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Any Given City

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Nola loved her job, but she wasn’t always so keen on the traveling and today had not gone well. She has been working this case for months and thought it was a slam dunk. She’d done all the work, the endless hours analyzing data and pouring through boxes of records. She had witnesses ready. She had a meeting with the assistant district attorney next week to present the case.

Today’s twist left Nola uncertain. To prove fraud, you have to prove intent. Otherwise, all you have is a civil matter. While recovering money for the company is a good outcome, this scoundrel really needed to see the inside of a cell.

Nola pushed the food around on her plate. She’d decided to have dinner at the hotel bar and lounge rather than go back out.

There he was again. A few tables over sat the handsome blonde from the lobby who’d first caught her attention when she was checking in two days ago. Since then, she has bumped into him several times in passing, and once literally. As she was getting off the elevator this morning, reading through her case notes as she went, she walked straight into him.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” she said, her cheeks flushing.

He had stunning grey eyes. Nola couldn’t move. He held her gaze and smiled. There was something knowing in his smile and she flushed again.

“Please. Don’t be,” he said.

Nola excused herself and walked away quickly, chastising herself for reacting like a school girl with a crush. That was so unlike her. By the time she got to her rental car, her pulse had returned to normal. She rolled her eyes and shook it off. Time to nab a crook.

Grey eyes was eating alone too. He looked up and caught Nola watching him. She quickly looked away, picked up her case file and opened it on the table in front of her. She flipped through a few pages and looked back to his table. Shit. He was still looking at her. He wore that same knowing smile from this morning. Her pulse quickened.

Nola kept her eyes on her file while she picked at her meal. She didn’t dare steal another glance because she was certain that now he was watching her. She didn’t notice when he got up until he was at her table. Thinking it was her server checking to see if she needed anything else, she looked up and found him instead. God, those eyes.

“Hello again.”

“Oh, hi,” she replied. “Sorry again for this morning. Don’t worry, though. I’m going to keep my reading stationary from now on.”

“Oh,” he smiled, looking her over slowly, “I’m not worried. Don’t work too hard.”


Later in her room, after recalculating the damages for a third time, Nola knew it was time to quit. It was getting late and she was tired, so she shuffled out of her jeans, unhooked her bra, pulled it through the sleeves of her t-shirt and crawled into bed.

Nola settled into the bed, pillows set all around her and closed her eyes. For a few brief minutes, all she thought about was how nice it felt to lie down, but then the spreadsheets and numbers were back in her mind. She wasn’t surprised. She often had trouble sleeping away from home. An orgasm usually helped, so she turned over onto her back and conjured the handsome, blonde stranger’s face.

She didn’t know what it was about his eyes and the way he smiled at her that made her feel so…naked. She took a deep breath and tried to picture his hands. From her collision with him, he certainly seemed solidly built, but in every encounter she’d had with him, she could never break his gaze.

Nola ran her hands over her stomach and up her body to cup her full breasts. She began to knead them, softly at first and then increasing the pressure. With her fingertips, she stroked her nipples, encouraging them to stand up. She slid one hand down to her pussy and, open palmed, began slowly massaging herself through her panties. Again she tried to picture his hands while delicately tracing the folds of her pussy with her fingernails.

It wasn’t working, though. Thoughts of the day kept breaking through and before she knew it, she was making to do lists in her head.

Nola sighed. Time for plan B. Alcohol.

She dressed and headed down to the hotel bar. A couple of vodka martinis ought to do the trick. The bartender set her drink down and walked away. Nola swiftly finished her drink and the bartender was quick Kuşadası Escort to bring her another. The first one left her pleasantly warm and she took her time sipping at the second while staring at a muted CNN on the television mounted above the bar.

Nola didn’t hear him approach. She felt him standing much too close behind her before he spoke.

“Calling it a day?” He spoke softly, but his voice was deep.

The hairs on her neck stood up. Nola turned and found him, smiling confidently as ever, a beer in hand and eyes focusing intently on hers.

“I’m Paul,” he said, setting his drink down and extending his hand.

“Nola,” she replied, tentatively taking his hand.

“Nice to meet you, Nola,” he said, sitting down next to her without releasing her hand. “That’s a beautiful name.”

“Thank you. It was my grandmother’s.”

The bartender came over and set a fresh beer down on the table without asking and then looked to Nola. She still had almost half of a martini in front of her, so she waved her hand, indicating she was fine.

“She’ll have another,” Paul said.

Nola started to object, but the bartender was quickly off. She turned to Paul and immediately forgot what she was going to say. They sat in silence, sipping their drinks. He never took his eyes off of her.

The bartender returned, setting the fresh martini on the table. Paul pushed it closer to her and subtly ran a finger from her forearm to her wrist and then to her hand. Taking it in both of his, he broke the silence.

“That is a beautiful ring,” he said, tracing her hand with his fingers.

His touch sent shivers through her, fueling the heat growing in her breasts and pussy.

“Thank you. It was also my grandmother’s.”

“So, shall we?”

“Shall we what?” Nola asked.

“Go to your room.”

“Excuse me?” she stuttered. Nola felt hot, dizzy. Aroused. This was so surreal, but he meant it. There was nothing predatory about his proposal. His eyes were pure desire.

“Was I wrong?” he asked with that smile that said he knew he wasn’t.

Nola couldn’t speak. He sat watching her for a moment, unabashed, then stood and left without a word. Nola’s pulse was racing. He wasn’t wrong. But at least now she didn’t have to decide. He’d left. She was both relieved and disappointed. Her pussy was wet and yearning for attention. She flagged the bartender to pay her tab, but he explained that the gentleman had already taken care of it.

Nola took a few minutes to steady her heart and clear her head, then made her way to the elevator. It was late and she was the only one waiting. She took her room key out and fiddled with it in her hand. She heard footsteps approaching, but didn’t turn to look.

Before she could react, his arms were around her and a large, firm hand closed around the hand in which she held her room key. He pressed his body to hers, leaned forward and ran his mouth and nose along her neck to her ear.

“Mmmm,” he whispered, his lips brushing the edge of her ear, “you smell good.”

Nola didn’t resist. She was overcome with panic and longing at the same time. Her heart was pounding in her ears. She placed her free hand on the wall above the elevator call button to steady herself.

Sensing her tension, he turned her around, softly kissed her lips and whispered, “I’m not going to hurt you. I won’t do anything you don’t want me to.”

The elevator doors opened and he broke his embrace but kept his hold on her hand and room key. He ushered her into the elevator without a word, pressed her floor number and turned to face the closing doors.

When the doors opened on Nola’s floor, he led her off the elevator and paused in the hall.

“Which way?” he asked casually.


He led Nola towards her room as if they were a long-time couple turning in for the night. He stopped outside her door, took the key from her hand, and went inside ahead of her.

Nola followed, closing the door until it just touched the jamb but did not snap into place. Paul was standing by one of the armchairs, toying with the stockings Nola had abandoned there earlier. He walked to where she stood.

“Hi again,” he said silkily, bringing a hand to her face and brushing his fingers along her jaw, down her neck and then back up to Kuşadası Escort Bayan repeat the path.

With his other hand, he took one of Nola’s and raised it to his face. Pressing her palm to his cheek, he closed his eyes and guided her hand along, encouraging her to caress his chin, his lips. The hot tingling between her legs had spread and was coursing throughout her entire body now. His fingers delicately tickling her neck were almost too much to take. Nola’s breath was shallow and her legs felt weak.

When his next rotation found Nola’s fingers on his lips, he sucked them into his mouth and Nola groaned. He stopped stroking her neck, captured her free hand, brought it to his mouth and did the same. When Nola closed her eyes, he stopped. She opened them and a surge of desire overtook her as Paul, in one swift movement, laced his fingers in hers and thrust her against the door, which snapped shut with an audible click.

Pinning her arms against the door, he kissed her hungrily. Nola’s heart raced as she returned the kiss and tested his will, pushing back against the hands confining her. He held his ground and parted her lips with his tongue, kissing her deeply, pressing his body to hers.

Paul eased his grip on one of her hands, setting her fingers free and gently clasping her wrist. He led her hand to his side, then down to his hip and across to his bulging cock. Nola gasped. Her nipples were so hard and desperate for attention. Her clit had a pulse of its own. She gripped his shaft firmly and began to massage him slowly through his khakis. He grunted his pleasure and she rewarded him by pulling his cock tight. She pinned the head between her fingers and pressed her thumb to the tip, stroking firmly.

He set her other hand free and kissed a path from her mouth to her ear and whispered, “You’re an angel.”

Nola’s pussy was drenched. She wanted nothing but to feel him penetrating her. She released his cock and clawed at his back. They made their way to the bed.

Paul kicked off his shoes and sat on the edge of the bed. Grasping her hips, he pulled her to him. Nola removed her top and he buried his face in her stomach, planting feathery kisses on her skin, tracing her navel with his tongue. He ran his hands along her sides and up to her breasts, stroking her hard nipples with his thumbs. Nola moaned and tilted her head back as he ran his fingers over the exposed flesh along the waist of her jeans.

Nola removed her bra as he unzipped her jeans and pulled them off, along with her panties. He paused to look at her with those smoldering grey eyes and said, “I have wanted you from the moment I saw you.”

Paul took his time examining her soft flesh, her calves, the sensitive skin on the back of her knees. He ran his hands down the front of her thighs and slowly up the back of them while kissing and teasing her nipples with his tongue. He gripped her ass with both hands, pulling her closer still. Nola tightened her grip on his hair as he burrowed further into her breasts and slid his fingers along the part of her ass to her dripping pussy.

This was unbearable. Nola gripped his shoulders, closed her eyes and rested her forehead on the top of his head. Her legs were visibly shaking.

She straightened herself and tugged at his firm arms, coaxing him to stand. Nola helped him slip off his shirt and then unbuttoned his pants and eased them down, freeing his swollen cock.

Nola knelt in front of him, pulled his khakis all the way off and tossed them aside. Placing her hands on the back of his calves, she began a long, slow journey with her tongue. Starting at the side of his calf, Nola flattened her tongue against his leg and deliberately licked her way to the mid-point of his inner thigh. There she stopped, sucking his flesh into her mouth, marking him as hers. Paul winced as she tugged at his skin one last time before releasing it.

She gently licked the bright red mark on his thigh and continued her journey up his leg with the tip of her tongue, settling into the space where his leg met his groin and sucking softly. Paul moaned and the muscles in his legs tightened as she lightly ran her fingernails up and down his ass. She brushed her lips over his balls and his cock twitched, yearning for more.

Nola playfully licked his balls and Escort Kuşadası ran her tongue up and down his shaft. The feeling was exquisite.

“You have the tongue of a kitten,” he moaned, cupping her head in his hands and tangling his fingers in her long hair.

Nola licked her lips, wrapped one hand around his penis and brought her mouth to its head. He placed a hand over hers and whispered, “Wait.”

Paul guided her from her knees to a standing position. Wrapping his arms around her, he just kissed her for several minutes, allowing both of their hearts to slow a bit. He then turned her around and eased her onto the bed.

Nola repositioned herself, parting her legs, ready for him to fill her. But he didn’t. He pressed her legs together and positioned himself over her. Nola whimpered her disappointment and he whispered, “Patience, doll.”

Paul leaned into her, kissed her navel and then brought his mouth to her slick mound. He rubbed his lips against her pussy and pressed his tongue between her labia, licking her slowly. Nola writhed beneath him, tugging at her own nipples. He gently sucked her budding clit in and out of his mouth and Nola cried out, longing to be opened, to be spread wide and filled.

Paul stopped and worked his way to her mouth, kissing her fervently, allowing her to taste her own musky scent on his lips. He moved to lie at her side and slid one hand down her body, over her pussy and down a leg. Grasping one leg, he parted her and Nola clawed at the back of his neck.

He pressed his face to the side of hers and slid a finger over her anxious clit, stopping at her vagina. He slowly pushed his finger in and out of her while expertly working her clit with his thumb.

Nola closed her eyes and surrendered to his touch. He slipped a second finger into her and increased his pace. He thrust his fingers into her as deeply as he could and bent his fingers forward, pressing firmly against her insides.

“Oh, fuck,” Nola cried much louder than she intended.

“Now is that any way for an angel to talk?” he breathed in her ear as he rubbed his thumb from side to side against her clit while maintaining the pressure inside her.

Nola lost it, a jolt of pleasure ripping through her like nothing she’d felt before. She closed her eyes tight, moaning loudly in a continuous song as she rocked her hips against his hand, her muscles contracting wildly. So that is what they mean by G spot, she thought, panting, on the verge of tears from the overwhelming sensations.

Nola’s mind snapped to the present and a new hunger filled her. She desperately wanted him to cum. She rolled herself on top of him and kissed him passionately.

“I want your cock in my mouth,” she growled as she started to work her way down his body.

Taking her arms firmly, Paul stopped her. She looked up at him, confused for a moment and then he rolled himself on top of her, raised his body and flipped her on to her stomach.

Placing his hands on her hips, he pulled her to her hands and knees and pressed his cock to her ass. Then, guiding it with one hand, he ran the head of his cock up and down the length of her dripping slit.

Nola leaned forward, resting her elbows on the bed and arched her back, opening herself to him. He positioned his cock at the entrance to her vagina and slowly guided himself in until their bodies were pressed firmly together.

“God, you’re so tight,” he groaned, gripping her hips.

Paul slowly withdrew until his cock was just barely inside her and then thrust himself deep within her. Nola rocked herself against him as he continued this slow torment. He increased his pace, ramming himself inside her while Nola felt another orgasm building.

Paul pressed his full weight against her, leaning into her and placing his hands next to hers on the bed. Nola’s muscles clamped onto his cock as he fucked her steadily, moaning into her neck and sending shivers down her spine.

Her pussy was raw from the friction. Every nerve in her body was on end. He reached one hand down to her clitoris and Nola exploded, giggling, tears streaming down her face, her body convulsing uncontrollably.

“Oh, god,” he moaned as his muscles tensed and he came hard, unloading his hot seed into her. “Oh, my god.”

Paul collapsed onto her, breathing heavily. Nola was still giggling. He gripped her breasts and pressed himself to her, closing his eyes. They lay like that for several minutes while their bodies relaxed.

Paul withdrew himself and wrapped himself around Nola.

“Goodnight, angel,” he whispered as they drifted off to sleep.

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