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An Unzipped Rocker

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I don’t know what made me go to this particular show; it was actually my friend Pam that dragged me to a Constantine show this particular night. Truth be told, Pam wasn’t there to see him, but some guy in his back up band she had the hots for.

Mind you, she is a gorgeous blond and could have gotten any one of those guys; I on the other hand, even though I have been told I look at least a decade younger than my age, I was shorter and a little more full figured (especially in the breasts and hips), and had short red hair.

Nevertheless, I was glad I had dressed so I could blend in with the crowd (at least that had been the initial idea), in a pink silk blouse, complete with matching pink nail polish, jeans ripped at the knees and platform sandals. I thought I was cool until I’d seen everyone else in things much more racier.

The show was amazingly good, even if a lot of the women did go nuts pressing against the stage. Constantine had on this wild outfit of a black shirt, white jacket, and black pants with a zipper going halfway down to his thigh.

Damn, I had never seen anything like them before, nor have I since. I know a lot of girls that attended that night were certainly dreaming of that zipper and what was underneath it. In spite of myself, I was also fascinated….especially with the bulge that was encased in that zipper.

Pam had then dragged me back to meet her crush once the show had ended and lo and behold, there was also the star himself.

He seemed kind of bored-looking meeting some of the people in front of me, animated with others–as if he knew them–and once the other fans had gone and when it came Pam’s turn, he’d given her a clap on the shoulder before giving her a bear hug.

I poked her in the ribs. “You didn’t tell me you knew this guy!” I whispered.

“Yeah, I met him at the Roxy earlier this year,” she explained, then turned and introduced me.

“How do you do, Anne? You’re from back East, right?”

I looked over at Pam again; how the hell did he know where I was from?

“Uh, yes…” was all I managed to get out.

“Well, your and my friend here didn’t say what a pretty girl you were.”

I felt myself blush. This guy that went around with models and starlets calling me pretty? Was he drunk or something?

I guess he wasn’t; I thought then perhaps he was being polite because of my affiliation with Pam. Boy, would I find out differently later!

Our conversation carried on late, with me learning a little more about him along the way.

Meanwhile, I could not believe that this guy, even at thirty, didn’t have a girlfriend or three.

Everyone knows how irresistible musicians are, and this guy could have turned on any woman without saying a word or singing a note.

And there were those amazing pants he still had on from the show. I found myself eyeing that zipper once more, making sure he didn’t catch me doing it in the meantime.

“Not that I’ve broken any mirrors and scared children or anything, but…don’t you have some hot chicks or some sexy model you’d be with?” I asked.

I figured instead of yapping to the likes of me, he would either be getting laid or a good blow job from one of those willing groupies by now.

He quickly responded “Fuck that. I’d rather have a nice girl like you chatting me up than some slut that’s out for ‘one thing’ trying to pick me up.”

I gave him a look that stated that I may have been born at night, but not last night. “Oh is that so?” I asked.

“Yeah. So you married?”

“No. I never have been. I’m not exactly a man magnet,” I laughed.

“Could have fooled me. You’re not only pretty, but you seem intelligent and humorous. Don’t underestimate yourself.”

I was flattered that someone like Constantine would be interested in talking to me, because he could certainly have his pick of the litter, supermodels and starlets included.

We talked about everything until the crowd began to thin out.

The majority of people, having found their one-nighters and his other band members finding their “random sluts” for the evening, headed towards the door. Pam and her drummer had gone hours before.

He grinned. eve gelen escort “Do me a favor, Anne. I’ll be just a few more minutes if you want to wait for a bit, I’ll be back as soon as I’m done. Public relations, you know?”

“Yeah, I know,” I grinned knowingly. “I’m in that business, remember?”

He laughed. “Riggght. Stay put.”

I laughed back in response and sat down on a barstool with my drink. I understood all too well about the importance of talking to fans after a show; they did pay the bills by buying the products and coming to the shows.

I settled in my seat as I watched a bevy of young beauties trip over each other as they tried to get his attention.

After about five minutes, Constantine thanked the last fan, and turned and walked back towards me.

Taking my hand, he pulled me up and gave me another hug. “Come on,” he said, pulling me upstairs to where the band’s dressing room had been that night.

The whole time, all I could think about was being alone with him…and getting inside that zipper….sucking his cock…and–I stopped myself.

My God, Anne, you have nephews older than this guy and you’re thinking about sucking his dick? He might not even see you “that way” after all those sexy chicks downstairs earlier.

The club owner poked his head into the room. “Great show tonight! I’ll be downstairs for a while, cleaning up.”

Constantine thanked him, and the guy left, closing the door behind him.

We were now alone. I shifted a bit nervously on the couch, hoping not to make an ass of myself. Suddenly, I was dying to pull down that long zipper…. but had to restrain myself.

He then reached in the little fridge that was in the corner and grabbed two bottles of Coke. He popped the cap off of one and handed it to me, sitting down on the couch beside me.

Again, he gave me an appreciative once-over, grinning at me. “Shit, you’re even cuter than Pam described you.”

I smiled at him, blushing, took a sip of my soda and replied, laughing, “Nice try, Greekboy Suave. You’re much cuter.”

Oh God, Anne, you sounded like an ass, I thought. But I guess it must have worked somehow.

He responded by setting his soda down on the end table, pulling off his jacket, and grabbing me, pulling me onto his lap, chuckling. “Come here, baby.”

I wound up straddling him. He laughed, and looked deep into my eyes as he leaned in to kiss me. I shivered as our lips touched for the first time.

His mouth was amazingly sensual and his lips were soft. We kissed gently for a bit, then he coaxed my lips open slightly with his, then his tongue slowly slid against mine as he explored my mouth..

I slid the tip of my tongue across his lower lip. He groaned, and quickly captured my tongue in his mouth, sucking upon it insistently as I ground my lower body against his lap, feeling his cock stiffen in those amazing pants.

He grabbed my ass and pulled me harder against him, our kisses becoming more and more passionate until we tore away from each other, breathless and grinning.

“Damn, woman…I guess you do just look innocent, ” he smiled at me, bringing his hands around and encircling my waist. “But you’re certainly anything but!”

“Damn straight,” I teased. “I’ve been around the block longer than you have, mister.”

I couldn’t wait a moment longer.. I pulled his shirt off, running my hands down his back and across his chest, and in turn, he practically tore my shirt off, flinging it into the corner. As he now lay on top of me, I gasped as I felt the contact of his hot bare skin against my flesh.

He wrapped his arms around me, kissing his way down my neck. His tongue slid across my throat, tracing soft, wet patterns across my skin.

“Mmm…….yes….” I murmured, relishing the feeling of his pouty lips against my skin. “Don’t stop now.”

His hot tongue was now licking slowly down my chest. I arched my back up as he reached under me, unhooking my bra with one hand.

“God, what fucking incredible tits…and the real thing to boot.”

I giggled a little. “Yeah, no plastic here, stud.”

Taking a hardened swollen nipple istanbul eskort bayan into his mouth, he suckled upon it, pulling it gently with his teeth before his tongue flicked lightly against my nipple.

“Mmmmmmmmmm…yeah……” I could only moan in rapture, my hands buried themselves in his long dark hair .

His tongue trailed down my belly, lapping sensuously at my navel. I gasped and squirmed. I whimpered as he unbuttoned my jeans, exposing my lacy panties. His nose nuzzled my belly as he pulled my jeans off of my body. I could feel the prickly sensation of his stubble through my panties.

My heart began to pound, and my chest started heaving. My fingers clutched the cushions as my hips seemingly raised themselves as Constantine began to kiss me through my panties, his tongue sliding against the lacy crotch as he pressed his mouth deep into me.

“Oh God…Con….that feels so good, baby…” I gasped.

As he pulled down my panties, exposing my shaven pussy, I tried to remind him that there were still people downstairs.

My words were cut off as he pushed my legs wide open and buried his face in my cunt. He groaned in ecstasy as he kissed my pussy, his tongue exploring every inch.

“Oh baby, you taste so fucking good….I can’t get enough of you,” he growled and buried his head in me, his tongue sliding deeper into my soaking wet pussy.

My clit was visibly throbbing, and Constantine dove at it hungrily; his lips sucking upon it insistently as he reached under me and slid two fingers deep inside my hot pussy, finger fucking me slowly.

“Yes, yes…just like that…don’t stop!!” I screamed, totally in throes of lust.

“Yes, baby. I want to hear you cum for me. I want to hear every fucking sound that comes out of that hot mouth of yours.”

He bent down again and began biting my clit gently as a ragged sigh escaped my mouth.

“That’s it,” he said, excitedly, “cum for me, baby… you’re so beautiful…so fucking hot…”

Suddenly, he pushed my legs up and slid his tongue around my asshole, gently prodding as I was swept up higher and higher as he plunged his fingers in and out of me with increasing speed, moving them in and out of me with more and more force.

I gasped louder and louder. My head was tossing back and forth as his lust-filled eyes watched my face intently from between my legs. I couldn’t hold off any longer; I was being sent over the edge.

“Oh, baby…I’m cumming now!” I screamed .

I leaned back and sighed, as he pushed himself up onto his hands, crawling over me. He kissed me deeply, and I grabbed him, and rolled him over onto his back.

I laughed low, and said with a contented sigh, “Now it’s time to return the favor, baby.”

His gorgeous smile was all the encouragement I needed, but I could also see that his growing cock was pressing against the top of the long zipper of those pants.

All the while, my lips trailed a course across his hard body. I let my mouth and hands wander all over, feeling every inch of soft skin.

I was shaking with lust and excitement. All this time I had been fantasizing about this…now I was about to get a taste of that hot cock..and then some.

“Oh, baby…that feels so good…my cock is so fucking hard right now…” he moaned, clutching my hand in his and pressing it tighter against his crotch.

Unable to wait any longer, I did the unthinkable: I pulled the long zipper open with my teeth, and his rock-hard, well-endowed cock popped out. I couldn’t wait to take him in my mouth..and eventually in my cunt.

I began sliding my hand down his thigh, deciding to tease him for a few minutes.

I began to kiss all over his stomach, sliding my tongue down his stomach, but right before my tongue reached the head of his hard cock, I licked along the line of his hip.

Constantine ‘s hands trailed down my back as he moaned and squirmed in agony. My mouth moved down further, and I let my tongue slip down in between the space between his balls and his upper thigh.

“Pleeeaaaase…” he whispered, his eyes begging me.

Feeling empowered, I laughed softly. “Please what, baby?” I asked, my eyes looking rezidans escort back with him teasingly. “What do you want?”

Constantine ‘s head fell back in frustration, and he practically roared…”Suck me, Anne. Take me in your mouth…now…God..just suck my cock!”

Happily complying, I bent down and began to lick his balls, swirling them around my mouth. I started to suck on them gently as he gasped in pleasure.

“Oh, shit, baby…suck my balls…God, your mouth is so hot…” he moaned as my hand began exploring his cock.

I began to slowly stroke his engorging prick, gently but firmly moving my hand up and down as beads of pre-cum began to ooze from the very tip.

I then slid my tongue across the head, licking slowly all around the head, as my hand continued to pump up and down his hard shaft. I scraped my tongue against the underside, and Constantine groaned in pleasure.

Taking the head of his dick between my open lips, I sucked him deeply into my mouth. My lips enclosed his shaft as I moved slowly up and down; my tongue never stopping as I went down his shaft and around the head.

“Oh Anne..that feels incredible…mmmm…you like that big dick in your mouth, baby?”

My mouth was stuffed with this big dick, and I could only wink and smile that I did.

His hips began to move faster and faster as he raised himself up off the couch to start fucking my face. His thrusts met the rhythm of my sucking, building up and up and up.

Constantine ‘s breathing became ragged, and suddenly grabbing me, he unexpectedly rolled me onto my back, grinning wickedly.

“You’ll like this even better, I bet.”

Grabbing me by my ankles, he spread my legs apart and thrusting forward, drove his cock inside my willing cunt in one thrust, filling me up completely.

“YEEEESSSSSS!!” I cried at the sudden entry, “God, fuck me!”

He felt incredible inside me. As he slid himself deeply in and out of my pussy, Constantine ‘s lips came down on mine in a passionate kiss as he thrust in and out of me. I moaned against his mouth, our tongues fencing with each other skillfully as his hot cock pounded my aching pussy over and over and over again.

I tore my mouth away from his and threw my head back, gasping… “Yes, baby, yes! Fuck me…fuck me…fuck me…”

My hips moved on their own in a primitive rhythm, bucking up to meet him…moving ever faster. His mouth seared down my neck as he bit my shoulder, licking furiously. My fingernails dug into his ass I pulled him in even deeper, relishing the feel of every inch of him pounding inside me.

It felt so good, I could barely stand it. His grunting and screaming matched mine, and I knew that everyone downstairs had an idea just what was going on.

I knew it wasn’t going to take much more for me to cum.

“Yes! Fuck me harder…harder!!” I begged him, raising my hips to meet his thrusts.

With a few more strokes of his cock, I felt my orgasm coming faster and stronger. I closed my eyes, and screamed in pleasure as I came again.

Constantine ‘s breathing got heavier and heavier, and his moaning got even louder as I felt him swell inside me.

“Oh, God, Anne!! I’m going to cum!” he cried out loudly.

He looked down at me, eyes glazed but intense; his mouth open as he gasped, “Oh, baby, here it comes…I’m shooting it in your hot, tight cunt!”

“Oh yes…shoot it…shoot it in me…” I begged, dying to feel that first stream of jizz enter my womb.

After a few last strokes of his pumping, his cock finally burst and large loads of cum sprayed inside me as he moaned with unrestrained passion. “Oh God, baby!”

When we had both finally stopped cumming, we collapsed together, both satisfied and exhausted, giggling and kissing.

“So, was it everything you imagined?” I asked, grinning. “You know you brought me up here for a fuck. I knew that from the way you kept checking me out all night.”

“Oh, baby, that’s the hottest I’ve had yet,” he said and kissed me deeply . “And you know you wanted it too.”

“I sure did, sexy,” I said, giving his bare ass a light slap.

We then realized it was getting very late, and we both needed to get home. We got dressed, and went downstairs to leave. The owner looked over at us as we were making our exit, giving a parting shot, asking if the “post show” was better than the actual one.

And it certainly was, with me finally getting a look and feel of what was under that fascinating zipper….

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