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April’s Fool

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Ms. April Coate had always considered herself an educator. Even before she considered a career in teaching, she was teaching her younger brother how to fix his broken toys; the neighbor how to trim his bushes correctly; her parents on how to drive to their destinations quicker. Of course, not every adult loves to be educated by a young child. This frustrated young April since she was only trying to help. Still, nothing deterred her. She loved to read and share whatever subject she was studying at the time.

April thoroughly enjoyed teaching and had an illustrious career. She had always been an adrenaline junkie, and thus chose special education when it came time to teach. Even though, her classes were labelled special ed, they were in fact comprised of students on the verge of expulsion. April’s students were juvenile delinquents, who had no desire to learn anything.

Luckily, April was gifted with what she called “the persuaders.” It didn’t matter if she was wearing a dress or a sweater, April was always able to get someone’s attention. Granted, her classes weren’t composed of Harvard bound students, but they kept quiet and were respectful. Outside of class, they were even protective.

April stood a generous 5’6″ and had a beautifully fit jogger’s body. She loved to run, but what really drove her were the random men gawking at her tight clothing. April’s jogging outfits perfectly accentuated her round ass and bouncing d-cups. If her husband Jonathan was around when she returned from a jog, he would make her tell him about the strange men watching. April would play with herself and describe her jog, and the men who watched and wanted her so bad. She would say how these men wanted to fuck her on the side of the road or have her blow them at the park. Jonathan would sit quietly in the other room and masturbate.

No career, no matter how good you are, can ever be easy. There’s always a curveball to dodge. Most times, they’re easy to overcome with a little thought and perseverance. The most painful curveballs are the ones you encounter when you’re comfortably settled in your career because who wants to think when you know what you’re doing?

April’s curveball came during her final year of teaching in the form of an extremely arrogant senior named Keith Walker. April didn’t know much about Keith, except that his parents were not around, and his grandmother was trying her best to raise him. On paper, April felt sorry for Keith. In person, she wanted to kill him. Keith tried his best to take over April’s class from day one. He wouldn’t listen. He would speak over April and make snide comments about sexual orientations he didn’t agree with. It got so bad that Keith spent more time in the principal’s office than at his desk.

What bothered April the most was she couldn’t teach Keith anything. It made her sick to her stomach. Jonathan would try his best to console her, but nothing seemed to work. April knew she had to teach Keith something, anything.

April thought long and hard, and finally decided on a game. It was simple, yet it would hopefully teach Keith how his tough guy attitude was based off fear. April created a series of black boxes with cutouts on the top. Each one had a different picture on it. The first box had a picture of a toy soldier on it. The last box had a scorpion. Of course, there was no scorpion. But would Keith still reach inside? Hopefully.

Of course, once test day arrived, Keith was a no show.

April was undecided on whether or not she should to go to the tenth year anniversary of her last class. Normally, she wouldn’t have thought much of it, but with the death of Jonathan, April had been feeling a little lonely. Since she hadn’t spoken to anyone since she left, April decided to go. She thought it would be nice to catch up.

In the back of her mind, April was hoping Mr. Reb would be there. Mr. Reb had been the athletic coach during April’s tenure. He was married, but unhappily. Mr. Reb felt comfortable around April, so Cebeci Escort it was easy for him to vent about his wife. Had she not been married herself, April was sure she would have been all over Mr. Reb’s cock. Sometimes, when she didn’t feel like running, April would sit at the park until it was time to return. When she got home and masturbated, April would describe Mr. Reb to Jonathan.

Mr. Reb was so well defined, April was sure his cock was another massive muscle on his body. She knew Mr. Reb was interested as well. Most times he spoke to her, he was pitching a tent. They never went through with anything, but who knows if his situation changed as well.

April picked out a stunning evening dress. It was classic black and stuck to her body like her jogging outfits. Yes, April was ten years older, but she still loved to run. As she looked herself over in the mirror, April knew if Mr. Reb was at the reunion, his heart would not stand a chance.

Life is funny sometimes. Mr. Reb was at the reunion, and he was divorced. He told April his wife finally saw his true colors and wanted to leave it at that. Of course, April had to probe. She leaned in close to Mr. Reb and made sure her lips gently grazed his ear lobes. With a gentle whisper, April asked what he meant and followed her question with a gentle purr. The hairs on the back of Mr. Reb’s neck stood up, sending tingles through his body. He shifted in place. Mr. Reb knew he had no choice. He whispered in April’s ear. When he stepped back, he thought he had lost April. Instead, she smiled devilishly.

April and Mr. Reb were deep in conversation when a deep voice penetrated the room. “You!”

Both April and Mr. Reb turned around.

Keith, his eyes fixed on April, smirked as he approached. “Remember me?”

“Keith.” April blurted out.

Keith smiled as he stared at April’s chest. “I knew you’d remember. You always remember the one that got away.”

“Got away?” April looked at Mr. Reb.

“You know what I mean. I was jail bait back then,” Keith looked April up and down. “But not now.”

Mr. Reb tried to step in, but as muscular as he was, Keith was still too strong. Keith placed his arm across Mr. Reb’s chest, stopping him.

“How about some punch, Reb?”

“I’m not…”

April pulled Mr. Reb back and nodded. Mr. Reb stared Keith down before walking away.

“Make mine a double!” Keith chuckled.

“I didn’t know you graduated.” April folded her arms across her chest. She didn’t realize she was pushing her breasts up enabling Keith to get a better view.

“D’s,” Keith responded.

“That’s not graduating.”

“No.” Keith pointed at April’s chest with his head. “That’s what you have, right?”

April immediately looked down and realized. She moved her hands to her side.

Keith looked around then stepped closer into April’s space. “Stop pretending. I know you wanted to fuck me.”

April stood her ground. “Oh really?”

Keith nodded. “Every teacher did.” He stepped even closer. “But you. I would have fucked you.”

April didn’t know why she was getting warm, and her heart was starting to beat faster. She cleared her throat. “Why me?”

“Look at you.” Keith licked his lips as he looked at April’s backside. “You’re still delicious.”

April couldn’t help but laugh. She was uncomfortable, yet…the attention. Especially now.

“What do you say we get out of here?” Keith waited for an answer.

Mr. Reb returned with two glasses of punch. He handed one to April and took a sip from the other one.

“If you’re worried about Reb here, he can watch.” Keith laughed out loud. “I heard that’s what you like!”

Mr. Reb fumed, but didn’t respond. April was certain a fight was coming, but Mr. Reb kept his composure.

Keith took a step back. “I’ll be waiting.” He turned around and went to another table at the far end of the room.

“I used to wonder why his parents Kolej Escort left him.” Mr. Reb kept his eyes on Keith as he took another sip of punch. “Now, I don’t blame them.”

“He’s harmless.” April brushed him off. “He just doesn’t know any better.”

As Mr. Reb agreed, April stared at Keith and realized she was right. He just didn’t know any better.

Keith confidently approached April’s front door. In all her years of teaching, April never once gave out her address to a student. Keith knew he was the first and only, and he was going to show April that all the years of waiting would be worth it.

Keith raised his hand to knock, but hesitated. He couldn’t believe it. Was he nervous? Sure, Keith had a crush on April way back when, but he was a teenager. He had a crush on every pussy that walked his way. If only he could have fucked April back then, he would have moved on by now. What scared Keith is what if April turned out to be the best fuck of his life? Even though she was older, she was still extremely hot. Was it possible Keith was afraid to fall in love?

No. Keith shook his head and knocked on the door. As he waited, Keith noticed all the lights were off. He knocked again. April had better not have stood him up, or even worse, gave him a wrong address.

Keith was about to leave when he heard the door unlock. He took a step back, still not convinced he was in the right place.

April peeked behind the slightly open door. She looked Keith up and down and smiled. “I’m glad you could make it.”

“I’m glad you decided to give in.”

April disappeared behind the door and opened it enough for Keith to enter.

Keith stepped inside April’s house. It was dark, but he could see the silhouettes of the different furniture pieces. He could tell that with the lights on, the house would be a warm and inviting place.

April closed the door and stood in front of it. She had on a purple and black corset with matching stockings and high heels. The shadows of the room enhanced April’s features.

“Holy shit.” Keith drooled.

April stepped close to Keith. “Do you like?” She took Keith’s hand and ran it up and down her leg.

Keith exhaled. The sheerness of the pantyhose felt soft to the touch. Keith opened his mouth, but before he could say a word, April’s lips were touching his. Keith tried to kiss her, but April shook her head before licking his upper lip.

“I’ve waited too long to rush into this.” April cooed as she ran her finger across Keith’s lips.

“God me too.”

April pressed her body against Keith’s. He could feel her delicious breasts against his chest. April’s pounding heart matched his beat for beat.

“I want to pretend.” April played with Keith’s hair.

“Pretend what?”

April kissed Keith’s ear. “That this was ten years ago.”

Keith closed his eyes and smiled. God, yes.

“But we can’t get caught so I have to hide.”

Keith agreed.

“Get naked and go into the next room.”

Before Keith could nod, April pulled herself away and headed for a doorway. “When you see it, you’ll know.” She vanished into the darkness.

Keith got undressed, did a few pushups, and slapped his muscles to get ready. As he made his way into the next room, Keith stroked himself. He was semi hard, but he wanted April to see him in his full glory.

Keith turned the corner and noticed the doorway was blocked off by a dark sheet. He was about to push it aside when he noticed a hole in the sheet about waist high. He could see April’s mouth on the other end.

Keith wasted no time. He stepped up to the sheet and guided his hard cock into the hole. Immediately, April’s lips wrapped around it. Keith was surprised by the wetness and the warmth. He gripped both sides of the doorway and squeezed as tight as he could. The feeling was so intense, Keith didn’t want his knees to buckle.

“Mmm,” April moaned as her slurps coated all Rus Escort of Keith.

Keith exhaled. His hardness reached its max. Keith was surprised it happened so fast. Now, he was worried he’d cum too fast. He had to last. He had to show April what a sexual monster he was. But her mouth. God yes, her mouth was so soft, so gentle.

Keith tried his best to think of something uninteresting, but April’s muffled moans were too much. Keith’s thoughts quickly turned to him standing in April’s classroom as she was behind her desk, on her knees. The taboo surrounding only made him want to do more.

Keith stepped back, but April’s mouth followed. Keith realized there was no escaping and stepped closer. He pushed himself in as far as he could. April pulled away.

“No.” Keith begged.

“I want you to fuck me.”

Keith stepped back again. He could feel April turning in place. Her ass rubbed against him as she turned around. Keith closed his eyes, trying to contain his excitement.

April backed up onto Keith’s stiff cock. “Fuck me now!” she commanded.

Keith pushed himself back into the hole. His hard on rubbed against April’s panties. Keith reached down and pushed them aside. April was wet. Extremely wet.

“Stand still. Let me guide it.”

Keith obeyed. He grabbed the base of his shaft and squeezed. April slowly moved back, allowing Keith to slowly enter her tight hole.

Keith squeezed the door frame again. He could not believe how tight April was.

“Just relax,” April spoke. Her pleasure was evident in her voice.

Keith held still and let April take control. She moaned out loud as she pushed herself back on to Keith’s manhood.

Keith couldn’t help himself. He looked down and saw the dark shape of his cock entering April. Keith tried to reach into the hole to grab her panties but was unsuccessful.

Keith grabbed the door frame, but this time he grabbed it where he was level with his chest. He held on tight and thrust himself as hard as he could.

April screamed. Keith thrust again, and again, and again.

April let out a guttural moan. “Oh god baby, fuck that ass!”

Keith obliged. He couldn’t believe he was fucking his teacher’s ass. There was nothing better than controlling a woman by fucking her where it hurt. Keith’s breathing grew heavier, more intense.

Keith slammed himself into April as hard as he could. He could feel his seed growing inside of him. Keith wanted to give April every drop. No, he wanted to force every drop inside her.

The build up was too much. Keith knew he wouldn’t be able to last much longer. The point of no return was on the horizon.

April screamed in pleasure. “Oh god yes!” she cried. “Do you love my ass?”

Keith nodded. “I love fucking this ass! This is the best ass I’ve ever had!”

“Tell me you love it!”

“I love it baby! I love it!” Sweat dripped off Keith’s brow. He wasn’t lying. April’s ass felt great.

“Do you want to cum for teacher?”


“Are you going to cum inside me?”

“Yes!” Keith fiercely nodded. “I’m going to cum in your ass and show you what a whore you are!”

“Mmm.” April devilishly laughed. “But baby, I’m teaching you a lesson.”

Keith wasn’t listening. He was ready. His cock was rigid, his balls tight. Without asking, Keith reached into the hole and tore the sheet in two. He pushed both halves aside, grabbed the ass in front of him and pushed, pounded, fucked as hard as he could.

Keith’s balls froze; his cock took over. Keith closed his eyes and tilted his head back as his rod shot every ounce of juice his balls produced.

“I hope I taught you a valuable lesson,” April giggled.

Keith nodded as he opened his eyes. “What the?” Keith’s heart was beating fast for the wrong reason.

Keith’s cock slipped out of Mr. Reb’s ass. Mr. Reb, wearing panties and a bra, was on all fours. His makeup was smeared from eating April’s pussy.

Propped up on her elbows, April smiled at Keith. His bravado was gone. Keith stared at his situation, lost, confused.

“Finish me off,” April commanded Mr. Reb.

Mr. Reb obeyed and dove back into April’s pussy. It wasn’t long before Keith started to blur. April’s body shook. She took a deep breath and moaned.

Teaching truly was satisfying.

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