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An incest birthday chapter 14

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Note: I just wanna say you guys are the best. The comments you all left (genuis, best writer here, best series to name a few) really help my confidence as a writer. I dont think I’m worthy of being called a genius or the best writer here, but its nice to hear it. I keep getting messages asking me not to abandon the series, and I want to assure you I wont. I love writing it as much as you love reading it, and I promise to keep it going until it has a final chapter. This chapter is the longest by far, 25 pages, my way of making up for taking so long. I hope you enjoy it, any by the way, for those who don believe me, yes I really am 22, well 23 now. i posted pics on my page so you can check for yourself, thanks for reading!

I couldn’t believe what we just walked in on. Rita and I had went to tell Stephanie and Chris about our relationship only to find them fucking each other, something we did not expect. To say we were shocked would be the understatement of the year. We watched mouths open as they grabbed their clothes off the floor and put them on while using the blanket on the bed to hide their naked (but already seen) bodies. After now forgetting why we went there in the first place, we finally broke from our daze to notice the scared look on their faces.

“How did you get in here, I made sure the door was locked!” Stephanie said.

“We used a library card like you did on me. I thought it would be more fun this way, you could catch someone doing something, like looking at porn, sneaking someone in the house, or in this case…”

“Fucking the daylights out of your brother,” Rita jumped in, grinning.

“Guys, please, you cant tell anyone please!” Chris said with fear in his eyes.

“How long have you two been doing this?” Rita asked.

“Rita, Randy, please, you have to promise not to tell,” Stephanie said equally scared.

Before we could respond to either of them we heard a door open and Jim and Marie slowly made their way into the hallway yawning and wiping their eyes, I knew we were talking too loud.

“Whats all the commotion out here? When did the power come back on?” Jim asked.

“Just now, we got up to tell Chris and Stephanie and see if they wanted to watch tv or something, but they’d rather go to sleep,” I said, trying to sound a little annoyed to draw attention from them.

“Sleep sounds like a good idea, you two should try it. Maybe it’ll help work off some of that energy you two always seem to have,” Marie said.

It finally came back to me what we wanted to tell Chris and Stephanie, but under the new circumstances and with Jim and Marie standing there I figured it would be best to wait until tomorrow to say anything. We looked at them in the bed with a look of gratitude on their face and smiled at them as we cut out their light, closed the door, and went back to our room. Jim and Marie went back to their room at the same time we did and said goodnight and gave us a courtesy wave before shutting the door. We locked the door back, cut everything off, got back in our sleep wear and got in bed again, but after what we just walked in on, I knew we wouldn’t be going right to sleep.

“Did you see them? They’re having sex just like we are!” Rita whispered excitedly.

“I saw, they were really going at it!”

“How long you think they’ve been having sex? The way they were acting they couldn’t have just started up recently, they looked too much into it.”

“I don’t know, we should ask them when we tell them about us tomo- well later today.”

“I can’t get that image of her on top of him outta my head! The way she was riding him reminded me of when I ride you, oh god if that isn’t the best feeling in the world, sitting on my brothers cock…”

She ran her hand over my chest then slowly climbed on top of me, kissing my neck and face. “Rita are you crazy? After we just walked in on them you wanna give them a chance to walk in on us?”

“You really think they’re gonna come outta their room after what just happened?”

“They might wanna come in here and talk to us or something.”

“Trust me, they won’t, they’re too embarrassed. But if they do then they’ll catch us like we did them, its only fair,” she said still kissing me all over and at the same time easing both of our clothes off.

“You’re not slick, that’s just the horniness in you talking!”

“You damn right it is, seeing her ride him like that made me so horny I’ll go crazy if I don’t fuck you right now! Pleeeeeeease Randy, just a little quickie? We don’t even need foreplay or any of that, I just wanna ride you for a little bit then you can do whatever you want to me, I promise.”

The whole time she was talking she was rubbing her pussy lips against my cock. I knew she would fuck me regardless of what I said, and truth be told I had no intention of stopping her anyway. She grabbed my cock in her hand and slapped it against her pussy a few times, lined it up with her pussy, then quickly sat all the way down on it until it was completely inside her.

“Oooooooooh yeah, gimme this cock, gimme all this wonderful cock!”

Having adjusted to the dark again I saw her eyes closed with a smile on her face as she rode me, digging her nails into my chest as she began to pick up speed. Her hips had a mind of their own as they lunged forward and back grinding into me at a pace that after a while I couldn’t keep up with, so I lay there and let her ride me as she saw fit.

“Mmmmmmm god that hard cock feels so good inside my tight pussy!”

“That tight pussy feels so good wrapped around my hard cock!”

“Oh Randy! Such a perfect fit, you fill me up sooooooo gooooood, I love it,” she moaned.

She took my hands and put them on her titties and squeezed them, and I took the hint and squeezed them myself and pinched her nipples. I heard her stifle a moan as she ground into me harder and harder until she was caught between grinding and bouncing on me, but she never broke her rhythm.

“Oh yes! Did you see her fucking him Randy? Did you see Stephanie fucking her brother like I am?”

“Fuck yeah I saw it, I saw her take all of her brothers cock in her like you are!”

“Mmmmm I’m taking all of it! I’m taking all of your cock in me baby, every last inch of it!”

The way she was talking was getting me so aroused that I got up and picked her up in the air, stuck my cock back into her and fucked her standing up next to the bed. She held her arms around my neck for support and met my thrusts halfway as she swirled her tongue around in my mouth. I held on to her ass and thrust into her as hard as I can until eventually she broke the kiss and moaned into my neck.

“Randy! Randy! Randy! Oh my god! Keep fucking me like this and I’m gonna cum all over you!”

I couldn’t help it, I was running on adrenaline, I wasn’t stopping until I was burned out, which would work perfectly for her if she came. My balls were slapping against her while her hair was brushing against my face, but it didn’t effect me any. I could hear her trying to control her breathing and knew she was close, so I did my best to keep up the pace I was at, if not speed up. Not long after that she bit down into my shoulder, hooked her legs behind me, and squeezed her arms around my neck.

“Uuuuuugh baaaaaaaaby, I’m cuuuuuuuummmmmmming! I’m cuuuuummmmmmming!”

I could feel her wetness running down my legs as she came with me still pounding into her until eventually she went limp on me. Having just come thirty minutes ago, I knew it would take a little more effort before I got off again. When she came to she noticed I was still fucking her. She tried her best to fuck me back, but her recent orgasm drained all her energy, but she still kept trying.

“I told you baby, you can do whatever you want with me, fuck me until you cum in me!”

She was pretty much dead weight in the air, so I lay her down on the bed and put her feet up on my shoulders and held on to her legs and started fucking her again, luckily I was still high on adrenaline. I could feel her moving her feet around behind my head as my thrusts into her made her curl her toes. She tried her best to keep quiet, but still let a few moans slip out.

“Come on baby, fuck me, cum in your sisters pussy, you know you want to,” she purred.

“Fuck yeah I’m gonna cum in this pussy, I’m gonna fill this little pussy up with my cum!”

Ooooh yeah baby, do it, use my pussy like you want to and shoot all your cum in me!”

She has a way of getting me fired up and she knows it. I gripped her legs harder and with the last of my adrenaline I pounded her pussy as best I could. I could feel her pussy tightening again but didn’t know if she was cumming again or if she was reacting to how hard I was fucking her. I kept it up for a while until I finally felt the cum rise in me.

“Here it comes, I’m gonna cum,” I warned her.

I grunted and squeezed her legs so hard I know I left my handprints in them, and shot all the cum I had left in me inside her warm, freshly fucked pussy. Since I came recently I knew it wouldn’t be much, but I did get like three good squirts in before I collapsed on top of her, my adrenaline finally gone. As I lay on her chest I felt her playing with my hair and scooted up to her and kissed her. We took our time putting our clothes back on (like we had a choice, as tired as we were), slowly crawled back into bed and used what little energy we had left kissing.

“I still can’t believe Chris and Stephanie are fucking,” Rita said after we broke the kiss.

“Neither can I. You did say everything would work out for the best, and it really did.”

“I told you so. You should start listening to me more, a girl knows these things,” she teased.

“If I wasn’t so tired (yawn) I’d have a comeback, so we’ll just call it a draw.”

“Draw my ass, I won! I am pretty tired though, my big, strong brother really wore me out today,” she said as she scooted into me and rested her head on my chest. “Goodnight Randy, I love you.”

“I love you too Rita, goodnight.” Sleep came really easy that night.

I woke up at 10:53 the next morning and noticed I was in bed alone, and the door was left cracked open. I shook off a little of my grogginess and told myself I’d sleep five more minutes then I’d get up. Thirty minutes later I woke up again (seriously, who really gets up five minutes later like they say they will?) just as Rita was coming back in the room in a bathrobe.

“Hey you, where you been?”

“Taking a bubble bath, oh it was great! I feel so relaxed! I felt like I was in there for an hour.”

“Why didn’t you come get me? It would’ve been better with me there,” I said making a fake sad face.

“Yeah it would have, but you know why, silly. Now get up, breakfast is almost ready.”

I dragged out of bed and into the bathroom and splashed cold water on my face, it didn’t wake me completely up but it helped. We usually at breakfast earlier than this but I guess since we didn’t get much sleep it was fine. I brushed my teeth and went back to the room to catch Rita before she went downstairs, but she was already gone, so I headed down and got there just as everyone sat down.

Everything was pretty normal, except the fact that Stephanie and Chris were quiet, to the point where it was noticeable. It didn’t help much either that whenever Rita or I would look at them they would quickly look away. The tension was definitely there, you’d have to be an idiot not to see it. Our mother (as usual) was the first to notice and speak up about the odd behavior.

“You two ok? You’re unusually quiet this morning,” she said to Chris and Stephanie.

“Huh? Oh, yeah, fine, just didn’t get a lot of sleep is all,” Chris said.

“Probably when Rita and Randy woke them up in the middle of the night, took us out of our sleep too,” Marie jumped in. “If I were you Stephanie I’d have a fit for losing my eight hours,” she laughed.

Stephanie blushed. “Its ok, no big deal really. I mean its not like I have a job to get up for.”

“Speaking of jobs, Mike we should go into the office today, see if we have any new appointments, backed up paperwork, the whole drill,” Jim said.

“Sure, no problem, gives me a chance to clear some stuff up,” dad replied.

“Marie and I are gonna do the clothes thing again, were only halfway done,” mom said.

“Halfway? All those clothes you went through this week? You women…” I trailed off.

Rita punched me in the arm. “Hey! We don’t make fun of you guys when you do pointless guy stuff! Anyways if we can find something to do outside the house, then were all for it.”

“Well it looks like everyone has plans, good for us,” Marie said to no one in particular.

We finished eating one by one and washed our own dishes up and left. I went upstairs and grabbed a towel and a change of clothes and hopped in the shower since I still felt all sticky and dirty from yesterday. As I was showering I shaved my pubes clean, sort of a surprise for Rita, and I kinda got tired of keeping it trim. The shaved clean look might be a good one. I got out and dried off in the bathroom and threw on some shorts and a band shirt in there too just in case someone was in the hall. That proved to be a good decision because when I opened the door dad and Jim were both out there talking.

“Ah, Randy, can you do a quick favor for me?” Jim asked.

“Umm sure, anything I can do to help,” I said fixing my hair.

“Mike and I need to go to the office, would you mind running these movies back to the video store? We’d do it ourselves but we don’t have the time, and I cant find Stephanie or Chris anywhere.”

Before I could answer Rita came out of the room wearing tan capri shorts, a white belly shirt with the word “angel” on it, and white flip flops (man did she look sexy) and grabbed the movies from them. “Yeah he’ll go, and I’ll go with him, it’ll give us a chance to get out of the house.”

“Perfect. Thanks you two. You know where the video store is? The one in the plaza?”

“In the plaza? Yeah we rode past there a few times when we came over here, its by that park.”

“Take the van, and don’t crash it, or you’ll have to deal with your mother,” dad said.

“We’ll be fine dad, but I thought you two were in a hurry, looks like you can take them…”

“Nope, were outta here, have fun guys!” Jim cut me off as they ran down the stairs and out the door.

“Before we go lets ask Stephanie and Chris if they wanna go,” I said.

“Don’t bother, I tried to talk to them and they ran in Stephanie’s room and locked the door.”

“Guess they’re still weird about it, well lets go tell mom were leaving then.”

We walked the few steps to Marie’s room and knocked on the door, when they said come in I pushed the door open to see them both in designer dresses checking each others figure, they looked hot.

“Mom me and Rita are gonna take some movies back to the store, we need the van.”

“That’s fine honey, the keys are on the mantle downstairs, don’t crash it,” she joked.

“Sure thing mom, just call us on our cell phones if you need anything.”

“Ok honey. Wow Marie you look great in that dress! It shows off your curves nicely, wait, here, push your tits up more, like this, and pull them out soooo… there! Now you really look hot! You have the perfect body for this dress, your tits are so squeezable in it!?

They must have forgotten we were still there because mom was feeling Marie up right in front of us, and Marie let her! She was giggling right along with mom as she squeezed her titties in that tight dress. I just stood there and watched her do it, until I felt Rita staring a hole into me.

“OK GUYS WERE LEAVING NOW!” Rita yelled, to which mom and Marie gave her a nod and wave of their hand and went back to their”business” as we left down the stairs.

I smiled to myself knowing she was looking at me because I was looking at them, but I think I hid it pretty well. I grabbed the keys and before long we were out the door, in the soccer mom van and heading down the street to the video store.

“Did you like that, watching mom feel Marie up like that?” Rita asked over the radio.

“I won’t lie, I did, and you did too. I saw you biting your lip, don’t try to play innocent.”

“What? I wasn’t… I didn’t… ok I did, so what,” she pouted in defeat.

“Its no big deal, we were just looking. I wouldn’t mind seeing you and Marie get a little touchy feely though, maybe mom and Stephanie with a little Aunt Lisa thrown in,” I joked.

“Oh be quiet you man! I told you before the only woman you need to be looking at is me.”

She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and started to feel me up, but it was short lived as we pulled into the plaza and parked in front of the video store. We went in and dropped the movies off and went looking around for new ones to get. We were walking pretty much shoulder to shoulder when I felt her grab my hand and hold it, being in a public place I panicked.

“Rita what are you doing? Someone could see us in here!” I whispered.

“Relax, no one knows us here, we don’t live on this side of town remember? As far as they know, were just a young couple spending time with each other,” she said, her face lighting up as she said it.

It dawned on me that she was absolutely right. “You’re right, we can actually act like a couple!”

“Mm-hmm, and I can finally do something I’ve been waiting over three months to do…”

Without warning, she grabbed me and kissed me right there in the middle of the store. I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her back. It felt so good to finally kiss in public, even if it was just a video store. When we broke the kiss this elderly couple was looking at us smiling, and we couldn’t help but smile back and blush a little, finally feeling like a real couple for the first time. We walked around the store hand in hand looking for movies, and exchanging kisses every while, but we didn’t see anything we liked, so we left out and walked around the plaza.

“Did you see that old couple looking at us kiss?” Rita asked smiling.

“Yeah, I thought they were gonna tell us to get a room or something.”

“That made me feel so good, kissing you in front of everyone like that. At least around here we can act like a couple and be affectionate with each other,” she said now grabbing hold of my arm.

“I know, if it wasn’t for that stupid storm we could have been out here way sooner.”

“At least were here now. Come on, lets go to the Dairy Queen over there, we can share a banana split, we can feed it to each other and kocaeli escort be all romantic and stuff,” she giggled.

I nodded and we made the short walk to the Dairy Queen. We ordered one banana split and picked a table outside so we could be together in public some more. Instead of sitting across from me she sat next to me and we fed each other pieces of ice cream. She would scoop up a piece of ice cream and feed it to me, and I would break off a piece of banana and feed it to her, it was pretty romantic, and it felt that much better doing it in public. Whenever she spilled some ice cream on my face, she would lick it off, then kiss me, and go back to feeding me.

“I don’t know about you but I’m loving being like this with you,” she said.

“I’m loving it just as much as you are,” I said and purposely let some ice cream drip on my face.

“Here let me get that for you,” she said and licked it off me again. “What do you think Stephanie and Chris are doing right now?”

“I don’t know, probably still hiding from us, yelling at each other, figuring out what to do.”

“We need to tell them they’re worrying for nothing, and tell them how much we love each other.”

“We will, as soon as we go back, but for now, lets just think about us,” I smiled.

She returned the smile. “I don’t think that’ll be hard to do.”

We finished feeding the ice cream to each other, getting a few looks from random people and couples that walked past us, and we loved it, it was like we were being acknowledged to the world. When we finished we walked hand in hand to the van, kissed a little, got in and drove off, unsure of where to go next, but not wanting to go back to the house so soon.

“Where should we go?” I asked.

“I don’t know, somewhere we can relax and have fun, and where a lot of people are.”

I thought back to the conversation I had earlier with dad and Jim. “How about the park?”

“Ooh that’s perfect! Its public, and we can be alone too if we wanted,” she said and winked.

We made the drive to the park and got out to see that it was pretty occupied today. There were people everywhere, kids playing, people walking their dogs and playing frisbee, and couples walking on the path, we decided to join the other couples and headed for the path hand in hand. Rita seemed so cheerful, every time we walked past a couple she would swing our arms forward showing them we were holding hands as if to say “hey look at us, were together” without actually saying it. She looked so happy, smiling big for everyone to see with her long blonde hair blowing in the wind, her blue eyes and pearly whites sparkling in the sun that’s been missing for nearly a week, the pep in her step that made her tits jiggle and her ass sway with each step in her flip flops, this was one of the best moods I’ve ever seen her in, and it was wearing off on me. Out of nowhere she starts to giggle, but when I looked at her she would stop and look away, smiling. Then without warning she let out a big scream/laugh and jumped on my back. I tried to shake her off but it wasn’t happening.

“Shake all you want, I’m not going anywhere,” she laughed.

She had her arms and legs wrapped tight around me still giggling, and I knew she was right, she wasn’t going anywhere, not unless I did something. I grabbed her legs to make sure she wouldn’t fall and took off running down the path with her on my back. The plan was to get her scared thinking I might fall and she’d jump off, but I made it worse because she was enjoying herself even more, laughing even louder. I loved it when she laughed, but at that moment we were being competitive, and even though we were completely in love with each other, we were still brother and sister, so I had to win.

“Ok then Rita, try holding on after this!”

I walked into the grass and started spinning around as fast as I could. She always got dizzy before me so I knew I had the edge over her, and she knew it too.

“Heeeey, nooo faaaaaair! You know I get dizzzzzzzy fasssssssssst,” she slurred.

“That’s the whole point, you can let go at any time now,” I teased.

Instead of her letting go like I planned, she brought her arms down to my and started tickling me, and I stopped spinning and started laughing and dropped to the ground, just like I’m guessing she planned. I exploited her weakness, and she exploited mine, and they had us rolling around in the grass trying to best the other and end up on top, the whole purpose of our wrestling matches.

“Don’t fight me Randy, you never win,” she giggled, making me laugh right along with her.

She didn’t know it, but before we started seeing each other, I sometimes let her win just to feel her body on top of mine. Even though it never got sexual, it was things like that which made me notice her. It brought up great memories of when we used to wrestle when we were kids, or even a year ago. It still had the same effect, us laughing and playing around having a good time, but now it was different, more intimate. The way we would grab each other and play it off as an accident, or rub against each other when it wasn’t necessary, or the way we would look at each other as we were fighting for control, yeah the brother/sister relationship was still there, but it was being overshadowed by the deep love we now had for each other. Eventually she got the best of me and pinned me under her, but instead of tickling me to death until I gave up like she always did, she leaned down and planted the softest kiss on my lips. I was in complete awe of her at that moment, here we were innocently wrestling (well, almost innocently) just a moment ago and now we were making out in the park for everyone to see. She never ceased to surprise me at how amazing she could be. After a while of making out we managed to draw a few onlookers, (some being parents with their kids) and were forced to cut it short. We got up, wiped ourselves off and walked back along the path until we came to a semi-secluded bench looking out at the good part of the park. We sat down and watched kids play and couples walk past holding hands, and before I knew it, we were making out again. She had her hands on my cheeks holding me in place as she kissed me, softly moaning into my mouth as she did it. We kissed for a while before we finally broke, and I pulled her close to me and held her as she sighed and melted into me.

“I love you Rita, I love you so much.” I said and kissed her cheeks. She looked at me with her bright blue eyes as if she were about to say something, but it got caught in her throat. “What’s wrong?”

“Every time you tell me you love me I feel like I wanna cry,” she said fighting tears.

I looked in her eyes and watched as they shimmered with all the love she had for me, and it took all I had in me to stop myself from getting too emotional as well. “I know the feeling, I love you so much. I love you more than anything or anyone, even myself, and nothings gonna change that.”

A single tear ran down her face. “I love you Randy, I love you I love you I love you,” she said in between kisses. “I know I’m saying it too much but I can’t help it, you mean the world to me. No ones ever gonna take me away from you, I swear, I love you so much.”

I held her with my arms wrapped around her until we regained control of our emotions, then we started making out again, not caring that the area we were in was suddenly getting populated. Some time later when we had enough kissing we just sat there huddled up next to each other. She put my arm around her and grabbed my other hand in both of hers and kissed it as she smiled at me.

“I’m so happy whenever I’m with you,” she whispered, then laid her head on my shoulder.

I don’t know how much time passed or how long we stayed there, but it felt like forever. We didn’t even budge until my phone started ringing and I dug it out of my pocket to check the caller ID, it was mom.

“Hey mom.”

“Don’t “hey mom” me, what are you two doing, it doesn’t take that long to drop off movies.”

“Were not doing anything, we stopped for some ice cream then when to the park, that’s all.”

“Its true mom, were just at the park sitting with each other,” Rita said into the phone.

“Mmm ok, but I know you did something, you two can’t keep your hands off each other. Anyway, I’m calling to say get back here, your father and Jim are taking us all out to eat.”

“Ok mom we’ll leave in a little bit, that should give you and Marie some more “personal” time.

“Ha-ha very funny, just get back here or you two and I are gonna have a little “personal time.”

“Ok, mom bye.” I love how much our relationship has changed in so little time.

Rita let out a sigh and squeezed her body into mine. “Do we have to go right now?”

“Yeah, dad and Jim are taking us out to eat, I guess they’re on their way back to the house now.”

“I don’t wanna go, its been so perfect being out in public with you, what if we don’t come back?”

“We will, I promise,” I said and gave her a kiss to seal the deal.

We sat a while longer then walked hand in hand back to the van, got in, and drove off. The whole time I was driving she didn’t let go of my hand, just held it and kissed it occasionally while smiling at me and out the window. It made me feel so good to see her so happy, I just wish we could do stuff like that more often, without having to worry about being ridiculed, but for right now, I’ll take it. We got back to the house and went upstairs to see mom and Marie still trying on clothes, but this time Marie was feeling mom up and played it off as adjusting the cups, but we all knew what was going on.

“Umm, hey guys, did dad and Jim get back yet?” I asked.

“No not yet, but they’re on the way, go freshen up and be ready to leave in a little bit,” mom said.

“Have you seen Stephanie and Chris around? We haven’t seen them since breakfast,” Rita said.

“You know what, I haven’t. They’ve been acting weird all day. They’re not in their rooms, check the basement, maybe they’re down there,” Marie responded.

Rita and I went downstairs like Marie suggested and found them sitting on opposite ends of the couch, like we were yesterday. Obviously they were talking about something, and they were at that awkward silence moment when we came in. they saw us and immediately tried to get up and blow past us, but we stopped them. No more avoiding, we were gonna get this out in the open today, right now.

“Guys stop, no more hiding from us, we just wanna talk to you,” I said.

“We already know what you wanna talk about, and how you think were sick,” Stephanie said.

“No, guys, you got it all wrong. Come on, just sit and talk with us, please?” Rita asked.

They reluctantly took their seat back on the couch as I went to grab two chairs from across the room for Rita and I and we sat down directly in front of them. They looked nervous and scared expecting the worst, but I don’t think they would have expected to hear what we were about to tell them.

“Do you guys hate us?” Stephanie asked, looking as if her pride had been broken.

“Hate you? No! If anything were relieved! If anyone understands what you’re doing, its us,” I said.

“Why because of the twin thing? I think we were a little closer than you two are,” Chris responded.

“No, you don’t get it. He means we know where you’re coming from. Ok, there’s a reason we came to your room when we did yesterday, we were coming to tell you guys that we’ve actually been seeing each other, you know, sexually, just like you two were last night,” Rita confessed, and I nodded.

There was silence while they soaked up what we just told them. They looked kind of relieved, but at the same time looked kind of skeptical, like we were lying to them.

“Yeah right, no you’re not. I know you’re trying to be understanding and all, but you don’t have to lie to us. You don’t have to justify what were doing to make us feel better,” Stephanie said.

“Were not lying to you guys, honest, we actually just came from being with each other,” I said.

“Guys, really, you don’t have to lie to us to try and spare our feelings,” Chris followed.

“Come on, for real, do you think we would lie to you about something like this?” Rita asked.

They looked like they still didn’t think we were serious, so I guess we had to show them we were, and Rita was thinking the same thing. Without any hesitation she put her arms around my neck as I put mine on her hips and pushed her lips into mine, soft at first, then with a little more pressure as the kiss deepened. She moaned into my mouth as our lips molded together, kissing each other as we had been since we first found out how we felt about each other. I could hear them gasp and feel them watching us, surprised at what they were seeing. Surely they had to believe us now, no one could kiss someone with so much passion and love if they didn’t feel anything towards them, and they way we were kissing, I felt nothing but passion and love for her. When we finally stopped kissing she held her hand on my cheek and gave me little pecks on the lips, then drew out one more kiss, and finally broke away. We separated and opened our eyes to a stunned Stephanie and Chris sitting in front of us wide eyed.

“Wow! You guys were serious!” Stephanie said, almost excited.

“Holy crap man, I thought you two were just messing with us!” Chris followed.

“Nope, its the real deal man, just like we told you,” I said.

“I feel so much better now. I was scared you guys weren’t gonna talk to us anymore if you found out, or worse, judge us. I’m so glad this is finally out in the open now,” Stephanie exhaled.

“We were just as relieved when we found out about you two yesterday,” Rita said.

Stephanie sat up straight faced as if something just occurred to her. “Wait a minute, why didn’t you guys tell us yesterday instead of letting us worry about what you thought of us all today?”

“We were, but when we walked in on you two we had forgotten why we were there in the first place, then Jim and Marie came out, so it turned into a lost cause to say anything then,” I explained.

“That and we were in a hurry to get back to our room after seeing you two having sex,” Rita added.

“I knew I heard someone having sex, but I never would’ve guessed it was you two,” Chris said.

“You probably heard our parents too, they can get a little loud too,” I joked.

“Well anyway I’m glad this is over. Now we can…”

Stephanie stopped talking when we heard footsteps descending on the stairs, which turned out to be dad and Jim carrying boxes of what looked like a bunch of files jumbled together.

“Here you guys are, go get washed up, were going to the Olive Garden just as soon as we find somewhere to put these files,” Jim said.

We all nodded, at ease from our recent conversation and headed upstairs. I changed into some khaki shorts and a casual shirt since I knew people kinda dressed casual there, Rita kept her clothes on since she was already pretty casual and came in just as I finished putting my shirt on.

“Looks like I just missed the show,” she said smiling.

“Don’t worry, now that Chris and Stephanie know about us there will be plenty shows.”

“I like the sound of that,” she said and started working her way towards me.

“Ok everyone, lets go! If you’re not in the car in sixty seconds were leaving without you!”

“Crap, looks like we’ll have to wait till we get back,” she said.

“I swear they have the worst timing ever,” I followed just as agitated as she was.

“Don’t worry, it’ll make it that much better when we get back. Now lets go before they leave us.”

We went outside and got in our van since we were taking two cars. We sat all the way in the back and made a fake wrestling scene fighting over the last seat so no one would get suspicious. We shared the seat like we planned and pulled out and followed behind the Wilson’s to where we were going. It was dark enough where mom and dad couldn’t see what we were doing, so we took advantage by feeling each other up as much as we could get away with, mostly on the lower half with our hands in each others pants. She let a few moans escape her lips but nothing too loud, it probably wouldn’t have been heard over the radio or mom and dad anyway. We must have really been into what we were doing or it was that short of a drive because next thing I knew we were pulling into the Olive Garden parking lot. We parked in different spots and met up at the door, everyone in happy moods talking to someone else. We went in and saw that it was crowded, but not too much, and we were seated almost instantly. They put two tables together for us with boys on one side and girls on the other, with each of us sitting in front of our spouse (or sister, if that’s too weird for you). The second the lady came over and put the breadsticks on the table they were gone, all snatched up by dad and Jim.

“Come on guys, leave some for the rest of us,” mom complained,

“Sorry honey, you gotta be faster than that,” dad replied.

“Haha its ok, I’ll bring more, but first let me take your orders,” the waitress said.

All the parents ordered pastas, soups, and seafood and we ordered different kinds of chicken so we could try each others to see if we liked it or not. The parents became engaged in their own conversation between the four of them, but we just sat there looking at each other, smiling. We already knew what we wanted to talk about but no one wanted to be the first to say anything, especially in public.

“So you guys really are doing it?” Chris finally asked, keeping his voice low.

“Yep, as much as you are, probably more,” I replied.

“How long has it been going on for you guys?” Stephanie asked.

“A little over three months so far, what about you?” Rita replied.

“Around two years and three months I think, not sure exactly,” Stephanie replied.

“Two years? “How’d you manage to keep it a secret so long?” I asked.

“A lot of sneaking around, we almost got caught a few times though being stupid,” Chris said.

“So did we. Our dad even walked in on us a couple times,” Rita said leaning in closer.

“What? How did he not catch you? Is he blind or something?” Stephanie whispered.

“Its actually kinda funny. The first time Randy was, you know, going down on me, and dad came in the room, but not all the way, so he couldn’t really see anything, and Randy just kept on going while dad was there, jerk,” she laughed and punched me in the arm. “The second time he actually came all the way in the room escort bayan while we were having sex, but he couldn’t see me since Randy was on top of me and he thought I was some other girl. He was actually proud! He cheered us before he left, it was weird.”

“You guys are something else. We almost got caught in the shower together, in my bed, in the back yard, and a whole bunch of public places, too many to count, we either had a good excuse or took off outta there. So nobody knows about you guys?” Stephanie asked.

I looked at Rita to decide if we should tell them or not, and she nodded, so I assumed it was ok.” Dad doesn’t know about us, but mom and Aunt Lisa do. We actually did it with them a few times too.”

“What? You guys are crazy! We haven’t even thought about that, right Stephanie?” Chris asked.

Stephanie blushed and got this curious look on her face. “Wellllll…”

Chris’ face lit up. “You did? Wow, this went from a totally crappy day to the best day ever! Randy you did your sister, your mom, and your aunt?”

“Yep, and so did Rita,” I said feeling proud of myself and grinning at her.

“You guys are the shit! I’m jealous of you two now!”

“Chris, don’t be a kiss-ass,” Stephanie grinned.

“Ok, now that makes sense,” Rita laughed.

We pulled back from our huddle laughing to what must have looked like an inside joke to our parents. We kept the rest of the conversation clean until our food came, then all talking withered down to almost none as everyone enjoyed their food. We each sampled someone else’s food, finding out that we liked what someone else had, so we traded, but still ended up sharing each others food. We did flirt, there were stares and some footsie going on under the table, but nothing too serious, we didn’t wanna draw attention to ourselves and risk being exposed, especially with our parents sitting there, so we kept it at a minimum. We had ordered a Black Tie Mousse cake (man that cake is so good) so that a while after we finished eating it would be ready, and as we all finished they brought it out and we took it apart. When we finally finished eating everything we were stuffed, we couldn’t eat anymore if we wanted to.

“Oh man, I’m gonna sleep good tonight,” Jim said.

“We all are. Let’s see if we can get another one of those cakes to go,” dad followed.

“How was your food guys?” Marie asked.

“Great,” we all said at once. “We all got some of each others stuff,” I followed.

“I wish your father would let me eat off his plate again,” mom joked.

“When you take only a little bit of food then I’ll let you eat off my plate again,” dad joked back.

We had a little laugh and went back to small talk while we waited on the other cake and our food to digest some. All while we were talking Stephanie and Chris kept glancing over at mom, smiling, like they were undressing her with their eyes. I guess since I told them about her they’ve been trying to get a picture in their head of what she would look like naked or something, if only they knew. Some time later the cake came and we digested a fair amount of food to finally get up and get moving out the door. We made our way back to the van and got in the back again, this time playing tired so we could lay down out of their sight so we could make out, which is exactly what we did all the way back to the house. When we got back in the house everyone took their coats off and headed straight for bed.

“Alright guys, were going to bed, don’t be too loud,” Marie said.

“Ok, Rita and I were gonna go to the basement and watch movies all night,” I said.

“Oh you guys were? You don’t care if we come too do you?” Stephanie asked.

“The basement? I think you guys are a little too old for slumber parties,” dad joked.

“Oh let em, they’re just watching movies, besides, we’ll hear them,” mom said.

“What the heck, I don’t care. Just make sure you put the stuff back how you found it,” Jim said.

“Sure thing. Thanks guys, and goodnight everyone,” I said.

“Don’t be up too late, were going home tomorrow since our powers back on,” mom said.

We all nodded and headed upstairs. Halfway up Chris stopped and turned around to face me. “Smart move man, they don’t know it, but when the door is shut, the basement is pretty much soundproof.”

“That’s perfect,” I said, knowing all too well how soundproof the basement really was.

I quickly changed into shorts and a t-shirt and headed to the basement. I grabbed a bunch of blankets out of the closet and spread them out on the floor, then took some pillows off the couch and threw them on top of the blankets. I heard footsteps fast descending on the stairs and looked up to see Rita come around the corner in pink scooby-doo pajama pants and a yellow shirt, just grinning at me. She didn’t say anything, she just lunged at me knocking me back onto the pallet I just made, kissing me and rubbing her body against mine as she did so. A couple minutes later we heard more footsteps on the stairs and separated just as Stephanie and Chris rounded the corner.

“Ooooooh what were you guys doing?” Stephanie smirked.

“Nothing, we were just fixing up the pallet,” I said, completely unbelievable.

“Liars, you were down here kissing and stuff weren’t you?” Chris asked grinning.

“Ok we were kissing a little, is that a crime?” Rita joked.

We all laughed at the irony of what she said as they came down and helped finish the pallet that we had messed up when Rita and I rolled around on it. We turned on a movie (Monsters Ball, I picked it on purpose) and took spots on the pallet, Stephanie sat next to Chris and Rita laid down with me. We watched the movie, but we weren’t really concentrating on it (except for the sex scenes), there was too much tension with all of us being alone knowing what we knew to be thinking about anything else, but we kept it under control. When that movie was over we put on another one and took our same spots with each other. I’m pretty sure the second movie was just for appearances because one, we wanted to give the parents enough time to go to sleep so watching it wasn’t necessary, two, the tension in the air was still strong, and three, we were all watching each other, and smiling.

“I still cant believe you guys are doing it too, this is awesome!” Stephanie giggled to Rita.

“I know! Now we don’t have to sneak around each other anymore,” Rita responded.

She was still giddy. “This is crazy! I never would have thought you two were that close.”

“Were twins remember? It could almost be normal for us,” I said.

“Then what about us? Were not twins. I guess that makes us the crazy incest freaks,” Chris joked.

“Hey if you are then we are too, but we honestly don’t see a problem with it. Its not our fault society is so judgmental of everything that doesn’t seem logical,” Rita replied.

“I tried telling Chris that same thing, he still thinks they’ll come around, they wont. Its cool though, we learned to live with it, its even better now that you guys are doing it too!” Stephanie grinned.

“So how did it start for you guys?” Rita asked.

They laughed to themselves as they remembered back. They talked over who should tell us and they agreed on it being Stephanie. “It was over two years ago, we had to share Chris’ room when our relatives came to stay with us, I mean there were a lot of them, there was nowhere else to sleep in the whole house. Chris gave me his bed and used his sleeping bag on the floor. I told him we could share the bed but he insisted on sleeping on the hard floor in that little ass sleeping bag like an idiot, so I let him. I knew he was cold because I was cold and I was under his blanket, but he insisted on staying there, so I said whatever. The next day he was pale from being so cold and his back was hurting, and when he told mom and dad why they jumped on him for being stubborn and not getting in the bed with me, but he just kept saying he likes to sleep alone so they gave up arguing.

“I wasn’t being stubborn, I just liked to sleep by myself,” Chris defended himself.

“Yes you were, now quit interrupting me, I’m trying to tell them what happened. Ok so the next few days he kept sleeping on the floor, saying he wanted to sleep by himself, even though he was suffering down there on that cold hard floor, and for the most part I gave up on trying to persuade him, until that last night when the temperature dropped again and it was even colder than before. I knew he was really cold because I could hear him shivering, and that was the last straw. I knew I’d make him get in the bed, but I never considered what would happen when I did. I remember exactly how it happened…”


“Ok Chris, seriously, get up here, its too cold down there.”

“No I’m fine, everyone’s leaving tomorrow, I can tough it out one more day down here.”

“No you cant, its too cold, get up here right now!”

“Really sis, I’m fine, just go to sleep.”

I could hear his shivering get worse, and I knew he would get sick or something if he didn’t get warmed up, so I got out of his bed and picked him up off the floor (against his will, but eventually he gave in) and threw him in the bed. I got in with him and found out just how cold he was, his body felt like ice. I had to warm him up fast before he got a bad cold, or something worse, so I scooted into him and covered us up, and threw my body over his, laying on top of him so we could share my body heat.

“Stephanie, you don’t have to do this, I was fine on the floor.”

“Shut up, you were down there freezing, I’m not gonna be blamed if you wake up a popsicle frozen to the floor. Just stay close until you get warm, then you can move away from your gross sister,” I joked.

He tried to laugh, but was too cold. “Thanks sis,” was all he said through chattering teeth.

It was quiet for a while, and I could gradually feel him start to warm up, but I decided to stay there until he was completely warm. Just then I could feel Chris start to get hard, and I realized that even though I was his sister, I was still a girl laying on top of him. He tried to shift around and move it away from me, but all it did was make him harder and arouse me more. The thought of my brother getting hard over me made me feel sexy, like a woman, and not just his sister. I didn’t know if it was because of him getting a hard on from me, or the fact that I haven’t had sex in over three months, but I leaned down and kissed him, and kissed him again, and kissed him some more. Next thing I knew I was under him naked with his equally naked body pressed against mine.

“Steph, are you sure you wanna do this?”

“I’m sure, now hurry up and do it before I change my mind.”

That was all the encouragement he needed. He shoved his dick in me and fucked me senseless until we ended up on the floor, where I fucked him senseless. When we were finished we were a sweaty mess stuck to his sleeping bag on the floor, fresh from crossing over into the world of incest.

“I cant believe we just did that,” I said catching my breath.

“Me neither, but I’m glad we did. I’d freeze down here all week just to do that again with you.”

“Ok Chris, don’t be a kiss-ass.”


“And ever since then we’ve been fucking each other.”

“Wow, lucky for you guys Chris is a stubborn ass,” I joked.

“So what about you guys, how did it start for you?” Stephanie asked.

I looked at Rita and nodded to her to tell them. “Well with us it was an accident. We were playing a video game and Randy won, but barely, and started gloating. I decided not to take it any more and jumped on him, wrestling him down and tickling him, hes really ticklish, until he gave in. We ended up wrestling some more until we ended up on the floor with him on top of me, then out of nowhere he leans down and kisses me! We had that awkward moment where I was glaring at him then he bolted out of the room. I didn’t tell him, but I was glad he kissed me, I was just scared of my feelings so I pretended to be mad. The next day he told me how he felt and that we should be each others firsts, but I was still scared, so I blew him off again. I always had a crush on Randy, but I didn’t think he had one on me, but when I saw how hurt he looked I knew he was serious. I decided to trust my feelings and give myself to my brother. I stole a pair of his boxers and put on a “show” I knew he would hear, which he did, and he came right in while I was playing with myself with his boxers. We took each others virginity that night, which turned out was our birthday. I knew then I would always love him, but when he made love to me later that night, I knew I was his. That day I found the love of my life,” she finished and grabbed my hand and smiled at me, and I just smiled back thinking the same thing.

“Why didn’t you tell me about the crush and stuff,” I asked softly.

“I was scared, I didn’t want you to reject me and mess up our relationship,” Rita said back.

“Well I’m glad you put on a “show” for me, now we have the best of both worlds,” I smiled.

“Wait, you didn’t say you two were in love!” Stephanie gasped.

“Yeah we are, cant you tell by the way we look at each other and kiss and stuff?” Rita asked.

“I never really noticed, I was still caught up on you guys having sex too,” Stephanie responded.

“Wait, how can you be in love if you do it with other people?” Chris asked.

“It was with family members so that doesn’t count, and with them its only sex, and were both always there. We only have and only will make love to each other, and no one else,” I said.

“I never would have thought. We just have sex, never really thought about love,” Stephanie said.

“Give it time, it might just sneak up on you like it did us,” Rita grinned at me.

“Come to think of it, this does explain a few things. That time at the cabin when you two went to get towels and you were all sweaty in the bathroom?” Stephanie asked.

“You interrupted us having a quickie,” I grinned. “What about that time we were talking on the phone and I kept hearing weird noises and you kept saying ow?” I asked Stephanie.

“We were fucking too, and Chris kept putting his finger in my ass, I’m still not used to that. What about that time you were sitting at the desk making sex faces?” Stephanie asked Rita.

“Randy was under there eating me out,” Rita said closing her eyes and smiling. “That was a really good day. When we went to the movies and you both left where did you go?”

“To the bathroom to fuck. This lady came barreling in there like she was scared,” Chris replied.

“That’s funny, we went to the bathroom to have sex too. Rita yelled at that lady and she took off out the door. If we had used the same bathroom we could have walked in on each other,” I said.

“Holy crap you’re right! I wonder how that would have went down,” Stephanie said.

“Well it doesn’t matter now, it all worked out for the best,” I said.

We watched them start getting all touchy grabby in front of us and wondered if they were about to do something. “Hey uh, we’ll be right back. Were gonna go get some uh, some um,” Chris stuttered.

“Popcorn! Yeah for the movie we should start watching. We’ll go put on a lot for us to share, be back in a little bit,” Stephanie said as she grabbed Chris’ hand and basically flew up the stairs.

When they were out of sight Rita looked at me with a glare she only uses when shes horny, and rolled on top of me and shoved her tongue down my throat. I kissed her back with as much enthusiasm as she kissed me with and ran my hands over her body. When I got to the hem of her shirt she raised up and let me slide it off, letting her tits hit the air for a second before helping me out of mine and falling back on top of me and pressing her lips to mine again. We must have been so caught up in kissing because we didn’t know Stephanie and Chris was there until they cleared their throats to get our attention.

“You guys don’t waste any time do you?” Stephanie smirked.

“Ahh don’t try to play innocent Ms. “were gonna get some popcorn!” Rita retaliated.

“We were going to get… ok we weren’t, but we caught you, not you us,” Stephanie said.

“Now were even, so either pull up a chair or get out,” Rita grinned and went back to kissing me.

“Well if you guys are gonna be all out in the open, so are we,” Stephanie replied and pulled Chris over to the couch and fell on each other kissing.

I rolled over on Rita so I was on top and sucked her tits into my mouth. She held my head there rubbed her pajama clad pussy against me. A shirt hit the back of my head and I looked up to see Stephanie and Chris naked on the couch getting into a 69, Rita saw it too and smiled as she kicked her pajama pants down her legs, revealing she had on no panties and making my cock harder by the second. I pulled her pants the rest of the way off her legs and quickly shoved my face in her pussy.

“Oooooooooh fuck Randy! Eat me baby, eat your sisters pussy!” she moaned.

I started at the bottom of her pussy and licked all the way up to the clit, making sure my tongue stayed there a second longer, but not too much as I didn’t want her to come yet.

“Fuck yeah Stephanie suck that dick while I eat this pussy,” Chris said from the couch.

I looked up at Rita through her spread legs who was still moaning, but managed to make eye contact with me. I reached my hands up and grabbed hold of both her tits and squeezed them and licked my tongue in circles around her pussy. I could tell she wanted to close her eyes, but she didn’t wanna break from my gaze, so I made it easier on her and attached my lips to her clit.

“You like the way I eat your pussy in front of them, don’t you Rita,” I whispered.

“Yes, oh my god, suck on it Randy, suck on my clit and make me cum! Oh fuck Stephanie if you only knew how good his lips feel on my pussy…” Rita trailed off.

“I’m feeling it pretty damn good over here, fuck Chris right there!”

I let go of her breasts and spread her legs out enough to where her pussy lips would open a little by themselves and darted my tongue in. As I was tongue fucking her I looked on the couch at Stephanie and saw her face scrunch up, then watched her climb off of Chris and lay down with her legs hanging off the front of the couch, her tits swaying openly the whole time.

“Enough of that Chris, get over her and izmit escort fuck me! I need it right now!”

Chris got up off the couch and leaned over in front of her, effectively blocking my view, so I stopped watching, but I heard Stephanie gasp when her entered her and moan when he started fucking her. I doubled my efforts on Rita and bit down on her clit and pumped two fingers in and out of her. Her moaning plus Stephanie’s moaning from the couch made for fantastic motivation as I chewed on her clit until her beautiful thighs closed me off from the outside world.

“Oh god, oh god, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” Rita said through a strained voice.

“Oh yeah Rita, cum all over his mouth! Keep fucking me hard Chris,” Stephanie moaned.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m cumming Randy, I’m cummmmmmmmmming!”

She squeezed my head like it was a watermelon, but it was all worth it when her juice started to pour down her lips. I had to pull her legs apart just so I could lick it up, and with her shaking around I was missing most of it so I closed my lips around her pussy and sucked up what I could. By now I was hard as a rock and rubbing against my shorts, so I shed them and positioned my cock at her opening. She opened her eyes just as I pushed my cock into her and gasped as I stretched her pussy open, then threw her head back again and moaned as I fucked her.

“Oh yeah fuck me baby, fuck me in front of Stephanie and Chris, take my pussy baby!”

“I cant believe were fucking in front of each other, I’m so goddamn turned on!” Stephanie said.

“Fuck yeah me too, hearing Rita talk like that with my dick in your tight pussy is making me wanna fuck you harder Stephanie,” Chris strained.

“Then fuck me harder, fuck me in front of our incest bastards,” Stephanie followed.

I laid down on top of Rita with my head next to hers and thrust my cock in and out of her. She timed her moans with each inward thrust and used her legs to help push me inside her. I could faintly hear the clapping of our skin over the tv still going and both women groaning in pleasure.

“Is your brother fucking you good Rita like mine is fucking me?” Stephanie groaned.

“Hes fucking me so good! Oh god Stephanie, my brother is fucking me so fucking good! Shove that cock in your sisters pussy baby, show my pussy that your cock owns it,” Rita groaned back.

I leaned up on my hands and looked down at her as I drove into her. She held onto my forearms and laid there as I pounded her faster and faster, making her titties bounce around on her chest.

“Yes baby! Drive that cock in that pussy. Fuck me until I cant walk,” Rita pleaded.

“Until you cant walk? You sure you want me to do that baby?” I asked.

“Yes! I want it to hurt! I need it to hurt! Make me feel pleasure and pain!”

“Ok Rita you asked for it, get up on your hands and knees.”

I pulled out of her and backed up. She was on her hands and knees in a matter of seconds rubbing her pussy in front of me, waiting for me to shove it back in, but it wasn’t going in her pussy. She looked up at Chris still banging away at Stephanie and sucked the pussy juices off her fingers.”What are you guys still doing on the couch? Get down here with us you incest loving freaks,” she joked.

I stuck two fingers in her pussy and used it to lubricate her ass, and stuck both fingers in, making her gasp. I shoved my cock in her pussy a few times just to be sure I was slick enough and pushed the head of my cock into her ass. I heard her suck in breath and waited until I felt her asshole loosen up, then I slowly slid the rest of the way in until I was buried deep inside her.

“Holy shit Rita, is he in your ass?” Stephanie asked.

“Mm-hmm,” Rita moaned. “It feels fucking amazing. Fuck my ass Randy, fuck me good!”

“ Haha you dirty bitch! Take that cock in your ass and suck on my tits,” Stephanie smirked.

When I grabbed her hips and started thrusting into her Stephanie came off the couch and got down on the blankets in front of Rita and put her titties to her face, which Rita happily sucked on. Chris came up behind Stephanie and pulled her down so she was level with him and shoved his cock back into her. She grunted and locked lips with Rita as they both got fucked doggystyle by Chris and I. I had a lot to look at, Rita and Stephanie making out as they both got railed, Stephanie’s tits lunging forward from the force of Chris pounding into her, or Rita’s ass jiggling as it clapped against me from the assault I was giving it. I avoided eye contact with Chris and focused on all the other sights around me, as well as all the noises and fucked Rita’s ass as hard as I could.

“You look so fucking sexy taking it up the ass like that,” Stephanie purred to Rita.

“Not as sexy as you look with those huge tits swinging all over the place from getting pounded.”

“I wish I could take it up my ass, but it hurts too… ow Chris! Watch your thumb!” Stephanie cried.

“Sorry, its just that all this talk about anal is making me wanna try it,” Chris apologized.

“Trust me, when you two get around to it, it feels fantastic,” I grunted through thrusts.

The girls both dropped on their elbows and went back to kissing each other and moaning in each others mouths and pinching their nipples. I leaned forward and took Rita’s hands off her tits and replaced them with mine and she reached down to play with her pussy. I could feel her ass squeezing my cock and I knew something was happening with her, so I pinched her nipples and kept pace thrusting into her until she jerked a little as her ass contracted tightly around me then loosened back up. I knew she just had a mini orgasm and would be sensitive, so I let her tits go and slowed to long full strokes at half speed.

“Mmmm I like getting fucked like this,” Rita cooed as they broke the kiss.

“Me too, but I love riding more, its the best feeling, and I can fuck the shit out of him,” Stephanie said.

I could feel Rita grinning in front of me. “You feel like going cowgirl on them?”

“Fuck yeah I do. Lets show them how us girls like to fuck,” Stephanie giggled.

They kissed each other a little more and eased off of us, then pushed Chris and I down next to each other and straddled us. They smiled to each other as they took our cocks in their hands and lined them under their pussies and sat down on us at the same time.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck,” they both said in unison as they impaled themselves on us.

Rita arched her back and closed her eyes as she rode me, but Stephanie glared down at Chris with an evil smile like she was gonna kill him. It truly was a sight to behold. Two women, our sisters, riding us at the same time right next to each other. Asses were bouncing up and down on us making clapping noises, titties were jiggling all over their chests, hair was being swung all over the place, and they were moaning and groaning like crazy. I was at a loss for words, and so was Chris.

“Look at em Rita, they love it! They cant even talk were fucking em so good!” Stephanie said.

“Why wouldn’t they love it? Its only the best sex ever with the two hottest women ever!”

“Oh fuck yeah, you got that right, we are some sexy bitches, oh shit that’s good,” she moaned.

They were right, they were sexy, especially at that moment looking up at them ride us silly. Rita kept her back arched and put her hands on my legs for leverage, leaving her titties in perfect sucking position. I sat up and took a nipple in my mouth, sucking heavily on it and grinding it between my teeth before she pulled it from her mouth and pushed me back down on the blankets, holding me down so I couldn’t get back up. Chris tried to do the same thing to Stephanie, but she didn’t even let him get up. She gave him a little slap and pushed him back down holding her hands to his chest.

“What do you think you’re doing? When I’m riding you I’m in charge! You just lay there and be a good brother and let your little sister fuck your brains out,” Stephanie said seductively.

I looked up at Rita who was grinning back at me, laughing silently as Stephanie took control over Chris. It made me think back to the time at the cabin when Rita was ticked off at Stephanie all day and fucked me crazy the same way Stephanie is now, but she had a reason to, Stephanie is like that from the get go, it made me wonder if she was like that all the time or was she extra hyped up with us fucking right next to them, I planned on asking Rita the details later.

“Fuuuuuuck Randy I’m gonna cum all over you!” Rita said snapping me from my thoughts.

She stopped bouncing and went into a forceful grind, and grabbed my hands and put them on her tits, begging me to squeeze them and help her cum, so I did. Chris tried to touch Stephanie’s tits again, and she again denied him, and turned around reverse cowgirl and leaned forward on his legs.

“Stephanie you’re gonna make me cum like that!” Chris grunted.

“I know, but you’ll make me cum even harder,” she said back bouncing harder on him.

I turned my attention back to Rita just as she was being hit by what looked like a powerful orgasm. Her nails dug into my skin and her face locked up unable to speak as her orgasm tore through her, with her pussy juice running down my legs and over my chest, and then she fell down on top of me.

“Fuck Stephanie, I’m about to cum!” Chris said through gritted teeth.

“Me too Chris, me too. Just hold on a little bit longer,” Stephanie pleaded.

I watched as Stephanie stopped moving and her ass shook in place on Chris, then go limp and fall down on the blankets with his cock still inside her. Not a minute too soon Chris pulled out of her, turned her over and grunted as he squirted cum all over her chest, then collapsed next to her breathing heavily. I was the only one who hadn’t cum, so I took it upon myself to make it happen since Rita was still dazed on top of me. I grabbed her ass and forced my cock up into her pussy pretty fast since I still had energy from her riding me, and she slowly lifted her head up and looked me right in the eyes.

“Come on baby, cum inside me, cum inside your pussy Randy,” she whispered.

She helped me by meeting my up thrusts with her down thrusts and pushing her lips to mine. She broke the kiss and ran her tongue over my lips and bit my bottom lip to keep from fully separating from her.

“Jesus Christ you guys are still fucking?” Stephanie asked as I felt my cum rising through my cock.

“Not for long, I’m gonna cum Rita,” I managed to get out.

“Cum inside me baby, give me all of it, fill this pussy up with your cum,” Rita purred.

I thrust into her until I couldn’t thrust anymore and gushed torrents of cum into her. We held on to each other as the last bits of cum oozed out and melted into the blankets, kissing like the lovers we were. We stayed there kissing until Stephanie tugged at Rita to get her off me.

“We need to go get cleaned up, I don’t wanna be sticky in the morning. We’ll take the downstairs bathroom, one of you guys can take the upstairs one. Here grab our clothes,” she said.

They grabbed all their clothes and quietly headed for the door, Rita holding her hand on her pussy the whole time so the cum didn’t leak out. Chris got up and went behind them, so I assumed he was headed for the other bathroom and I fell back into the blanket. While they were gone I took the time to assess what just happened. We all watched and participated in some major incest sex, I don’t think we could look at each other the same way again, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. A while later I heard giggling and light footsteps on the stairs and watched as the girls came around the corner with their clothes half on, and laughing. I took my cue and snuck to the downstairs bathroom and did a quick wash up in the sink. I went back downstairs to see the girls naked again rolling around on the blankets. They were french kissing and moaning and squeezing each others tits as they rubbed their pussies together. Chris came down about a minute after I did and stared at them just as I did, not bothering to interrupt them. They let out a little girlish scream as I assumed they had a lesbian induced orgasm and giggled at each other while still clinging to the others body, then they looked up and saw us.

“Having a good time?” I grinned.

“We were just keeping ourselves busy until you guys got back,” Stephanie smiled.

We cut off the lights and I went to the top of the stairs to unlock the door. They put their clothes on all the way as we switched the blankets over so we weren’t laying in each others cum. We grabbed some pillows and got down on the floor and cuddled up brother and sisters together on the pallet.

“So guys, where do we go from here? Are we still pretending to date each other? Since you two are in love will we ever have sex with each other?” Stephanie asked.

“Umm, I think we should keep up the act in public and in front of our parents, just to be sure, but around each other we can be ourselves,” I said.

“Well what about the having sex with each other part?” Chris followed.

“I honestly don’t know. Its nothing against you guys, but if we have sex with you it would be like cheating on each other. I don’t know if I can ever have another guys cock in me, I love Randy too much. But who knows, in time maybe we’ll come around,” Rita said cuddling into me.

“I can understand that, but I cant say I’m not upset,” Stephanie said.

“Yeah I guess I can understand it too, even though I’m a little upset about it too. I wont get it completely though unless we fall for each other like you two did or something,” Chris followed.

“For that to work you’d have to stop being such a kiss ass,” Stephanie joked.

“I’m not a kiss ass! But you should start being one,” Chris replied and pulled her closer to him.

“Ok guys, I don’t know about you but I’m pretty tired. You can stay up if you want but I’m gonna call it a night,” I said as I let out a big yawn and stretched.

Everyone else agreed they were tired and got under the blankets as I did. They cut the tv off and we all said our goodnights and laid down to go to sleep. I heard Stephanie giggling lightly and knew they would be a while before they slept, and Rita cuddled into me and kissed me goodnight.

“Goodnight baby, I love you so much,” she whispered.

“I love you too, sweet dreams,” I whispered back as I let sleep overtake my tired body.

The next day I was woken up around 10:30 by Rita kissing me. I looked over and noticed Stephanie and Chris were already engaged in their own antics when someone yelled downstairs that breakfast was ready. We all washed and brushed at the same time and came back to the kitchen to breakfast in the form of Burger King breakfast croissants. We didn’t complain since we loved Burger King and sat down to eat. Mom got up and left the kitchen to answer a call and when she did dad took her food. The parents were talking, but there wasn’t much conversation between us since we were starving, but there were some exchanged looks and flirtatious smiles and such. We started laughing to ourselves when mom came back in the kitchen knowing she didn’t have any food left.

“Ok we’ll meet you there, ok bye. Alright guys we have to leave a little earlier than usual, somethings come up, and Mike you’re buying me more food,” mom said.

“Aww so soon? I thought you could at least stay till the afternoon,” Marie said.

“Wish we could, but somethings come up, and we need to make sure our food didn’t spoil,” mom said.

“Ok, well we’ll help you take your stuff out then,” Jim said.

We wrapped up our food for the time being and took our stuff out to the van and loaded it up. We said goodbye to the Wilson’s in traditional hug and handshake fashion and when we got to Stephanie and Chris they both kissed us on the lips, then Stephanie gave me a subtle kiss on the cheek.

“In public remember? Were still couples out here,” Stephanie whispered away from the parents.

We knew they were right and played along with the kisses until we were broken up by our parents. We said goodbye one more time and piled in the van and pulled off down the street. They turned to the radio to the news station and we finished eating our food since we had no chance of doing anything in broad daylight. The rest of the drive home we would mess around a little, but generally stared out the window since we couldn’t do anything else. When we finally got home after taking a detour to Mr. Hero’s to replace moms food we dropped our bags by the doorway and went straight to the kitchen to pull all the food out of the freezer checking and making sure nothing had freezer burn or anything, luckily nothing did. When we weren’t needed anymore we took our bags upstairs and put everything back where it was supposed to go, then I made the short trip to Rita’s room.

“Hey you,” I grinned walking towards her.

She smiled and walked right into a kiss, slipping me the tongue almost instantly. I picked her up and walked her to her bed, happy to be home again, but kinda sad we had to leave the Wilson’s.

“Things couldn’t have worked out any better with Chris and Stephanie,” she said.

“Yeah, I’d say so. It worked out perfect. I’m glad we decided to tell them.”

“We? It took some convincing before “we” decided to tell them,” she gloated.

“You know what I mean. At least its all out in the open and we can be ourselves.”

“Mmmm I look forward to that,” she said and kissed me again.

We rolled around on her bed until I faintly heard the front door close. “Come on, lets see if they need help with anything else, maybe there’s still some stuff in the car.”

She frowned not wanting to leave but I assured her we would be coming back, so she slowly got up and made her way out the door. We went downstairs ready to put some stuff up but was met with a different scene, Aunt Lisa was sitting at the table with mom and dad drinking coffee and they all looked distraught, especially Aunt Lisa who looked like her dog just got hit by a car.

“Mom? Dad? Aunt Lisa? Whats wrong?” Rita asked worried.

“A tree fell on my house during the storm when I was at a friends house,” Aunt Lisa said.

“Oh man that sucks. You got insurance on it don’t you?” I asked.

“Yeah I do, luckily it covers all the damages.”

“That’s good, so how bad is it?” Stephanie asked.

“Pretty bad, I can’t stay there until it gets fixed. I need a place to stay…”


Hey everyone, I have a quick question. The next chapter is gonna be an all woman chapter, who would you like to see narrate the story? Or would you like me to interchange between all the women?

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