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An Unexpected Visit

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“The cases are real, the people are real, the rulings are final. This… is Judge Judy!”

Tina settled back on her couch, popped open the can of diet coke she had grabbed from the fridge and began to relax. It had been a very long day at work – she was paralegaling for a law firm based in London, who had her working on a heavy piece of litigation that they were conducting. The first day of trial was still two months away, but she still had to keep up with the court filings and disclosure.

Part of that meant going through piles and piles of documents and sorting them into chronological order, as well as disposing of any duplicates. In other words, handling documents every day. One of the more unstimulating parts of working as a paralegal.

It was a tough job. But it paid the rent. She couldn’t afford a place in London, so she had rented a small flat in a town somewhere on the Commuter Belt.

On screen, two people were attempting to argue a case over a loan to buy a car. From the smug expression on the defendant’s face, Tina could tell right away that she was about to get what was coming to her.

Even though she usually preferred the more cutting-edge dramas on Netflix and Sky Atlantic, Tina had always liked this show. It wasn’t too heavy or complicated, and it was entertaining. Especially when Judge Judith Sheindlin launched into someone with her trademark acid tongue and tough demeanour. Above all, it helped relax her mind.

Just as she had taken her first sip of her drink, she almost jumped when the sound of a loud knock on the door echoed throughout the flat. This was weird. It was just gone six o’clock. She wasn’t expecting anybody. Who on earth would be calling at her flat at this time?

Getting up, she approached her door and peered through the spy hole. When she saw who it was, she pulled the door open and stared at her visitor in surprise.

It was her twin sister, Catherine.

“Cat? What are you-?” without finishing her sentence, she threw her arms around her and hugged her tight.

“What are you doing here?” She whispered. “You’re supposed to be on the other side of the world.”

“I had to get back. I couldn’t stay there a minute longer,” her weeping sister explained.

“Come in, come in” Tina noticed the suitcase that Catherine had brought with her. She grabbed it, and pulled it in, dragging her sister by the hand into the flat and closing the door behind them. “Can I get you a drink?”

“Do you have any beer?”

“Loads,” Tina went into her kitchen and grabbed one out the fridge.

Catherine immediately went and sat down on the couch, drinking deeply from her beer. This was a worrying sign, Tina thought. She went and sat next to her.

“So…” Tina looked her sister in the eyes. “You show up unannounced at my flat in London, on a random Wednesday, and you’re noticeably not in America where you have been living for the last two years. You’re drinking beer at an alarmingly fast pace, and you look like you’ve been crying non-stop for three days…” Tina leaned forward and wiped away a tear that was forming at Catherine’s eyes. “Things aren’t going well with Gary, are they?”

Gary was Catherine’s boyfriend of five years. They had met at university, when they had been in the same seminar groups in their first year. When they had graduated, he had wanted to moved back to his home in California to take up a job at Facebook – he was a skilled coder. Catherine had eagerly joined him, as she had always wanted to live in America. She had lived there for two years now, and worked at various places in Silicon Valley. Tina had spent an additional two years converting to law in England.

In response to Tina’s question, Catherine shook her head.

“Oh no. We are istanbul escort way beyond ‘Things aren’t going well,’ Tina,” Catherine said. “We are right up in ‘Things are fucking over between us for good,’ territory now.

“Oh… Oh my,” Tina sat up straight. She took her twin by the hand and gave it a comforting squeeze. “What happened?”

“It’s quite simple. He was fucking his boss! Can you believe that? His boss! I didn’t even know he was bi until that moment!”

Tina hadn’t known this either. He’d never shown any signs of it any time she’d met her. Gary wasn’t what you’d call a particularly forthright or open individual. He was actually quite reserved and uncommunicative, even by British standards.

“How did you find out?” she asked.

“One of his co-workers tipped me off. I don’t know whom exactly, but he apparently left his cell phone lying around at his office Christmas party, a co-worker went to give it to him and saw him kissing his boss in a quiet office. Whoever it was took a photo of them and sent it to me. It was clear as day.”

“I see…” Tina felt her anger surge inside of her. Most of it directed at Gary, and part of it directed at the missing co-worker. She did not agree that it was anyone’s place to meddle like that. But she kept it to herself. “So… why are you on the wrong side of the Atlantic now?”

“Like I said. I couldn’t be there a second longer. I just packed my bags, left a note and went to the airport. Managed to get a last-minute ticket, surprisingly. And I have no intention of going back.”

Tina’s mouth fell open.

“You cannot be serious. You mean you just up and left? No conversation? No proper break-up? What about your job? Your friends? Have you really thought this through?” She almost yelled.

“No,” Catherine admitted. “But it’s not that bad. I was working my notice period at work anyway. They were about to make a large number of people redundant, and I volunteered first. I figured it was time for a change. As for Gary, I seriously couldn’t care less how he feels any more. Five years meant so fucking little to him that he could cheat on me like that. Well, fuck him. I don’t have that many friends there anyway, and certainly none that I can’t do without. So here I am. What I will do next, I don’t know. But I’m not figuring it out back in the States.”

This didn’t satisfy Tina, but she could see that Catherine wasn’t in much of a mood for discussing it. So she didn’t push the issue further.

“Do Mum and Dad know?”

“No. I haven’t said anything to them. They don’t even know that I’m back yet.”

“Not at all?”


“So I’m the only one in the family who knows about any of this?”

“That’s right.”

“If you don’t mind me saying, I find that so strange. Why would you not tell them?”

“I can’t face them yet. Thought maybe it would be better if it was just you and me for a bit.” Catherine moved a little closer to Tina, and stared intently into her eyes.

“What do you…?” Tina stopped. She could see the look in Catherine’s eyes change. She was staring at her almost hungrily. Then she started to understand.


Without even a moment’s hesitation, Catherine took hold of both of Tina’s cheeks and kissed her on the lips. Tina kissed back.

Tina and Catherine had no secrets from each other, and many that they only kept between the two of them. Including the fact that they were sexually intimate.

They had been for years – ever since they were legally old enough to. At first, it had been just kissing with tongue. Then they had started touching each other sexually. Then they had tried masturbating in each other’s company. Now, their sexual escapades had become full on fucking. They didn’t halkalı escort do it regularly, of course, not least because of Catherine’s relationship with Gary and living in America. But they had still done it once in a while whenever Catherine was over to visit. She and Tina didn’t consider it cheating – they both felt that as they were twins, they were entitled to each other’s bodies. Plus, they were both otherwise straight – their twin was the only girl they would ever fuck.

Whether this made them hypocrites, they didn’t care.

Now Catherine’s reasons for running away and coming to England without telling anyone made more sense to Tina. When Gary had betrayed her like that, her first thought was to find her twin and fuck her.

Now their tongues were actively getting involved in the kissing. They sucked on each other’s lips and wrestled hard for space in each other’s mouths. Tina took her lips off of Catherine’s and started licking and sucking her neck. Catherine moaned softly and stroked Tina’s hair.

Then she stood up and began to undo the buttons on her dress. Tina remained sitting, and Catherine carefully slipped off the dress she was wearing, leaving her in a bra, a pair of white panties and tights. The tights came off next, and Tina was marvelling at her twin standing above her in her underwear. She slipped her shirt above her own head and pulled her sweatpants down her legs. Then she removed her own bra, releasing her boobs.

Catherine breathed deeply as she reached behind her and unclipped her bra, shrugging it off. Then she took hold of the waistband of her panties and slid them down her legs.

Naked, she climbed onto her twin and straddled her left leg. The two wrapped their arms around each other and began kissing again. Catherine began to hump Tina’s leg, slowly. As she did so, she groped and fondled her boobs.

Tina kissed and licked at her twin’s face, her nose breathing deeply her beautiful scent. Her hair smelled like peaches, which was unusual considering she could only have had time for a shower several hours ago. But she didn’t question it. She just kept going.

Catherine kept humping, each thrust moving quicker than the last. Her girl juices were beginning to make Tina’s leg feel quite damp.

Tina gasped as Catherine’s left hand slipped under her panties, and began to massage the moistening pussy underneath.

“Oh my God,” she breathed. “Fuck me, Cat! Fuck me!”

Catherine didn’t comply at first. She just kept teasing her, her fingers gently stroking and circling her clitoris as her tongue continued to wrestle with Tina’s.

“Fuck me, you little minx!” Tina almost shrieked at her.

Catherine’s response was to slowly slide two of her fingers into Tina’s pussy, and gently finger her. Tina let out a gasp of pleasure.

“Oh my God, yes! Keep going!”

Catherine’s fingers continued to move at a steady speed, while her thrusts became faster and quicker. She was beginning to suck on her lower lip as her orgasm began to build. This was obviously all between enjoying Tina’s mouth and tongue, and the little crook of her neck that Catherine was so fond of.

Without thinking, Tina pressed her face into Catherine’s shoulder and began to gnaw at it with her teeth. Catherine barely felt it. She whispered into Tina’s ear.

“I’m so close. Do your thing.”

Still biting at her twin’s shoulder, Tina worked her hand out from under Catherine’s leg, brought it round and, after taking a moment to lovingly caress and squeeze her bum, slowly began to work her pinkie finger into her asshole.

This did it. Catherine sat straight up and screamed, now humping at full pace. Her orgasm exploded through her loins and her cum began mecidiyeköy escort to soak Tina’s thigh, as well as the couch. She had always been a squirter, and this was no different.

Tina was quick to work her finger out of Catherine’s asshole as her thrusts got quicker, and when she slumped over, she began to tease and tickle it with her index, which brought on giggles and jumps from the now very sensitive girl.

“You didn’t cum yet, did you?” Catherine asked.

“I didn’t. I’m still close, though,” Tina said.

“Good,” Catherine leaped off her, grabbed the waistband of her panties and practically ripped them down her legs. Then she lowered herself down and immediately pushed her face deep into Tina’s crotch.

Tina’s gasps of surprise echoed through the flat, followed immediately by her moans of pleasure, as Catherine hungrily licked her pussy.

They had eaten each other out so many times now, that they both knew exactly what the other liked. Catherine knew that Tina liked it rough, so she used the technique she had mastered, of sticking her tongue out, pressing it down against her chin, and then moving her head quickly up and down against Tina’s slit. This would ensure a full sweep of her pussy, getting as deep as possible and making full contact with her clitoris.

Tina gasped and moaned with every pass of Catherine’s tongue over her sensitive clit. It felt amazing – and something she had missed enormously. She reached up and began to squeeze and play with her boobs, trying to coax the orgasm further along.

Catherine kept going. And the orgasm kept building.

Eventually, Tina let out an ecstatic scream of her own. “Oh fuuuuuck!” Her legs went into the air and wrapped around Catherine’s head, locking her face in position, and shuddering as the orgasm racked her body.

Once it was over, she released Catherine’s head and reached down to guide her up, so that she was sitting next to her. Then she began kissing and licking her face, tasting her own juices as she did so. This went on for about a minute, then the two sisters disengaged from their arms and lay back, gasping for breath.

“Oh my God. I have missed that,” Catherine breathed.

“You and me both, sis,” Tina replied.

After a moment, Tina leaned in and whispered to Catherine.

“I have an idea.”


“How about I call in sick at work tomorrow, take Friday and Monday off, and we can just spend the weekend in bed together?”

“That sounds fucking incredible. Will you be able to pull it off?”

“Definitely – my boss knows I have migraines now and again, I haven’t used any sick days this year, and they’re very flexible with my leave. I think a weekend of doing nothing but talking and having sex will do some good, don’t you? We can use it to sort everything out and plan your next moves.”

“Then it’s settled,” Catherine threw her arms around Tina and cuddled up to her.

“In the meantime, why don’t we take this to the bedroom?” Tina suggested, getting up and offering her hand. “I thought a little bit of afterplay would do us some good?”

Every time they had had sex in the past, Tina and Catherine had come up with some post-orgasm fun that they liked to do to wind down, or to “celebrate” a fun lovemaking session. Tina liked to play with Catherine’s ass, to just lie there licking and kissing her asshole while she relaxed and enjoyed it. Catherine would always wash herself first to make sure that the experience was as pleasant for her as possible. Catherine, in turn, liked being tied up and tickled. Tina knew all of her weak spots, and could be as merciless as she wanted her to be. She hadn’t had a good tickling in a long time, and being back with her sister would give her the chance again.

Catherine smiled, accepted Tina’s hand and got to her feet.

“I thought you’d never ask.”

Holding hands, completely naked and still a little out of breath, the twin sisters headed for the bedroom, leaving their clothes where they had dropped them.

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