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Anna’s Appointment with Father Tom

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AUTHORS NOTE: All characters in this story are aged 18 and above. The story is fictional.


Anna finds herself once again sitting through another day of school…looking out the window, daydreaming. She had just witnessed something the night before that has her mind in a series of naughty fantasies and she isn’t sure how she feels about it. She could always confide in her friends, but she isn’t sure what they will think. Heck, she isn’t sure what she thinks. And with her history teacher, Sister Mary, droning on and on about ancient Rome, her mind is sinking deeper and deeper into the gutter and her pussy is starting to make her squirm.

Anna knows that she is naive. She is an only child and she has always been athletic and flat chested until well into high school. Her titties only really started to develop when she was sixteen and now that she is eighteen they are still smaller. And the hair on her little pussy is still wispy and soft. Anna can remember the day her mother sat down with her and had that horrible talk about periods and sex. It was sooo embarrassing. Just recalling that day makes Anna’s cheeks flush. Her girlfriends had laughed at Anna since all of them had those talks when they were younger, having developed earlier.

Anna isn’t really interested in boys her own age. They are still so young and immature. But she does have a source of sex information. Little does her mother know that on her eighteenth birthday Anna started spying on her parents. She has been watching them regularly for the past several months. Anna squirms in her seat as she recalls the first time she saw her dad’s huge penis. And she almost fainted when she saw her mom kneel for him and take it in her mouth! After watching she had to run back to her room and rub her cunny on her favorite teddy bear until she started to shudder. She was horrified when she saw how wet her teddy got and lied to her mom when she said she “accidentally” dropped him in the sink.

Truth is that she is so jealous of her mom and wants to do all the things her mom does. She has a favorite place in the woods where she sometimes goes and touches herself. Parting her legs and touching herself like dad touches mom. She just can’t help it! And she has even found a log that is rubbed smooth from time that she straddles and rides, like mom straddles dad. Rolling her hips just like mom. Slow at first and then faster and faster, until she starts to tremble and shake and wet. She knows from her girlfriends and from that horrible talk with her mom that she is having orgasms. But even though she trembles and wets, it never seems like her orgasms are anything like mom and dad’s orgasms. And dad has that thick cream semen that shoots out of his thick veined hard penis! Her friend Amanda calls semen “seed”. Whatever it is called, Anna wants to taste it like mom tastes it.

And Anna loves the naughty words that mom and dad use when they play…like cunt and cock and fuck. Anna has heard these words from friends at school. But she has developed so late and has not had a boyfriend. So, she has never actually used any of those words, except when she rubs her pussy. Anna likes to say, “Fuck me with your thick hard cock daddy!” as she humps that smooth log.

But last night was different. She just can’t shake what she saw last night from her mind. It was so DIRTY! But it makes her little cunny so wet and tingly! Is there something wrong with her, she wonders? Is she sex crazed or something? She must do something about this problem. She needs to talk to someone about what she saw.

The bell rings and Sister Mary reminds all the kids in the class that that they have their scheduled appointments with Father Tom that afternoon. Part of their graduating school requirement is to volunteer somewhere in the community and Father Tom is interviewing all of them one on one to determine their volunteer placement. Ugh, thought Anna. Father Tom. He is nice and kind of good looking in a Priest way. But he would never know anything about her “problem” and the interview is just going to go on and on. Ugh!

An hour later, and still consumed with thoughts of the night before, Anna finds herself walking down to Father Tom’s office. As she walks she chastises herself for being so consumed by all these dirty thoughts. She decides right then and there that she is going to set her mind straight and ignore the wetness in her white cotton panties. She stops just before the door to Father Tom’s office and kneels to pull up her knee socks and then straighten her white blouse and plaid skirt. She knows Father Tom expects all the students to look neat and tidy. As she is straightening her blouse her fingers graze her small titties making her nipples pucker in her bralette. “Calm down, calm down calm down!” she says over and over to herself. She shakes her head and tries to clear all dirty thoughts and knocks on Father Tom’s door.

Father Tom is tall and trim. güvenilir bahis He is wearing black pants, black shirt and his clerical collar. He smiles down at her and waves her into his office. She has only been in his office on a couple of occasions and suddenly feels a little nervous and self-conscious. His office contains his big desk and a leather chair and sofa off to the side. Anna sits on the sofa as Father Tom sits in the chair. He smiles warmly at her and she tries to relax and smile back at him. Anna takes that moment to realize that Father Tom is really kind of handsome in a father kind of way. His hair is salt & pepper colored and she notices that he has nice hands.

“Well Anna, it looks like you enjoy working with the kindergarten and first graders here at school. So I thought you might like to help out at the local family shelter after school and play with the young kids there,” Father Tom says while looking through some papers.

Anna smiles up at him…trying her best to push her dirty thoughts to the side but not completely succeeding. She nods and squirms and says, “Yes I think that would be a lot of fun.”

Father Tom looks at her quizzically. It is almost like he could see right through her. “WHAT is my problem??” she thinks to herself. “WHY can’t I get these dirty thoughts out of my head?” She blushes and squirms and tries to smile and look Father Tom in the eye.

“Yes Father Tom, I think I would like to work with younger kids,” Anna replies weakly.

Father Tom smiles reassuringly at her, “Is everything ok?” he asks.

“Pull yourself together Anna!” she thinks.

“Yes Father,” although her smile is not that convincing.

Father Tom inspects her body with his x-ray vision. Just thinking about x-ray vision makes her feel even more vulnerable and before she can help herself her nipples pucker. They are just so sensitive!! She blushes and can feel the red creeping up her chest and over her face. “Oh this is so ridiculous,” she thinks. “Father Tom is a PRIEST!! He can’t possibly know anything about the DIRTY things I saw last night! And I will get in so much trouble if he knows how wet my cunny is right now!!”

As Anna battles with herself in her mind, she swears she notices Father Tom look at her puckered titties. But that can’t possibly be right…Father Tom is a Priest! But sure enough she catches him again looking at her chest.

“Anna, if there is something you want to talk about this is the time to talk. We can talk about anything. Everything said here is confidential. Your secrets are safe with me,” Father Tom tries to reassure.

She glances over at him and does a double take when she notices that he might have a tent in his pants. “No that can’t possibly be!” she thinks to herself. She squirms some more and he leans forward, his elbows on his knees.

“Anna, you will feel so much better if you just tell me what is troubling you,” he says.

She pauses….debating in her mind. She’s sooo CONFUSED! And there’s no use…her pussy is enflamed.

“Well Father….” She hesitates.

He smiles. Welcoming her to talk. His gentle but firm hands clasped in front of him. He looks so comforting and she suddenly just needs to spill her secrets. She realizes that she just can’t hang on to them anymore. It’s almost like he compels her to confess. She suddenly is washed with the desire and need for someone older to comfort her.

She looks up at him and starts to talk…

Anna sees his steadying and firm gaze and her skin reddens… “Well Father, I have done some very naughty things.”

“Tell me,” he firmly presses.

“I have seen my mom and dad together…” Anna looks down. Praying that Father Tom knows what she means when she says “together”. Of course, he doesn’t and asks her to tell him exactly what she’s seen.

“I have seen mom and dad naked together. You know, having sex…..” Anna wants to go hide in a hole somewhere.

“Well that’s a very natural thing. Perhaps you shouldn’t be spying on them, but I know you are almost a high school graduate and I’m sure you are curious,” Father Tom says.

“Yes!!! I AM curious!” Anna is relieved to hear Father Tom understands at least that much.

“Tell me exactly what you have seen”

“You mean you want details of what I’ve seen??” Anna is shocked that a Priest wants those details.

“Yes, tell me everything,” he says patiently.

“Well, I have seen dads penis…er, uhmmm, cock.” BLUSH “And I have seen mom lick it and suck on it. And I’ve seen her lick and suck his heavy hanging sac too.” Emboldened Anna continues… “And I have seen dad push his cock into mom and, well…..I’ve seen him fuck her — I mean have sex with her.” BLUSH

Father Tom adjusts his seat position and smiles at her. “And how does that fucking make you feel?” he asks.

Anna wiggles in her seat. The fact that Father Tom uses the work “fuck” does not escape her cunny, making her panties wet. Her nipples puckered. Her face flushed. She barely güvenilir bahis siteleri whispers, “It makes me tingle.”

Father Tom reaches his hand out and lifts her chin, so she must look into his eyes. Her eyes are big and can’t hide the lust that is bubbling within her. “Tell me again, Anna. How does that make you feel?” he persists.

Anna has no choice. The intimacy of her admission on one hand shames her but on the other hand her cunny has never thrummed like it is thrumming at that moment. “It makes me tingle,” She says in a small voice.

Father Tom suddenly looks different to her….it’s as if he knows her every thought. She knows she can trust him, but she also knows that if she tells him everything he will know too much. But she can’t help herself and her body is trembling.

“Show me where it makes you tingle, Anna,” he commands.

Her body pulses at the sound of him saying her name like that. She is so shamed and so enflamed. She parts her legs slightly and points to her pussy. Her pussy with its wispy soft hair. He gasps softly. And it’s at that point that Anna glances down at the bulge in his black pants. It is so big, so much bigger than dads bulge is before mom pulls him out. He sees her looking at him and smiles…”You like looking at me?” he asks. Anna’s face goes BEET RED and she quickly looks away.

“I’m sorry Father,” Anna says. Humiliated.

He suddenly moves over next to Anna on the sofa. The smell of his maleness hits her. He is so tall and fit and she is so slender. He puts one arm around her shoulders, comfortingly, but possessively. Anna’s cunny PULSES at his touch. And once again her eyes are drawn to his bulge. He smiles as he watches her gaze at him and his bulge seems to grow.

“You can touch it,” he says. He sees Anna’s hesitation and says, “Maybe if you touch my Father cock it will make it easier to tell me what you saw your mom and dad doing.”

Anna’s face FLAMES. But she is drawn to him and she takes her slender fingers and gently touches his bulge. He grunts softly at her touch and closes his eyes….just like dad does when mom touches him. Anna’s slender fingers explore the length of his bulge and she can feel his heat. He gasps again and then looks down at her and tells her to continue telling him what she saw.

“Well,” she hesitantly says, “it’s so dirty, Father.”

“Tell me,” he commands.

Her eyes wide, fingers gripping him, “I saw dad pee on mom. And mom opened her mouth and drank his pee. And then he turned her around so she was on all fours and he peed on her holes and then I think he pushed his cock in her dirty hole because when it came out it was dirty.”

Anna says this all so quickly…her face RED, her fingers gripping Father Tom.

“And how does it make you feel to see mom be so dirty?” Father Tom asks, barely able to get his words out. His cock so hard and hot in his pants.

“After I saw them I was so tingly that I had to go touch myself until I wet myself,” I admit, my chest rising and falling.

Father Tom then stands up directly in front of Anna, unzips his pants and takes her hand in his and directs her to take out his thick veined hard cock. Anna GASPS. His cock is so big and thick. His head is hooded in his foreskin and is dripping a white liquid. “I think you need to see a thick hard cock up close Anna. You need to know how to please a cock. And I think I need to help take care of your tingles, so you can concentrate on your schoolwork,” Father Tom says. Anna looks up at him, frightened and enflamed. “Take off your top and your bralette Anna,” he commands.

“But Father, isn’t that naughty?” she pleads.

“Take off your top and your bralette now, Anna. You need to learn.”

He is so stern, and she is so enflamed and at the same time shy and embarrassed. But she knows she must obey. She unbuttons, her fingers shaky. She lets her blouse fall from her shoulders. Then she reaches behind herself and unclasps her bralette. Her titties revealed. She gasps, her chest rising and falling. He grunts and a drip from his oozing head falls on to her chest.

“Lick Father like you see your mom lick your dad,” he commands.

Anna looks up at Father with her big eyes. Hungry and nervous and ashamed at her lust. She reaches out her tongue and licks his oozing head. Tasting for the first time. “Mmmmmmmm,” she moans softly. He grunts and pushes his head into her mouth. He puts her hand back on his rigid shaft and pulls back so his glistening head pushes into her mouth. Parting her lips. Violating her teen mouth. Her lips tight around him, he is so big. His head barely fits in her mouth and her cheeks push out. He GROANS and she instinctively suckles as best she can. He places his strong hand on her head, his fingers in her long hair, and he pulls her on to his cock. Her eyes grow WIDE with surprise and she struggles for air but he doesn’t let her take a breath.

“Your Father needs a good little cock sucker like you,” he grunts. “Take my iddaa siteleri Father cock like a good little cunt. I have been watching you for months now and have fantasized about how nice your mouth would feel around my cock.”

He thrusts his cock into her throat. She GAGS and sputters and struggles for air. She’s seen mom do the same thing on dad and he keeps thrusting and groaning so she knows she must be doing a good job. Father Tom thrusts his hips and his head pushes into her little throat.

“That’s it little piss bitch, take my Father cock.” She MOANS when he calls her piss bitch because that is what dad called mom. “You like that don’t you?” he asks. “You like being a little piss bitch don’t you? You want to taste my Father seed and my Father piss don’t you?”

Her eyes are WIDE and teary and she doesn’t even realize she’s doing it but she starts to touch herself with her free hand. Her fingers slipping under her plaid skirt and into her white panties. She groans on his cock, saliva dripping down her chin as her slender fingers rub her aching cunny. Her eyes fluttering shut and her lips tightening around his fat Father cock as she starts humping her fingers. Hips rolling. He grunts, his cock thickening even more.

“Yesssssssssssss fuck that little cunny for your Father. Cum like a good little whore!” he hisses.

His grunts and his words and his thick hard cock in her mouth pushes her over the edge and she starts to buck and shudder and gush all over her fingers. His heavy sac slaps against her chin and he thrusts his fat cock deep into her throat and GROANS…his cock pulses and shoots Father seed down her throat. Her little body shakes as he pulls out and shoots some cream on her face and in her hair. She gasps for air and moans as her body has never felt anything like this before. She looks up at him, her face a mess of saliva and cum….slowly coming back to her senses. Father Tom is breathing hard and his penis is softening but still dripping. She blushes crimson and then suddenly looks down.

“Oh no, my sweet little piss bitch…you need to drink some more from your Father.”

Father Tom lifts her chin and forces her to look up at him. He gently relaxes and strokes his shaft with his other hand. Her body is still shuddering, her face is a mess, her eyes are big as she looks up at him obediently.

“Does your mom like your dad’s piss?” he asks as he relaxes…still holding her chin. Anna nods. “Did you watch her drink his hot yellow piss?” he asks. Anna nods again. “Does that make your cunny pulse?” he asks.

“Yes Father,” she admits…her face coloring. She is forced to look into his eyes.

“You want my piss don’t you my little bitch?” he asks. Anna nods, BLUSHING. “Say it,” he commands “Tell me what you want like a good little slut.”

Anna is humiliated and enflamed, her body betrays her lust, however.

“I want your piss, Father,” she whispers.

“What do you want?” he commands.

“I crave your hot yellow piss, Father Tom!” Anna says lust filled.

Before she has a chance to close her mouth Father Tom starts to piss into her face and into her mouth. She tries to duck away from his warm stream but he forces her to take his urine. She slowly grows used to his stream…she gags a little but knows it is her job to take his piss like a good little cunt.

“Such a good toilet,” as he pisses into her hair and then down on her chest, spraying her perfect titties and making her nipples pucker. She gasps and moans as his urine makes her cunny thrum. His urine starts to slow and she realizes that her skirt is still on and now she’s all wet. What is everyone going to say when they see her wet with urine?

“Clean your Father,” he says and presses his dripping cock to her lips for her to lick and suckle. “Push your tongue in my foreskin, my sexy little bitch.” She eagerly licks inside his foreskin and tastes more piss and leftover cum.

Father Tom pulls back from her and puts his cock back in his pants and zips up.

“Next time we will have to talk about everything else that you saw mom and dad doing” he smiles. He takes a towel from a shelf and helps dry her drips. He then goes to his desk and opens a drawer and pulls out a clean skirt.

“Take off your panties, I will have to keep them. You can put this clean skirt on and your bralette and blouse. But you may not wash yourself. I want you to smell like my toilet,” He smiles at her.

She dresses quickly and is scared to go back to class smelling like a toilet, but she is so overwhelmed that she can’t think straight. “Did that really just happen?” she keeps asking herself. Then she feels her pussy lips wet in the cool air without her panties and remembers that it DID happen.

Her face flushes and she looks down humiliated as Father Tom smiles at her as she leaves his office. Even in her shock and confusion her pussy pulses with arousal. She is already thinking about what the next encounter with Father Tom will be like. She can’t help herself.

She goes to calculus. Her friends don’t say anything to her but Anna can tell they smell something dirty and she blushes. But as her math teacher drones on about functions, Anna licks her lips and tastes Father Tom and remembers.

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