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An Evening with Darkness

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A cold breeze slowly curled around Aurora’s face, her hair twisting and flowing over her neck and cheeks. The sounds of leaves fluttering in the wind against the branches, and the soft bubble of a brook outside brought comfort and ease to her pounding heart. He would be home soon… she thought, her heart beating faster in her chest. Touching the cool stone railing on the balcony, her fingers gently tracing the lines and curves of the artistic details. With her free hand she gently wrapped the sheer robe around her soft skin, her pink nipples gently pushing the fabric out to a point, the remaining softly caressing her hips and behind. Tying the sash tight, Aurora slowly walked back inside through the glass French doors. Her bare feet gently padding the wood flooring as she walked to the bed. Mounds of dark red pillows covered the black satin comforter, on the large four poster canopy bed. Grabbing the red rose he had left for her and lifting it to her lips, letting the soft petals graze her mouth, Aurora smiled and gently breathed in the beautiful scent the flower radiated. With her free hand, she gently picked up the piece of old parchment with scrolled writing on it and reread the beautiful words he left.

Tonight, my love
Under the moonlight
Our love shall be forever
Like the stars in the sky
Burning bright

Placing the note on her desk, Aurora went back to twirling the rose between her fingers slowly. She paced in the room, the fingers of her free hand gently grazing one of the black iron posts of the bed. The twists of iron reached high to the ceiling, holding up black lace cloth that draped around the hooks and fell to the ground in a large puddle of fabric. Placing the rose at the foot of the bed, she then walked to the table and grabbed the box of matches. Slowly striking each head against the strip, a bright yellow flame flickering inches away from her delicate fingers, Aurora began to light the red candles that speckled the room. The area glowed in a soft golden hue, shadows dancing and flickering across the walls. Suddenly, a soft thud on the balcony made Aurora’s heart pound faster in her chest. Majestically walking through the French doors, Darkness appeared, his eyes sparkled and widened as he noticed the revealing robe Aurora had on. With a soft smile, Aurora’s lips curled into a gentle pucker as she blew out the flame still dancing on her match. Her hand gently touching the fabric that curled around her neck as she slowly pulled it away revealing her collarbone.

Grinning from ear to ear, Darkness walked to her; his eyes taking in every inch of her body beneath the sheer robe. His hands reached her Escort Bayan first, gently landing on her hips and pulling her to him. The fabric bunched in waves as her breasts pushed against his chest, and gently parted revealing milky white cleavage and the vine-like tattoo’s that decorate the right side of her body. Looking up into his eyes, Aurora’s long eye lashes fluttered, and the blue-violet irises looked deep into his. With a soft exhale, Darkness leaned down and gently kissed her lips, his mouth parting slowly allowing his sweet breath to fill her mouth; his tongue gently penetrating hers, searching for her own to caress. His hands hold her tight against him, gripping the sheer that separates him from her soft skin. Reaching up, Aurora wrapped her arms around his neck, the gentle cloth sliding down her arms and curling around her shoulders. Standing on her toes to reach him and kissing him back with as much passion, her body pressed to his sent pulses of electricity through her veins. Her eyes slowly fluttered close as she took in his tongue into her mouth, the sweetness and warmth wrapping around her own. Grinning through the passionate kiss, Aurora gently began to suck at his lower lip, taking it between her teeth, and then biting it playfully. With a soft chuckle, Darkness gently lifted Aurora into his arms, her long legs draped over his forearm, her long black hair curling around her neck and chest, before falling behind her in black waves.

Lifting her to the bed, Darkness placed her down on the black satin comforter, allowing her robe to seductively part from her, revealing all the way up her thigh. Sighing softly, Aurora gently lifted her other knee, allowing the remaining fabric to fall away from her legs. Her knees bent, closed together, revealing a round ass and the hint of the swollen lips of her sex between her thighs. Darkness’ eyes drowned themselves in the pale skin and sheer fabric that now parted revealing more of her body to him. His hands reached out and caressed up her leg, over her knee and to the inside of her thigh, stopping once he began to feel the heat that radiated from her most precious parts.

Standing to the side of the bed, Darkness’ strong hands began to unbutton his shirt slowly, revealing a muscular chest and abdomen. Aurora’s heart was beating faster now, her entire body cried for him as she watched him slowly undress. Shrugging off his shirt, he then began to remove his pants, a sight that would make any woman weak in the knees. Gracefully he crawled up onto the bed, and rested on his hands and knees at her feet. The strong hands he had resumed exploring her skin, his fingers gently grazing Escort from her ankles to her knees. Once at her knees, he leaned down and kissed them gently, before his strong hands parted them ever so slowly. His lips continued to kiss up her thighs, while his hands grazed her legs, pulling her hips to him. Hovering above her, his mouth merely inches from the beautiful sex that he had been craving for so long, he grinned and gazed into her eyes. Whimpering softly, Aurora gazed back, getting lost in the passion he radiated for her and gently chewed at her lower lip.

Leaning down carefully, Darkness’ tongue slowly parted from his lips, the tip gently grazing the outer edges of her pink passion. A shiver of pleasure pulsated through her body as she arched her back, her thick hair curled around her head and flowing like ebony ribbons on the satin. Realizing the immense pleasure he is causing his love, he pushes deeper, his tongue gently caressing the knob of pleasure hidden within her swollen lips. A trembling whimper escapes Aurora again, as her hands grip the satin, completely pulling up the soft comforter. Darkness’ hands gently push her thighs apart further, exposing the now glistening pink that is calling out to him. A pearl of her passion gently escapes her and slowly rolls down to the tight hole between the cheeks of her plump behind. With eyes wide, Darkness leans down again grazing the tip of his tongue from her hole all the way up her clit. As he watched her, taking two fingers he inserts them slowly into her pulsating core, reaching deep and feeling every curve of warmth inside of her.

A moan of pleasure escapes Aurora’s lips as she once again trembles at Darkness’ touch. Her body arcs, her thighs spread far apart, her eyes closed in complete satisfaction. Slowly removing his fingers from the dark depths of her abyss, he smiles before licking them both, tasting the salty passion she radiated. Satisfied by the taste of his love, he reaches up and slowly pulls at the sash of her robe. Softly the fabric falls to her sides, exposing her white breasts and pink embellished nipples. With a groan of pleasure he buries his face between the soft mounds, kissing and licking his way around. His strong hands holding at Aurora’s sides, pulling her up to him, his thumbs gently stroking her soft hips. With another whimper of pleasure, Aurora’s legs lift up, gently wrapping around him, pulling him to her. Her body lifting as she silently begs for him to enter her. Knowing she is ready for him, his hands cup her thigh and lift her knee up to her chest, while in one motion he enters her deep and hard. Aurora’s eyes roll back into her head, as her Bayan Escort body moves to the motion of his deep, slow thrusts. Darkness’ lips find hers once again, kissing her hard and passionately, his tongue penetrating her pink perfect mouth, searching for hers to play with. Aurora’s fingers claw at his back as her body sways along with his deep pushes, trying to pull him closer to her. His rock hard member penetrating deeper and faster as he grabs at her ass, pushing her to him; trying to touch every part of inside of her. His lips find her neck, and kiss and bite down to her shoulder, sending waves of electricity throughout her body.

Darkness’ breathing got faster and heavier as he clutched her body close to him, pushing harder inside of her, their skin slapping together as he penetrated faster within her. Aurora’s moans got louder, her body tensing as she approaches her climax. Sensing she is close, Darkness rolls her over on top of him and guides her hips over his throbbing cock. Leaning back on one of her hands, Aurora’s head tilts back, her black hair caressing the comforter, her soft white breasts bouncing to the movements Darkness guides her body to move. Reaching down, Aurora begins to rub her swollen flower, pinching and playing while her hips push him deeper inside. Letting out another moan of pleasure, Aurora pushes hard against him, her body beginning to tremble uncontrollably. Darkness leans forward, burying his face once again in her soft breasts, pulling her to him. Slowly sliding her legs around him, facing each other they move as one, his rock hard cock pushing steady inside of her. Suddenly Darkness tenses up, Aurora can feel that he is about to release a wave of pleasure inside of her. The impending passion that is seconds away from filling her soul causes her to approach climax quickly. Her body begins to convulse as her pelvic muscles squeeze tight around his throbbing member. Continuing to grind as one, Aurora lets out a scream of pleasure, releasing hot juice from her completely swollen sex. As soon as Aurora tenses, Darkness can no longer hold the power within him and releases his own fury deep within her. Their bodies trembling as they climax together, wrapped in each others arms. Collapsing into Darkness’ warm embrace, Aurora rests her head on his chest. Leaning down and kissing her forehead, his arms wrapped tight around her. They laid there for awhile, listening to the breathing level out from the passionate encounter. Drifting off to sleep, Aurora’s body completely numb yet satisfied; her fingers laced in his.

The next morning, Aurora rolled over in the bed, her body barely covered by the satin sheets. Her hands reach out, gently grazing the empty spot where he should be. With a sigh of sadness, her hand touches another red rose left on the pillow, along with another hand written note that said…

Till my lips can find yours again…


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