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Andrea’s Hotel Stay Ch. 01

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Andrea needed to take breaks like this sometimes. A couple of times a year, she’d pick a travel destination. She’d bring the sexiest clothes she owned, and spend at least half an hour every morning doing her makeup to make sure she was at her sexiest. The fun really started when Andrea thought she looked perfect. She’d go seduce a hot guy, bring him back to her room, and have him fuck her brains out. If she just did this for one week, two or three times a year, she barely found herself getting horny at home.

When she’d tried the concept for the first time quite a few years ago, she hadn’t been that experienced in bed – on her first trip, she’d just turned 19. Her last boyfriend then had just left her for a up-and-coming model. The two of them had never really been that adventurous under the sheets, and she figured that was probably the reason he’d left. Obviously, Andrea was devastated and an emotional wreck for the next few weeks, but on the other hand, it gave her an idea. What if she was to become the best fuck a man could ever have? If she was just too good in bed for them to leave her, she could practically get anyone she wanted. An ambitious idea to say the least, but the desire to prove herself better than her ex’s new girl made her want it enough for her to spend the little savings she had on a week-long trip to a Mexican beach resort.

In Andrea’s head, the idea had always been for this trip to be a sort of testing ground. She’d get to know her own body, as well as how to make men feel as good as they possibly could in bed. For obvious reasons, she didn’t tell her parents the truth. She just told them she was going on a relaxing vacation together with a few friends before heading off to drama school later that year.

During that week, Andrea brought home at least one new man each day. Hotel staff, fellow tourists, locals – it didn’t matter, as long as they had a dick and she deemed them hot enough to stick said dick inside her. Every night, she wrote down what she needed to improve, based on that day’s experiences, in a little notebook for her to read later. One page a day – minimum.

When she’d returned from that first trip, Andrea had felt like an entirely new woman. She had started feeling confident in her sexual abilities and knew she was on her way to becoming the sex partner she wanted to be. And, perhaps most importantly, she’d gotten over her ex like a breeze. Turns out, having ten or twelve different cocks inside you during the span of a week keeps your mind off anything bad for quite some time. What’s more, she hadn’t been horny at all for the coming four months, letting her focus on both school and work. Andrea had fallen in love, and was already longing to go on another trip.

As the years passed, the trips had become less about perfecting the art of sex and more about having fun. She still kept her notebook with her, though, and still wrote at least one page each night. The trips allowed her to keep an insane work ethic for the rest of the year. But, still, Andrea still hoped she’d meet a new prince charming one day. When that day came – which she was absolutely sure it would – she’d have all the cock-riding and dick-sucking skills she needed to keep him interested for the rest of his life.

Today, eight years later, she was leaving for another one of these fuck-fest trips. Andrea had booked a stay in the Bahamas. She’d always loved the Bahamas – they were close to home, and the perfect temperature during the summers. Not to mention all the hot guys she constantly seemed to be meeting.

Back home, she was just starting to make it as an actress. She’d won a supporting role in a three-season Netflix series and was right in the middle of shooting her first feature-length movie. So, since she was just in her mid-20’s, her career was looking promising to say the least.

Andrea had always known just why all the male producers liked to hire her – her looks. She was Hispanic and in her late twenties with a very pretty face. Her long hair was usually black, although she’d had to dye it blonde a couple of months ago in preparation for her current movie shoot. Because her hair had grown a fair bit since, her natural black shade had started showing at the roots.

She didn’t work out that much for most of the year, but her body was still perfect. Andrea had a very big ass (she’d made a habit of dressing in tight skirts and shorts for casting to show it off, and it seemed to be working so far) and a perfectly flat stomach. She was quite short at only 5’2″, making her butt look all the more curvy. Her boobs were on the smaller side – no bigger than 34A.

The flight wasn’t long, just a bit over six hours. Since Andrea lived in LA, she usually had to spend the first few days battling jet lag before the fun could really begin, so she decided to get herself acquainted with the hotel services to begin with. The hotel was quite luxurious, and Andrea had already spotted an extravagant restaurant and a spa just on the walk from ankara escort the lobby to her room.

Before she knew it, it was dark outside and Andrea realized she’d have to go to bed right now even if she wasn’t feeling tired. Without a good night’s sleep, she wouldn’t be ready for a full day of partying tomorrow.

“No partying tonight,” Andrea said to herself as she tried her best to fall asleep. “But just you wait, Bahamas – just you wait.”


Andrea somehow managed to get a good night’s sleep. She woke up feeling refreshed, ready to take on the world. Today was the day she was finally going to get laid.

“No point in putting on any real clothes,” she thought. “They’ll be flying off soon enough anyway.”

Andrea put on a tiny black string bikini that just about covered her boobs and ass. She tied it in place on the sides of her legs and behind her back, before walking over to the mirror. She spun around to make sure everything was looking good – and hell yeah, Andrea felt as hot as ever. Now for the makeup.

She’d brought just about anything she could ever need makeup wise with her. Today, however, Andrea was planning to keep things simple. Foundation, concealer, bronzer along with a hint of eyeliner and mascara would have to do.

By the time Andrea was ready, it was just after 11 am. It was still a little early, but she decided to hit the pool anyway and hope for the best. She grabbed a towel, slipped into her flip-flops and went down to the pool area.

It was a beautiful day outside, not a cloud in sight. Andrea laid her towel out across a sunbed and put her sunglasses on. She carefully rubbed most of her body in tanning oil but deliberately left her chest and back for a lucky guy to take care of later. Andrea then laid down, and made sure to stick her ass up a little extra in hopes of getting some attention right away. It didn’t take long before someone had come over to the sunbed next to her.

“Excuse me, is this free?”

Andrea lifted her head from the comfortable sunbed and let her glasses fall down to her nose. She inspected his looks while thinking of an answer. He looked to be just in her taste – a tall, young man with scruffy black hair and a muscular build. She couldn’t keep herself from already starting to imagine how much fun they’d be having in just a little while.

“Of course,” Andrea replied, and decided to start flirting right away. “But only if you oil my back for me!”

“Sure thing,” the guy said with a laugh.

“Perfect,” Andrea smirked in response and handed him the oil.

“I’m Phil,” he said while rubbing the oil across Andrea’s back.

“Nice to meet you, Phil. I’m Andrea.”

“Sounds like you’re from the US, too,” he remarked when he’d finished, and was putting the oil bottle down.

“Uh-huh. L.A. born and raised.”

“Let me guess – Hispanic?”

“How’d you know?” Andrea laughed.

“Let’s just say I’ve never met a white girl with either your gorgeous skin tone or proportions.”

“Guess I’ll take that as a compliment,” Andrea giggled, realizing he was flirting right back at her.

It was time to take things one step further. Andrea untied her bikini top and let the strings fall down the sides of the sunbed.

“Hey, Phil,” she asked. “Would you mind getting a little more oil on my back? Just realized I’d be getting a stupidly ugly tan line if I continued like this.”

“Absolutely,” Phil responded, sounding as though there was a wide grin across his face.

He once again poured out a generous amount of Andrea’s tanning oil over her back, and started rubbing it on. It felt as though he was extra careful to cover the parts where her bikini had been in the way before.

Just as he had finished oiling her up, Andrea saw her chance. She made sure nobody else was looking at her from Phil’s direction before turning to her side. She could practically see his jaw dropping as he got a good view of her flat stomach and pretty tits.

“Wanna come up to my room, Phil?”

“Sure thing, man,” he mumbled, seemingly speechless. “Just let me get my stuff.”

Andrea couldn’t help but feel proud of herself. She’d barely spent half an hour down here before getting laid – that was almost certainly a record time for her. As Phil hurried to pack his stuff down into a gym bag he’d brought with him, Andrea wrapped her towel around her upper body. She grabbed her tanning oil and bikini top before standing up.

The moment Phil was ready, she started walking. He had to hurry a little to catch up with her, but then ended up walking right next to her the rest of the way. Andrea actually really liked him so far – not just as a tool to satisfy herself, he came off as a genuinely nice person who was easy to talk to.

It wasn’t a long walk back to the room. Andrea unlocked the door, and walked in first. The moment Phil was inside and had shut the door, she leaped onto him. She pushed her mouth against his çankaya escort and they immediately began making out. He wasn’t shy at all, and she felt him taking the liberty of placing both hands on her plushy ass as they kissed.

Andrea reached down to untie Phil’s swimming trunks as his hands explored her body. When his shorts had fallen to the floor, she broke their kiss and took a step back. She pulled off the towel covering her boobs before getting down to her knees. His dick was in perfect height with her mouth. What’s more, it looked rock hard and ready to go. Andrea immediately wrapped her lips around it and began sucking.

Phil let out moan after moan as Andrea worked his cock in and out of her mouth, sucking it just hard enough to keep him from cumming right away. After a few minutes, she noticed him leaning back against the door, closing his eyes and panting heavily. Not wanting him to cum just yet, Andrea let his dick out of her mouth and stood up.

“Come here,” she whispered as she started walking further into the room.

As she walked, Andrea reached down to her legs to untie her bikini bottom. She kicked it off, leaving her entirely naked as she reached the bed. Phil was right behind her.

“Fuck me,” Andrea begged, and gave Phil a kiss.

She lay on her back on the bed and spread her legs apart using her hands. Her pussy was – just like the rest of her body hair – perfectly trimmed, without a hair in sight. The only things on display for Phil were her excited clit and wet pussy lips.

“You bet I will,” Phil mumbled before getting himself into position.

He got in front of her and spread his legs to stand steady, while grabbing Andrea’s legs to pull them even further apart. He aimed his rock hard cock at her pussy and thrust forward. He somehow managed to slide inside her on his first try – Andrea certainly was impressed and couldn’t help but let a giggle mix with her moans as he began moving.

“Fuck, you’re tight,” Phil moaned as he let his cock dig around inside her.

Her tightness wasn’t an unusual compliment to come from her sex partners. She had no idea how it worked out, but her pussy was still tight enough to make even the slowest fifty-year-olds cum in no time at all. If a man would somehow get tired of her pussy, she’d just let them inside her ass a couple of times – it competed in a whole other league of tightness.

As Andrea was getting carried away thinking about her own hotness, Phil had started fucking her faster and faster. Her entire body was still a bit slippery from the tanning oil and he did his best to hold her legs in place. Andrea felt her entire body moving up and down in the bed as Phil drove his cock deeper and deeper inside her with every thrust. His dick was just the perfect length for her – he rubbed right against her G-spot with almost every thrust. She reached down between her legs to rub her clit and felt herself being overtaken by pleasure.

Andrea rubbed her clit faster and faster as Phil kept hitting all the right spots inside her. That was a clear benefit of having a tight pussy – it didn’t take long for Andrea to cum herself, either. Before she knew it, she felt herself being flooded by wave after wave of pleasure. She let out a long roar as she tightened every muscle in her body and felt her thighs quiver. Phil showed no sign of stopping, making the pleasure even more intense for her.

As her body relaxed, Andrea took a moment to look Phil in the eyes. He was a lot taller than her, and she loved how tiny she felt in comparison to him. He was looking right back at her while running his hands up and down her body. For what she guessed was the first time today, he was giving her small boobs some attention as well.

Phil started slowing down before coming to a complete stop. Andrea had just about regained her senses after her orgasm, but she could still feel her pussy pulsating around his dick. Phil pulled out, probably in fear of cumming already.

“Ride me, baby,” Phil said, climbing onto the bed. “Come here.”

He laid on his back as far up the bed as he could get, with his head resting on one of Andrea’s pillows. Andrea rolled around to her stomach, and started crawling over toward him. She stopped with her face between his legs to give his cock a couple of kisses before straddling Phil’s lap.

Andrea stood up with her feet about midway down Phil’s arms. She put her hands down on his body to support herself as she squatted down, making sure to keep her pussy just above his cock. When she was almost all the way down, Phil placed both of his hands on her ass cheeks and helped lift her. Andrea smiled, before grabbing his cock between her legs and guiding it toward her pussy.

As she finally sat down on his cock and it slid inside her, Andrea let out a gasp – partly to tease Phil a little, but also just because it felt so fucking good to finally be fucked again. She started jumping up and down on his cock and Phil helped lift kızılay escort her.

Andrea’s cowgirl technique was tried and true thanks to fuck-fest vacations like these. The first man she’d gotten in bed during her very first trip had just lifted her onto his lap and expected her to do the work. She’d just about managed to keep jumping up and down his dick long enough to make him cum – but her thighs had been exhausted for days to come. She’d learned a couple of things from that fuck; one – she would have to do a ton of squats in the months leading up to one of these trips, and two – if she knew she could handle the squats, why not start using squats as her cockriding-technique?

That night, she’d practically been sitting in her partner’s lap, just working her body forward. The next night, she had tried her new technique. She started by standing over her partner – in this case a hotel manager who’d come to inform her that her neighbors had complained about loud moaning the night before – and then crouching down, never sitting entirely. The manager had helped her lift her body up and down, and everything had turned out better. He had let out a loud roar after just a couple of minutes and blasted a massive load inside her, and Andrea’s thighs hadn’t been as tired as after the night before. She’d written at least a couple of paragraphs in her notebook about the potential of this technique that night, and continued to improve and evolve it ever since.

Today, she almost felt like she’d nailed cowgirling of all kinds. About six weeks before leaving for one of these trips, Andrea would start an intense leg-workout programme. She’d be sure to work out her thighs every day – mostly by squatting. She didn’t work out that much for the rest of the year, but judging by her perfectly flat stomach, it seemed to be doing the trick.

The kind of squatting Andrea had been practicing for the last month was perfect for cockriding for one more reason – it let much more of her partner’s dick inside her, and she was yet to meet a man who didn’t love smashing as deep inside her as was physically possible, even though it hurt sometimes.

Phil was no exception, and Andrea was starting to feel his dick deeper inside her with every thrust. He was still keeping his hands on her ass, and they were still working together. As far as Andrea was concerned, Phil had played his part for now since she’d orgasmed already. It was really all about getting to him cum as much as possible. She occasionally scratched his chest with her long fingernails – just lightly enough to hopefully make him want to fuck her a little harder.

“Fuck,” Phil moaned after a while. “You’re so tight I’m gonna cum already!”

Andrea heard him, but she didn’t really care that much. As far as she was concerned, he could cum anywhere he wanted, but he’d have to get her into position on his own. She could happily keep riding him until he spurted blast after blast inside her.

However, it seemed like Phil had other things in mind. He suddenly grabbed Andrea’s hips and lifted her off his cock. She ended up lying on her back next to him, and she took the opportunity to give her clit some attention. But, knowing what was to come, she made sure to get her hair out of her face first. If there was one thing she’d learned from all these trips, it was to keep jizz out of her hair by any means possible.

Phil hurried to kneel down next to her and Andrea turned her face towards his dick, which he was aiming at her mouth. He didn’t really seem to be aiming at her face as a whole, so she decided to wrap her lips around his cock and let her tongue flick around the underside of it.

Her licking seemed to be the last straw for Phil. He bucked his hips, let out a loud moan, and began shooting his load into Andrea’s mouth. She felt his hard shots of jizz spurt against the back of her throat and was tempted to swallow it right away. She ultimately decided against it, wanting to put on a little show later on.

Something else she’d written at least fifty times in her notebook was that men loved a messy scene. Spill a little cum here, rub a little out there, and they’d almost be hard and ready for round two right away. Keeping that in mind, she wanted to treat Phil to something messy even though he’d practically shot his entire load inside her mouth. The moment Andrea felt his cock starting to soften, she opened her eyes and looked up at Phil. She pushed the cum in her mouth out to make it look like he’d spilt a little. As if that wasn’t enough, she took his cock out of her mouth and wiped it off against her chin, leaving a trace of cum just big enough to spot.

When Andrea felt finished with his cock, she sat up. Phil laid down on his back but didn’t take his eyes off her. Andrea smirked, opened her mouth and showed him the big load still left on her tongue, before closing her mouth and swallowing it all in one, big gulp. Once again, she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out to show that the cum was gone.

Andrea heard Phil giggle at her little show, and decided to snuggle up with him. She crawled over to him and rolled onto her stomach. Phil wrapped an arm around her, letting his hand rest on her ass and giving it a light squeeze.

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