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Angry Insight

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Candice sat in the corner, her foot tapping anxiously on the bar stool as butterflies performed stunning feats of acrobatics in her stomach. She watched the door as she sipped her fourth whiskey sour. Her head hurt, her heart hurt, but her resolve never wavered. In her mind, there was only one way to get even with her cheating fiancée.

“Better slow down, Ms. Muffet, before a spider decides to take your tuffet.” Candice looked at the bartender in surprise. The woman was looking at her in amused concern. “You sure you should be here?”

“Mind your own business,” Candice snapped, while her mind screamed for a comforting shoulder to cry on. She downed the last of her drink in one gulp unable to stop a wince as the whiskey burned her throat.

“Alright then, I will. ‘Nother round?” She pointed to the empty glass in Candice’s hand.

“Yes. Please,” Candice said with an apologetic sigh, but the bartender had already turned her back to her. It was at just that moment ‘She’ walked in.

Candice’s heart fell as the raven-haired beauty walked over to the bar and ordered a beer with a wink and smile. This was the siren that had captivated Jake. Candice patted her hair, running her hands down her tight, black leather pants, wondering how long she should wait before approaching the other woman.

The bartender cut into her thoughts as she served Candice’s drink. Candice slid a twenty across the bar, but the bartender held up her hands after pushing it back.

“No need. Already been paid for by the young lady you can’t seem to keep your eyes off of.” With a snicker, she moved away as Candice blushed to the very tips of her toes. All around her, the music pulsed and swam, and if she dared to look behind her, she knew she would see women dancing sensuously with one another. How fitting that Jake had fallen for a lesbian. Candice’s ultimate revenge would be to have the woman he never would or could have.

“Penny for your thoughts?” a smooth voice interrupted. Candice turned, startled, only to be confronted by two luminous blue eyes.

“Nothing I would share,” she said with a forced smile, unsure how to continue. She didn’t think starting a conversation would be this easy, nor began by ‘Her’.

“My name is Lila,” the dark-haired beauty said with a sensual smile. “I haven’t seen you here before.” Lila winced at her words, and they shared a laugh.

“I’m Candy,” Candice said, jerkily holding out her hand. Lila surprised her by gripping it firmly and leaning in close.

“Are we shaking on a transaction? Closing a business deal?” Candy swallowed hard, feeling control of the situation slipping out of her hands. She didn’t think it would be this hard to do what she had to do.

“This is your first time in a gay bar, isn’t it.” Lila’s voice was soft and sensuous, her expressive eyes showing a kindness Candice hadn’t expected. This woman’s kindness made her angry, though, and anger bred boldness. Tossing Bostancı Escort back her whiskey sour in one gulp, Candice stood rather unsteadily and looked Lila boldly in the eyes.

“Shall we dance, or are you going to talk me to death?” Lila’s face went from surprised to an unreadable expression. She stood slowly, standing about an inch taller than Candice.

Without a word, Lila grabbed Candice by the hand and led her into the thickest pocket of dancers. Candice stood numbly, uncertain of how to continue. Women writhed on all sides of her, their sweaty faces lusting and decadent. Lila pulled her close and began to move against her. After a few moments, Candice closed her eyes and began to follow the movements of her partner’s body. Lila turned Candice around and held her tightly as the music flowed through them. She smelled earthy and good, and Candice could feel her body beginning to respond to the heat of the dance.

Her eyes flew open as Lila’s hands moved lower to rest on her thighs, pressing her hips forward into Candice’s bum. It must be the five whiskey sours, Candice thought hurriedly, as her body began to feel as though an electrical current had passed through it igniting every nerve ending. She made as if to pull away, but Lila held her fast.

“Where’re you going, Candy Cane?” Lila whispered seductively in her ear, her breath hot and wet, stirring the fine hairs on Candice’s neck. The dull thrum of the music made it hard for her to think, and the feel of Lila’s hands beginning to slowly stroke her thighs made it impossible for her to move.

Candice closed her eyes letting the sensations flow completely over her. So far, her plan was a smashing success, and she hadn’t even had to do anything. Well, she admitted to herself, she wasn’t exactly bad looking. Brunette with gray eyes and dark, long lashes, full lips, perfect figure… Lila hadn’t been the first women to approach her. She hadn’t missed the jealous looks thrown in their direction, and not all of them were directed at her. If only Jake could see her now, what would he think? As the thought of him entered her head, she felt her anger and resolve rekindle with a new determination. She had to make this go all the way.

Candice reached behind her and grabbed Lila’s hips, holding her closer. At the contact, she could hear and feel Lila moan softly in her ear. Candice began to undulate against the other woman slowly and rhythmically. She turned her head sideways, exposing the curve of her neck to the other woman. Immediately she felt Lila’s lips and teeth scrape her now exposed neck. Candice flinched in shock, her body freezing for a second in indecision. This was the point of no return and Candice knew it. Lila continued to nibble lightly, her hands moving over Candice’s thighs and stomach. The black vest Candice was wearing as a top dipped low to expose her ample breasts and black bra, and Candice could feel Lila’s Bostancı Escort Bayan heated gaze on her skin as Candice reached up to wrap her arms around Lila’s neck.

“Mmm,” Lila moaned softly as Candice bent her knees then swayed to a standing position, rubbing her body completely over Lila’s. Candice was even shocked at her boldness as she continued to move seductively against the other woman, her body making promises Candice didn’t know if she could keep. She could feel the hard tips of Lila’s nipples pressing into her back, and with a renewed sense of power, she continued her slow, erotic movements. Seducing a woman was a lot like seducing a man. The only real difference was the sensuality she was experiencing with another woman. Candice had never been with a woman before, but revenge was leading her by the nose and dictating her actions. She would do anything it took to ease the ache in her heart.

She was shaken from her thoughts by Lila taking her hand and leading her to a corner of the dance floor. Lila pressed Candice back to the wall, holding her hands pinned above her head with Lila’s leg between hers separating her own at the knees and spreading them. It all happened so fast, and Candice’s thoughts were sent on a whirlwind spin in her head.

Lila was so close, capturing all of her body and thought. For the first time, Candice noticed that Lila was also wearing all black; her jeans molded her slim legs perfectly and a black tank top molded pert breasts and a flat stomach. Candice’s eyes widened as Lila lifted Candice’s face with a finger under her chin.

“Feel like talking now?” she asked slowly and Candice felt the stricture of second thoughts and doubts fleet across her resolve before breaking apart under the weight of her internal rage.

“Shut up and kiss me,” she breathed, sounding braver than she felt. Lila’s face dissolved into a mask that shut out her true thoughts as she leaned forward and kissed Candice with bruising force, her tongue forcing entry into the other woman’s mouth. Candice struggled futilely against Lila, as Lila leaned into her, firmly pressing their bodies together. Candice could feel the heat radiating from Lila and was shocked at the warmth and wetness she could feel beginning to trickle down her own thighs. She found she was kissing Lila just as passionately as Lila was kissing her. Weeks of pent up sexual frustrations were surfacing as Lila began to suck and lick Candice’s chin and neck.

“Let’s go to my place,” Candice gasped as Lila nipped the tender skin of her shoulder. Lila stopped her ministrations to look into Candice’s eyes with a smile.

“If you want me, Candy Cane, you have me now.” Candice felt her revenge slip a notch as she scanned the dark dance floor. She could see other couples pressed into the shadows, but that didn’t quell the nervousness in her own stomach. “No one can see what we are doing. They may Escort Bostancı guess, but they can’t see anything,” Lila whispered huskily into the shell of her ear as her hands slipped under Candice’s vest to run teasingly along the bottom of her bra.

“Please, let’s just go to my place,” Candice said breathlessly as Lila lowered her mouth to trace Candice’s nipple with her teeth. Candice moaned softly, thrown for a complete mental loop. She hadn’t anticipated enjoying this.

“Here and now,” Lila said, punctuating each word with a rough suck at Candice’s nipple through the fabric of her vest. Lila’s hands reached down between them and unbuttoned Candice’s leather pants. Between the effects of the alcohol, the music, and her mindset, Candice couldn’t have stopped even if she wanted to. Candice was shocked to find herself rocking her hips against Lila’s hands and leg. Lila started to kiss her slowly, but Candice’s mind and body rebelled at the gentleness. She threw her arms roughly around Lila’s neck and deepened the kiss till it was almost painful.

Sensing her mood, Lila thrust her hand down Candice’s pants and rubbed her fingers against Candice’s drenched panties. Candice gasped loudly as Lila slid her fingers under the silky material and thrust as deeply inside of Candice as she could get standing up before pulling them out abruptly. Lila sucked one wet finger, closing her eyes in pleasure.

“You taste so good, Candy Cane,” she said before sliding her hands back down between Candice’s legs. She captured Candice’s lips and Candice moaned at the taste of herself on Lila’s sexy mouth.

Lila didn’t waste any motion as she began to slide her fingers up and down the length of Candice’s slit, stroking the clit and teasing her aching hole. Candice panted and shuddered as the waves of pleasure rolled over her. Lila was nipping and licking at her neck, sucking hard as Candice rocked against her fingers. Candice didn’t care at this point who saw her or what she was doing and why. She was moaning continuously now as Lila curled her fingers and kept up the slow, steady rhythm that was driving her insane, making her to shake and cling to Lila to keep herself from falling. Her orgasm erupted forcefully, and she barely bit back a scream. Instead she buried her face in Lila’s shoulder biting hard as her hands slid up under Lila’s shirt. She raked her nails down Lila’s back as the waves kept flooding through her. Lila didn’t stop until she had wrung the last drop of cum from Candice. Candice could feel the stickiness of her cum covering her thighs as she struggled to catch her breath.

Lila kissed her tenderly before reluctantly removing her hand. She sucked slowly on her fingers with a dreamy smile. Leaning in to Candice she whispered, “Tell Jake you’ve got a new girlfriend. I’ll call you tomorrow.” With that, she slipped away leaving Candice standing there stunned. Hastily she redid her pants and headed out on shaky legs. She waved goodbye to the bartender, unable to stop the huge smile from spreading across her face.

“Looks like the spider got some of your tuffet,” the bartender said with a wink.

“That she did,” Candice said, mentally adding, and she’s going to get a whole lot more if I have anything to say about it.

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