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Applebee Publishing

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Applebee Publishing was a small but well established publishing firm. Winston Applebee, the owner and president, was a shrewd businessman who had a good eye for young talented authors. He would sign them to long term contracts that would more than pay for themselves when the author had a best seller. In fact on the current New York Times bestseller list, three of the top ten best sellers were Applebee publications.

Michael O’Grady worked at Applebee Publishing for the past five years. He loved working there and he loved old man Applebee. He was a great boss. He was always walking around the office joking and laughing with his employees. He let them work flexible schedules, wear casual clothes on Fridays, and there were always fresh coffee and donuts in the break room.

Michael was in his mid twenties. He was short and slim in stature barely measuring 5’5″ tall. He had sandy brown hair and had been told more than once he looked liked Michael J. Cox. Like most young men his age, he spent much of his spare time pursuing the opposite sex with his buddies in various bars and clubs.

He arrived for work on Monday morning and saw a message on his computer screen that there was a staff meeting. He walked into the break room and saw his co-workers assembled and Mr. Applebee standing in front of the room.

“Ladies and gentlemen” he began. “I am announcing to you today that I am retiring as president of Applebee Publishing effective this Friday. I am turning over the reigns of the company to my daughter Dana. I am confident that she will continue the fine traditions and standards that I have always strived for.”

Everyone looked stunned as they filed out of the room. Mr. Applebee came up to Michael and asked him to step in his office for a minute. Michael followed him into his private office.

“Michael, I just wanted you to know I appreciate the hard work you have done for me and I know my daughter will find you a valuable asset.”

He walked to the fully stocked bar in the corner of his office and reached underneath and came up with an unopened bottle of Makers Mark single barrel bourbon. He took two glasses and filled then with several good belts. He handed a glass to Michael.

“Here’s to my retirement and to your future my boy.” He reached over, clinked his glass to Michael’s and then lifted the glass to his mouth and drained it in one gulp. Michael took a little sip and the old man laughed. “Drink it down son, drink it down.”

He finished the drink, thanked Mr. Applebee, and returned to his desk. He thought about Dana Applebee. He had seen her picture on the old man’s desk and she was stunning. She had dark hair and was tall. He couldn’t tell much about her body from the picture but it looked like she had a great figure. He remembered she lived in Los Angeles and worked for a rival publisher.

The rest of the week flew by and on Friday they had a hastily arranged retirement party for the boss. Michael expected to see Dana there but she was conspicuously absent. Mr. Applebee explained that she was tying up some loose ends and would be arriving Sunday and be at work on Monday. The party ended with a tearful speech from the old man followed by kisses and hugs from his “family” as he always referred to his employees.

On Monday morning the staff assembled in the break room to meet Dana Applebee. She walked in coolly and stood in front of the room. She was wearing her long hair tied up in the back; she had on dark rimmed glasses, a charcoal grey business suit, and did not appear to be wearing any makeup. Still she looked very much a woman.

She began by saying that she reviewed the company records and she had some ideas to increase profits. She continued to say that there would be some changes made and they would all be notified about them shortly. She ended the meeting by asking Ed Dolan, the office manager, to come to her office.

Ed was in her closed-door office for about an hour. When he emerged he was red faced and went straight to his office. About an hour later all employees received an email outlining changes that were effective immediately. It read as follows.

All employees are now on a fixed schedule from 8 AM to 4:30 PM. Flextime is no longer permitted.

Lunch hour is now 30 minutes instead of 60 and is unpaid.

There are no smoking or bathroom breaks permitted except during lunch or the 10-minute morning break.

The list went on and on. Every perk the old man had given them was gone. As people read it they rushed over to Ed Dolan to complain that it was bullshit. He just shook his head and said there was nothing he could do. Dana made it clear that anyone who did not comply would be let go.

The mood in the office was somber the rest of the week. On Thursday, Michael was sitting at his desk trying to finish up the project he was working on. It was almost 5 PM and everyone had left at 4:30. He felt a presence behind him and turned to see a beautiful longhaired woman in a slinky black cocktail dress and long black high heels. It took a minute bahis şirketleri for him to realize it was Dana Applebee. He could not believe how amazingly sexy she looked.

She spoke to him. “Oh good you’re still here. I have to go to an opening of an art gallery. There is a manuscript on my desk that needs to be read and summarized by tomorrow morning. I will expect your notes on my desk by 7 AM.” She turned and walked toward the door, her high heels making her hips swing back and forth as she walked.

What nerve he thought. His first reaction was to run after her and tell her to fuck off. But he needed the job and thought better of it. He got up from his desk and walked into her office. The old man’s desk, which had been covered in photos, was empty except for a phone, a small gold box, a lighter, and the manuscript he was to work on.

He walked over to the bar and saw the bottle of bourbon the old man had opened for him a few weeks ago. He took a glass and filled it almost to the top. Then he walked back to her desk and sat in her chair. He opened the small gold box and it contained unfiltered French cigarettes. He took one and lit it and almost choked, damn they were strong. He put his feet up on her desk and finished his drink.

He was about to leave when he noticed a door. He had heard the old man had a private bathroom but had never seen it. He opened the door and stepped inside flicking on the light. The door closed behind him. It was hot and steamy. There was a large walk-in shower that she had obviously just used. There were wet towels on the floor and the vanity had various opened jars and tubes of cosmetics. What he didn’t notice was the little black handbag on the shelf over the sink.

The alcohol and tobacco must have stimulated his bowel. He felt the urge to go and started to leave and head for the employee men’s room on the other side of the office. The he stopped. No one would know if he used her bathroom. Besides, she was the one making him work late.

He undid his pants and sat down on the toilet. He had a habit of lightly scratching his balls while he was on the toilet. It seemed to provide stimulation for his bowels to open. He then took a huge shit in her toilet. When he was finished he reached for the toilet paper. A length of it flew out in his hand then broke off. He looked at the empty cardboard roll spinning on the holder. Oh well he thought, this should be enough. He wiped himself and tossed the paper on top of the big dump he just unloaded.

His eye then caught something on the floor. It was black and shiny. He reached down and picked up the silky material. Then he realized what it was. It was the panties she had been wearing all day before she changed into the cocktail dress. He held them up. They were damp. His cock began to get hard. He pressed the crotch to his face and inhaled. Her pussy smelled so good. His hand moved down to his now fully hard cock and began to stroke it while he continued to sniff her panties.

He was about to shoot his load when the door flew open. Standing in the doorway with a look of surprise on her face was Dana Applebee. “I forgot my bag “she stammered. But then her look of surprise turned to anger when she realized what he was doing.

“What the fuck are you doing in my bathroom!” she shouted.

“What the fuck are you doing sniffing my panties and jerking your pathetic little pecker!” She was shrieking now.

She walked over to him and grabbed the panties from him and threw them on the counter. Then she got a whiff of what he left in the toilet and went berserk. She pushed him hard with both hands. “Get the fuck off my toilet you little prick!’

He fell on the floor. She looked down at the toilet. “How dare you take a shit in my toilet you little mother fucker!” She raised her high-heeled foot and he flinched thinking she was going to spike him. But instead she turned and put her foot on the handle and flushed the toilet.

She seemed to calm down. “I have to pee,” she said. He watched as she raised her dress to her waist and sat down on the toilet. She had on a black garter belt and stockings with no panties. She spread her legs apart and he watched her golden pee flow from her pussy lips into the toilet. Her calm ended when she reached for the toilet paper and came up empty.

“You goddamn son of a bitch. You used the last of the toilet paper you little cocksucker.” She got up. He was still lying on the floor. She slipped her dress over her head. She had no bra on and was naked except for the garter belt and stockings.

“Since you used the last of the toilet paper, you will have to use your tongue to wipe my pussy.” With that she squatted over him and planted her pussy on his face.

“Lick it you little bitch. Clean my pussy and make me come.”

He was still hard and reached down to stroke his cock while he gave her a good tongue-lashing. She had so much pussy juice flowing he forgot all about the remnants of her pee he was licking. She began to gyrate harder and kept calling him filthy names. He though bahis firmaları he was going suffocate when she came. She pushed down hard and let out an incredible groan. He had never seen a woman cum that hard.

She stood up and told him to sit on the toilet. She then straddled him and slid her soaking twat onto his hard cock. She rode him hard and fast. She told him he better make her cum again and he better not cum in her or he would be very sorry. She again called him filthy names that seemed to make her even hotter. He almost lost his seed when she pushed his cock all the way into her pussy. He could feel her spasm as she came hard again.

She got off him, took the panties he had been sniffing, and shoved them in his face.

“Now finish yourself off,” she commanded.

He grabbed his cock and it took only a few strokes for him to spurt all over his shirt and silk tie that he was still wearing.

She retrieved her dress and put it back on. She went to the mirror and fixed her hair. She picked up the little black handbag she had forgotten and turned to leave. She stopped to look at him. He was still sitting on the toilet in a daze.

“This bathroom is a fucking mess. Clean it up before I get in here tomorrow morning. And don’t forget to put on a new roll of toilet paper.” When she got to the door she said “and don’t forget that manuscript on my desk. That was the reason you came into my office, wasn’t it?”

Michael spent the next two hours cleaning her bathroom from top to bottom. He found a supply closet that had cleaning materials, towels, and thankfully toilet paper. He scrubbed the toilet, sink, and shower, mopped the floor, carefully put the caps back on her makeup and placed them in the cabinet. Finally he dumped the wet towels in the bin in the closet, hung clean towels on the rack, and placed a new roll of toilet paper on the spindle.

He turned off the light as he left the bathroom. All he could think about was going home and showering and going to bed. Then he saw the manuscript still on her desk. Fuck he thought, this is going to take me hours. And hours it did. It took him five hours to read it and two hours to type up his notes. When he finished it was three AM. He could barely keep his eyes open. He shut them for a second to rest before heading home.

He was awakened by the phone ringing. He opened his eyes. He was still at work. He had fallen asleep at his desk. He looked at the clock. Shit, it was 7 AM. He picked up the phone and it was Dana.

“Come to my office and bring the manuscript” was all she said.

He knocked on her door and she told him to come in. She was dressed in her work outfit, suit, glasses, hair in bun, and no makeup. He handed her the manuscript and his notes. Dana got up and poured herself a cup of coffee from the pot on her credenza. She didn’t offer him one. Then she lit a cigarette and proceeded to read his summary stopping to take a drag on her cigarette or sip her coffee.

When she finished she looked at him and gave him an expressionless nod. He actually had done an excellent job but she wasn’t going to tell him that. Then she got up and opened the bathroom door for inspection. She turned on the light. Dana smiled slightly to herself. The little fuck actually did a better job than the cleaning man.

She walked back to her desk and looked at him. God did he look pathetic. His hair was a mess; his shirt was hanging out and had his cum stains on it. His silk tie was ruined from the jism stains. He looked like a poor little boy. She almost felt sorry for him.

“You look like shit,” she told him. “Go home and get some sleep. Be back here at 4 PM. I have another assignment for you.”

Michael went home, took off his clothes and collapsed on the bed. He slept until 2 PM, got up, took a long hot shower, and got dressed. By 3 PM he was out the door. He hadn’t eaten since lunch yesterday and was ravenous. He stopped at a diner and ordered two jumbo burgers with everything, French fries, and onion rings.

He arrived at his desk at 4 PM. He got a few strange looks from his co-workers but no one asked why he was coming in so late. On his desk was a manuscript. A note was stuck to it. It simply said “finish this by 9 PM.”

It was smaller than the one last night but finishing it by 9 would be tough. He got to work and was just finishing typing his notes when his phone rang. He looked at the clock, 9 PM. The jumbo burgers were growling in his stomach. He had hoped to have time to hit the men’s room before she called. He picked up the phone.

“Are you finished?”

“Yes” he replied.

“Bring it to me.”

He walked to Dana’s office and knocked. She opened the door and motioned him in telling to sit in the chair in front of her desk. She went to the bar and poured two large glasses of bourbon. She placed one on the table next to him. Then she lit two cigarettes and handed one to him. She sat on the edge of her desk studying him. They both smoked and sipped their drinks in silence.

Finally Dana spoke. “I don’t kaçak bahis siteleri think you were properly punished for the nasty shit you took in my bathroom last night. Not to mention jerking off while sniffing my panties.”

“I’m sorry” blurted Michael. “I swear it will never ever happen again.”

“OK if you are truly sorry you will do what I tell you for the next few hours, no protesting, no arguing, agreed? If you agree I will forget about this and never mention it again”

He thought about it for a second. He had actually enjoyed most of last night. What could she do to him that was so bad? “OK I agree. What do I have to do?”

“Remove your clothes and hand them to me.”

Michael took off his shirt, tie, shoes, pants, and socks and handed them to her.

“Underwear too” she said holding out her hand. He slipped his shorts off and stood naked before her. She took his clothes and locked them in her closet. “If you want to see your clothes again you must do everything I say.”

Dana then removed her suit jacket, blouse, and skirt. She had on a red bra, matching thong panties, and a red garter belt and stockings. She removed her glasses and shook down her hair. She removed a harness of some sort from her drawer and strapped it around her waist and under her crotch. It had a circle on the front with a small prong sticking out.

“Do you know what this is for?” she asked. He shook his head no.

She pulled out a large dildo from her drawer. “See this dildo”? It fits right on this prong here.” She snapped the dildo into place. It jutted out at least 8 inches in front of her.

“As your punishment, I am going to fuck your ass with this. But first I am going to clean you out. I don’t want you getting shit all over my dildo.”

He started to protest but she quickly reminded him of their agreement. She unbuckled the harness, placed it on her desk and led him into her bathroom. She had a rubber hose bag hanging from a hook on the wall. She took it down and filled it with warm soapy water. She told him to get on the floor on his hands and knees.

She traced a finger around his anus. He felt something cool squirt on it. Then he felt her finger pressing in his tight hole. It slipped in fairly easy. It actually felt kind of good. Maybe this wont be so bad he thought.

Dana removed her finger and he felt something larger try to part his asshole. Relax she told him. She continued to ease the nozzle in until it was a good six inches up his ass. He felt the tremendous need to shit. Then she got up and opened the valve. He felt the warm, soapy water flow into his bowels.

“I don’t think I can do this,” he told her. “I really have to go.”

“Stay there and be quiet. Don’t touch anything. I will be right back.”

She went to her office and lit another cigarette and poured another drink. She came back in and sat on the toilet. She removed her red panties and started to pee. He watched as she peed. She caught him looking and placed her panties over his head. Man did he look silly with the nozzle up his ass and her underwear on his head. She almost started laughing. She checked the bag and it was empty. She gave the nozzle a few good thrusts in his ass for good measure then removed it.

“Let me go now, please I am begging you.” Michael cried.

“Not yet” was all she replied.

Finally after a few minutes that seemed like hours she got off the toilet and helped him on it. The first sound she heard was the water pissing out of his ass. This was followed by several enormous blasts as the digested jumbo burgers were sent to a watery grave.

When he finished she told him to get in the shower. She sprayed the hand held shower wand on his ass. She instructed him to soap up his fingers and stick them in his ass to clean it.

She dried him off and led him back into her office. She strapped the harness back on and told him to lie in the chair on his back with his legs spread wide over the arms of the chair. She applied some lube to his ass and to the fake cock. He looked closely at it. There was no way she was going to get that all the way up his ass.

She rubbed his cock gently as she eased the big rubber dong up his ass. It went in about an inch and stopped. She kept pushing slowly as Michael let out a loud yelp. All of a sudden it slid in a few more inches.

“Yeow” he cried. “That hurts.”

“Shhhhhh” she said. She kept pushing until the big cock was all the way up his ass. He was in pain but it also felt good. She continued to stroke Michael’s cock. He was moaning in pleasure now.

“Tell me when you feel like you are going to cum.,” she told him.

“I….I…. soon” was all he could say.

She undid the dildo from the harness leaving it in his ass. She leaned down and took his hard cock in her mouth and sucked it all the way down to the bottom. That was it for him. He shot load after load of hot come in her mouth and she shoved the dildo in and out of his asshole.

When his cock began to soften in her mouth she pulled away. She got up on his lap and straddled him and kissed him on the lips. Then he realized she was transferring his load from her mouth to his. He tried to spit it out but she held her mouth on his and pinched his nose shut so he would have to swallow.

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