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Anna Gets It

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Mr. Clayton was the youngest teacher at her high school, at 26. He was a math teacher as well as the soccer coach, and with good looks and a cocky smile, he was very popular amongst the students.

His light green eyes and dark brown hair, and white even teeth enticed many females. Even through his formal school clothes it was obvious he had a soccer player’s body.

His smile was always somewhere in between a smirk and a grin, and he spent a lot of the period flirting gently with the girls and laughing with everyone.

Anna was a pretty girl herself. 18 years old, with long brown hair and brown eyes, she was 5’5 and curvy all over, her firm young body well toned. Her tits were full and firm- not too big but not too small. At school she was relatively popular, and never without a group of friends.

When she got her schedule for senior year, she was delighted to find that Mr. Clayton was her Calculus teacher. She knew that this year was her last chance to get him, and she intended to do it.

On the first morning of school Anna picked out her clothes carefully. She wanted to make Mr. Clayton’s mouth drop. After a few minutes she chose a short black skirt and a pink tank top. She knew that the skirt was pushing the school dress-code, but she just thought to herself, fuck it. Her tan from the summer was still in place, and she knew she looked great.

When third period rolled around, Anna tried to calm her nerves before entering Mr. Clayton’s classroom. She walked in talking and laughing with her best friend, Ella. Mr. Clayton was standing by his desk greeting everyone, and when his gaze fell on Anna he looked her up and down, his eyes lingering on her well displayed chest. Anna tingled when she felt his eyes on her and felt heat spread through her pussy.

“Hey, Anna, you’re back,” Mr. Clayton said, reaching out and grabbing her arm to pause her on her way to her seat.

“Yeah, I’m back,” Anna replied, looking him in the eye and smiling. Her skin was burning where his hand had touched her skin. He grinned at her

and she found her seat, a smile lingering on her lips. Throughout the class period, as Mr. Clayton passed out the usual forms and talked about what the class would do that year, his eyes kept meeting Anna’s and then sliding away.

Watching him, his hands, his mouth, his tall body, was driving Anna crazy. All she wanted to do was get home and get herself off, over and over again.

Over the next month Anna and Mr. Clayton continued to flirt in class, so much so that even Anna’s friends started mentioning it to her. But Anna would say nothing, just smile and brush it off. She of course knew exactly what she was doing. Unfortunately, she had spent so much time in class with her mind in other places, that when she got her first test back in September it was an unpleasant surprise.

A red “60” was circled at the top of her paper.

“Oh, fuck,” she muttered when Mr. Clayton put the paper on her desk.

“Hey, it’s okay,” Mr. Clayton said, stopping at the sight of her sad face, “Just come in and take the re-take sometime after school.”

“Okay, I will.” Anna said softly, looking up at Mr. Clayton, their eyes locking.

It wasn’t until someone asked Mr. Clayton for their Kastamonu Escort test that he and Anna broke eye contact. At the end of the period, Anna set the day of the re-take for Friday after school. She knew that this was her big chance. Throughout the rest of the week, Friday seemed a million miles away. Her sexual frustration was almost unbearable. She would come home with an ache between her legs that took an hour of masturbating to relieve. During Mr. C’s class she got so wet she could literally feel her panties getting damp.

Friday morning finally arrived. Anna put on a skirt, as short as the one she had teased Mr. Clayton with the first day of school, but white. She wore a tight, button up red shirt and a black lace bra that made her tits look irresistible. Her panties were plain white cotton, so it would be obvious to Mr. Clayton how wet she was when he finally saw her pussy. Anna shivered just thinking about it.

After an agonizingly long day, Anna found herself walking towards Mr. Clayton’s room, through the deserted hallways. She knocked on the door and opened it softly.

“Hey Anna, come in. I’m just looking over this game schedule here,” Mr. C said, his feet up on the desk.

“Well I hope I’m not bothering you,” she teased him. He smiled and beckoned her over to him.

“Do you want to go over this stuff first?” he asked her.

“Yeah, that would be great,” she said, sitting on the desk next to his feet. She felt his eyes on her legs as her skirt moved up her thighs when she sat.

They started looking over the math, the math that Anna couldn’t give a shit about. She stared at his big hands moving over the paper, and was so wrapped up in her own fantasies, that she didn’t hear him saying her name at first.

“Anna? Anna? Are you there…” Mr. Clayton said, stopping and looking at her.

“I’m sorry Mr. C, it’s just so hard to focus on this math, I’m just so, I’m so attracted to you, I’m so hot for you,” Anna blurted out, before her mind could even really register what she was saying. After the words were out of her mouth she gasped, and having completely lost her nerve, she made for the door fast.

“Wait, Anna,” Mr. Clayton said, catching up with her and stopping her. “Anna, do you think I’m not attracted to you too? Do you know how hard it is to teach and be ethical when you wear stuff like this and flirt with me everyday? I know it’s wrong, but I can’t help it.”

“Well,” Anna said, getting her nerve back some, “it’s not wrong if we both want it. I’m 18, Mr. Clayton. And it’s not like I’m going to tell anyone.”

They looked at each other for a moment before Mr. Clayton reached behind her, pushed the door closed, and locked it. Suddenly overcome with an overwhelming desire to rip her clothes off, Mr. Clayton pulled Anna towards him roughly and kissed her hard, his hands roaming all over her body. Anna felt like she was dreaming, but the burning in her pussy was definitely real. When his hand moved up her thigh and over her panties, Anna moaned into his mouth.

“Is this what you want?” he asked, his eyes dark with lust, moving his fingers hard against her pussy.

“Ohh, yes,” she moaned. He moved her over to his desk and sat her on the edge. She spread Kastamonu Escort Bayan her long legs open, her flip flops falling off her feet. His eyes fell on her damp white panties and he pulled them off in one quick movement, exposing her shaved, smoothed pussy. Anna was trembling somewhat nervous that her fantasy was finally being lived out. Her legs were spread open, looking at Mr. Clayton while he eyed her wet pussy. In one quick movement he pushed two fingers into her hot, tight cunt.

Anna’s body tensed and she threw her head back as he started pumping her pussy hard, curling his fingers up to hit her g-spot. Her moans grew progressively louder as he moved her body with his hand, moving his fingers in and out, swirling them. He felt like another person, completely out of control, only wanting to see this hot young student of his come on his hand. Anna whimpered and groaned loudly when he used his thumb to rub her clit roughly, her pussy getting wetter and wetter as she got closer to coming.

With his free hand Mr. Clayton pulled off her button up shirt, the buttons unsnapping loudly as he threw it to the ground. He groaned at the sight of her tits and finger fucked her harder, pushing her over the edge. Her pussy clamped down around his fingers as she half-screamed, half-moaned, grabbing his hand. Her orgasm washed over her, and Mr. Clayton watched, still thrusting his thick fingers in her, his already hard cock throbbing as she came, digging her nails into him. When she came down from her orgasm she scrambled towards him, still catching her breath.

She was desperate to get to his cock, to see what she had fantasized over for so long. When his pants and boxers fell to the floor she gasped, seeing his huge erection. Immediately she covered the head of his hot cock with her mouth, sucking hard and tasting his pre-cum. He reached down to play with her tits while she sucked him, taking more and more into her mouth. The part she couldn’t take she wrapped her hand around and moved her hand in time with her mouth, sucking, licking, insane with desire for him.

He groaned deeply and she sucked harder in response, the head of his cock hitting where her tonsils used to be. She pulled her mouth away and just sucked on the head, jacking him fast with her hand. Suddenly she felt his hand on the back of her head, pushing her forward, forcing more of his cock into her mouth. Anna loved this and moaned into his cock while he squeezed her nipples. Mr. Clayton started fucking her mouth with his cock, moving in and out while she sucked for all she was worth. She was determined to suck him until he came all over her mouth.

When Anna reached forward with her hand and rubbed his balls, he lost it and squeezed her tits hard while he squirted into his mouth, grunting loudly and tossing his head back. Anna swallowed wildly, the hot cum hitting the back of her throat, sucking all of it down, loving the taste of his cum. He continued fucking her mouth until he was done coming.

He pulled out of Anna’s mouth and watched her lick her lips, getting all the last traces of his cum and swallowing them down.

“Do you like that Anna?” Mr. C asked, still out of breath, but still hard too.

She nodded and Escort Kastamonu looked into his eyes. He moved towards her and pushed her down onto his desk again, so she was lying on her back. He pushed her skirt up around her hips and spread her legs wide, her pink wet pussy spread in front of him. Instead of attacking her waiting pussy right away, he moved up her body, kissing her neck, sucking her nipples hard and biting them gently so she squirmed and whimpered. He finally made his way back down to her pussy and slowly let his tongue move over her clit. She gasped and arched her back, wanting more. In one quick movement he started to suck on her clit, licking it and sucking it at the same time, with one finger inside her pussy rubbing her swollen g-spot.

Anna knew she needed to keep her noise down, but she had no control, his mouth on her pussy felt too good for words, and she moaned loudly and constantly as he sucked her sensitive little clit, driving her crazy. There was no getting out of breath for him, and he kept going, rubbing her clit hard with his tongue, tasting her, fingering her, listening to her lose control underneath him. He reached up with one hand and tweaked her nipples fiercely, making her cry out even louder, moving her hips up towards him, grabbing wildly at his shoulders. His finger moved harder and faster still in her pussy, his tongue was unrelentless, and Anna came, her screams filling the room, her body convulsing on the desk.

Mr. Clayton’s cock was pulsing again, so he stood up and flipped her over, pushing her skirt up further, leaning her against his desk, her stomach and tits resting on the desk and her ass in the air. He pushed her hair off her neck and kissed the back of her neck roughly as he thrust into her in one quick movement. She called out loudly, moving her ass back to meet him as he started pounding her pussy hard, grabbing onto her ass.

Anna was in ectasy, the head of his cock hitting her g-spot over and over again and she came almost immediately, tightening around his cock, making him fuck her harder. Her ass was turning red from where their bodies kept slamming together, and her moans were egging him on. When they got quieter he fucked her harder, wanting to hear her scream again. When he reached around to rub her clit Anna’s legs almost gave out as she came again, with his cock pounding in and out of her rapidly. His deep groans became more frequent as Anna came around his cock, first once, then twice, screaming and gasping for breath, practically crying for more.

Mr. Clayton was out of his mind fucking Anna, his hands on her hips, grasping them hard. He stopped only to pull his shirt off, as he was covered in sweat, and Anna too. He was losing control, Anna’s whimpers and moans, her tight, wet pussy around his cock milking him. When she came again trembling and flushed all over, crying out and grabbing onto the desk, Mr. Clayton came too, exploding inside of Anna’s tight, convulsing pussy. He struggled for breath as he fucked her through his orgasm and then collapsed on his chair behind him.

Anna stood up, completely exhausted, her skirt still up around her hips, the rest of her clothes on the floor. Mr. Clayton pulled her onto his lap, and kissed her softly, feeling her curvy body. After a few minutes of resting and catching their breath they stood up and dressed.

“I’ll give you a ride home, okay?” Mr. Clayton said as he tucked his shirt back in.

“Okay,” Anna smiled. They left the classroom together, ignoring the stares of some very curious janitors.

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