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Anna , Rosa

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Mike walked down the street, a smile on his face. He was so anxious to get to Anna’s house after they hung up the phone less than an hour ago. He had met Anna in a store. She was 28, 5’6″, and 160 curvy pounds. Anna was Hispanic with long brown hair and amazing brown eyes. She also had great-looking 36C tits and a round ass that you could not help but stare at.

They had talked for a bit in the store, and right away there was chemistry. After their first date, Anna had invited Mike back to her place, with a twinkle in her eyes. He remembered his heart racing as she opened the door to her home and led him upstairs. Anna took him into her bedroom and then told him to sit on the bed. Mike obliged and watched as Anna put on some slow music and then began swaying her hips to the song. Anna looked into Mike’s eyes as she slowly undid the buttons of her blouse, teasing him with glimpses of her cleavage underneath her bra before pulling the shirt off and tossing it on his head. Mike pulled the blouse off and let it fall to the floor, his eyes riveted on Anna. He could see just a hint of her nipples as the soft fabric of the bra covered them.

Anna’s hands moved down her body and traced the curves of her hips. She moved closer to Mike and, putting one of her feet on his knee, motioned for him to slip off her shoes. He took the heel in one hand and undid the strap with the other. He repeated the process with the second shoe, and Anna lifted her foot even more, placing her toes to Mike’s lips. He inhaled the scent of her foot and opened his mouth, letting her toes slide in. She giggled a bit as he licked her toes, tasting the slight saltiness of her sweat.

Anna slid her foot out of Mike’s mouth and continued moving to the music. She turned around and started to pull down her skirt. Mike could see the caramel color of her ass that was hanging out nicely from the thong that couldn’t contain it. Anna let the skirt fall to the floor and backed up, putting her ass right in front of Mike’s face. He reached up and grabbed it, feeling how soft and round it was. Anna then turned back around and sat in Mike’s lap. She could immediately feel the bulge of his cock through his pants. “Mmmmm, papi, it feels like you are a little excited,” Anna whispered into Mike’s ear. She began grinding her hips into his lap while she slid his shirt off her head. Mike reached around her to undo the clasp of her bra, but she pulled his hands away and pushed his head back, so that he was lying on the bed. She then stood up and unzipped Mike’s pants. Anna pulled down his pants and boxers at the same time, exposing his hard black dick. Anna moaned at the sight of it. Mike watched as Anna slid her bra off, her light brown nipples hard from arousal. Anna then pulled down her thong, showing her neatly trimmed pussy. Mike licked his lips as Anna moved towards him.

Anna climbed onto the bed and straddled Mike’s head, facing away from him. Her ass was right in front of his mouth, and he pulled her hips back, burying his face in her ass. He heard her moan as his tongue began to explore the soft wet lips of her pussy. Mike felt Anna’s warm breath on his rod as it slid into her mouth. Anna’s tongue swirled around the head of his cock as she sucked on it. Anna moaned onto his hard unit as his mouth found her engorged clit. He lightly sucked on it, causing Anna to tremble bursa eve gelen eskort bayan slightly. Mike reached up with one of his hands and spanked Anna’s ass, causing her to squeal with pleasure as the sound of the spank mixed with the music. Mike took one of his fingers and spread her lips apart further, giving him more access to her pussy. Mike inhaled her scent and felt some of her juices rubbing off her pussy onto his face.

As Mike continued to lick her pussy, Anna began grinding her hips onto Mike’s face. She bobbed her head up and down more and more, getting increasingly enthusiastic with her motions. Her fingers played with Mike’s balls, sending chills down his spine. Mike began grunting, the vibrations from his voice stimulating Anna’s clit even more. Mike closed his eyes and let out a single, long groan as his cock let loose and shot a hot load of cum into Anna’s mouth. She continued sucking and stroking, pulling every last drop of semen from his dick.

When Mike’s cock finished twitching, she sat up and turned around to face Mike. She flashed him a sexy smile and opened her mouth, showing him that she swallowed the whole load. “Don’t sit up yet, papi, I got a little more for you,” she said to him. She then slid up so that her pussy was right above Mike’s face. She took his hand and guided one of his fingers towards her ass. Anna began fingering her hot pussy while Mike slowly slid a finger into her tight ass. She slid her index and middle fingers deep into her pussy while using her thumb to massage her clit. Anna started moving up and down, getting into it more. Her moans became louder and faster as Mike’s finger slid in and out of her hole. As Mike watched, she pulled her fingers out of her pussy and slid them into his mouth. He licked her sweet juices from her fingers. She used her other hand to keep massaging her clit. Anna let out a loud scream and, before he knew what was happening, a long, hot river of cum streamed out of Anna’s pussy and onto his face and neck. Anna collapsed on top of Mike, her entire body trembling. He was so turned on by this that his cock instantly became hard again. Anna, laying on him, felt his hard rod between her thighs and giggled. “You ready for round 2, chulo?” she whispered in his ear as she spread her legs.

The two of them had met a few times a week since that first night a month ago, and the sex was always great. There were quite a few times where she worked him out so much he just collapsed in a sweaty heap and didn’t remember anything after that except waking up. So when Anna said she had a surprise for him, he knew he would be in for a good time tonight.

Mike reached Anna’s place and rang the bell. After a few moments, Anna opened the door, and Mike’s heart began racing. Anna stood in the doorway wearing a sheer sky blue teddy with matching boy cut shorts underneath. Anna pulled him inside and gave him a deep, passionate kiss, their tongues invading the other’s mouth. Mike heard the door closing behind him in the back of his mind, his concentration on the warm body pressed against him. Anna’s hands moved up and down his chest, and his hands reached around and cupped her ass, which was barely contained by the shorts. After a few moments, Anna pulled away from him, breathing heavy. “I have something I want to bursa eskort bayanlar show you, Mike,” she said, leading him into the apartment. The two of them walked down the hallway to the bedroom and Anna stopped before the closed door. “She turned around to Mike and said, “Close your eyes.” Mike obliged and heard the door open.

Mike let Anna lead him into the bedroom and then heard the door close behind him. “Okay, open them,” she said. Mike opened is eyes and was instantly surprised by what he saw. The area was lit by the soft glow of numerous candles placed around the room, and sitting on the bed was an older woman who looked to be around her late 40’s. She was wearing a black silk robe that was open slightly. Mike could see some of her cleavage from the opening of the robe, and she had these beautiful, smooth legs and slightly thick thighs. The woman had light brown hair that fell down past her shoulders. “Mike, this is my mama, Rosa. Mama, this is the man Mike I was telling you about.” Rosa stood up from the bed and walked towards the two of them. Her robe fell open a little more and Mike could see the light-brown skin of her stomach. Rosa was about 5’5″ and had to be around 160. Mike could tell that she was one of those women who took care of herself and would always look good.

“It’s nice to finally meet you, Mike,” she said, kissing him on the cheek. “Anna has told me a lot about you.”

“It’s nice to meet you too, Rosa,” Mike responded, a little flustered. When Anna mentioned a surprise, he had no idea it was going to be this.

Anna saw the look on Mike’s face and giggled. “Mama likes younger men, and I figured that tonight we could share you. So let us both take care of you.” As she said this, she walked around behind Mike. Rosa pulled Mike’s shirt up over his head and tossed it to the side. Anna reached around and started feeling on Mike’s chest. Mike reached up and slid Rosa’s robe off her shoulders. She let it fall to her feet as Mike’s eyes fixed upon her 40D tits. Rosa pressed against Mike and kissed him deeply. Mike could feel some of the warmth of her pussy through his pants. Anna kissed on the back of his neck. Mike cupped his hands around Rosa’s ass and gave it a squeeze, which she obviously enjoyed. Rosa reached down and undid Mike’s pants. The mother and daughter then slid the pants down to the floor. Rosa smiled at the bulge in Mike’s boxers. “We are going to have a good time with this one,” she said to her daughter.

Anna slid Mike’s boxers down and gripped his ass. Mike watched as Rosa got on her knees in front of him and took a hold of his cock. She jerked it a few times with her hand before sliding his hard shaft into her mouth. As Rosa started sucking on his cock, Mike felt Anna spread his ass cheeks and slide her tongue into his ass. The sensation sent waves of pleasure throughout his body. He began moaning as the mother and daughter team worked their oral magic on him. Rosa worked her mouth and tongue over his cock like a master, making Mike’s legs tense with the anticipated release. Mike felt Anna stop licking his ass and looked down to see her come around in front of him. Rosa moved over slightly and made way for Anna and the two of them began licking on his cock at the same time. The feeling of both sets of lips on his cock was more than görükle escort bayanlar he could handle, and he exploded. Mike’s hot cum shot on the faces of the two women, and they smiled with delight. They then stood up, kissing each other and licking the cum off the other’s face.

With Mike naked, they led him over to the bed and laid him down between them. The three of them began kissing and licking each other. Mike’s hand slid under Anna’s shorts and slid them down her legs. She kicked them off and Mike began fingering her. His fingers slid easily into her wet pussy. Rosa then took his other hand and placed it on her hot cunt. The two women began moaning as Mike fingered the both of them. Anna and Rosa both began rubbing themselves and Mike as he brought them closer to pleasure. Anna pinched her nipples hard and Rosa gripped Mike’s arm. He could feel the two of them climax at almost the exact same time.

By this time, Mike was hard again and ready to continue. Anna laid him on his back and straddled his lap. She placed the head of his cock at the entrance to her pussy and slowly slid down, his cock going in deep. Rosa then slowly sat down on Mike’s face, facing away from Anna. Mike felt Anna starting to ride his cock as he licked Rosa’s pussy. Mike let the sweet taste of Rosa’s pussy surround his tongue. He heard the two women moaning and saw Anna reach around and start playing with her mother’s tits. Mike gripped Anna’s hips as she started riding harder, the soft fabric of her teddy tickling his abs slightly. Her wet pussy slid up and down his dick, pressing down into his groin with every thrust. Rosa reached down and grabbed Mike’s hair, grinding his face and her pussy closer together. Rosa moaned in ecstasy as she started orgasming. Her cum dripped out of her pussy and trickled down his face. When Rosa was done climaxing, the two women slid up off of Mike. They then pulled him up and had him stand next to the bed.

Anna lay on the bed on her back, with her legs spread wide. Rosa then knelt on the bed between her daughter’s legs and started licking her pussy. As Mike watched, Rosa use done of her hands to spread her pussy lips open. Mike didn’t need any more encouragement. He came up behind her and slid his hard dick into her waiting cunt. Rosa moaned into Anna’s pussy as she felt his thick cock slide into her tight hole, stretching the walls. Mike began fucking her pussy her pussy slowly, but Rosa would have none of that. She began thrusting back hard and fast, her ass slapping against his groin. Mike adjusted to the rhythm and gripped Rosa’s hips. He saw Anna’s tits bouncing underneath her teddy in the same tempo as his and Rosa’s fucking. Mike felt Rosa tightening her pussy around his shaft, gripping it hard. Anna let out a long wail of pleasure as she climaxed all over her mother’s face. The look on Anna’s face was one of pure delight, and she looked up at Mike and smiled. Mike felt his fingers dig into Rosa’s inner thighs and he thrust in real deep, his cum shooting deep into Rosa’s pussy. His cock jumped and twitched with each shot, causing Rosa to moan more. Right after he was finished, he felt Rosa cum all over his dick. He held her onto his dick as her pussy pulsated, more and more of her cum mixing with his and slowly dripping out of her hole and down their legs.

The three of them collapsed on the bed in a breathless heap, kissing and rubbing each other. After a few moments, Mike finally managed to say, “Wow, that was amazing.”

“I told you we would take care of you, papi,” Anna responded.

“Yeah, and maybe you can stick around for a while,” Rosa added. She punctuated this statement by giving Mike another deep kiss before they all fell asleep together on the bed.

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