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Anything For Mom Ch. 03

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Serena shifted her body and snuggled closer to Derek. She sought his eyes with hers. For a moment, before he looked shyly away, she saw awe in his beautiful green eyes. She smiled and gently caressed his cheek with her fingers. She lifted his chin so she could look into his eyes again, and this time he didn’t look away. Now she saw uncertainty underlying the wonder. She drew his lips to hers, kissed him softly. “My baby,” she murmured, her eyes searching his face. She brushed a strand of hair back on his forehead, looked back into his eyes.

Serena understood that whatever happened next would be critical to where they went from now on. She had led her son over a line. She couldn’t undo that, even if she wanted to. They could never go back to where they were even 12 hours before – not now, not after this particular Pandora’s Box had been opened. For the briefest of moments, she felt a surge of panic, fed by instinctive guilt, well up in her. But it passed as quickly as it rose up. Guilt and shame would surely destroy both of them, and she would not allow those feelings to take over. The only other option was to nurture what they had created when their bodies joined.

She continued caressing his face, searching him with her eyes. She could see that he was overwhelmed by what they had done, and he wasn’t emotionally prepared to do anything more than follow her down whatever path she chose. She kissed him again, this time dipping her tongue softly into his mouth. She pulled her lips away, but let her tongue linger and trace over his parted lips. He moved his hands tentatively over her back, instinctively stroking her soft skin lightly with the pads of his fingers. It sent a delicious shudder over her.

“My precious baby,” she said softly. “That was wonderful.”

The intensity of the experience left Derek emotionally vulnerable. In the moments after the ferocity of his orgasm faded, he felt frightened and uncertain. He half expected his mother to rise up in revulsion and scream out, “What have we done?” Instead, she turned to him and gathered him into her arms. Suddenly, he felt childlike, and it was a wonderful, warm, secure feeling, snuggled safely and intimately in his mother’s embrace. When she looked at him, he didn’t see revulsion or shame in her eyes. He saw love and happiness. He had made her happy, and more than anything else, that thrilled him. Now he sought her lips, and she kissed him deeply. When she pulled her lips away, he whispered, “Yes, it was wonderful.” He felt awkward and uncertain, but he understood instinctively it was what she wanted.

“You’re so beautiful,” she said as she caressed him.

He looked away shyly. “So are you.”

“You’re beautiful and you’re my baby.”

“Yes I am you’re baby.”

The importance of what he said was not lost on Serena. She drew his face to hers and kissed him, her tongue darting into his mouth, finding his tongue and dancing with it. She pulled her lips away and drew his tongue out, sucking the tip until he shuddered. She laughed softly, playfully. “You like that,” she teased gently.

“Uh huh.”

She kissed his forehead, his cheeks, letting her tongue brush his soft skin. “That really was your first time?” she whispered.

Derek hesitated briefly, decided honesty was best. “Uh huh, it really was.”

Serena hugged him tightly, pressing her body against his, loving the way it felt to have him close to her. “I’m glad,” she said. “I never would have thought so. A beautiful young man like you, I’d think the girls would be drooling over you.”

Derek shrugged uncomfortably, unsure where this was going. “Sort of. I mean, you know I’ve had girlfriends. It’s not like I never got close.”

She smiled at his defensiveness and quickly kissed him. “It’s OK baby, I’m not criticizing. I’m just curious. You really are beautiful, and in this day and age I would think it would be almost automatic.”

“Well, I have come close, twice. With Cindy and another girl you never met.”

Serena remembered Cindy, a girl he’d dated with some degree of seriousness through his senior year in high school. “What happened?” she asked tenderly. “You can tell me.”

“Well,” he said, hesitating. “Both times it got to the point where we about to do it. But then….I…ummm….I guess I’m too big, ‘cause they got scared and made me stop.”

Serena smiled. “Well, you certainly are very well equipped,” she teased. “But it must have been terribly frustrating – to get so close, have your blood all up, then be pushed away.”

“It was,” he admitted.

“I’ll never do that to you. I’ll be your girlfriend,” she said playfully, “and you won’t have to worry about that.”

Derek wasn’t sure how serious she was, but it was stimulating. His groin began to glow again, his cock responding. He slid his hand down her back and tentatively cupped her firm bottom. “You know, I’m glad now that it didn’t happen with either of them.” He was about to say something that, for him, was very profound, and he flushed nervously. Isparta Escort “I’ve always dreamed that my first time would be with you, it’s something I’ve dreamed about for as long as I knew what sex was.”

Serena gently nudged him with her body until he was on his back. She snaked one long, sleek leg over his leg, and pressed her sticky mound against his thigh. Propped on her elbow, she traced her fingers over his muscular chest and looked into his eyes. There was an innocent earnestness in face. She said tenderly, “I’m glad I’m the first one to have you. I wish I’d seen it sooner. I’ve spent the last few years so wrapped up in my own issues that I haven’t paid as much attention to you as I should have. But that won’t happen ever again. I promise.”

She snuggled her mound against him, and found his cock with her hand. He was more erect than not, and the instant she lightly encircled her hand around him, he shuddered and grew. She slid her hand up and down, barely touching him at first, then taking his engorged head in her hand and lightly, teasingly massaged him. He moaned softly. “Oh mama,” he trembled.

She brushed her parted lips over his, her tongue darting quickly to tease his tongue, and then she settled her mouth on his. She lightly ran her open palm up and down the underside of his rigid cock, making him tense up. When she pulled her mouth away with a wet smack, she murmured, “We can’t do anything about the past, but it doesn’t matter. We can do something about right now; we can make up for what might have been.”

Derek was seized suddenly by an overwhelming need to be in his mother again, but under it, a fear gripped him. Earlier, the fear had been there, but his passion overwhelmed it. Now, he had to voice it. “Mom, I need to ask you something.”

Serena sensed what was coming. She continued stroking him lightly. “Yes baby? Ask anything you want.”

“Um, Mom, am I, like, going to get you pregnant or anything?”

Serena gave a throaty laugh. “No baby. We don’t have to worry about anything like that. I had my tubes tied a long time ago, when you were very young. I decided you were the only baby I wanted. We have nothing to worry about except enjoying ourselves.”

“Thank God,” he sighed, his fear dissolving.

Serena rolled onto her back, gently directing him on top. She parted her legs, and pulled him close. She kissed him again, her tongue snaking wickedly into his mouth. She moved restlessly, caressing him, tracing her tongue over his soft cheeks. Her passion was flowing easily, her hunger sharp and demanding. “I love to fuck,” she purred into his ear. “I love fucking more than anything else, especially someone as beautiful as you. Fuck me.”

Oh God! When she talked like that it touched something primitive in him. Derek felt clumsy, even leaden, and a dream-like haze settled over him. His being seemed centered in his cock and balls. His muscles trembled and spasmed, his body ravaged by a surge of raw sexual energy. He clumsily climbed between her legs. Serena smiled at his awkwardness, at the primal forces driving him. She drew her legs back, used one hand to probe and expose her swollen glistening cunt, nudging her clit as she did. She was fully open for him, eager for his offering. “Fuck mommy,” she murmured. “Come to me.”

Derek gasped, “Oh Mom!” He held his big, rigid cock in his hand and he went to her. It was like a dream where his fingers couldn’t dial the phone in a desperate situation. But he moved on lowering to her. Serena let him move without interference. She simply lifted her hips. With a shaky gasp, he nudged his throbbing head between her lips, moved to enter her. Panting, he managed to say, “Is that right, mommy? Am I in the right place.”

Serena let out a thrilled cry as he parted her. “Oh yes baby! Exactly right! Perfect!”

Derek fell onto his hands, and as he did, he instinctively thrust forward, burying his eager cock in her slick cunt. They both cried out as he slid into her, his cock embraced in the heated liquid silk of her pussy. Serena reached up and took his face in her hands, her eyes wild and passionate. “Fuck me!” she demanded, lifting to take all of him. He moved back and burst forward again, the head of his cock brushing roughly against her most intricate and tender inner spots, making her whole body spasm. Now he moved his hips in a sort of jerky rythym, his cock sliding in her tight grasp. Each stroke sent thrills of pure physical pleasure through her body. She watched his face melt into pure rapture, the sounds of his groans and gasps sweet music to her. Her own body arched and pulsed.

“Ohhh Momma! Momma!” he panted. “I’m gonna cum! Can’t hold it!”

She arched her head back. Her own orgasm boiled up from the depths of her pelvis, crashing in warm waves over her. She felt her entire being open to take his sperm. They both flailed their hips in a frantic dance. Derek collapsed inside as his spunk burst up his cock and into his mother. Thrust and pump, Isparta Escort Bayan thrust and pump in incoherent waves, one after the other.

When it was over, he hung on his hands and knees over her, shaking uncontrollably, his cock nestled in the sticky, gooey bath of her cunt. Serena was breathless, trembling. Had he been able to keep going, she would have cum again. But this was OK. She took his head in her hands and smiled up at him. The look of awe was on his face again. At last, he collapsed on her, his face buried between her breasts, and she lovingly embraced him with her arms and legs.

They lay together for a long time, their breathing slowly becoming normal, savoring the afterglow of their passion. Derek’s mind raced with unconnected thoughts, unable to process what had happened today, but he felt good and drowsy under it all. It felt good to be in her arms. Serena was delighting in the image of Derek’s face at the moment of his orgasm. That look, the beatific ecstasy in his eyes, pleased her even more than her own orgasm pleased her.

At last, Derek sensed it was time to get off her. It couldn’t be comfortable to have his full weight on her small body. Still, he was reluctant to leave her embrace. His cock had dwindled, but wasn’t quite flaccid. They both winced when he backed out, and as soon as he pulled free, sperm and nectar trickled from her in a rivulet and puddled on the bedsheets. He lay next to her, snuggling close, his hand resting just above her mound. “Did I do OK?” he asked a little timidly.

Serena laughed. “Oh, baby, honey! You did just fine! I haven’t had such intense fucks in a long time – a very long time. Don’t worry baby, you’re wonderful. In time, I’ll teach you new things, but this is perfect right now.”

Derek took her words in and rolled them around his mind. “In time, I’ll teach you new things.” The enormity of that statement struck him. A part of him still expected her to suddenly come to her senses and end what they were doing before it got completely out of hand. But what she was saying suggested she did not intend that today would be a one-time surrender to passion. Could it be?

Serena sat up. “I need a cigarette,” she announced. “You don’t smoke, and I pray you never will, but I do, whether we like it or not, and it’s true, a cigarette after sex is perfect.” She rose from the bed gingerly. “Yikes,” she said looking at where she had lain. “I guess we made a mess.” The sheet had a large wet spot, with intriguing clumps of pearlescent semen spotted about the stain.

Derek didn’t know what to say, so he just watched as she glided into the kitchen and got a cigarette. He lay on the bed naked, still somewhat shy about being so exposed yet, it excited him in a way he didn’t understand. Now that he’d had his first taste, now that his long dream was actually happening, he was in the grips of his hormones and his instincts. He liked the way she talked, so blatant and sexily coarse. No matter how much he’d fantasized about his mother as a sexual being, actually seeing and experiencing her that way was infinitely more stimulating.

She climbed back onto the bed and leaned back against the headboard. “The cleaning lady is in for a surprise when she washes these sheets,” Serena said humorously.

Derek chuckled. “I didn’t realize it would be so messy,” he said as he laid his head in her lap.

She smiled and ran her free hand through his soft hair. “Messy is good, very good.” She took a drag from her cigarette as she looked down at him. A surge of intense love washed over her. She saw so much of his father in him: the beauty, the energy, the passion, and all the things that had drawn her to the man. But she saw none of his father’s flaws in Derek. It had taken her a long time to understand some of the things that drove Derek’s father. As passionate as he could be, there had always been casualness to his passion, a vague arrogance. As long as she could be a full-time and enthusiastic partner in passion, he was there. When their relationship suddenly demanded more, he was gone. She sensed none of that in Derek. She had always known his devotion to her was strong. In some ways, it was a little frightening. As things stood now, she was tapping that devotion for her own selfish needs. She sighed. Right now, that didn’t matter. She was every bit as carried by her primal lusts as Derek was, and now that they were unleashed, there was no use fighting them. Later would take care of itself.

She stubbed out her cigarette and stretched contentedly before sliding down and gathering Derek in her embrace. “You really are so beautiful,” she said softly as they snuggled together.

Derek blushed, thinking he’d never get tired of her saying that. He gently slid his hands up and down her back, stroking her lightly. She shuddered under his touch. Her skin was so soft. He traced his fingertips along the sleek contours of her back, over the firm rise of her ass and down the crease between her legs where Escort Isparta she was hot and moist. She sighed happily, squirmed against him. He squeezed her upper thighs without actually touching her sex, and then drew his hands back up her side. He found her breasts with his hands, cupped them, marveling at their firmness. He stroked the pads of his thumbs over her nipples, making them erect and drawing a shuddery moan from her.

He continued gently massaging her breasts, fascinated. Even as a young child, he’d been mesmerized by her breasts. He could remember times when seeing her in a particularly tight top would make his insides squirm in a way that was intensely pleasurable, yet beyond understanding. Hesitantly at first, he lowered his head and nuzzled between her breasts, still stroking her nipples with his thumbs. She was breathing hard. She lifted one breast, the nipple a hard pink ruby. He stuck his tongue out and flicked it, then suckled it into his mouth, stroking his tongue over it. She let out a loud moan. His cock immediately swelled to full, throbbing erection.

He explored her with his mouth, rolling her nipple in his wet grasp, nipping softly, tugging. She buried her hands in his hair and restlessly combed her fingers over his head. “Mmmmmm,” she purred. “When you were a baby, sometimes it would make me so hot when you nursed, so hot I had to masturbate. And now it makes me even hotter. But I don’t have to masturbate,” she said as she reached down and took his pulsating cock in her hand.

He pulled back, her nipple held lightly between his teeth, stretching her out before letting her slip away and snap back. She gasped harshly. “No you don’t,” he said.

“Now,” she said as he hurried his mouth back to capture her again, “I can fuck you. And that’s just what I intend to do.”

Derek suckled her, rolling the hard nubbin of her nipple with his tongue, and fleetingly wondered what her milk had tasted like. He wanted to be back in her again, back in her silky embrace.

Serena stroked Derek’s cock, making him sigh and moan softly against her breast. He twirled his tongue around her nipple, snapped over it, and each move of his tongue sent bright beacons of warmth shuddering over her. He squeezed her other breast gently, again delighting in its fullness, then he slowly ran each finger over her nipple. She closed her eyes and arched forward, moaning softly. His touch was incredible, so loving and intimate. She wondered how he knew to suckle and fondle her breasts the way he was, exactly the way she found the most arousing.

“My baby,” she whispered softly. “My sweet baby… Mommy’s baby.” She squeezed his shaft firmly, feeling the energy pulsing through him. His touch and his kisses were driving her wild. Her body pulsed with each throb of her heart. Her cunt swelled and flushed, sending a fresh flow of nectar surging out. She needed him again.

Serena subtly used her body to nudge him onto his back. She pulled her shoulders back, her breast snapping wetly from his mouth, and it glistened in the dim light. Both were breathing hard, nearly panting. She let go of his cock and quickly straddled him. She looked down at him, her eyes ablaze, and saw again the awe mixed with naked lust on his face.

Serena lifted her hips and moved over his cock. He reached between them and took his cock in his hand, a whining moan slipping from him. Serena slipped a hand between her own legs, gliding over her slippery, wet mound and spread her labia. Her insides spasmed hotly the instant she touched herself, and with a frantic, wavering moan, she thrust down to take him. The rounded, pulsing head of his cock crashed against her and she wriggled to take him. They both groaned as they came together, like two cars of a train coupling. “Oooohhh baby!” she gusted, lowering onto him. So big! So hard! He stretched her to the most delicious limits as she rocked her hips and impaled herself on him. She paused, rocking on him, and my God! Didn’t that touch some long hidden spots!

Panting, Serena leaned forward onto her hands and knees. “You OK baby?” she said, her voice edged and raspy.

“Oh Mom!” he whimpered, thrusting up. His hands automatically went up and cupped her breasts, and as he found them, she rocked her hips in slow strokes. Each up and down stroke sent shivers of intense pleasure rippling through her. She moaned and cried as she fucked him. Her first orgasm came quickly, bursting sharply through her like a jolt of electricity, and for a second, all she could do was bounce on him in short frantic spasms. The orgasm shuddered over her entire body, leaving her even more keyed up then before.

Panting, she tossed her hair back and leaned forward so she was lying fully on him. He wrapped his arms around her, they kissed frantically, tongues wrestling, and their hips began flail. The short, instinctive movements drove both of them wild, his cock in her tight embrace with no room to move. Serena began to move her hips in short, rapid bounces, and Derek mirrored her. His cock was in her cunt as snugly as a cork in a bottle, yet fluid seeped out and spread between them. In a few seconds, they found a rythym, her bouncing on him, Derek pushing his hips up and down. They were still too overwhelmed by raw passion to do more than fuck with animal abandon.

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