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An Island Somewhere

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He had told her once that he would love to buy an island somewhere, but the costs and logistics were a bit of a nightmare. So, he found a spot in the Caribbean on an island that was developed enough to have all necessary utilities but not so touristy as to be crowded or too exclusive.

Imagine, having hit the big jackpot, but still trying to be thrifty. Old habits die hard.

When Stephen called Lisa with the news that he had just won the Powerball Lottery, she was skeptical. She figured the phone call was a continuation of the fantasy, a very nice fantasy, one that she had played with in her mind on more than one occasion.

She loved the beach and sunshine and the idea of a private adult getaway to share with him produced some very nice images in her mind.

So it wasn’t until he produced a bank statement with the huge deposit showing and a newspaper clipping of a story that his paper had done on him, “Employee Wins Lottery – Quits Without Notice” did she believe that it was real.

With her son, Zach, safely ensconced at their friend’s house for two weeks, (with a solemn promise from both that he would be going with them upon their return) they drove to the airport to began their journey.

They were both so excited about their adventure! They held hands and napped as much as possible the whole way. Lisa had long dreamed of travel and her old worries quickly disappeared.

When the plane landed they were still holding hands, he squeezed and she responded when it was time to get up and disembark.

The taxi ride was bumpy but the breathtaking scenery made up for it.

They were holding hands and when she felt him squeeze her hand she brought it up to her lips and then down so that the back of his hand brushed against her breasts. She was wearing a linen sundress and he knew she was becoming aroused. He could feel her slightly hardened nipples through the material. He then brought her hand to his lips the same way and then also sweeping down so that she could feel his response. A hardening between his legs had increased her arousal when she felt it with the back of her hand.

“How far to the hotel?” she asked, a little breathlessly.

“Not far,” he responded.

He leaned over and she squirmed a bit as their lips met and she felt his tongue quickly slide into her mouth. He squeezed the hand that was in his again and then moved the other one to explore her breasts further. He leaned down quickly and took her nipple into his mouth. He moaned along with her when he felt her nipple harden even more under his touch. She glanced into the rearview mirror and saw the driver taking note of what was going on in the back seat of his cab and there was an appreciative smile on his face. She was surprised to find herself returning the smile and then closed her eyes to enjoy the sensation of Stephen’s mouth opon her.

Unfortunately, he hadn’t been exaggerating when he said their destination wasn’t far. Nothing was far away from anything there. She could tell from the motion of the cab that it was slowing down and turning. Into the hotel she assumed…..but when she opened her eyes she saw only a tiny shack. The place was breathtaking with a lovely back drop of cliffs and ocean and tropical vegetation.

He struggled a bit getting out of the cab then crossed to her door to help her out. She took the opportunity to readjust and collect herself. He opened her door, took her hand and she stepped out to an even more beautiful view than the one she had in the car. “Magnificent,” she said as she looked around with a growing smile.

“Welcome home,” he said. He released her hand, paid the driver as he removed their bags from trunk. They grab their bags and started toward the dwelling.

What she had thought at first to be a very small shack turned out to be a nice sized house. He stepped back to let her go in first and when she walked in she gasped softly. It was beautiful! Simple but cozy.

She realized that this was part of the surprise. She thought they would be staying in a hotel and looking at property that he was considering but he had already made a purchase and this was it, a lovely, yet unassuming getaway.

She was delighted and let him know it by dropping her bags, grabbing him and giving him a very big squeeze.

“Oh sweetie, it’s beautiful,” she whispered Manavgat Escort Bayan in his ear.

“I don’t suppose there’s a bedroom in here?” she asked.

“You bet, follow me,” he replied, releasing his bags and taking her hand again.

He led her to the back of the house past a small kitchen and dining area, then a living area with French doors that opened out to a very nice deck.

The sun was setting, the deck faced the coast and she was tempted to investigate further but decided to follow him wherever he was leading her. She’d have plenty of time to explore later

“It still needs a woman’s touch,” was his only comment as they traveled through the house.

“I’d rather touch you, I want you so much right now Stephen,” she whispered.

When they arrived at a closed door she realized there was a Please Do Not Disturb sign hanging from the knob.

“I know we don’t need this now, but sometime when we’re not the only ones here and we may want some privacy,” he explained.

“What a good idea,” she exclaimed.

“I like the way you think,” smiling at his ingenuity.

She moved closer to him, wrapping her arms around his neck and pressing herself to him. Just holding each other and enjoying the moment, she could feel his hand move toward the doorknob and twist it open.

She moved her arms down to his shoulders, turned her head and looked inside to see a very inviting bedroom. Nothing fancy, but soft. The whole room was soft somehow. Lots of windows, gauzy curtains, lots of pillows and candles. He had outfitted the room with all her favorite things.

“I feel absolutely grubby all of a sudden. Is there a shower or maybe we could go try out that hot tub I spotted off the living room,” she said.

He moved toward a set of drapes, pushed them back to reveal a set of French doors identical to the ones in the living room. The deck was smaller than the other one. There was also a hot tub on a smaller scale. This was the private area. Room enough for 2. Well, maybe 3 but it would be a pretty tight fit. The thought made her smile. Her mind drifted for a moment to another special friend who would hopefully be able to visit their island getaway someday.

When she came back from her momentary reverie she realized that he had opened the doors and stepped out onto the deck. He flipped a switch to start the tub and she heard the lovely sound of water beginning to churn.

She loved the sound of water and closed her eyes a moment to enjoy the combination of the tub mixed with the sounds of the nearby ocean. The sun continued to set and the shadows were growing rapidly so she grabbed a lighter from a nearby table and moved around the room lighting candles. The air was a little cool and steam begin to rise from the tub. The unspoken invitation of the steam and the sight of him moving to light a few candles that were placed around the tub was quickly accepted by her and she joined him on the deck. He turned just as she reached him and they embraced. They kissed, beginning lightly but becoming more urgent as their passion quickly returned. Hands that had explored every part of the other’s body retraced what seemed to be familiar territory but now were revitalized with the experience of a brand new adventure to share. His mouth moved to her neck and his hands massaged her ass. Squeezing and pulling her to him. Her hands corresponded with the same movement. They pulled each other closer and the sensations that they caused were both familiar and enticingly new.

“Oh Lisa, I want you too baby,” he moaned.

She melted at the sound of the desire in his voice. Sighing she pressed closer. Rubbing her body in a slow, upward motion then back down again. Running her fingers through his hair and giving it a gentle tug, kissing him even deeper and moaning.

“What do you want Stephen?” she whispered, “you can have me anyway you want me”.

“I’m going to have you every way, eventually,” he whispered seductively. She liked the urgency she heard in his voice. It melted her on even more. Something about being wanted just the way you are was very erotic!

“We’ve got lots of time but I want you to cum right now,” pulling her even closer. He thrust his hips so that she could feel the evidence of his desire for her. He knew that she liked it when he took control.

“What Manavgat Escort if I want to wait until you cum first,” she replied, pulling away a bit.

“Not an option, baby,” as he said this he lifted her onto the side of the tub, she was still fully clothed and he pushed her dress up roughly.

She made a weak attempt at resistance but was not able to sustain it. Having established who was in charge at the moment she spread her legs for him almost involuntarily and arched her back, thrusting her large breasts toward him. Once a source of embarrassment for her they were now one of her favorite features, for the effect they had on Stephen and on her as well, being very sensitive they were now one of several very powerful wellsprings of arousal for her. He knew how much she loved it when he tongue fucked her…..the anticipation of it made her smile bigger and open her legs wider. He pulled her panties down as she lifted her hips to allow it.

“Oh Stephen, yes, I want you so much!” she moaned.

Any pretense of denying his bidding was quickly dispensed with and she opened herself completely to him. Moaning his name she leaned back and just enjoyed the sensations that his mouth was producing. He slide the loose straps of the linen sundress down so that he could reach her hardening nipples. She was still fully clothed, but also very exposed.

She knew that he loved taking her like this. The sensuality of meeting some resistance, having to break down barriers, pushing clothing and well founded fears aside to persuade her to let her have him. Vulnerable but feeling completely safe was a heady combination of sensations, very exciting for her. And he thoroughly enjoyed making her feel that way as well.

“Oh Yes Baby Fuck me Please!” moaned loudly, as it was all she could utter.

But he knew that when she called him baby he was really getting to her. In any and every way that he wanted. She would follow him anywhere as it were. They were headed down a path of erotic pleasure together that would leave no one felling denied or dissatisfied. Her voice was now threaded with the same desire that she had heard in his voice. Her pussy was dripping. And that lovely ache that meant her muscles were tightening and that her clitoris was now fully engaged.

Her released her nipple long enough to ask, “You really want me to fuck you, don’t you slut, you want this hard cock?”

Slut was the code word that she knew to be evidence of a high state of arousal for him. One of his hands moved down to rub her highly sensitive clit. She couldn’t wait. She had to have him inside her now. Not his tongue but his beautifully shaped, hard cock. The memory of the first time she saw it in a picture that he sent to her flashed through her mind. The picture had made her gasp and she didn’t usually respond well to “dick pics” as it were. But they had been talking via email for a long time and she felt that she knew him pretty well and wanted to know him better. They had begun having phone sex by this time and she really was curious about what he looked like. It made her wetter to think of all the things they had introduced to each other, the erotic fantasies made real. And for her the discovery of fantasies she didn’t even know she had. Fantasies are dreams. To be able to make someone’s dreams come true. What a blessing!

“Oh Yes Stephen! I need your cock inside me! Fuck me now!”

Their voices changed when they were very aroused. They knew this both from listening to each and tapes that they had made of themselves. They both enjoyed making and replaying audio tapes for themselves. They had also shared the tapes with a mutual friend that neither of them had met (yet). He had shared tapes of himself with his lover with them, a very erotic and satisfying exchange for all. She had begun the audio portion of her journey of sexual self discovery by making tapes of herself for Stan and was surprised to find that the sound of herself becoming aroused, moaning and sighing and then the sound of her own orgasm was very erotic for her. She had liked the way she sounded very much. She enjoyed even a little bit more the tapes that he made of the two together. The sound of her fucking and being fucked by a man! Very erotic! The tapes of her and Stephen together were a revelation as well. Their voices seemed Escort Manavgat to be coming from a deeper place inside them as were the orgasms that they experienced. The timbre ever deepening as the level of trust did until now the sensation of some of the orgasms that they shared seemed to be coming from somewhere within their bodies that they had never experienced before. It sounded as good as it looked and felt, quite an amazing journey so far.

When her eyes adjusted to the light and her mind came back to the present she saw that he was releasing his extremely hard cock from his pants. An erotic smile played on both their lips. She took it in her hand, spreading the precum with her finger and tugging him gently. She guided him toward her increasingly aching cunt. She had reached the level arousal when it was a hot cunt between her legs now, pussy she didn’t seem to be wild enough anymore. Her wild side was now fully involved and she loved that feeling. Nothing to be ashamed or afraid of she simply had to have him inside her. As he slid easily into her she moved her hips forward to meet him and gasped.

“Oh Yes!,” was all he could get out but it spoke volumes to her. The sound of his voice made her want him more. She was already so close to cumming from what his mouth and hands and voice had already done to her that her hips began to thrust almost immediately. They were fucking each other so hard now. He wanted to get as deep inside her as he could and he told her so. His hands were locked on her ass and hers were gripping his head tightly. Her hands clenched him, another sign that a very powerful orgasm was nearing. She was pulling his hair and she moaned again.

“Oh God. Yes Stephen, make me cum baby, make me scream!” was as wordy as she could get to convey they way she felt at that moment.

She continued her communication with him wordlessly. By increasing the pumping of her hips and moving her legs up to wrap them tightly around him. She knew that he loved that sensation. She also knew that he meant not to cum this time but she decided to challenge him by doing all the things she knew he liked best. She dared him not to cum with her.

Then she tilted her head back to enjoy the wave moving over her body. How much the sound of the surf in the background along with the almost musical churning of the water in the hot tub contributed to her climax can’t be scientifically proven but she knew that it was all working together to make this orgasm the best that she had ever experienced with him. They were both familiar and enticingly new, also a wonderful combination for her. She exploded in almost no time, her cunt producing that lovely squishing sound that they both enjoyed and their moans became louder and were orchestrated with all the other sounds to a crescendo of desire that was a brand new level for her. The fading light of the sunset along with the candlelight and all the wonderful tropical scents were helping to send her over the cliff. Their eyes were wide open and their were looking at each other as her orgasm finished her off with a long deep shiver and then total relaxation. He kissed her as she came. The scream that he helped produced from deep inside her was muffled by his tongue and lips.

She fell forward at the conclusion of the first of many climaxes that she would experience that night. Her breath slowly returned to normal as he cradled her in his arms for while.

“Mmmmmmm, that was lovely,” she sighed finally.

He returned her smile and said, “Just the beginning baby. I didn’t even cum yet. What do you say we try out the bed. Maybe take a little nap…….or you can anyway”?

He moved back slowly, he was still very hard and he knew that the moment when he pulled himself out of her was the her least favorite one. She gasped a little despite his gentleness and he wrapped his arm around her waist as she hopped down from the side of the tub. It was more of a slither actually as being weak in the knees was her current state. He held onto her tightly as they walked back inside, disrobing as they went. Both naked now, they climbed into the firm bed.

“You can go to sleep baby. But I’m not quite ready yet. It’s my turn,” he said knowing that the thought of being taken while asleep and while having a very erotic and wet dream was a fantasy that she enjoyed……now also becoming a reality?!

She closed her eyes when they had settled into the beautiful bed that he had bought with her in mind, his strong, loving arms around her, holding her breasts from behind, tightly. His mouth on her neck…….and drifted off……

Dream lover indeed!

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