climax joined hers. He knelt up and stopped while cock and cunt finished their work, pumping the last of his semen into her. He crouched over her, breathing hotly against her neck.

Lilith took all the parts of him out and somehow rolled around underneath him. They stared into each others eyes for ages, it seemed. They kissed slowly, sharing saliva and sweat. She licked it off his nose. She caressed his back and down over his buttocks. The tender lover was here now, gently stroking his panting sides.

“Oh Lilith. Fuck. Wonderful. God Lilith, you’ll kill me at this rate. At least, I hope so.”

“Oh no, lover. We’ve got a bit to do still. But I admit, I’m pretty achy now, and might be for a while. Shall we stop for a bit?”

“Lilith! Didn’t I say that, earlier!”

“But I hadn’t come for you yet, love. Twice. Ooh Asher, I’m not sure if the tigress will settle for less now!”

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