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Anne Makes Him a Man

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Not long after I had left my cheating, sorry excuse for a boyfriend, I had begun to give myself a makeover of sorts. Though I had been heavy most of my life, I was at my highest weight yet from all that time wasted having my psyche shot down by Mark at every turn.

Once I had finally got the courage to get that asshole out of my life, I decided to go on yet another weight-loss plan. When I had shed about 30 pounds, I got some new, prettier (and even some sexy)and stylish clothes and went blonde to celebrate my new appearance.

And to celebrate my new independence, I also bought a house. That’s where Pauly came in (no pun intended, of course).

He was only eighteen, but had a great body that was certainly made to fuck a woman until the break of dawn.

Most guys his age are usually pretty skinny or not too well-developed, but Pauly must have worked out or something, because he had the slight beginnings of a six-pack on his flat abs, along with toned arms and a very sexy, hairless chest.

And the shorts he often wore never failed to conceal that beautiful ass of his…and outlined the appearance of a very healthy-looking cock.

He also had olive skin, with near-black hair that always seemed to fall in his face, along with dark eyes.

Just seeing him that first time made me me hot and wishing I was his age, with the sexy body those guys went for.

But I didn’t, and I thought at the time my chances of getting into those tight shorts Pauly always wore were slim to none.

I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Even though we had exchanged pleasant conversations previously, I had seen him out of the corner of my eye a couple of times staring at me during that summer when I was out puttering around the yard in my bathing suit, covered with a pair of shorts.

Even with the weight loss, my chest was still hanging around the 40D area, and I had still plenty of ass. Apparently Pauly hadn’t cared.

Not long after catching him eyeing me the second time, he had been cutting his father’s grass on the day I had decided to work on my tan outside.

I had pulled down the straps of my suit and was on my back, but with my eyes shaded from the sun, I hadn’t noticed the top of my suit had slipped a little, showing most of my tits and barely covering the nipples.

I must have dozed off at some point, because the next thing I felt was cold water being sprinkled on me.

“I had to wake you up before your burned, Ms. Tyler,” Pauly said, holding a watering can and wearing spandex shorts that did nothing to hide the outline of his young cock.

That is when I noticed my near-naked tits and adjusted myself, wondering how long they had been on display.

“That’s all right, Pauly. You may have saved me a lot of pain from a sunburn.”

“You’re not pissed?” he asked, a little confused.

“Not at all. Would you like to come in for a soda? You seemed to be working hard today in your dad’s yard.”


We went into the house where I grabbed a diet soda for myself and a can of the regular kind I kept for company to give to Pauly.

We talked a few minutes about Pauly’s plans now that he was out of high school and of course, about girls.

“You’re a really hot guy, Pauly,” I said. “I bet you have tons of girls chasing you.”

“No, not really,” he said. “Seems most of them would rather get with Dad than me. You see his girlfriend? What a hot babe.”

I asked why he didn’t have a girlfriend himself; Pauly was a nice guy and certainly had those dark, fuckable looks.

“Dunno,” he said. “I guess I’m kind of a dork.”

“Oh, Pauly,” I reassured him. “I’m sure there is a great girl out there for you. Maybe once you get in college this fall you’ll meet someone.”

He just shrugged. “How about you? I don’t see you with a man.”

“I just left a guy not long ago, Paulie. And with my size and age, men aren’t going to beat a path to my door.”

“What are you talking about? You’re pretty, Ms. Tyler!” Pauly protested. “Don’t say that!”

“Oh, now you’re just being nice.”

“No way. You always look so pretty, and when I saw you outside earlier when I did the yard, you looked hot then too.”

Well, that answered the question of whether or not he’d seen my near-naked breasts before he sprinkled water on me.

I don’t remember how it initially came up, but somehow we’d gotten onto the subject of sex.

“I bet you’re a hot one in bed when you do have a girl,” I finally teased him. He blushed and shook his head.

Pauly then said outside of dry humping a couple of girls in junior high and eating out a girl in high school that was basically “the biggest whore in school” that had also sucked his cock, he’d never really “been with a girl.”

The rest of the time he’d jacked off to either the women in his father’s “dirty” magazines or thinking about what it would be like to “hook up with” his dad’s much-younger, hot girlfriend.

“You never really had sex with anyone?” I asked, not believing my ears. “You’re a virgin?”

“Yeah..I guess…”

“Oh, manavgat escort Pauly,” I said. What girl wouldn’t want to get such a beautiful young man into her bed?

“By the way,” Pauly added, “and I hope you don’t get mad and throw me out for saying it, but you have some really nice tits for an older chick.”

I smiled at him and leaned forward to give him a better view of my cleavage, pleased with his observation; never mind the “older chick” remark.

“So you liked what you saw out there?”

He shrugged and blushed a little. “Yeah…what I could see of them.”

I decided to tease him a bit more. “Would you like to see more?”

Before he could answer, I undid the straps that held up my one-piece, letting it fall until my breasts were totally naked and on display in front of my teenaged neighbor.

By this time, I was getting a little horny and thinking about the best way to get Pauly’s shorts off so he could experience being totally fucked by a somewhat experienced and very willing woman instead of some sexually uptight girl his own age.

And I’d certainly do much more than suck his cock, let him dry hump me and have him eat my pussy.

“So you still think I have nice tits?” I asked in my sexiest voice, sticking my naked mounds out further for him.

“Um…yeah. They are really big. Are they real?”

“Real for sure. Would you like to feel them?”

I then took his hands and ran them over my naked chest. “How is that? Doesn’t that feel nice?”

“Yeah…I never really felt a girl’s boobs before.”

“Suck them, Pauly,” I said lowly. “I really would like you to enjoy these.”

I pulled him closer, letting him lick my globes lightly, before he gently began to suck and nibble on one tit while his spare hand played with the other. He went back and forth on each breast like that for a few minutes.

“That’s it, baby,” I said gently. “Make my tits feel good.”

I hadn’t had sex with a man since I’d left Mark and now I could feel my pussy getting wetter just from what Pauly was doing to my tits.

He was still playing, squeezing and sucking on them when I pulled him off.

“Let’s continue this in my bedroom,” I said. “It’s cooler in there and we’ll be more comfortable.”

He hesitated a little. “Well..um….I don’t know…”

I then made my intentions known, hoping at the same time that I wouldn’t scare this fine specimen of a guy off.

“I want to fuck you, Pauly. Come on, baby, fuck me and see what it’s like to really have a woman.”

I then took his hand and guided him into my bedroom, where I stripped off the rest of my suit and climbed naked onto the king-sized bed.

Pauly’s mouth almost watered as he stared at me.

“You are gorgeous, Ms. Tyler,” he sighed.

“Pauly, since you’ve already played with my tits and we’re going to fuck, you can call me Anne.”

“Anne…you are still fucking gorgeous. I didn’t think fa–er, bigger women could be so hot! But I’m not sure if I….you know…”

In contrary to his verbal hesistation, I could clearly see Pauly’s cock was swelling and really straining in his shorts now, aching to be free of the material.

“Well, gee, Pauly; it looks like that big tent in your shorts is telling me something different. Come on, baby, let’s get those off. You know you want to fuck me.”

I then reached over and peeled them off in one stroke, revealing a very healthy, well-endowed erection.

Next, I pulled him onto the bed, rubbing my hands all over his chest, licking and lightly biting his own nipples, then ran my tongue down the rest of his body, stopping just above his cock before I licked my back up and gave him a deep, passionate kiss, my tongue buried in his mouth.

Lying back with my body stretched out, I guided his aching cock between my breasts and instructed him how to tit fuck me.

As his cock slid through my mounds of flesh, I flicked the head of his dick with the tip of my tongue, sucking it a little when it slid through the top of my ample cleavage and rubbing his precum between them.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh….” he moaned and continued to thrust gently between my tits for a few more minutes.

I pulled him off and laid him on his back before kissing him passionately again with our tongues entwined, then kissed my way down to his cock.

“I want to suck you,” I said in a husky voice. “I want to take down your nice hard cock, Pauly. How would you like to really feel that hard cock in my mouth?”

“The girl I ate pussy…” he groaned. “Only this time…really hot…oh God, Anne, suck me!”

I then started to work on his prick by swirling my tongue around the head of his cock, then licked his shaft up and down while gently squeezing his balls.

“Ohhhh…Annne…” he moaned. “Baby……”

I then took him into my mouth, sucking in as much as I could as Pauly’s moans grew louder. He may have been hesitant to go to bed with me intially, but there was no doubt he was enjoying me going down on his cock.

“Oh shit, Anne!” belek escort he cried as I sucked him even deeper, “Your mouth is so good!”

I continued licking, sucking and teasing his cock with my mouth for several more minutes, I then downed it in one gulp, giving him the opportunity to experience deep throat from a woman.

“Oh fuck!” he called, now really into my cocksucking, “Suck my dick more, baby!”

He panted and groaned, thrusting his hips up as I continued to deep throat his cock. I felt that any minute now he was going to cum.

I wanted both him to enjoy the oral sex I was giving him and for him to cum in my mouth so I could taste his hot seed.

I stopped the deep throating on Pauly’s cock and went back to just plain sucking him, speeding it up a little when I sensed he was getting closer to cumming.

“Ohhhhhhh Anne…suck that dick…dammit…I’m going to cum, baby!”

That only made me suck him even faster.

“Anne! God, I’m cumming in your mouth!” he yelled only seconds before shooting off.

I drank down every drop of his young cum, enjoying the taste of him as he continued to shoot off inside my mouth.

Once I had finished taking down the last of his load, I came up and kissed him.

“Jesus, Anne….that was fucking great!” he panted. “Sorry for cumming so soon…you just got me so damned excited with just that blow job! You suck cock even better than that girl!”

Funny, I thought. Mark hadn’t even liked my blow jobs, and here was practically a kid that shot a large load of cum in my mouth because my cocksucking had excited him so much.

He then got his wits about him then asked if I liked having guys eat me. The girl he did it to may have been a slut, but she hadn’t seemed to enjoy him eating her very much.

“Maybe I did it wrong,” Pauly added. “She’s the first and only girl I ever did that to. And the only one to suck my dick until now.”

I laid back and spread my legs. “Let me be the judge of that,” I smiled at him. “Show me how you ate her pussy, Pauly.”

If there was anything that I liked more than actual fucking, it was a guy that ate pussy, provided he was good at it. But I had yet to meet a guy that was good at pleasing me orally.

Egging him on to eat my cunt, Pauly then dove between my legs, running his tongue up and down my wet slit, then gently over my clit, which made me shiver a little.

“You okay, baby?” he asked when he felt the shiver.

“Ohhhhh Pauly, that feels so good!” I panted. “Don’t stop!”

He licked the outside of my cunt lips, then the inside of them for a bit, before coming up and planting his mouth on my clit, giving me a cunt eating lasting several minutes that was better than the few “grown men” that had eaten my snatch.

“Oh God!” I called out as Pauly continued to go down on me. “Pauly! Oh, baby, don’t stop! I’m going to cum!”

And cum I did—hard. I could almost feel my wetness go on his face as I exploded in orgasm.

For a virgin, this guy had eating pussy down to a science!

I continued cumming over and over, panting at him not to stop. Pauly’s mouth felt so fucking good!

When I finished my last orgasm, I grinned and told him that his cunt eating skills seemed fine to me.

“Now if that girl didn’t enjoy that, there’s something wrong…with her!” I praised. “God, Pauly, I never had a man make me cum like that!”

He only smiled at me. I noticed then he had gotten hard again.

His cock had felt so good in my mouth; I could hardly wait to feel him in my pussy. I knew exactly how to get him inside me.

“Let’s fuck,” I then stated matter-of-factly.

Pauly may have enjoyed giving and receiving oral sex, but now he seemed apprehensive when it came time to actual intercourse. I gently assured him that it would good for both of us.

“It’s been a long time for me, Pauly. I need fucked so bad. And you know you want to feel what it’s like to fuck a pussy.”

“Anne, um….I might not be too good at it,” he began to protest.

“Well, you won’t be good at it if you never do it with a woman,” I answered with a reassuring smile.

God, I wanted his well-endowed dick inside me so bad! I was so horny, I thought I would have to practically rape Pauly if he kept this up.

Besides, he was saying one thing with words and another with his cock, which seemed to be getting harder by the second.

I then got up and pushed him back onto the bed, getting on top of him and placing my legs on each side of Pauly’s hips.

I could see from the look on his face that he wasn’t sure about what to do, which is why I wanted to fuck him by being on top first.

“You’ll love this, baby,” I smiled again. “Let’s see how many girls your age fuck guys on top nowadays.”

Not taking my eyes off of him, I then guided Pauly’s now very hard cock gradually into my cunt, slowly sinking down onto it.

When I felt his entire fuck tool inside me, I began to pump up and down, gradually fucking him faster.

“Fuck, Anne! Shit, escort bayan antalya your cunt feels so tight and soo goooooooood! Oh, damn, baby!”

Somehow I couldn’t think as I rode his cock and wondered how many times Pauly had thought about fucking me since the time he first stared at me, that is, when he wasn’t thinking about his father’s girlfriend while he jerked off.

As for me, I’d had my own masturbation fantasies about Pauly from the first time I saw him, though I never thought we’d actually end up in bed together; he was eighteen to my thirty-five.

But now he had his cock in my pussy and appeared to now be enjoying every minute of it. I certainly knew that I was!

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh Anne…fuck!” he called when I bounced harder on his prick, which felt so good deep inside my cock-hungry snatch. “Jesus, baby, fuck harder!”

“You like this, Pauly?” I panted as I rode him even harder. “You like having me fuck your cock like this? Oh, God, Pauly, I needed a good fuck. You feel so good in me…fuck me!”

“Anne…ohhhh shit, are you a good fuck! I never thought I would get any pussy…much less pussy like this…fuck, baby!”

I rode his cock the hardest that I could when I felt another strong orgasm approaching.

“Oh God, Pauly, I’m cummmmmmmmmmmmming!” I cried when I finally climaxed.

I could see that Pauly was enjoying my orgasms as much as I was.

He was experiencing a woman cumming during actual sex; I wasn’t sure what he enjoyed more, me cumming when he’d eaten my pussy or my cumming as I fucked him now.

I clamped my thighs harder to his hips as I came yet again, the hardest cum I had experienced in ages with any man.

And now that Pauly had actually been fucked, he counted as a man.

Once my latest climax had passed, I got off of Paulie and lay on the bed, opening my legs again.

“Your turn, baby,” I purred, presenting him my cunt.

“Um……” he began. “I really don’t…”

“Just get on top, shove your cock in my cunt and fuck me, Pauly. I can do some of the rest,” I encouraged.

He hesitantly slid between my legs, guiding himself back inside me with my help.

I then thrust up my hips as I put my hands on his beautiful ass to push him deeper into me.

“Fuck me, Pauly,” I said. “You can do this, baby. Pauly, I always wanted you to fuck me so much!”

“You thought about doing this with me?” he asked, surprised as he stroked in and out of my hot slit.

“God yes, Pauly,” I panted. “Baby, fuck me more!”

It hadn’t taken long once I started him off to thrust a little deeper into my now-soaked pussy and the tempo of his fucking me speeding up a little.

“Feel good?” he asked at one point. “You like this, baby?”

“Yes…don’t stop, baby. Oh Pauly, fuck me deeper! Faster! Fuck me!”

With me encouraging and praising him every other thrust in and out of me, his fucking became more intense as we got into it.

At one point, his entire cock was deep inside me with his balls slapping against me as we continued to fuck.

I was ready to cum yet again.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, Pauly, yes! Fuck! I’m going to cum, baby! Keep fucking me like that! Fuuuuuuuuck meeeeeeeee!!!

He continued the pace, but fucked me the hardest he did yet as I came, clamping my legs down around his back as I endured my current cum.

“Shit, Pauly, fuck me!” I called halfway through my orgasm. “Fuck my cunt! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!”

I don’t think I came with a guy so much in my whole sexual history…the few guys I did have in my entire life anyway.

Once I’d cum, we continued to fuck passionately to the point I thought the bed would go through the floor, we were fucking that intensely.

Pauly’s earlier inhibitions were definitely gone now; he was enjoying the sex as much as I was. Maybe more.

Suddenly, I felt another hard orgasm coming on as well as Pauly’s own body tense as he was really into fucking me now.

That only meant one thing from what I had experienced with other men–that Pauly was ready to cum.

“I’m gonna cum,” he finally said, confirming my thoughts.

“You using something?” he asked. “I need to cum, but don’t want to knock you up…”

“I can’t have children,” I panted, feeling the beginning of my own orgasm. “Cum in me hard, Pauly. I want you to feel cumming in a woman…and I want to feel you cum in me!”

He then let out a grunt within seconds.

“Anne!” he called. “I’m cumming!”

“Oh, Pauly, yes!” I called. “Fucking cum in me!”

He then let out a yell before I felt a large shot of his semen fill my waiting, willing pussy. His cum was so hot inside me and there was so much of it!

We climaxed together until Pauly’s cock was totally emptied of cum deep inside my cunt and he collapsed on top of me.

“Damn…..I never thought in all my dreams I’d have pussy that good!” he finally said after a few minutes. “Where’d you learn to fuck like that?!”

“Being with a few guys,” I winked at him.

“Oh…well, was it…you know…good with me? Did I fuck you okay?”

“For your first time, you were pretty good,” I smiled at him, meaning every word. He had given me all those orgasms, after all. “You’re a fast learner when it comes to sex.”

He then started playing with my tits again. “Hey, there’s something else I wondered about.”

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