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Angie’s Education Ch. 1

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Angie stood at the edge of the sidewalk waving, as the red minivan pull away. Alone, she stood for the first time in her life. Her parents and her younger brother were in the van, leaving her standing alone to face her first day at college. To say she had lived a sheltered life would completely fail to capture the degree of social isolation she had experienced over the last six years.

Yet, here she was, nineteen, a first year student at a small liberal arts college in central Michigan. A year older than all the other incoming students, Angie realized that was one of the smaller differences between her and them. For some reason that no one fully understood, Angie had not made a good transition from Elementary School to the middle grades. A year of poor performance had lead to her being held back a year. A lack of improvement the following year had lead to her parents’ decision to home school her. So, while her brother continued to attend public school, Angie had stayed home with her mother. Absorbing knowledge in a way she had never been able to in a typical classroom. At issue had never been her intelligence; rather it was her inability to deal with the increased pressures of socialization required during those awkward preteen years that had lead to further isolation.

“Hey, don’t look so down in the dumps!”

A friendly voice broke her thoughts, as she turned, she gave a slightly startled jump as she realized the speaker, was a boy, obviously not a first year student standing only a few feet behind her.

With a casual grace she had never learned, the boy stepped closer and said, “I’m Jon, welcome to Andersen College.” Continuing as she tried to find something to say “I’m an RA in ‘Davidson’, the guys’ dorm over there, stop in and say ‘hey’ sometime.” With that he smiled again and walked away.

Angie was left standing, numb, realizing she hadn’t said a word…”God, he must think I’m a moron…” she thought. With a soft sigh, she walked back into her new home “Chapman Court” the only “girls-only” dorm on campus, known to everyone as the ‘virgin-vault’.

Jon dodged another van full of stereos and beanbag chairs and walked across the quad to his dorm. “Cute girl” he thought, “kind of odd, but cute.” With a smile he mentally undressed the silent student. Slim, long blonde hair, big brown eyes, small perky breasts under her “Andersen” t-shirt, and a tight little butt in those white shorts. “Wonder how long it will be ‘till some drunk frat boy is pile driving her?” With a chuckle, Jon walked into the RA office to get ready for the arrival of the upper classmen tomorrow.

Angie climbed the stairs to her dorm room “Why did I bring all this junk?” she asked as she started to unpack. After about forty minutes of sorting through clothes and shoes, she heard a soft tap Bayan Eskort on the door. Opening, she was greeted by a short brunette and her parents.

“Hi!” the girl said “I’m Tina, you must be Angie… this is so cool!” Angie met her new roommate and the girl’s parents she began to wonder what she had gotten herself into. This girl, “Tina” was everything she was not. Tina was full of personality, always laughing and joking.. the minute she walked in she sat her CD player on her desk and popped in a CD. The music filled the room and between cheerful comments and sidelong glances at her parents, Tina managed to compress her entire life into ten minutes of rambling monologue. As Tina’s dad lugged chest after chest of clothes up the stairs, Tina and her mother rapidly unpacked more clothes than Angie had ever seen. Continuing to organize her items, Angie realized it would take a minor miracle for her to fit a word in edge-wise as the good natured girl continued to fill the air with interesting but ultimately meaningless details about her high school friends, their problems, and how happy she was to be “FINALLY” going to college. Tina’s parents were saying goodbye, giving both girls a hug and pulling away. Only when Tina’s continuing conversation broke into her thoughts did Angie realize Tina’s dad had given her a $50 bill just as he had Tina. “For pizza and stuff” he had said. She had been too lost in thought to even thank him.

The days went by quickly, adjusting to a new routine, learning how to find her way around campus, days spent in the classroom and lab, evenings spent in the library. Angie was a good student, to be fair with herself, she was an outstanding student. Better trained and better motivated than her peers. She found she liked college. There was none of that endless, overwhelming, peer pressure she had felt in public school. That endless aching need to be popular. Here, at Andersen, no one even noticed her. She moved in quiet anonymity through her days. In fact, other than her lab partners, Tina, and a few other girls on her hall, she hadn’t spoken to anyone at all.

It was Friday evening and Angie was packing her book bag for her usual after supper trip to the library. “Oh no you don’t you bookwork!” laughed Tina. Pulling the chemistry book from Angie’s hand she continued “It’s Friday night, we are going to do something…”

Stammering something about the important quiz on Monday, Angie realized Tina was sorting through her clothes, tossing things left and right. “Finally, yes, this will do…” turning to Angie, Tina held up a yellow cotton sundress. “Put this on.. “ she said, “…you can’t wear a sweatshirt to a party!”

“A party, what is Tina talking about?” said Angie. “I don’t even know anyone.. why would I go to a party?”

“Duuu… to meet Anadolu Yakası Escort someone… and with any luck not just one ‘someone’” laughed Tina.

As Angie thought about this development, Tina pushed play on the CD player and began to change clothes. The girl had lost all self-consciousness after playing sports in high school. She readily tugged off her t-shirt and wiggled out of her jeans.

Tina was a small girl, only 5’1 or so, with thick dark hair and green eyes. Her Mediterranean heritage was obvious in her olive skin and rounded figure. Despite her small size, she was very curvy. With full hips, thighs that were slightly chunky, and very large full breasts.

As Angie turned away, she accidentally caught a glimpse of dark areolas and large, hard nipples, as well as a small patch of dark pubic hair as Tina bounced around the room to the music.

“Well, are you going to get dressed or what?” Tina asked. Looking up from her history book, Angie answered “ahh.. well.. sure.” Looking around, Angie found the sundress and glanced at Tina. “Oh, go on…” Tina teased, knowing Angie had been skittish undressing in front of her.

Turning away, Angie quickly stepped out of her jeans and pulled her sweatshirt over her head. “God, I wish I were as slim as you are..” Tina said, “maybe I should start running and going swimming with you!”

“Sure, that would be great” Angie answered…”Where are we going anyway?”

Putting the finishing touches on her make-up, Tina turned to Angie. “This guy, in my psyche class, invited me to a party. I said I would come if I could bring my roommate, so.. that’s where we are going.”

“Oh, ok.” Angie wondered “Where does he live?”

“He’s really cute, a sophomore, tall, really big hands.” Tina laughed, “He lives in Davidson.. It will be fun.. are you ready to go?”

The party was everything Angie had thought it would be. Tina danced and laughed and talked with everyone. Angie had hung near the edges, not dancing and hardly talking. She didn’t drink any of the beer that everyone seemed to have. The only person she talked with to any degree had been Jon, the RA she had met, but hadn’t seen since, her first day on campus. He was nice enough, and seemed genuinely interested in talking. He hadn’t asked her to dance and he hadn’t tried to get her to have a beer. He had even kept a couple of the louder, more drunk boys away from her. Finally, about 12:30, Tina came over and asked if she was ready to go home. Stifling a yawn, Angie replied “I suppose, if you are.” and the girls made their way across the moon lit quad. A few times Angie had to support the slightly staggering Tina, obviously the beers had affected her more than she had realized.

When they reached their dorm room, Tina turned on a small Pendik Escort bedside lamp and began to undress. Again, Angie had to turn away as Tina’s rounded body was quickly exposed. Without bothering with her customary long t-shirt, Tina climbed under the covers and turned off the light. Standing in the silent darkness, Angie began to undress. Across the room from her, Tina lay in bed watching the silhouette of her quiet, nervous roommate outlined against the window curtain.

Later that night, Angie awoke from a fitful sleep. She could hear a muffled buzzing and low rhythmic moans coming from Tina’s bed. Trying not to move, fearing to even breathe, Angie looked over. She could see Tina had kicked off her covers, her dark olive skin shown in the moonlight. Her knees were drawn up. Her head moved slowly from side to side. After a few seconds, Tina’s hand snaked its way over her rounded and tummy and up to her large breasts.

Angie was in shock, “What is Tina doing?” she kept thinking to herself…. as her roommate cupped her left breast and pushed it up to meet her tongue. Angie watched as Tina licked and sucked her own nipple, all the while the buzzing grew louder and more obvious. After a few more seconds Tina’s moans grew louder and then ended abruptly with a long low groan. The only sound was the panting of Tina’s breath and the drumming of Angie’s heartbeat echoing in her ears.

After a few minutes, Tina climbed out of bed and tugged on a robe. She left the room and Angie could hear the bathroom door open down the hall. It was only as Tina left the bathroom and started back down the hall to her room that she realized she had forgotten her key. “Damn…now I have to wake Angie.” she thought as she knocked slightly. A second later the door opened. Angie didn’t say anything, just stood there in her short pink cotton pajamas as she held the door for Tina. “I’m sorry, I forgot my key.” said Tina.

“It’s ok” Angie said softly. The bright light from the hall fell diagonally across Tina’s bed. There in the middle of the crumpled sheets was a small pink cylinder about four inches long and no larger around than Angie’s little finger. As the girls’ eyes met, the realized they both had looked at it at the same time. Angie’s eyes blinded and Tina let out a little laugh. Busted…” she said, “sorry I woke you up, I was trying to be quiet.. but.. well.. you know.. sometimes.. “ she laughed again and shrugged off her robe and crawled into bed, hiding her soft brown curves and the pink cylinder at the same time.

Angie stood silently for a minute and then got into her own bed. After a few minutes she worked up her courage and said “ahhh, Tina, .. ah, what.. what is that .. thing?”

A soft giggle came from the nearby bed.. “God girl, are you still in Laura Engles Land?” again she giggled, “It’s a toy, a vib…”

A what?” Angie asked softly.

“It’s a girl’s best friend, a vibrator.” another giggle, “my mom picked it out for me and sent it in the last care package, with the oatmeal raisin cookies .She thought I would like it .. and she was right.”

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