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I was always shy. Even had I not been shy I wouldn’t have great opportunity to be promiscuous. I was plain. Neither my breasts nor buttocks protruded immensely, and my stomach wasn’t concave or muscular. I had plain hair, not extraordinarily bouncy or shiny. I was plain. I had only had sex once, in high school. It was more of rape than sex, but I never said no or fought back. I just accepted it, and even enjoyed it. I still masturbated to it to this day; in afterthought the lack of consent is a turn-on in the dark recesses of my mind.

Now I was in college. I had come home for the summer and had been spending large amounts of time with my neighbor whose name was Mindy. Today I was to swim with her in her backyard pool. We were both on the edge of the swimming pool, talking quietly. We were close. Her hand wrapped around my waist in a casual way, like it could be passed off as a normal motion, but I felt different. This was the first time I felt feelings of lust for another woman. The summer sun made the water warm, yet I did not want to cool off. I desired to warm myself by touching her skin. I, however, was too passive to initiate these feelings and just gazed lovingly, mesmerized into Mindy’s eyes, panting slightly.

I thank the Gods to this day that she initiated our sexual embrace. Had she been meeker I may never have explored my bisexuality. She grabbed my hand with her hand that was still free. Slowly she moved it to her breast, clad only in a small blue bikini. My hand closed around her tit, feeling her hard nipple roughly through the fabric. In a fury I felt with my other hand around her head to clutch her hair and pull her into me. We embraced in a deep kiss, the inside of her mouth tasting so much more delicious than that of a man. Our soft feminine skin squeezed together in the embrace as if we wanted our two bodies to mold into one.

As our passionate kiss broke Mindy grabbed hold of the tile on the side of the pool and began to lever herself out. As she did this Anadolu Yakası Escort I grabbed hold of the sides of her bikini bottoms and pulled them down to her ankles in a smooth motion. Now outside of the pool water, Mindy grabbed hold of my hands and helped me out of the pool. My hand still clasped firmly in hers, she led me into the living room. Her soft greedy hands frantically squeezed my breasts as she forced my down onto the couch. My hands went between her legs and spread them onto either side of me. Her bikini bottoms laying outside on the ground, her sweet wet vagina was free from containment, free to my touch.

Mindy’s hands continued to abuse my swollen nipples, turning red beneath the black fabric that hid them from sight. She never released them from their black bikini cell, but she her sexual abuse had a strong and growing effect on my vagina nonetheless. My hands began to knead and penetrate her steamy pussy, and hers wrapped around my back to untie my bikini and release my hard, suffering nipples. We embraced in another hard long kiss; our tongues wrestled as our hands violated one another. My boobs tingled and ached and my vaginal juices soaked my tight bottoms. Now that my top was out of the picture, Mindy’s luscious lips lowered down onto my protruding nipples. My fingers continued to toy with Mindy as she now began to meet my intrusions with gyrations of her hips.

My quiet moaning and panting became louder and more frantic as Mindy’s breath and saliva formed a vortex of pleasure around my hard nipple. Her moans were much quieter, muffled by my flesh, but I could feel them with great intensity. As her tongue continued with a new fury to ravish my nipples, I began to tingle in anticipation. Simply her mouth upon my breast was causing me to come. I began yelping in pure ecstasy as my hands quivered and shook inside Mindy’s pussy. She removed her mouth slightly from my nipples and our long moans united in chorus as I came furiously, Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan dripping through my bikini bottoms, putting my body into a temporary state of shock. Mindy took advantage of this by levering herself up to rest her pussy on my lips, untying her bikini as she did so, releasing her hot firm tits.

Though this was a new experience, I did have libraries full of knowledge of the sensitive locations of the vagina, and used this to the full advantage of my probing tongue. Soon her already wet pussy was moist with saliva as well as juices of its own production. Her clit was a near constant target of the flicking tip of my tongue, while other parts of the pussy were only worked at random seizures of the tongue as it fluttered in indecision from one part of the vagina to another, always focusing special attention on the sensitive clitoris. My tongue was much like a child in a candy store who had yet to decide what he wanted, throwing tantrums inside the slippery pussy in which it was enfolded. Soon screams were erupting from her head, her hips moving involuntarily, and the walls of her pussy convulsing wildly. She came full on my face, while I continued to lick and nibble, enjoying the feeling of making her come.

We then broke into a frenzied make-out session our hands enjoying the touch of each other’s flesh. My hands kneaded her firm breasts as hers groped my butt, finally sliding my pussy-soaked bottoms down my thighs. She slowly sat back pulling my bottoms all the way off my feet, feasting her eyes on my short trimmed pussy hair, which I trimmed for comfort, not for any visual purposes. She ran her fingers over my hair, making me tingle. Just then we heard the front door being unlocked and opened. Our instinctual reactions were to sit back and try to look natural despite our complete and obvious nudity. Quickly Mindy’s arm jerked down and flipped on the TV. We pretended to be casually watching TV in the nude. It Escort Anadolu Yakası was pure genius. As Mindy’s mom walked through the door her face obviously turned to a strange shock when she saw us. And the inevitable, “What are you doing?” escaped her lips.

Thank God Mindy was a quick thinker and expert bullshitter. “Well it’s just us girls here so there’s no harm in being comfortable. It’s always great to be able to just sit naked without being ogled or groped. This freedom is open to us when we’re alone. It’s the American Dream come true.”

“Well I can buy most of that, except for the part about the American Dream- that’s bullshit,” we laughed. She bought it, and we laughed. We laughed at her gullibility, we laughed at our own luck, we laughed because it was funny, and because it was fun.

Mindy’s mom in one shocking and liquid motion pulled her shirt up over her head exposing her bra clad tits, complete with the color and shape of her protruding nipples through the white lacy fabric. She went further and unsnapped her bra. I feasted my eyes on her juicy tits, slightly sagged but not very sagged at all as compared to their great size. I felt the urge to run up to her and frantically grope and lick the beautiful flesh, but resisted that urge. She then undid her fly, bent down and pulled her pants slowly down to her ankles and kicked them off, seemingly unaware that we were watching her rather than the television. Yes even Mindy couldn’t resist the sight of her mom giving a sexy striptease. Her mom then placed her leg on the arm of the couch right next to me, giving me a view that accentuated her full buttocks. As she did this she slowly rolled her sock off her small sexy foot. Then she put her other foot up in its place, and I could see that through her small panties only barely covering her sweet ass and desirable pussy, she must have a bikini wax, because no signs of excess hair are visible, though there is a track of hair above her sweet vagina.

Her legs were spread in front of me like a wonderful show as she slowly removed her last sock. She then proceeded to slide her panties down her legs showing her good posture and revealing her full naked butt and pubic area. She then sat between Mindy and myself to watch television. I’ll let your imagination decide where our relationship ever went afterwards.

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