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An Unknown for a Lover

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Me and my husband had always had a good relationship, never betraying each-other, but yet that day I was feeling like I needed to try something new.

We were walking by the park and there I saw a very beautiful young girl. She was so amazing and good-looking I felt myself turning on by that moment. So, not keeping back I wanted an excuse to go sit near her and start talking, so I said to my husband to take us some ice-creams as I rested a bit as my feet were hurting because of the high heels. I went and sat on the same place she was, being sure not doing anything awkward, as we both were girls.

I started the talk: Hi pretty girl, mind if I sit next to you, or are you waiting your boyfriend?

Her immediate response: Oh no, I’m single. Sure, I don’t mind.

After we had a little chat I said to her she was one of the most beautiful girls I’d ever seen, so I would like to take a picture of her. She agreed and we took a few pictures together. We hugged, touched each-others hand’s and arms, thing that made me so wet down there…

My husband soon came with the ice-creams. I greeted the girl and she gave me her Facebook address so I could send her the pictures.

* * *

As days passed, I couldn’t forget her. She was so beautiful and innocent-looking. With big breasts and elegant body. Every day I’d check her photos on her Facebook account. I even started imagining things about her, licking her magnificent melon breasts, kissing her passionately and other stuff I’d never think for a woman. Sometimes when I was alone and showering I’d even finger myself and imagine I was having sex with her.

One day, when she was online I sent her the pictures (I wanted to send her the pictures when she was online, so we could have a little chat too) and then, as expected we started talking.

I couldn’t hold back anymore, so I decided to tell her how I felt, so I did:

-Darling, Kadıköy Escort I’m going to be honest with you and confess you something, I don’t care if you call me a freak or a whore, but the thing is I’ve been feeling weird against you since I ever met you, and even imagining we did it together. I even know our age difference is big, I’m 29 and you’re 18 but still I can’t change the way I’m feeling.

-Oh miss… you are so shameless talking that way… but still I have to admit, I liked you since I saw you too… I liked your maturity, your smile… And I have never felt like that to a girl before…

After a while we agreed on meeting with each-other again, as we both liked and agreed on it. We were going to meet each-other at my house, just the day my husband would go out of state for a work travel. After I took my husband to the airport, I went and bought a new pair of black slutty lingerie, black long transparent socks and a short dress with the same color.

I went home and after showering put honey cream all over my body, so I would be prepared for my lady. I was ready just when she ringed the bell. I run to open it and greeted her:

-Hello sweetie pie, I see you look in a perfect form just like the last time we saw each other.

-Oh lady,-she blushed-You look much better than the last time, when you were wearing normal clothes…

She seemed shy, but anyway she didn’t hesitate to come next to me and give me kisses on the cheeks to end it with a soft kiss on the lips, which lasted for a few minutes.

She was wearing a short pink skirt, a white opened blouse, which showed that she wasn’t wearing any bras. She started getting off her sandals, with long strips, thing that made me see a better look of her ass, which turned me on enough to become wet 2 seconds. I invited her in and we both sat on the table, next to each-other. Kadıköy Escort Bayan After we talked for a bit I put my hand on her thigh and started rubbing it. She immediately let off a moan. I smiled and started rubbing more, and further.

She leaned and kissed me one more time on the lips, this time using her tongue and sat on me.

Even though I was surprised, I didn’t stop. I started rubbing her breasts with her top on, and I felt her big juicy cherry-like nipples get harder. I caressed one, and started liking the other without getting off her blouse. She was feeling hot at the vagina, I felt that on my thigh as her pussy was on them. She was moaning in a way I could understand she never had a sexual act ever before, even though she was in an age this should of happened time ago. I kissed her deeply another time, keeping her head on my hands. We kissed passionately for minutes, then she opened my legs. I took off her top and sucked her breasts while she was getting off my dress. Soon I was only on my bras and panties, so I started to take off her skirt too.

-Please, don’t! I don’t think I’m ready to go that further, I thought I could so I didn’t-

It was too late. I had already got off her skirt and saw she wasn’t wearing any underwear. This turned me on to that point I had an orgasm. I got up and grabbed her hand, dragging her slowly to the bedroom. She didn’t talk, she knew what was going to happen and she wanted it too. I pushed her on the bed, and went on her:

-Now I’m going to lick your virgin pussy so good, you are going to beg me to stop and I won’t…

-Please… please fuck me with your tongue, take me!

I smiled and went down there. I first kissed it, she moaned. Then I put my tongue on her vagina lips and licked it slowly and softly.

She begged me:

-Harder! Please, I want you inside me!

I put my hands Escort Kadıköy behind her ass and penetrated with my tongue in her clitoris. I started doing it faster and faster, deeper and deeper, because I liked that pleasure of feeling her hot pussy, of tasting her juices that I knew that were about to explode. I pushed her inside me, and she helped me too, by moving like a pigeon on my hands.


She came… I licked all of it and couldn’t stop, it tasted so good.

-Oh god! Uh! Miss, you are a master at pussies! Ah! Please! Uh! Stop, I beg you-OH!-I can’t stop this feeling… FINGER ME! AAAAHHHH! UH-OH!

Her moans made me even hornier. I started licking her off with all the power I had, and then I inserted two fingers at once. Her screams were being loud, enough for the neighbor to notice and see us through the window. That idea instead of making me stop, made me want her even more.

She came for a second time.

I got out and kissed her saying with a deep delicate voice:

-You were very good, young madam…

-Let me lick you, fuck you, kiss you… I want you so bad!

I couldn’t say no. She put me down and got out of the room. Then she brought her purse:

-I took some stuff with me a friend of mine gave me… she took out a dildo and a melt chocolate jar. I laid down and said:

-I’m yours, use me as your imagination pleases, use me as a cheap whore.

Those words turned her on. She kissed me again on the lips, the on the neck and kept going down. She took off my bras and bit my nipples. I moaned and then pushed a bit my panties in a way I could finger my clitoris easily. She opened the chocolate jar and poured some on my nipples. She licked them, but just a little bit. Then she took off my panties, opened my legs so that even my pussy would and poured there a big amount. A part of the chocolate went over my body, other on the bed. I started rubbing myself into it, moaning.

-Please Sonia! Do something to me! Fuck me!

She licked my pussy in a breezing way, and then rubbed it with the dildo which had two sides. She jumped on it and put the other side on me… It was an amazing experience which kept going even during the next 2 days

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