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Apprentice Mechanic

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Chapter One

I had just received through my older brother an offer to apprentice as a mechanic. That was the most exciting news in months as I had been looking to apprentice in my chosen field of car mechanics. Yet, it was not easy to find someone to take me on. So when I heard of this opportunity I was really excited, the only drawback with this offer was that I had to move to a small town.

I was not sure about taking this proposal at all. My brother encouraged me to at least check it out. So before long I was on my way to meet the owner of the garage in question in small nowhereville about three hours from the big city.

I arrived just before lunch. The bus let me off in front of the local diner. The garage was situated at the other end of town which was about a fifteen-minute walk from the diner. I like the feel of the little town and to my surprise I felt at home right away. It seemed cozy and friendly. So walked up to Bill’s Garage as it was named. It was open for business.

I stepped inside and looked around to see if anyone was there. Then out of the blue I heard a deep manly voice ask me if I needed help. I turned around to see who it was. “Hi, my name is Rick. I am here to apply for the apprentice mechanic position.” “You’re in the right place. My name is Bill I am the owner of the garage, please to meet you.” I noticed him looking me up and down, sizing me up thoroughly. He looked to be in his early 40’s. He stood about 5′ 10″ of average build and in good shape. I like his black hair and his retro brush cut. Suited him. After the brief introduction Bill suggested we walk back to the diner for lunch and to take time to get acquainted. That was fine by me coz I was starving.

I liked the diner, the menu was old style diner food and appetising. Comfort food galore. While we ate lunch Bill went over the apprenticeship program and what it entailed. I liked the way he explained it making it easy to comprehend. Bill was very matter of fact type of man and I liked that about him a lot. He let me know that the apprenticeship was for two years. He hoped I did not mind sharing his modest studio apartment was directly above the garage and repair shop. On our way back he suggested we take a look at where I was going to live.

It was accessed by a stairway at the back of the garage. I was surprised to see how spacious it was, all open concept. Very masculine set-up and very comfortable looking. Bill let me know there was only one bedroom with a big king-size bed. He asked if I was ok with sharing the bed with him. I assured him I was totally at ease with that. I notice he blushed a little when he asked about sharing the bed.

We went back downstairs to the shop and discussed more details. Bill let me know I could start in two week’s time. That gave me time to get things sorted out back at home. I was glad Bill wanted to take me on. I liked him. He told me he had three employees and I would meet them the next time. It just so happened that they were not on hand for one reason or another on this particular day. He assured me I was going to like them a lot.

Bill walked me to the diner to catch the 4 o’clock bus. My trip back home gave me the opportunity to go over what had transpired earlier on. Here I was 28 years of age beginning a whole new journey. I was excited yet apprehensive at same time. I wondered what it was going to be like living with Bill in such close quarters…even sharing a bed. My mind was reeling with umpteen questions swirling around over and over again. By the time I got back home I was exhausted.

The next two weeks went by quickly as I had quite a few things to tend to before moving to Smithville Flats. The only thing I needed to pack was my clothes and a few personal items. Bill’s place was furnished of course. I kept it simple as in less is more.

I moved in on a Friday, that way I had the whole weekend to get installed and acquainted with the routine at Bill’s place. He was glad to see me. Gave me a big hand shake and a hug. The other three employees were there so he introduced me to the gang. There was Chris who was about 40 years of age. A short muscled guy measuring maybe 5′ 6″. Then Ray who I would guess was about 35 years of age. He had black curly hair and looked to be 5′ 11″ and in good shape and then Danny looked to be younger. I guessed him to be 31 years of age. Brown hair, 5′ 11 and husky yet in shape.

They all greeted me warmly and made me feel at home. They were handsome country guys that were down to earth and appeared to be easy to get along with. Only Ray was married the other guys were single.

Turns out Bill was quite the cook. On Saturday evening he had the guys over for supper. This was to get us familiar with one another. He served up a pasta with his home made meat sauce, a fresh green salad, fresh garlic bread. There was red wine on the table. For desert ice cream with chocolate cookies. Wow! The meal was delicious and I let Bill know how impressed I was and glad that he was going to be cooking for me too. Everyone 1xbet yeni giriş laughed and Bill let me know I could wash the dishes and keep the apartment clean. More laughter.

The first night at Bill’s went well. I was a little shy. We had pizza for supper on my first night there. My things were unpacked so we had a few beers and watched some television. By 10:30pm Bill called it a night and we went to the bedroom to get undressed. Bill was not the shy type.

Before long he was in his underwear. I noticed how much his briefs were filled out. He had a sizeable bulge in his underwear. I was trying to be discreet and yet was taking in the sights. He was very hairy. I liked his look.

I slowly undressed and ended up in my underwear. I was wearing white briefs. Finally, Bill threw back the blankets and got into bed. I soon followed. Once in bed chit chatted for awhile. The room was dark yet I sensed he was moving his manly treasure around, playing with it. I was doing the same. Before long we fell asleep.

The next morning, I woke up alone in bed. I smelled coffee and sausage and toast filling my nostrils. It was time to get up. I remembered Bill telling me that this was a guy place. He liked to hang out in his underwear and t-shirt. So that is what I put on to go for breakfast.

There was Bill in his briefs and t-shirt cooking up a storm for us. His bulge was so plump and manly. He saw me catching a look at his big pouch. “How did you sleep last night?” “I slept really Bill. The bed is really comfortable.” He told me to pour myself a mug of coffee and sit at the kitchen table because he was about to serve us breakfast and I was starved.

We discussed what we were going to do for the next two days. It would be a good time to start my training in the garage. The guys were coming for supper on Saturday evening and on Sunday Bill made a B.B.Q. for the guys.

I was impressed at how he took care of his employees and I observed how they looked up to him. This told me that I was in good hands. Gradually I became more comfortable around Bill. He was also more and more at ease with me. He would pull and tug his bulge often when we were on our own at home. After awhile he was leaving the bathroom door open when he showered.

One day I walked in on him as he was coming out of the shower. I could not hold back any longer as I need to piss big time. I apologized for intruding and Bill let me know I could use the bathroom when he was in it anytime. After all, he said we were two guys sharing a space. So we could walk around naked, do whatever and it was fine. I liked hearing that. I pissed and watched him dry himself. I was starring at his cock and big hairy balls. He had a beautiful cut cock. It was probably 7 ½ long and thick.

He saw me looking and smiled. “Feel free to look. Its normal to size He one another up and I must say it feels good to be admired.” “Thanks Bill for making me feel at home.” He looked at me kindly and then said, “my place is your place and whatever I have is yours to share.” I blushed a little and thanked him profusely for his kindness and generosity. I noticed he checked out my cock thoroughly when I was piss. My cock was about 6 ½ inches long nice and thick and cut.

Within a few weeks I was totally at home with Bill and the other guys at work. The shop was busy. Mainly men came in to get their cars serviced or repaired. It was a real guy place. The shop had a little kitchen at the back so we could make coffee or tea and there was a small fridge an old used kitchen table and eight chairs. Next to it was the bathroom. It had a small counter with a sink, a toilet of course. It took me a while to realize there was a hole in the wall next to the toilet. It was opposite to where the kitchen was. It looked like a glory hole to me and wondered who used it.

Chapter Two

I was really enjoying learning the trade. Bill was a great patient teacher and with him I learned very quickly because of his manner and personality. I was really getting to like him. For me he was like an older brother. It was now two months since I had arrived at Bills.

One day soon that I was sitting on the toilet doing my thing when I heard some rustling sounds from where the hole in the wall was. The hole was dark so I could not see anything happening and then it sounded like someone pulling their pant zipper down. Then suddenly someone was slowly putting their cock through the hole and it was a beauty.

I was a little taken a back at this but also fascinated and turned on. I had not had sex since I left the big city. I was jerking off regularly enough and fantasizing about Bill a lot. So here I was with a big cock starring at me, my mouth only a few inches away.

I hesitated for a few minutes and then could not resist, so I sniffed the throbbing uncut cock and began to gently lick it and then slipped it into my mouth. Once it was in there I could not help but suck and milk it for all it was worth. I was cock starved and happy to be sucking. I could 1xbet giriş hear low moaning on the other side of the hole.

My mouth was milking the big cock as it leaked a huge amount of precum and then without warning the big bruiser was giving me a generous load of hot man juice. Wow! It tasted so good. I lapped it all up and greedily sucked until it was dry.

Finally, the guy pulled his cock out of my mouth and left. I did not have a clue who it was. I was pretty sure it was one of the guys at the shop, but who? He sure had a great cock.

I finished my business and washed up and went out back into the shop. Everyone was at work doing their thing. Nothing out of the ordinary. I looked at the guys trying to figure out who I had just sucked.

Meanwhile, I noticed Bill getting a hard on more and more when we were at home. One morning I noticed his underwear were tenting and being stretched mercilessly. He walked over to the table to put more sausage on my plate. He was standing right up close to me with my mouth only a few inches away. I could smell his musky cock and this turned me on wildly. I was craving his cock so much. His underwear was soaking wet.

I could not take it any more. Slowly I slid off the chair and got on my knees, opened my mouth wide and looked up at Bill. He carefully put the pan down on the table and as if in slow motion put his big bulge in my waiting mouth. What a thrill that was having him slip his tenting briefs into my warm mouth.

I had been wanting this for the past two months. I began to suck on his wet briefs carefully sucking up all the precum coming through the fabric. Bill put his hands on my head as I lovingly nursed on his man bulge nice and slow. I could see he had his eyes closed and was enjoying himself.

I sucked and sucked for more than 30 minutes and then Bill’s cock still in his briefs began to slowly ooze out his delicious hot man sauce. It was thick and creamy and so good and it just did not quit. He gave me such an incredible load. I just took it all in, mopping up his man treats non stop until I was certain I had gotten all of it. Finally, I pulled his briefs down and cleaned up his cock and balls really good and then kissed his cock.

We were both in a trance for awhile. Then Bill said, “I have been wanting this forever. That was just so hot and incredible. You are one hell of a cocksucker kid.” He winked at me, rubbed my head and then took off his briefs and then poured us more coffee. We resumed breakfast and we were all smiles.

I told him I had been lusting after him all this time. Bill let me know I could suck his cock all I liked and play with his cock whenever I felt like it when we were on our own of course. That made me feel so happy hearing this.

The idea of being able to service him was for me an honor as I looked up to Bill as a big brother. I wanted to please him. Soon after that first time I was sucking Bill two and three times a day. Even at work he would wink at me giving me that I need your mouth look. I would then head for the toilet and wait for his hot cock to come through the glory hole for me to suck. These sessions were not as long lasting but they were so hot and sexy.

Once we would be back in the shop the others acted like nothing had happened. Then one day I was in the toilet taking a leak when I heard someone at the hole. This was a new cock; one I had not seen before. It was uncut and quite long and thick and wet with precum.

Quickly I sat on the toilet and got to working this big hot beauty. It tasted so good and manly. I sucked on it with such an appetite. I could hear the guy moaning and groaning with pleasure. This went on for a good fifteen minutes and then he began to unload a real copious amount of hot cum into my hungry mouth. Gladly did I swallow all his juice, cleaned his cock and off he went.

Again I did not have clue as to who it was I had just sucked. I felt it was one of our guys. Out into the shop I went and every was busily at work. In the next week I was sure I had sucked three different cocks. All were great and so suck able and meanwhile I was taking care of Bill’s hot cock. Bill was one of those guys who absolutely loved and appreciated having his cock sucked regularly. He thanked me often and sometimes gave me a hand job.

One evening while we were having supper he asked how I was enjoying the apprenticeship program and life in the small town. I told him how much I liked being an apprentice and living with him. He asked how I liked working with guys. I let him know how great they were and so helpful and friendly.

I decided to tell him about the glory hole activity, that I was sucking cock more and more when I used the bathroom. He looked at me and smiled and said it was perfectly ok with him. I mentioned that I did not know whose cock I was sucking but felt I was sucking all three guys at work.

Again, Bill smiled and said, “nothing wrong with sucking cock and keeping your co-workers happy. They don’t none and Ray’s wife does 1xbet güvenilirmi not put out much and certainly would not suck his cock. So you are doing them all a great service. I sure they appreciate it very much. No wonder they are in a better mood these days. Keep the good work up.

I will keep and eye out and see who disappears when you go to use the toilet. We can discuss who and what and where at supper time. With that he patted me on the shoulder and went out to take care of a client that was just arriving at the shop.

Two days later I sucked someone in the afternoon. I recognized the cock as one of my usual’s. He like the others fed me a big load of his hot cum. I think they were saving it their juice for me to make sure I was being fed big hot loads. Obviously, I loved cum and they knew it by now. Bill did the same. He didn’t jerk off anymore. He kept it for me.

That evening Bill let me know it was Danny that had used the hole. When he came back into the shop he was aware I had seen what was going on. So I just smiled and winked at him to let him know it was alright with me. He then tugged on his bulge and winked and smiled back at me. I gave him a thumbs up and he went back to work.

After a few weeks Bill told me he figured out the guys were getting sucked regularly by me. Once a day for sure. He thanked me for making our work place so pleasant and keeping the men happy which made them work harder and better. He told me to take my time when I was in the toilet and to make sure to suck the guys really well without rushing them.

I observed how the guys treated me really well, often patting me on the back and letting me know I was a great guy, a real team player and a sport. Bill let the men know they could use the glory hole all they wanted that it was ok with him. Alas, everyone knew what was happening. Now the guys would give me a wink and tug on their bulge and head for the hole. I would wink back and go man the hole and gladly suck on their big juicy horny cocks. I was being well fed on a daily basis.

Chapter Three

Originally I was worried about not getting any cock to suck when I moved to Smithville Flats. Here I was getting fed cock regularly, daily and having more sex then when I lived in the big city.

One day I went to use the toilet and shortly after there was a cock at the hole and this one I did not recognize at all. It was a beauty, fat and long about 6 inches long and cut. The head on it was exquisite. I could tell whoever was at the hole was very horny and excited. I got down and slipped it into my mouth nice and slow and began to make love to it. I was hungry and wanting to suck and suck I did. The guy could not hold out for long and shot a big hefty load in my hot waiting mouth. I gobbled it all up, cleaned his cock and off he went.

When I went back into the shop Bill and Danny were there. They both winked and smiled and gave me a thumbs up. I winked and smiled and went back to work on a car I was servicing. Later at supper that evening Bill let me know he let know a very good loyal client from another town was in to buy gas and get his car serviced. He let Bill know how horny he was, that his wife was away for a month or so and that he was climbing the walls. So Bill told him there was a glory hole at the back toilet and that he would get help back there when he spotted me going to the toilet.

He hoped I didn’t mind and felt I would be happy to help a good client out. I assured him it was ok with me. I was glad to suck the guy and help him out. I let Bill know I was glad to service other men if it was good for the business.

With that Bill got up and pulled his zipper down as I slid onto my knees to milk his big cock. I loved how Bill gave me his cock to suck. He encouraged me to suck him well, always letting me know what a good job I was doing and what an incredible cocksucker I was. He just loved me sucking that cock of his and I adored it.

One day the town sheriff came into to get his patrol car, gazed and oiled up. He asked Bill if he could use the toilet. Bill told sheriff Ted to make himself at home. Then Bill winked and nodded to me to head for the hole. This time I was on the outside looking into the toilet.

I got there just as Ted walked into the toilet and closed the door behind him. He unzipped and pulled a whopper of a cock out. This thing was big, maybe 8 ½ inches long, uncut and thick. My mouth started to water. I was at the hole looking in when I noticed him take note of the hole. I realized he was aware there was someone at the hole.

So he pissed like a horse and that was hot and then still dripping turned towards the hole and moved in slipping his cock through the hole and into my waiting warm mouth. As I wrapped my lips around his cock I heard him moan in appreciation. He was loving it. So I made sure to suck him really well, after all he was the sheriff.

Lovingly I made love to that big cock of his, nursed on it with care and sucked until he could no longer hold back the flood gates and then he just let out what seemed an unending flow of hot lava. He must have shot at least 12 jets of hot cum and then more leaked out in the process of cumming. It was absolutely incredible and for a cum glutton it was very welcome.

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