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Art Class with Julie Ch. 02

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“New class. New assignment. Can you give me a hand?” Julie asked, popping her head into my dorm room.

This wasn’t the first time Julie had waned my help, and I didn’t really think it was my “hand” she wanted. I didn’t hesitate for a minute.

“Sure,” I said with a smile. “What do you need?”

“Come on down to my room so I can show you what I’m working on.” Julie is an art student at the same Midwestern university I attend. We are both sophomores and have lived in the same dormitory since we were newly arrived freshmen. During freshman year I helped Julie out on a few art assignments she had to do. It was mostly on how to figure out “perspective” to make drawings and models look more realistic. The last time she invited me to see her art work though, it turned into an erotically charged photo session with me jerking off in front of Julie, while she photographed the whole scene. I still get hard thinking about it. We hadn’t done anything together since that afternoon two months ago. We shared a knowing glance and few sparkling smiles but that was about it. So I wasn’t really expecting Julie’s latest invitation.

I followed Julie down the two flights of stairs to her dorm suite. On the way down I noticed that she was wearing tight fitting jeans with a man’s button down shirt hanging out. Sandals highlighting her always painted toes completed the outfit. Julie was petite, about five feet tall with short brunette hair. Smallish tits with beautiful nipples, which I only know about because of the self portrait pictures she had shown me to kick off our last “art project”.

As we entered the living room of her suite she said, “Come on back, I have my new project in my bedroom.” I think she mostly said this for the benefit of the other girls hanging around. It was typical for everyone to socialize in the living room, but much more unusual to be invited back into a bedroom. Announcing that this was for an art project was Julie’s way of telling everyone else: “Don’t get any ideas, he’s just helping me do some class work.” Right.

“So what class is this for?” I asked as we entered her bedroom.

“Drawing and Sketching,” was her answer as she slowly closed the door behind her. Julie walked over to her desk and grabbed her sketch book. She came back over showing me her drawings as she flipped through the book.

“Mostly I’ve been drawing the typical still life drawings. You know: apples, beer cans, wine bottles, a mannequin’s hand, that sort of stuff.” She said this as she worked her way through the sketch book. There were also a few trees and flowers she had drawn in the quadrangle. Then she stopped flipping the pages. She handed the book to me and said “here, take a look at the next couple and let me know what you think.”

So I flipped to the next page.

On that page Julie had perfectly sketched a girl’s crotch as if looking up from between her legs. With just a few lines she had shown the slight bulge of the pubic mound, and the thin lines of the inner lips peaking out. This was not a shaved Malatya Escort pussy; there were wisps of pubic hair surrounding the lips and a trim triangle rising above. I swallowed hard. I had seen my share of pictures in men’s magazines and also had a few experiences going down on a girl friend. So the sight wasn’t new to me. But somehow Julie had caught the image perfectly. This was what a pussy looks like.

I looked over at Julie and told her “I like this picture. I think you caught the perspective just right. Heck, I think you got everything just right.” She flushed a little at that last comment.

“Thanks. There are more drawings. Keep looking and let me know what you think.”

I turned the page again; same pussy, same angle, but there was a change. This time instead of just the thin lines of the lips showing, there was more flesh peeking out. I studied this drawing for a few more moments, and then went on to the next page. Now the inner lips were in full bloom. Like a flower fully opened up. Near the top of the lips Julie had sketched a little bud for the clitoris now slightly emerging out of its hood. On the next page, everything was the same but Julie had used her pencil to add texture giving the appearance of moisture covering the inner folds of the cunt. Looking at the picture you knew that this pussy had just orgasmed. I was almost speechless, and a little short of breath from looking at these drawings. I also had a hard on that would have exploded with the slightest touch.

“These are unbelievable. Who was the model for these drawings?” I asked. Now Julie’s face went bright red with blush.

“That’s me,” she said. “I sat with a hand mirror on the floor between my legs and drew what I saw. The more I drew, the more exciting it became. You see the results. Do you think it looks realistic?”

“Realistic?” I croaked. “Any more realistic and was going to start licking the page!” This brought a big smile to Julie’s face. “Seriously Julie, this is really hot. These sketches are incredible. I don’t think there is anything I could say or any suggestion I could make to improve them. So other then being an appreciative audience, what can I do to help?”

“Another session as my subject,” was her immediate response. “I want to draw your cock. You see that I’m pretty good capturing detail. I have my girl sketches now I want the boy sketches.. A matched set. I want to draw your penis when it’s soft, and then as its getting harder, then fully erect, and if it can happen, I want to be able to draw your cock as you first start to cum. I know I have the photos from our last session, so I could probably draw something from those. But the angle isn’t quite what I want. And I want these sketches to have more emotion. I think the sketches of me express my feelings at the time; I want to see if I can capture yours.”

I really didn’t have to think about this twice. Julie had already seen me jerk off in the most erotic event of my life. This new request sounded like another exciting opportunity. Malatya Escort Bayan “Ok, are we going to start right now?”

“Sure,” she said as she smiled at my acceptance.. “I have everything I need right here: sketch pad, pencils, good lighting, and I think we are both already a little bit ‘into it’, so we should just go ahead. I think you should take all of your clothes off this time because I will probably be sketching a little of your belly, too. Maybe you could sit in a chair and sort of lean back a bit. That will give me a perfect position to see everything I want to draw.”

So I pulled over her desk chair to sit on. Undressing in front of Julie was a little bit weird, but I had done it before. She had already seen everything I had to offer. Getting everything set up had sort of cooled down my excitement and softened up my cock. I sat on the chair and leaned back a bit as Julie had asked. With my legs spread slightly apart, my balls were clearly hanging down between my thighs. My dick is about four inches when it’s soft, as it was right now. Julie walked around me a few times; looking at me from different angles. Then she pulled over a short stool so she could sit right in front of me. This gave her a great view of my balls, penis, pubic hair; I was pretty much fully exposed to her view. She started to sketch. At first she drew slowly, and then she started making bolder stronger lines. I wasn’t really looking at what she was drawing; I was more watching her face as she focused. I noticed the tip of her tongue sticking out between her lips as she concentrated on her sketches.

As she flipped to a clean page, my eyes drifted down to her shirt. I realized that someplace along the way, she had unbuttoned a few extra buttons. The shirt opened just enough to see the soft lines forming her small breasts. I couldn’t actually see her nipples, but they were pressing out against the shirt, so I knew what I was missing. This sight had its effect on me. I started to get hard just as Julie started sketching on the new page. I wasn’t sure if she wanted me to touch myself, but if Julie expected a cum shot, I was going to have to get started doing something soon. In the last session Julie watched as I furiously stroked my hard cock up and down to get to an orgasm. I decided this session should be a little more delicate. I reached down and started to squeeze and roll the head of my cock between my thumb and two fingers.

“This is one of my favorite ways to masturbate,” I told Julie. “It usually results in a great orgasm, but it takes a bit longer then stroking. I hope you don’t mind the change.”

“This is perfect. It gives me a little extra time to sketch.”

As I started to rub my cock, my mind drifted back to the sketches Julie had made of her own pussy. I was thinking about her sitting in her room, legs spread, mirror positioned just so, as she slowly got more and more turned on, until she finally made herself cum. Was she thinking about how I would react to those drawings as she was coming? Escort Malatya Did that thought help her make the sketches so realistic? I had told her I wanted to lick the picture, but really I wanted to lick her pussy. What would that taste like? How would she react when my tongue stroked along her flower petal lips? Would that be enough to make her cum? These thoughts were going through my mind as a got closer and closer to my own orgasm.

I looked down at Julie again. She had flipped through a few more pages while I had been drifting through my fantasy. She was breathing harder, but not nearly as much so as I was. The head of my cock was purple from all the pressure building up. I started to squeeze the knob between my fingers tighter and tighter.

“I want to see you cum. I’m ready to watch you shoot your load,” Julie told me as she stared intently at what my hand was doing.

Hearing her telling me to cum was more then I could stand. I couldn’t hold back any longer. After one more roll of my fingers I opened up my hand and let the cum fly out of my cock. Shot after shot of thick milky cum jetted out. As I settled back down I realized that Julie had stopped sketching and was staring straight at my dick. When I was totally done, she looked down at her sketch book and furiously drew all the details of my orgasm. Her quick, sure pencil strokes produced the image of a raging cock right at the moment of release: the head shaded darker then the rest, the very tip opening slightly as the first bit of cum starts to escape. Anyone looking at that picture would have no question about what was going to happen.

As she finished the sketch, Julie looked up at me. Then her hand went into her opened shirt. I saw that she was using her thumb and fingers to pinch her nipples, just as I had done to the head of my cock. Julie gasped, her head thrown back as she started to cum. She kept fondling her nipple; but not pressing as hard as she did to start off. Her orgasm must have lasted for at least two minutes with wave after wave of pleasure showing on her face. Eventually, she settled back down, sliding off the stool onto the floor to rest and catch her breath. I watched all of this, recording the image in my mind just as she had done to capture the image of my orgasm.

After a few minutes we both started to get up. Of course, I was still completely naked, my cock limp and dripping with cum. Julie’s shirt was still open, but she buttoned it as she stood up. We both smiled at each other.

“Let me see the sketches,” I said. She had done it again. The drawings were incredible. Simple lines showing a perfectly detailed cock.

“I’m really impressed,” I said. “Of course it was my cock so I should be impressed.” We both chuckled at that. I started to get dressed. Julie tore out a page from her sketch book. It was one of the final drawings of her pussy; fully extended, post orgasmic, dripping with her juices.

“Same deal as last time,” she said. “I keep the pictures of yours and you get a picture of mine.” And of course, I keep the memory of another hot afternoon with Julie.

I took my picture and started out the door.

“Let me know when you need more help with your homework. I’m happy to help you anytime.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” Julie said, “I’m sure there will be a next time.”

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