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Another Prison Story

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Thanks to all of you that provide comments and send emails. I read it all but unfortunately I’m not allowed to respond.


My friend Craig and I were supposed to be watching each other’s back but that only lasted as long as it took for him to make friends with a big dude on the bus ride to prison.

The first few hours after being in-processed into jail went fine. My three cellmates were other guys in on bullshit drug charges, all of us just looking to leave as small a footprint on the place as possible.

Trouble was that there were a bunch of hardened criminals shoved into the mix with those of us wanting to mark time and get the hell out. I met one that first afternoon in the cafeteria. My job was to wipe down the tables before chow.

As I entered, I saw a black guy sitting in an otherwise empty room. He had on the faded blue scrub top they issued us but was naked below except for a white towel around his waste.

He had his legs apart exposing a thick black cock and heavy nut sack. His legs were muscular. He looked like a porn statue with that dark black pipe hanging between his thighs. It was so outrageously raunchy for him to be sitting there like that no person could help but stare.

He looked at me looking down. I didn’t say anything. I just marched by him and walked up to the serving counter.

“Where do I get the towels to wipe down the tables?” I asked a guy dropping a tray of mashed potatoes into the steam table.

“Nave has them,” the guy said without looking up.

A wet towel hit me in the back of the head. Nave had another one. Now he was naked from the waist down. He walked up to the table nearest me with that cock swinging in the breeze.

“Get on your knees and wipe the seats,” Nave said. “I’ll let you slobber over it some more. Maybe I’ll let it swing around and slap your face a few times.”

I walked away from him and started wiping tables. After fifteen minutes of him pursuing me with his cock swaying between his legs, a guard came in and shouted, “Nave, get your fucking pants on.”

The guard turned his attention to me. “Bitch, did you have his dick in your mouth?”

“What?” I asked. “Fuck no.”

“Don’t get smart with me,” the guy said rushing to close the distance between us. “Did you touch it?”

“No,” I answered after taking a few steps back.

“Was it in your ass?”

“No, this is my first day. I just want to do what I’m told to do for the next ninety days and get out of here.”

After lunch, I tried to walk up on my cellmates in the common area and they ran me off. Ten minutes later a huge white dude covered in swastikas blocked the door to my cell.

“Now that you’re in play, which side are you going to play for?” he asked.

“In play?” I shouted. “What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Better use your inside voice bitch, or I’m not going to give you an option.”

“Look, that nigger came up on me naked,” I said trying to act tough. “What was I supposed to do?”

“What I would have done?” the guy answered closing in on me a little more.

I back up against the wall. “Yeah, I’m not as big as you and I’m not trying to get into any trouble. All I want to do is do my time.”

“Come here Lady Mike,” the guy said. A few seconds later a bitched out punk looking skinny black dude stepped into the cell. His shirt was tied up like a bra exposing his fat belly.

“Pull down your panties,” the skinhead said.

The punk dropped his pants and bent over exposing an asshole that was bigger than most pussies I’d ever seen.

“How many days you got left?” the skinhead asked.

“Fifteen on my sixty five day sentence,” Lady Mike answered.

“Was you a virgin your first night here?”


“Don’t blame us. I didn’t set up the prison system so that you bitches got to comply to get out in the shortest amount of time,” the skinhead said. “The Latinos will be over here next. Better get to deciding which color meat you think looks best in your mouth.”

The comment caused something to stir inside me. I didn’t want to admit that the feeling started between my legs. The image of Nave’s black cock was stuck in my mind but when I thought about it in my mouth, it made me sick. There was no way I was sucking a cock.

I walked out and asked to see the Captain on duty. He walked me to his office and shut the door.

“I need protective custody,” I said. “That Nave guy showed me his junk and now the gangs think I’m a punk.”

“You are a punk,” the Captain said. “Don’t try to play now that you’ve gotten yourself into trouble. The guard saw what was going on in the cafeteria. Unless something turns violent or we catch you getting it in the ass, there’s nothing we can do over a lover’s spat.”

“Then what do you expect me to do?” I asked. “That Nave guy is a fucking murderer. He’s twice my size.

“How much money do you have?” the Captain asked.

“A few hundred,” I said. “My parents bought a bunch of credits for the Cebeci Escort commissary. They’ll probably pay much more if it will get me out of this mess. How much do I need to come up with?”

“That’s plenty,” the Captain said. “You’re lucky because you’re already pretty by prison standards. Shave down. Pay one of the bitches to fix up your hair. Paint your nails. Get yourself some panties and buy him a pack of Chesterfields. He likes those. Douche real good and use lube. The guy’s got a horse cock.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I blurted out, “All this because I smoked a few joints?”

The Captain rocked back in his chair like the matter was settled. He picked up his pen and pointed it at me. “Oh, and he loves kissing,” the Captain said. “And you’ll have smoked more than a few joints by the time you get out of here, but these will be more than a mouthful and black as night.”

“What kind of place is this?” I shouted. “I’m not some kind of pacifier for these crazy psychos.”

The Captain stopped smiling. He pushed up to the edge of the desk and shoved his finger at me. “Fuck you, runnin’ game on you hoes keeps the crazy ones calm. Nave’s got a rap sheet full or murders and beat downs. A pacifier is exactly what you’ll be. You’ll be like a 90 day lollypop to occupy him. Why am I going to do something?”

I walked back to my cell and sat down. I put my elbows on my knees and covered my eyes trying to think of what to do. Seconds later I felt a presence in the room.

Nave stood in front of me with his dong inches from my face.

“Just say you like the way it looks and I’ll let you go,” he said. “Let me call you Sweetheart.”

“Dude, come on,” I said.

“You’re pretty with your cheeks all flushed like that,” Nave said. He extended his hand toward my face. In all the discussion I forgot there was a fat cock staring me in the face.

I turned my head away and asked, “Do you have to stand there naked?”

“Admit you liked what you saw and I’ll step away,” he said. “You might as well get your enjoyment out of sucking it. They’re all going to treat you like you have.”

“I really don’t care what people in here think. There’s a big difference between that and actually doing it.”

“Give me something,” Nave said, “Has anyone ever called you pretty before?”

I struggled deciding whether to answer and if I should tell the truth.

“Yes,” I said.

“I think you’re pretty too. I think you have a soft side to you and I’d like to see it, Sweetheart.”

Nave reached out again and touched my face. My cock got a little stiff. The heat of his hand made me tingle. He guided my face back to his cock. He didn’t touch me with it but I could smell it and feel it dominating me.

“I told the truth so should you,” he said. “Did you look a little too long at it?”

My mouth was dry, my heart raced. “Yes,” I said.

“And you don’t care what people in here think?” he asked.

“No,” I said.

“Well, I have to punk you or the skinheads or the Latinos or some of my other brothers will. You are way too pretty to stay away from,” he said. “Let me mark you in some way, and they’ll leave you alone.”

I thought he meant he was going to tattoo his name on me or brand me or something. He saw my fear and said, “Nothing permanent, Sweetheart. Let’s go back to my cell and I’ll cut your hair. Just shave it all off when you get out and no one will know a thing.”

What choice did I have? Nave had completely changed his attitude from earlier in the morning. The guy was going to protect me. He wasn’t one of these other slobbering fools that wanted to skull fuck me to death just to pass away the time. He was promising to treat me decently.

He stood over me and waited until I helped him put on his pants before we walked out together. It got quiet in the common area as I followed behind him to his cell.

It was a long walk. My mind kicked over or something. All the non-verbal cues from the other inmates suddenly screamed at me. Magically, I was able to tell a bitch from a daddy and all the ones undercover. I wondered what vibe I was throwing off but already knew the answer.

All the chafe fired out there to deceive was useless. I could see right through it now.

The days of walking tough were over. They all knew me whether or not they saw a dick in my mouth. Funny how easy it was to fool the outside world but there was no faking in prison. The world was muddled and segregated and stratified enough to begin with, but here, everyone was on the same level standing in the open juxtaposed against stark white walls.

The fact I followed Nave back to his cell in front of two hundred guys stripped away my manhood. I couldn’t have announced it and made it any clearer that I was surrendering all those things I’d spent nineteen years telling myself.

It was an odd struggle to figure out how to act. I didn’t want to make all those crazy exaggerated motions of the flamers. As I walked Kolej Escort I realized I’d been so busy being something I wasn’t I didn’t really know what I was. This was shit that was supposed to come out in therapy over years of analysis. Though I knew it to be true, I wanted time to swallow it, to accept it, before having to live the way I was.

“You go in the cell first,” Nave said. “From now on, you walk in front of me. You’re an orderly, clean girl, a sweetheart. You have good parents that took real good care of you. That’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to take good care of you.”

He stopped inside the cell. There were only a few inmates milling around but we were on the first floor facing out to the middle of where all the tables were and they were full. Everyone could see inside.

“Sit on your heels, Sweetheart,” Nave said. “Take off my pants.”

I started to say something but he said, “You are what you are.”

Without further argument, I dropped to my knees and sat back on my heels.

“That’s it,” he said. “Look up at me. Put your hands up on my waist and wait until I give you a nod.”

My cock raged hard as soon as I looked up. I fucked my share of girls and looked at porn on the internet but never got this hard. Touching a man’s waist made me even harder. I was panting my breaths by the time he allowed me to remove his pants. But believe me, I wasn’t enjoying any of it. How could I be revolted and hard as stone at the same time?

“That’s a good girl,” Nave said and ran his hand over my head like I was his lady. He had me kneeling in front of that monster cock of his looking up at him for a minute then said, “Worship it in your mind.”

They all saw me staring at that fat cock but there were no comments. It took a while but I finally let go of the outside world and looked at his black dick and those big balls. It was like a supermodel was in the room. I couldn’t stop staring at it. I hated to admit it, but I wanted to be near it and please it. Not like a decent looking girl, but like a real supermodel. My heart pounded at getting that close to it.

Nave stepped aside and said, “Stand up.”

When I did, all of them saw my cock poking up the material of my scrubs.

He pointed me to pull out a stool and told me to sit.

“I can’t believe no one is laughing at me,” I said.

“There’s bitches out there missing teeth that wish they’d done what you’re doing. There’s ones that did what you did behind closed doors that are happy to know they made the right decision. None of the bulls are gonna say nothing because what you just did makes it easy for all of us to punk those that thought they might make it.”

Nave retrieved scissors and a comb from a trunk at the end of the rack. His cell was much bigger because it only had a single set of bunk beds. It was so weird how things were coming to me but that’s the moment it hit me that I was on the way to being the woman of the house. This was more than sex.

“Did it make you feel feminine to get on your knees?” Nave asked as he put my head back into the sink and began washing my long brown hair.

“I guess.”

“Look, I’m trying to help you, Sweetheart. Answer me honest. Does it get you more excited to just start sucking cock or do you want to feel like a submissive little girl about it.”

“I like the way it feels when you tell me I’m pretty. I like the way it feels when you’re washing my hair, but I don’t want to be gay.”

Nave didn’t say any more. He scrubbed my hair twice with shampoo then put in conditioner and massaged my scalp. It felt so good it was hard not to moan. He finally rinsed me and gave me a towel to dry my hair. By the time he finished, I was getting used to be touched by a guy. It had never happened to me before that day. My dad acted weird when he shook my hand.

With expert motions, he cut my hair. I can’t deny how erotic it was or how I was getting used to that cock being so close to me. When he went to cut my bangs, he lifted my chin and had me look him in the eye with his cock just above my lips.

“Good girl,” Nave said. “You already look hot, Sweetheart. Do you want to look like a girl for me?”

He washed all the stray hair out and used a flatiron to straighten it. All the contraband in his cell, the cell’s location, he was a king bull in our cell block.

When Nave was finished, he looked down at all the hair on the floor. He moved up to my side. There was stray hair all over his cock.

My role was clear. He could have been a total asshole about it, but Nave stood waiting for me to settle it in my mind. I remained sitting on the stool and spun around to the sink. I put some of the shampoo into my hand. With soapy hands, I cupped his balls and began washing them. I ran water over his cock and balls until free of hair. I took a washcloth and wiped down his legs. When finished, the front of my scrubs were wet with my pre-cum.

Nave sat back on his bunk and I wiped his feet, then he watched Yenimahalle Escort as I wiped up the floor. It made me so hard, I don’t think my cock was ever so large.

When I finished Nave said, “Put your tongue down on the floor, Sweetheart. Then show it to me.”

I did.

“That’s how clean, baby. Now lick that toilet seat.”

I did.

“Understand, girl.”

“Yes,” I said.

“Stand up and look in the mirror,” Nave said.

He’d cut my long hair shoulder length with straight bangs. He’d stuck a powder blue hair band in it. “It looks good,” I said.

The shift commander ordered us to chow. I walked in front of Nave down the hall. A feminine sexy feeling came over me. I knew he was checking out my ass.

No one said a word to me. I felt protected and that thought got me tingling. He sat as soon as we entered the cafeteria. I filled a tray and served him.

“Go sit with the girls, Sweetheart,” Nave said in front of the table full of hard looking black men.

None of the bitches were eating. They were all ugly looking fags. It was all drama and calling each other bitch and acting stupid. After five minutes, I excused myself and went to the commissary.

“It’s forty five,” the guy said before I ordered anything.

“Two packs of Chesterfields too,” I said.

Back in the cell, I opened the brown paper bag. There were several pairs of panties, an enema bottle, lube, make-up, nail polish, and hormones.

Nave stayed away from the cell the rest of the afternoon leaving me to stare at the hormones so long I forgot to do anything else.

“Time to see all of you,” Nave said as he entered the cell. “My kit’s in the trunk, Sweetheart.”

I packed our things and walked in front of him to the shower. I was so nervous my teeth chattered as we entered the exchange room. My cock constantly stayed hard, my emotions were all fucked up. The reality of being naked in front of Nave scared me to death.

Nave stood in front of me. “Take that blouse off real pretty,” he said. “Boys come watch this.”

Before the shirt went over my head I was surrounded by menacing black men. They closed in to the point I felt the heat of them.

“Look at that pretty little body on her,” Nave said, “Now your panties.”

I hooked my thumbs under the waistband and slowly stripped the pants and boxers over my hips then let them fall to the floor. I felt weak and tiny. I was naked inches away from eight huge black thugs.

“That’s it,” Nave said. “Just bend over at the waist and pick them up. Throw them away.”

As I did, I felt a man’s hand on my hip. “Don’t stop moving, Sweetheart,” he said.

“It’s so cute,” the guy holding me said. “She’s trembling.”

Standing naked, having given away my clothes, I lifted Nave’s shirt over his head then went to my knees and took off his pants.

He guided me over to the black corner of the showers using his hand on my hip. It was getting easier to take orders and be touched or maybe I was just numb with fear. I stood in the water until it was the perfect temperature then Nave moved forward and water pelted his muscled body. His pecs were massive and covered in kinky hair. I felt so small standing in front of him. I was half his size. I was embarrassed by my small cock especially since it was rock hard. He waited for me to lather his body.

My hands were shaking. The other white bitches in our group were staring at me.

“Go on and wash me down,” Nave said. I lathered him up running my hands over his chest until a guard yelled out, “Keep your hands off your nigger…I’ve got my eye on you from now on you faggot.”

Nave laughed and pushed me under the water. “Don’t worry, Sweetheart. Now they’ll register you as a bitch and you can have regular check-ups and let the taxpayers pay for your hormones if you want.”

He handed me a razor and I got to work shaving my underarms and chest. He shaved off what little hair was on my back and butt. We had only fifteen minutes in the shower. I was in such a frenzy my legs were bare by the time I realized the permanence of what I was doing. Everything was coming out at me so fast I didn’t have time to think, I just did.

Many of the black guys in our group were looking me over when I was finished. I hurried into a pair of tangerine panties and got my new issue of scrubs from the exchange before they rushed us back to our cells.

All the bitches wore white scrubs. They were nearly see-through and with my bright panties, there was no mistaking I was a bitch. These corners, I kept turning them without time to wonder about the consequences. In less than twelve hours, I committed to being a full on bitch for my entire stay. There was no turning back.

Locked up for the night, I stripped down Nave and he settled back on his bunk naked. Of course, I was in nothing but my panties my cock giving away my excitement. The constant sexual arousal fueled the momentum of my willingness to change.

“Go ahead,” he said. “Finish painting your nails and putting on some of that make-up, be pretty for your daddy.”

“Which color do you prefer?” I asked. My flirting instantly turned my skin red.

“Paint them black,” Nave said, his voice so calm it enflamed me more. “Ain’t no denying you’re hot for cock when you wear black polish and I like skinny fingers like yours that color.”

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