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Anything Pt. 01: Opening

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Female Ejaculation

This is part 1 of a 2-part story, but the second part isn’t necessary in order to enjoy this one.

“This is it,” said Daye Novak, her blue eyes alight with excitement. She shoved the screen of her phone in front of Alden Gardner’s face so forcefully that he had to shift back to try to read it. “The Young Artists Exhibition,” she continued. “It’s in a month.”

Alden squinted at the screen. “It is in a month,” he replied. “That’s soon. You’re saying this is what you want to use as your exhibit? I thought you were going to do the one at the Met.”

“The Met one is 4 hours only on a Tuesday afternoon,” Daye grumbled. “This is 2 nights on a long weekend.” The corners of her lips turned up into a smile. “And it’s in Daytonaaaa,” she sing-songed.

“I know where it is, Daye. It’s kind of a big deal,” said Alden. “Are you sure you aren’t just trying to go to the beach?”

“It doesn’t hurt that it’s at the beach, but that’s not the only reason,” said Daye. “I want to go because it’s the best and I want to be the best.”

Alden removed his glasses and rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand.

“And you’re the best,” Daye persisted.

Alden exhaled laughter through his nostrils and looked around the art studio at her most recent paintings. “You’re a pest,” he smiled. “You’re right about YAE. It’s a lot of good exposure and your artwork would be a big hit.”

Daye pumped her fist in premature celebration.

“But it’s nearly impossible to get into,” said Alden, “especially a month before the exhibit. Daye, young artists vie for a showcase over a year ahead. And you-know-who is the one who schedules it.”

“Oh,” said Daye, “you mean what’s-her-face with the hipster glasses?”

“Kalinda Sandusky-Caligino,” Alden affirmed ceremoniously.

“But don’t you know her? Can’t you pull some strings?” asked Daye.

Alden laughed nervously. “Well, I know her, but…”

“But?” pressed Daye.

“But I don’t know her THAT well,” Alden explained.

Daye widened her eyes. “She lives in your apartment building, Mr. Gardner. You sure you can’t pull some strings?” She swiveled back and forth on her heels, playing with a strand of her brown hair in a way Alden never quite knew how to take.

“You know you’re dangerous, right?” said Alden. “I’ll try,” he relented as he walked away toward the door of the art studio.

“You’re the best,” Daye called out.

Alden laughed quietly to himself. “Yeah, we’ll see.”

He knew he had to try. Alden wasn’t usually one to take on students. His own early career had brought him great success, beginning in the studio and eventually leading to concepts for movies and TV. He could now pick and choose assignments and those assignments usually didn’t include teaching anyone. But, when a costume designer named Gabby Novak put her daughter’s artwork in front of him, Alden saw potential he rarely saw. It didn’t hurt that she was willing to pay him well for instructing Daye.

Like many artists, Daye didn’t immediately take to concentrated instruction, but Alden pushed her, and eventually she was more open to guidance. For the most part, she was easy to teach, enjoyable to be around, Manavgat Escort Bayan with a good sense of humor. By now, he had instructed her in painting and design for 2 years. The result of that instruction was a body of artwork that would easily outshine anyone else who was applying for scholarships that year.

Alden resolved to be a better instructor than some of the teachers he had when he was young. At 47, he had a lot of experience to pull from, and he recognized that not every lesson he had to impart was directly related to painting and design. His career had consumed his younger years, taking him down some difficult roads. He married in his young 20s and was divorced before he had reached 30 years old. He parted ways with a lot of good friends to satisfy his ambitions. For all the success Alden had earned, he hadn’t been as good to others along the way as he could have been. He didn’t want it to take 29 years for Daye to learn that lesson.

– – –

“I don’t know why you’re still asking,” said Kalinda Sandusky-Caligino as she shook her head, her dyed-red, perfectly bobbed hair colliding with the thick, sky blue frames of her hipster glasses. “It’s in a month. I don’t know what you think I can do at this point.”

“Kalinda,” Alden insisted, blocking the front door of the apartment building. “Kalinda.”

“What, Alden?”

“I happen to know you keep a position open until the last minute,” he said.

“I do no such—”


“Fine. Yes. Okay, I do, but what makes your student right for my exhibit?” She lit up a cigarette and took a deep drag.

“Her artwork,” Alden shrugged. “You’ve seen it. You know. And you know the exhibit will be better with her art in it.”

“Look,” said Kalinda, as she let a trail of smoke escape her lips, “No doubt she’s talented.”

“And she belongs in that show,” Alden persisted.

Kalinda stopped and looked him in the eye. “Perhaps.”

“You’ve been in this business as long as I have,” said Alden. “You know how important a show like this can be. Daye is ready.”

She paused to consider. “You really believe in her.”


“And you vouch for her work.”


“And you’re willing to do what it takes to see her succeed.”

“Yes,” said Alden. “Anything.”

Kalinda threw her cigarette down and ground it out with her shoe. She looked up at Alden and smiled. “You’re buying me dinner.”

Alden smiled back. “Do you like Italian?”

– – –

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Kalinda called out to the darkened bedroom. Alden could taste the red wine aroma that emanated from her lips. Her gawdy red nails ran down the center of his back. “Mmm, yes. Fuck me!” she spurred him on, breathing out dirty talk over the sound of rustling sheets and slippery skin. “I have your opening right here.”

If the double meaning was intentional, it was perfectly timed comedy. Alden didn’t want to risk laughing at the wrong moment, so he pressed his lips tightly to the nipple of Kalinda’s right breast and then forcefully thrust deep into her pussy.

“Oh, fuck!” Kalinda screamed. “Yes! Fill me with your cock!”

He plunged into Manavgat Escort her again and again, picking up his pace. With each push, pleasure coursed through Kalinda and she cheered him on, encouraging his continued motion. “Your dick feels so good in my cunt. Violate me, you fucking stud.”

Somehow, it had the desired effect. Alden found himself bucking wildly against her, driving his hard rod deep into her and satisfying her dripping, hot pussy. “Fuck yes,” he heard himself say aloud. “Take my dick, slut.”

Kalinda called out again “Yes! Fill me. Give me your hard—”

Alden stopped her lips with his, plunging his tongue between them and battling her tongue within their joined mouths. Her hands grasped his ass and pulled him even tighter against her hips. She parted from his kiss to pant as she rose to orgasm, shouting again, this time in incoherent sounds that didn’t quite form words. Her pussy was clamped tight on his cock, raising his own arousal to orgasm levels.

Alden grunted as he shot his load into her.

Naked, sweaty and breathing heavily, their hands roamed over each other’s bodies. “Well,” said Kalinda, “that was certainly more than dinner.”

– – –

Fresh from the shower that following morning, Alden toured Kalinda’s apartment. Much like her fashion sense, the décor was every artsy urban fad on display, but her studio was in sharp contrast to that. Kalinda was a talented artist when she could avoid the pitfalls and tropes of the city’s art groupies. The work, which was sculpture and oils, showed originality. There was a reason she has been entrusted with some of the country’s leading exhibitions.

Kalinda finally emerged from her bedroom, yawning and scratching her head through her unnaturally red hair. She wore Alden’s button-down shirt and nothing else, a surprisingly conventional morning-after choice.

“Comfortable?” Alden asked?

“Satisfied,” she answered. Then, looking him up and down, she amended “for now.”

The light coming through the windows gave him a better look at his…acquaintance, associate, sexual something-or-other. For all her garish decoration, she was still a woman, equipped with everything necessary to entice a man under the right conditions. She was neither thin nor overweight. What extra weight she did carry was in reasonable portions and placement for a woman in her late forties. Her breasts were slightly larger than average, and he could see them sag naturally behind the thin material of his shirt. She rounded at her hips and her bare thighs were the ample fare of someone who didn’t have much time for exercise. The sloppy job she did buttoning his shirt revealed the small but untended patch of hair between her legs, which…did not match the curtains.

She was wearing those stupid thick glasses again and Alden wondered why he was even there. Kalinda was definitely not his type, and he definitely had no romantic feelings toward her, nor she, he suspected, toward him. And yet, as his eyes traveled down her barely hidden form, he could feel himself getting hard. The excitement of their current arrangement was doing the trick.

He approached and grabbed Escort Manavgat the glasses from her face in a quick motion, pressing his mouth to hers in a lust-filled kiss. She kissed him back with the same ferocity. Pretense and subterfuge were vanishing. Alden suspected that Kalinda was on to his motive for sleeping with her, was okay with the game, and was turned on by it. Somehow, that made it hotter and dirtier.

He unbuttoned the few properly completed buttons of the shirt she wore, letting it fall open. His hands ran down over her nipples so that they hardened with his touch. Kalinda fumbled at Alden’s zipper, going after her prize like it would get away if she didn’t seize it soon. Once she did, she knelt, with Alden’s erect cock firmly in her hand. Her lips teased the tip, and she wetted them with the slick pre-cum of his arousal.

She slid her lips over his shaft, sucking on his dick as though she’d hungered for it for a long while. Perhaps she had, Alden thought. As her saliva dripped down his pole onto his balls, it occurred to him that perhaps he’d hungered for this too in a way. His intention was to convince Kalinda to give Daye the open spot at the YAE and, as soon as the opportunity arose, he decided that sex was the best way to do that. Not one other method of persuasion crossed his mind. Alden had to admit to himself that there was some perverse part of himself who wanted this as much as Kalinda did.

Humming moans escaped her and mixed with wet, slippery sounds as she serviced Alden’s dick. Her submissive posture in this act was not lost on either of them. It heightened the experience until their sexual desire became too much to hold back. Kalinda rose to her feet and kissed Alden again.

He turned her toward the thick, wooden dining room table and she bent at the waist, her pussy on display, glistening with anticipation as she leant over the table. Alden lined up his cock, still dripping with Kalinda’s saliva, and pushed into her waiting hole. He fucked her as hard as he could, holding tightly to her hips. “Ohhhh, fuck!” he shouted. “This feels so fucking good.”

“Yes!” shouted Kalinda, her tits pressed against the surface of the table, her pussy drilled again and again by Alden. “Give me what I want!”

Alden smacked her ass with his palm. “You want this?”

“Yes. Fuck yes!” she exclaimed. “I want it. Give it to me.”

“Give me what I want,” said Alden.

Kalinda smiled, recalling their conversation outside the apartment the evening before. “Anything,” she answered.

For all her dirty talk, that one word was the hottest thing she had said to him. “You know what I want,” he replied, driving his dick deep into her pussy and holding it there. “Do we have an agreement?”

Kalinda panted, a smile of mischief and pleasure on her face. It confirmed his suspicions. She understood his motivation from the beginning and used it to her own advantage.

Alden drove hard into her again. “Do we?”

He started pumping hard and fast into her, not letting up. “Do we have an agreement?” He could feel the pressure building inside him, traveling the length of him as he fucked Kalinda. Her pussy was tensing again, and Alden could no longer contain himself.

“Yesssss!” she screamed in ecstasy and Alden released at the same time. “Yes. Fuck yes.”

Alden remained inside her, reeling from his explosive orgasm.

Kalinda fought to catch her breath. “Yes,” she panted. “Yes, we do.”

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