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Army Biker Day(s)

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I have been searching this damn phone for two days. It’s Monday afternoon, I just got home from work, I haven’t seen the Army Biker man, I can’t find a new contact in my phone to text him, I haven’t been able to even get hard for two days, and I’m so frustrated, I snapped at my boss at work and almost got fired.

I get out of the shower, dry off, and wrap my towel around my waist. I walk out of the bathroom and into my living room and I almost jump out of my skin, he’s sitting on my couch, leather pants, boots, no shirt on, just flipping through channels on my television.

“You know boy, you really shouldn’t leave your door unlocked, even if you’re home. Someone could come in and take advantage of you.”

“Um, Sir, what are you doing here? I haven’t texted you Sir?”

“I figured you couldn’t find my number yet, and since I can’t stop thinking about your tight ass wrapping around my cock and swallowing my cum, I decided to pop in. I can leave though if you’d like.”

“No! Please, stay!” I say, quite quickly.

I walk towards him, he grabs the towel off my body, wraps his hand around my cage and pulls me close to him. He’s inspecting the area around the cage on my skin, and the cage itself.

“So, I see you haven’t tried to rip this off yet, though, if you did, you’d probably take it all with you, and no one wants that. I don’t see any scratch marks either. You’ve behaved, now my cock needs some attention.”

I drop to my knees, unzip his pants, and fish his cock out of his tight pants. He pushes my head down onto his lap and I suck his cock right into my mouth. He quickly gets hard and pushes my head off his cock, he stands up, picks me up by the arm and pushes me forward onto the couch, I’m on my knees, front over the couch, and my face is against the wall, he grabs both of my wrists, locks them behind my back and climbs behind me.

I hear him open a small bottle, there must be some lube he carries because I didn’t have any.

He positions his cock against my hole, puts his left hand over my mouth, and shoves his cock deep into my hole.

I basically scream into his hand, “remember boy,” he says gently into my ear, “every day you wear this cage and this collar, you are mine. I get to fuck your tight fuckhole anytime and anyway I want. You agreed. So shut up, and enjoy it. I need to get this load out.”

He pulls back slightly and starts thrusting. He’s got his hand over my mouth, and his right hand is now around my neck.

I’m soon moaning as the pain fades away, arching my back, leaning my ass into him. He’s picking up pace, driving into me like a jackhammer.

“That’s right, you’re my little fuck boy? Aren’t you? My own little tight piece of ass to dump loads into whenever my fat cock gets the tingle to. I could probably tie you up in my barn and tell all my big cock buddies to come over and fuck you while I gag you with my cock the entire time. Would you like that fuck boy?”

I nod my head yes as he’s pounding away harder, faster, longer, and as I’m sure he bottoms out, he just gets in deeper.

“Yeah, you’re such a little fucking cock slut. I could pound this fucking hole all damn day. I have shit to do you know? Yeah, tighten that hole Çankaya Escort around my cock, make your Master cum inside you, you want this fucking load? Do you? Show me slut!”

He tightens his grip on my neck, pulls his left hand off my mouth and smacks my ass cheeks a few times.

“Fuck, this fucking hole is so fucking good. I’ve fucked a lot of boy holes in my day, but never one that wrapped so tightly around my cock before, oh fuck, I’m gonna cum, you ready for it boy, take my fucking load!”

He suddenly jolts inside me putting his hand over my mouth again, and I can feel his warm cum fill my bowels. He thrusts, hard, inside me a couple more times with a grunt. He releases my face and neck, leans against my back, and nibbles down on my ear lobe.

“I’m still waiting for that picture slut. You don’t get to cum until you find my number. I’ll be waiting.”

He climbs off the couch, slips his cock from me, and I’m still trying to catch my breath. He smacks my ass twice, hard, on each cheek.

“You made a fucking mess boy. Clean that shit up with your tongue. Get every drop of that precum off that couch. See you next time boy.”

He puts his cock back in his pants, throws on his shirt and walks out of the door. I’m still reeling from that, and can’t even think right for a minute.

I’m lost in my own space and even though he’s gone, I still clean up the space with my tongue, licking up all my precum from the soft black leather, including some of the cum that dripped out of my ass.

I better wipe my ass before it dribbles down my leg. I have some searching to do.


Two days later, I’m leaving work, still can’t find his number and I’m sure I checked all 418 contacts… twice…

I almost reach my car, and I look up, pushing the button and he’s there, in his army uniform, leaning against my car, his bike parked next to it.

“Hello boy.”

“Sir.” I say tersely.

“What’s the matter boy?” He says with a huge grin on his face.

“To be honest, I’m pissed. I can’t find your number and the longer my cock is locked in this fucking thing, the more pissy I get. I’m about done with this stupid ass game.”

He stands up off my car, pulls me into his embrace, spinning me around, holding both hands behind my back, and lifting my chin with his right hand. His breath is strong in my ear.

“First of all, you don’t fucking get to speak to me that way, ever.”

He turns my head enough towards his to see his face. His eyes piercing through mine, as if he’s looking deep into my soul.

“Second of all, you aren’t looking hard enough, remember, this cage and this collar make you my fucking property. You fucking submitted to me last week and if you don’t watch it, I’ll let you stay in that cage for a year.” The look on his face is one of frustration and disappointment.

He let’s go of my chin and releases me from his embrace. He walks over to his bike saying nothing else.

I speak up just before he starts the bike, “I’m sorry Sir. I’m, um, just, um, really frustrated. I’ve never gone this long without an orgasm and I guess it’s just Keçiören Escort getting to me.”

“I see. I was gonna have you suck me off in your car in the garage, but I’m no longer in the mood. I will pick you up tomorrow at 7:00 pm at your house. I need time to calm down. You better be ready. I want you in that jockstrap of mine, the tightest pair of jeans you can squeeze that ass into, and a red t-shirt. Be sitting on your front steps and waiting.”

He starts the bike and pulls off. I’m so mad at myself that I have to sit in my car for another 20 minutes before I can calm down.

I did agree to this game, I just need to look through my phone again.

I pull it off the seat next to me and start looking. I’ve checked every contact in my phone book and looked through the recent calls.

I scroll though each of my screens and suddenly recognize an app I’ve never seen before. I click it open, and it’s a file storage app, there’s only one file in it, the title says “CONTACT”.

I roll my eyes, click on the file, and the doc opens.

The only line in the document says, “Your New Master:” and his phone number right after.

I punch my steering wheel, making the horn sound, which startled me, so I jump, and look around. There’s no one on this level anymore. I get out of my car and look around, there’s no cameras that I can see, the only two that are on the floor were blocked by pillars where we were standing.

I get back in my car and drive home. I rush through the door, rip off my clothes, and grab his black t-shirt.

I take my picture, double check that my face is visible, my cage is shiny, and the shirt has the word showing completely.

I hit send with the caption, “I’m sorry Sir.”

I see the dots, and I get a reply back, “About time. You have to learn to let your brain do the thinking, not your cock. See you tomorrow at 7.”


The next day, I pretended to be ill so I could leave work early. I went to my favorite clothing store, and grabbed a few pairs of skinny jeans. I grabbed one in my size and one for each of the sizes that were two below mine.

I tried on the smallest ones, yeah, those wouldn’t even pull up around my thighs. I grab the next ones. Those come up, button, but I don’t have a lot of mobility. I grab my normal size, and those fit.

I decide that the denim will stretch so I buy the medium ones, go home, put on the jockstrap, slide into the new jeans, and throw on my red shirt.

It’s just a plain shirt. I slip on my shoes and sit on the couch. It’s only 4:30. I roll my eyes, two whole hours left before I can sit outside.

I watch t.v. Hoping the minutes go by quickly, which they never do, until it’s 5:30 and my phone dings. It’s a text from him saying, “I’m done with work early, I’ll be there in 30 minutes.”

I quickly lock my door and sit on the front steps. I soon see his bike pulling down the road. He’s wearing his black leather pants, boots, tight black shirt and his vest.

He slows down and pulls into my driveway. He turns off the bike and walks over to me, “unlock the door, we’re going inside.”

I do so, and when Etimesgut Escort we’re inside, he grabs my shirt, bunches it in his hand, and pulls me to his face.

“You need to make a fucking decision right now. Either you fully submit to me, show me proper respect all the time, and I’ll fuck that hole of yours and let you cum when I do. Or I can take my cage, collar, jockstrap, and shirt, leave here and we never see each other again. I don’t tolerate that kind of behavior from my fuck boys, and I certainly won’t take it from you.”

He lets go of my shirt and walks through my house. I hear him go into the kitchen and get a drink from the fridge.

I’m left to think of what I want. I did lose my temper yesterday, which means I will need to be punished. My hole quivers at the thought of him fucking me again though, and my desire to cum is so high right now.

I do like our time together, so when he returns, he stands near me, I drop to my knees, put my hands around my back, and lower my head.

“I’m sorry Sir. I lost my cool, it won’t happen again. Please Sir, let me continue to please and service you Sir. I’ll take my punishment and won’t speak out again Sir.”

He picks up my chin with his gloved hand, “are you fucking sure? If you agree to this, you will officially be mine. Officially be my property, I won’t interfere with your job and your house and money, I have plenty of my own money, but you understand what you’re agreeing to right?”

“Yes Sir. I want to be yours, I want you to own me Sir.”

“Okay boy, I’m glad you decided that. Now, as you said, punishment. I’m going to bend you over my knee and smack your ass with my paddle, at least ten times. It’s probably going to hurt, but think about what you said to me yesterday, and how you don’t want to lose your tongue ever again.”

“Yes Sir. I understand Sir.”

He sits down on the edge of the couch, I crawl over to him, arch myself over his legs. He positions himself, holds the back of my neck down, and starts his swatting.

“One boy.” He says as he lands the paddle on my left cheek.

“Two boy,” as it lands on the other.

“Three boy . . . Four boy . . . Five boy . . . Six boy . . . Seven boy . . . Eight boy . . . Nine boy . . . Ten boy . . . Eleven boy . . .”

I’m near bawling like a baby when he drops the paddle on the floor. He begins to rub my ass where both cheeks are still stinging. I’m grimacing at his touch.

“That last one, boy, was for ruining my mood yesterday which stole my load and orgasm. I hope we never have to do this again.”

He stands me up, and grabs my chin. He plants a kiss deep on my mouth, wraps his arm around me, placing his hand on my lower back.

I put my hands around his waist, kissing him back.

He pulls his mouth from mine, looks down, and sees the wet spot formed on the jeans.

He laughs, “you managed to drip so much from the bottom of the jockstrap and leak all over these new jeans. Maybe that wasn’t so much of a punishment. Let’s go”.

We head outside, I lock the door, mount his bike behind him, and we take off down the street.

He turns the opposite way of the direction to his house, but I don’t care. I’m inhaling his scent from behind him, arms wrapped tightly around his waist.

He speaks up when we reach a stoplight, “we’ve gotta go pick up a few things. You need a pair of leather shorts and a new thick collar. My standard uniform for owned boys in my house. And after that, I’m pounding that fucking slutty hole for days. I hope you’re ready slut boy.”

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