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Andy and Elvira Ch. 02

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Andy and Elvira is an original work of fiction. The events, places and characters are all from my imagination: they have no counterpart in the ‘real world’ and the events take place in the early 1960s in England.

All active participants are at least 18.

Please respect my copyright.

Tags: incest (siblings, mother-son), lesbian.

This second chapter in the tale of Andy and Elvira sees the young couple spending the day with his family.

Chapter 2

I opened the front door of my home and, leaving her bag in the hall, I ushered Elvira through to the living room. Mum and Hannah were on one of the sofas in their pyjamas watching a late chat show. Mum reached out, turned the TV off, and looked at me expectantly. “Mum and Hannah, this is Elvira. I’ve invited her to stay with me for the weekend.”

“Welcome Elvira.” Mum greeted her “We weren’t expecting a guest. I’m Betty.” Mum showed her to a seat. “Can I offer you tea? Coffee? A glass of wine?”

“A glass of water would be fine thank you Betty.” It was Hannah who went to the kitchen, returning with Elvira’s drink.

“Elvira has a family problem and needs to stay out of her mother’s sight until Monday so I said she could stay with me.”

“Let me explain why I don’t want to be found. Today is my 18th birthday. My mother wanted her brother who is also my father, to take my virginity and tomorrow she is holding my birthday party: the only guests were to be members of her family. She wanted me, with my father as my slave, to accept all and any sexual demands the guests made of me and my ‘slave’. My mother is an evil, vindictive bitch and will try to find me. On Monday the whole situation will change and she will no longer have control over me but I need to remain out of her sight until then.”

“That all sounds bizarre. Andy has never mentioned you,” said my mother; “so where does he fit into the picture?”

“Well, every now and then my mother and her brother – my father, remember – go out on the prowl for young men: she’s a predator and he does the spotting. When they see a young man, like Andy, they turn on the charm and invite him back. I mean, my mother is very attractive.”

“Your mother is just like a more mature version of you, Elvira.”

“And no doubt has big boobs, if I know you, son.”

“Anyway, mother brought Andy home and when she’d had her way with him, she passed him over to me. I admit I used him to take my virginity rather than that wimp of a father who is nothing but my mother’s slave. Well, we got away from my mother and we started getting to know each other. Yes, I know it’s usually the other way around: you get to know each other and then go further, but that was the way the dice fell today. I told him of my family problems – there’s more to it than I’ve already said – and that was when he suggested I come here for the weekend. Betty, we’ve only known each other for a few hours but I really like him and maybe he likes me a little.” She smiled at me so I reached over and squeezed her hand.

We all chatted amiably for an hour and it was Hannah who first said she was off to bed so Elvira and I also headed to my bedroom. I collected her bag on the way. We heard Mum clear the glasses away, put the lights out and follow us up the stairs. As soon as I closed the bedroom door behind us, Elvie pulled me close and kissed me. It started as just a sweet kiss but soon escalated to frantic open-mouthed kissing and she moaned into my mouth as she felt my erection pressing into her belly. We stood back each hungrily looking at the other and, as if by some unspoken signal, we both stripped and fell onto the bed together.

“This time I want you on top doing the work. Just take me my Little Stallion, fuck me hard and fast.”

Who was I to resist such a request? I knelt between her legs, raised them over my shoulders and guided my prick to her pussy where I paused, just teasing her with small movements until she hissed loudly, “For god’s sake fuck me you bastard. OOF.” The ‘OOF’ was because I suddenly thrust all the way inside her and wasted no time in ploughing her furrow hard and fast. I had all my weight pressing her knees up to her breasts but still she was thrusting back frantically matching me stroke for stroke until she suddenly screamed loud enough to wake the whole neighbourhood. Too late I managed to get my hand over her mouth and, no more than ten seconds later, my mother burst into my bedroom with Hannah right behind.

“What have you done Andy?” she cried.

“Has he hurt you Elvira? Are you all right?” my sister asked.

Elvie flopped back to the bed, still starry eyed from the orgasm which had ripped the scream from her throat. “I’m sorry I was so noisy but I just had an almighty orgasm. I’m fine, Andy has not hurt me.”

Mum and Hannah backed out apologetically leaving us two exhausted teenagers to fall asleep in each other’s arms. I was first awake next morning and was happy to see Elvie’s body next to me. My hand came round to cup and mould her breasts. My lover moaned and whispered, “Not now my Little Stallion. My pussy feels red raw this morning but let bursa otele gelen eskort me help you.” She shuffled down the bed, stretched her mouth over my erection and started bobbing up and down. I’ve got to say, her mouth was an acceptable substitute and she soon had me filling it with my sperm. She swallowed and smiled up at me triumphantly. “Feeling better Little Stallion?” I thanked and kissed her, tasting myself lingering in her mouth.

We lay in bed just kissing and cuddling until we heard either Mum or Hannah pass the bedroom door. “I guess it’s about time we were up and about. Do you need to freshen up?”

“Can I get a shower please? I’ll let you scrub my back.”

“I thought you were too sore.”

“It’s my back you’ll be washing. The rest I’ll do myself: very gently.”

She let me wash her everywhere except between her legs: her tits felt lovely when all soapy so my hands kept returning to them. She had the cleanest tits in the country by the time we finished and dried off. Back in the bedroom she opened the bag she had brought with her, selected some scarlet lace pants. Rummaging around in her bag she produced a pair of little-girl-pink frilly panties and passed them to me. I hesitated. I mean she had me wearing her panties yesterday; was this going to be a permanent item? “Oh put them on and don’t mess about. You’ll get used to them – or get used to being spanked.” I had already learned that she could be a bossy bitch at times so maybe some of her mother’s training had rubbed off on her. Again she made sure my tool was parked as she wanted it. She dressed in a scarlet silk blouse tucked into a tight black mini skirt and no bra.

She had a mischievous grin as she cupped and lifted her firm boobs, tweaked her nipples until they popped up then let the boobs bounce back into unfettered position. “I’m going to tease you with these all day. By tonight this,” she patted my tool, “will be scratching your chin. Now get dressed and you can make me some breakfast.”

I dressed in jeans and a plain red t-shirt and led my new lover downstairs. Mum and Hannah were both in the kitchen with Hannah making a pot of tea and Mum grilling bacon. Both stopped to stare momentarily at Elvie’s brazenly unfettered breasts behind the silk then continued their tasks. Hannah placed mugs of tea on the kitchen table and invited Elvie to sit. “Mum’s making bacon sandwiches all round.” We three sat there silently for a couple of minutes until Mum brought a pile of sandwiches to the table and we all tucked in.

“You gave us quite a scare last night Elvira,” said Mum. “We thought he was killing you.”

“Yes, sorry about that. Maybe I should control my noisy orgasms but Randy Andy here knows how to please a girl.”

I felt my face going red with embarrassment then Hannah said, “From what you say about your parents and the rest of your family, you’re not a stranger to incest so I have no problem telling you: Andy and I often have sex but he has never given me an orgasm.” My face coloured up even more because she had mentioned our incestuous couplings.

Then Mum piped up, “I have known that they were doing it but I never interfered: it’s their decision and I thought that if he was getting ‘it’ regularly it might stop any, perhaps more dangerous pursuits. Like going off with strangers but obviously that didn’t work. While we’re being indiscrete here, do you know, I’ve never had an orgasm either? I’ve heard about them and read about them but never had one. My ex was never in me long enough to do anything for me except give me two of the loveliest babies. Unfortunately one of them turned into my Andy here.”

“I feel sorry for you Betty but I don’t understand you, Hannah. Your brother has given me several since he took my virginity just yesterday. Why no orgasm for Hannah?” She turned to look at me.

“Well she always pushes me away.”

Elvira looked quizzically at my sister who responded, “It feels nice going in and out, kind of relaxes me. I don’t know why but I’m afraid of letting it go.” She shrugged.

Elvira considered the situation and felt she would like to help. “Andy, take your sister to bed right now and don’t come back before she’s had at least three climaxes.”

I was embarrassed but looked over at Hannah: her face coloured up too but her eyes were shining. Obeying Elvira, I stood and offered my hand to my sister. Still blushing, she held my hand and I gently pulled her towards the door but she seemed reluctant, almost shy.

“Go with him Hannah: get yourself properly screwed and don’t you dare push him away.” Elvie was wearing her bossy boots again.

Hannah gripped my hand tight as she led the way to her bedroom. I had already decided that this time it was all for Hannah’s pleasure so, when she started undressing as was our usual preparation, I stopped her, saying I would like to undress her. I stepped close to her and kissed her, and that was the first time I had ever kissed her lips. She kept it chaste at first until I pulled her groin to mine and rubbed my prick up and down: she relented and opened bursa eve gelen escort bayan her lips to my invading tongue and the kiss very quickly turned passionate. She pulled back, her bosom heaving as she panted; she looked at me almost hungrily and initiated the next kiss.

Eventually I pulled back and slowly opened every button down the front of her summer dress and pushed it off her shoulders to let it slip to the floor at our feet. I kissed the swell of her breasts above the bra then bent down to remove the nylon waist slip, allowing it to join the dress. I moved behind her and brought my hands to her breasts, squeezing and moulding them as I nibbled and kissed the side of her neck where it curved into her shoulder, finishing with a firm bite. I noticed goose bumps forming on her arms as I unhooked her bra fastener to release her lovely globes. Knowing how much she liked breast play I groped and squeezed them both, taking many liberties with her proud nipples. Almost reluctantly I left them and bent to pull her panties down; she wiggled out of them and kicked them away.

I turned her round in my arms and we kissed again then she pulled my shirt over my head and dropped it. It was only when she knelt to unbutton my jeans that I remembered I was wearing Elvie’s panties. My jeans came down and her face was inches from the pink frills. She clapped her hands in front of her mouth. “Oh how cute they are Andy and I love how they frame your penis.” She made no attempt to remove them; she just lay on the bed and patted beside her. I clambered onto the bed, pulled her close and we kissed passionately.

I kissed down to her breasts and spent a heavenly age just making love to them which was a normal prelude to me fucking her but this time I kissed down her belly and I could smell her arousal so made her jump by kissing her down there, savouring the delicious flavour and aroma: different from Elvie but no less sweet.

“What are you doing Andy?” I ignored her question and ran my tongue over her pussy lips. We had never done anything like this when we had fucked in the past. “But oh god it feels good,” she said and I had to agree, it tasted nice too and I was enjoying myself. My prick was fully rampant but I was happy to keep licking at Hannah’s pussy and she was beginning to move her hips to get more of the same. She put her hands on my head, dragging me as close as possible while frantically jerking her hips up and down, just fucking my face until she shuddered than went rigid and let out a long loud squeal before dropping back to relax. There were tears in her eyes but I knew they were tears of joy.

I moved up to kiss her but was pushed back when she tasted herself on my mouth and face. “Eugh,” she said, “your face is all wet.”

“You wet it, Hannah. That’s all you and I’ve got to tell you, you taste delicious.”

Tentatively she extended her tongue and licked my chin: I watched her pull her tongue back into her mouth and her expression changing from dubious to pleasure. “Like it?” I asked, dropping my hand back down to her groin. I put two fingers into her squishy wet pussy and brought my hand back to her mouth, encouraging her to lick them clean. She did so avidly.

I got rid of my pink panties then guided my tool to the edge of her pussy and just stroked up and down her crack so my prick head slid over her clitoris each time. I latched my mouth onto a nipple and sucked for all I was worth as I groped roughly at the same tit. She brought a hand to her spare breast and started rolling that nipple between her fingers. Now her body was writhing, trying to get my prick inside her but I managed to evade her for a while then, with a particular lunge from her, my prick sank deep into her. She grabbed my buttocks and pulled me in hard to the limit, encouraging me to fuck her, fuck her harder. She was mewling like a kitten interspersed with moans of oh and ah as she bucked beneath me. I had a job hanging onto her tit but I kept my mouth working there until I was sure she was close. I clamped my teeth into her nipple and she screamed as loud as my beloved Elvie had last night, arching her back in a rigid spasm, shuddering and moaning.

I kept up a slow thrusting in and out as she finally slumped back to the mattress. She jerked with every stroke, seemingly having little aftershocks. My own needs were becoming more urgent so I speeded up my thrusts, banging hard into her and soon she was calling again for more, harder. I gave her my best and soon I had that almost painful but exquisite feeling of my sperm surging up my urethra to coat her womb. She must have felt my sperm pumping into her because she cried out in her passion again.

Both of us collapsed side by side on the bed. She gripped my hand firmly and said, “What did we just do Andy? It’s never been like that before.”

“I guess we just didn’t know, but it was good. Thank you.”

“Oh god no: thank you for making me a real woman. If those were orgasms I want more: lots more and then some.”

“I’m sure you’ll get them now you know. Shall we get cleaned bayan eskort bursa up and join Mum and Elvira?”

She rolled off one side of the bed and I off the other. I followed her to the bathroom and, at first, she told me to wait but I pushed in anyway. I gave her a raunchy kiss and said, “After what we’ve just done, I know your body intimately as you know mine. We’re just getting washed so where’s the problem?” I started filling the hand basin with warm water.

“I don’t know, it just seems different somehow.”

“And what we’ve just done wasn’t different?” I soaked and soaped a face cloth and washed her face, her shoulders then started on her breasts. These were very thoroughly washed, so much so that the nipples popped out again. “See, it’s not so bad is it?”

I tweaked both her nipples, making her suck in her breath. “Oh Andy, don’t get me started again.”

“Why not?” I gave her breasts and nipples more attention with plenty of soapy suds. I turned her around until she had her back to me. Discarding the face cloth, I soaped up my hands and started washing her abdomen in big, slippery circles, returning to her breasts frequently and moving down towards her groin. I deliberately never touched her pussy but ran my soapy fingers up and down just a fraction away from her labia. My other hand explored the valley between her bum cheeks, hesitating at her anus then slipping on that extra couple of inches stopping short of her vagina. Hannah was panting hard then she grabbed my hand and moved it to her pussy. “Please Andy …” she gasped as she tried to press my fingers into her needy hole.

Eventually I relented and inserted my middle finger to fuck the warm, slippery channel; my other hand was still tracing its way across her bum hole. Soon the one finger in her pussy became two then three plunging in and out as I ran the tip of my index finger of the other hand round and round her anal entrance, sensing that part of her relaxing. She gasped when I pushed my finger into her rectum, matching the pace of my hand in her pussy. With three fingers almost violating her pussy and two fingers ramming her arse she gave out another almighty scream and went rigid in my arms. I couldn’t withdraw my fingers because her whole pelvic region clamped down ferociously and her legs were locked together.

When Hannah had recovered sufficiently I rinsed her off, wrapped a fluffy bathrobe around her and sat her on the toilet seat while I washed myself. I dried off then led her back to her bedroom. I dried her off while she was still in the bath robe but when she thought I was being over solicitous with her tits she pushed me away and finished drying herself. We dressed although Hannah insisted on pulling my pink knickers up my legs and parking my bits to her satisfaction. Before we left the bedroom she hugged me close and gave me a kiss that was more tender than sexual. “Thank you so much for what you have given me. I’ll never forget this morning when you made a true woman out of me.”

We returned to the living room where Mum and Elvie were sitting on the sofa together, looking like they had settled down for some girl talk while Hannah and I were together. “Well look at you, daughter mine: all bright eyed and bushy tailed. You look like the cat that ate the cream and we thought he was killing you.”

“Oh Mum, you have just got to try it. We’ll have to get you a man. Why have I been pushing him away all those times?”

“Yeah, getting me a man is the problem. Can you see a line of studs queuing up by the front door?”

“Betty, why don’t you invite your son to your bed tonight? Heaven knows that … that thing between his legs is coming nowhere near my pussy today. To put it crudely, I’m sure he would be happy to give you a good fucking, wouldn’t you Andy?”

“Hmm,” I mumbled without any commitment. Mum was clearly embarrassed and said nothing so the subject was dropped.

“Does anybody fancy a day down at the coast?” asked Elvie, breaking the uncomfortable silence. “I’ll treat you to a good lunch then we can all get some sun on the beach.” We all agreed to her proposition so parted to our separate bedrooms to get changed for the coast. Elvie said I could wear my own bathing suit rather than her panties because I would be stripping on the beach. I decided a pair of shorts and tee shirt would be right for the weather. Elvie’s bikini gave reasonable cover under her clothes. We made our way back downstairs and were soon joined by my family and Mum had a bag packed with towels, sun cream and other bits and pieces for the day out. We all piled into Elvie’s car and she drove the 30 miles to the coast. She pulled onto the car park of an upmarket hotel and confidently led us inside.

She asked the Head Waitress for a table for four. We all enjoyed the roast leg of lamb which the chef carved at the table from the large silver-domed trolley. The desert trolley was a work of art in itself: trifles, gateaux, profiteroles oozing chocolate, fruit tarts, fresh strawberries and carafes of cream. Elvie and I had the strawberries; I knew Hannah would go for the chocolate gateau and Mum decided on the trifle. Elvira asked the waiter to bring a shot of vodka: she ground a couple of twists from the pepper mill then poured half the vodka over each dish of strawberries. I don’t know why it worked but it did: the vodka imparted a ‘bite’ to the fruit and the pepper added some fire to set off the cool sweet fruit. Each complemented the other, even Mum and Hannah wanted a taste.

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