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An Evening Soon Not Forgotton

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Laura Beth. Almost sounds like a name from the television show The Walton’s. Besides having been named with some humor as I assume her parents must have had, she could make my heart start beating into my throat and yet have me feeling like I had no heart beat at the same time. Laura always stood in a way while listening to me talk that would stick in my mind whenever I tried to fall asleep. She would have one hip higher than the other. With the light material pants she wore I could easily define what type of underwear she chose for the day. Some days the sure lines of the bikini were present. As other days I couldn’t make out any line as I assumed that entailed a thong! Leaning towards me with her upper half of her body I would get a glance of cleavage here and there. Her wonderful 34 B’s. Perky as she usually had a shirt that had some kind of low cut. She’d smile, as she acted like she enjoyed our personal little chats. From time to time I often wondered her standing this way if she was toying with me to see my reaction to her perfect depth that shaped the space in-between her breasts and the sudden heightened definition of her hips and buns. Thin, blond with blue eyes. Her chin was well defined. Her shoulders giving off just the right defines between them and her chest. Her arms being petite.

There she stood in front of me asking some questions. Like she knew I was standing there in the starting stage of my boxers becoming tighter. She often seemed to take a glance that was nowhere near my face. Was she looking to see where I was standing? Maybe I forgot to zip up after the last bathroom trip. There she took another look. After that look I knew what she was thinking. Or at least what she was looking at. I knew she had caught onto me knowing what she was glancing at as she blushed just the slightest. But didn’t leave. Instead we began chatting about how men and women react to each other. “WHAT” I thought to myself. “Is this really happening?” While looking around the work place, I began thinking we should really be talking about this were it could lead to more if it need be!

“Maybe we should continue this chat over lunch. Does that sound good?” I asked.

“I think you have the right questions for the right answers there Mr.!” she replied with a smile I will never forget. As if she was saying with that smile “finally, he has asked me!”

There we are. Sitting at a table outside the restaurant just couple blocks down from the office. We begin our conversation were we had left off. “For women I think it’s obvious she is attracted to someone. Maybe not to guys who think everything’s translated in words! I think for women it’s the little signs. What’s your take on it?” Laura asks as I see her nipping through her shirt. Must be colder than what I think it is I think to myself.

“Well I am a guy! Most guys think, I would say, she might say something. Maybe start hanging around a certain someone. Maybe even strike up a conversation to see his response. Maybe start looking at that person and taking in his looks. Maybe even in a little more way!” I say and not believing I am even having this conversation outside of the realm of sleep.

She gives me that smile again as I can see full definition of her perfect erected nipples. Can I hold myself in without the whole block noticing this hard on was the thought going through my head?

With a few silent moments between us, I couldn’t take it anymore. “Laura, how long have we known each other now?”

“It’s been two years and four months!” she replies.

“Ok, I would have said two and a half years. Guess I don’t have it Yozgat Escort counted as accurate as some people!” I say.

She now is sitting there with her legs crossed and hands tangled together on her knees bending forward showing me even more lines of cleavage.

“How come we have never really took this… Well, this obvious attraction further than what we have?” I ask.

“Well, I guess some people don’t pick up on the clues as fast as others!” She replies while giving me that smile and little twinkle in her eyes.

“I picked up on it. I just thought you had better interests I guess!” Stupid, stupid, stupid was my thoughts after this statement.

“What are you doing tonight? Have any plans? Let’s get a movie and watch it at your place. My place will have the roommates around.” She states.

“Sounds like a plan! You want to pick up the movie and I’ll make sure to have some type of dinner ready for us?” I ask.

“That would be great!”

Later, it’s evening. I have prepared some light fares that included some chicken, potato salad and…. Oh who cares about food! I think to myself. I light some candles around the apartment. A few in the living room as I assume we’ll eat while watching the movie. I put on some classic music. “Lil’ bit of Frank Sinatra never did any man wrong!” I say out loud. The doorbell rings. I am hoping Laura couldn’t hear me talking to myself!

I open the door. Standing there reminding myself to breath in and out! There she stands wearing soft dark blue sweater with the cuffs covering part of her thumbs. Something I always enjoyed seeing women do. She’s wearing a black pencil skirt that stops just on the tips of her knees with a slit on the left leg. She has back high heels with black stockings on. I know this as I got just a peek of lace on her left thigh from the slit in the skirt.

“Why hello there stranger! Did you miss me yet?!” she asks.

“A little, and then you show back up wearing something even more attractive I thought possible!” is my response.

“Now, there, let us get some food in us and cozy on the couch first!” she replies. I show her into the place. “Oh wow, looks like someone has been busy trying to fix an awesome dinner!”

“Yeah, a little of this and a little of that!” I say as I can’t hardly remember what I even had out on the counter as I seem to be memorized by the black heels and skirt.

“You seem distracted. Do you not like what I am wearing?” She asks.

“I am distracted because what you are wearing! Pencil skirts, high heels and black stockings on a lady as yourself are top of my list!” I say.

“How do you know there are stockings? I have not been here longer than two minutes!” She asks with an impressed look on her face.

“Oh I have my ways of knowing. Just like some days I can tell if you have either bikini cut on or just a simple tiny hint of fabric that protrudes in the arch of your back indicating a thong!” As I wink hoping she doesn’t think I’m some pervert.

“Wow, I do have to say you pay allot more attention then I realize. All this time I didn’t think you even noticed the little things like that!”

I begin portioning out dinner. “I thought we could eat out in the living room since you brought the movie. Does that sound alright?” I ask. “What did you pick out by the way?”

“I rented ‘Chocolat’. I asked the lady at the video store what I should get for a little romance and sexual innuendo and that is what she listed. I guess we’ll see if she really knew what she was talking about!” Laura says with a smile and a hint of Yozgat Escort Bayan blushing on her cheeks.

Sitting now on the couch eating the dinner I start the movie. I dim the lights so we see more flutter of the candles. “Wow, you do know how to set the mood!” She states.

We both seem to be working fast through the dinner not taking much time with it. The movie is playing but we catch each other glancing and meeting eye to eye. I give her a little half grin as I am trying to finish my dinner. We both seem to clean off our plates at the same moment. I grab her plate and take them into the kitchen.

By the time I am back to the living room I notice Laura has taken off her heels, which she placed shoe to shoe on the edge of the couch on the floor. Sitting there with her legs tucked along the side of her butt she leans and pats an area on the couch. “Come and sit! You’re missing some of the movie!”

I sit and she puts her left arm around me. I notice that on her stockings she has darker shades of black on the tips of her toes. A darker area with a flower print. “A real sign of beautiful stockings!” I think to myself. I brush my right hand lightly on her left thigh. I feel one of her garters along the top of her leg. Now I feel the blood pumping through my whole body. Just the feel of the top of her leg and that garter and now I can feel myself getting hard. I noticed my breathing seems to change patterns as I try not to show it. She is sitting there as I notice her watching the movie with one eye and trying to glance over at me. I’m now getting the clue she is wanting me as bad as I am wanting her!

Without a moment’s notice she moves her left arm from behind me to my right thigh. Alright, I can now feel my pulse rising. With every pulse beet I can feel myself getting harder. And I seem to be protruding her direction. She seems to work her way higher and higher on my thigh. As if she knows, she keeps running her hand higher and higher. I keep feeling her thigh. Working my way more inward. With each passing on her leg I rub with more contact. She rubs the tip of me and stops. I start thinking maybe she really doesn’t want to do this. “Oh my! Do I really turn you on that much?” She asks as she really grips my tip and the inner part of my leg.

“Yes… Yes you do!” I say.

I lean in for a kiss. This kiss sends a tingle down my spine I will never forget. She grabs my forearm running her thin fingers over so lightly. With her left hand she is still holding me and begins stroking up and down. I have a hold of her with my left arm in the arch of her back feeling the garter belt. With my right arm I have ahold of her left ear bracing her neck. More kissing. This time we begin lightly with our tongues. Her lips are so soft. Not a hint of dryness. She bites down softly to grab my attention and my tongue. Something I had yet to experience! I start kissing her further over on her cheek. Working my way to her right ear. I grab her ear lobe with my mouth and move my head back slowly. She gasps for air. I begin kissing her neck. I can feel her moving her neck in certain spots. With that movement I stay with that spot for a bit giving it my full attention. Before I know it she has changed her breathing and seems to be arching her back.

With me still kissing, slightly nibbling her neck I run my hands under the front part of her sweater. I feel her stomach twitch a little with my hands moving up and down. I quickly pull the sweater up and over her arms and head. She’s wearing a matching black bra. I begin kissing further down her neck and shoulders. Escort Yozgat She unzips me and has a bare hand grip. Never had someone move that fast and that smooth! Stroking me up and down! I continue with slowly moving her bra straps off of her shoulders kissing just the top of her chest and breasts. I unsnap her bra and pull it off rest of the way. I now see not only two gorgeous breasts, but possibly the best I have ever seen!

Laura states “I’ve never had someone so hard for me like you are!” as she pulls my pants off and throws them up in the air.

She begins to lick and before I know it she has me fully inside her mouth. With her left hand she runs it up and down the front of my right leg and with her right she rubs the space between my sack and buttocks. This I seem to enjoy way more than I thought I would. She wiggles her way out of her skirt. “My god! Was I right or what about the garter!” Stupid statement I begin thinking to myself.

“Yes you were! Still not sure how you know all this!” is her reply.

She knew what she was doing and what she had planned for this evening. She had her panties on over her garter belt. She started again on me. I pull her face back up to mine, giving her little kisses on her top lip. Then her bottom lip. I pull her in onto the couch and now she is the one sitting. I kiss my way back down her body. I visit her beautiful breasts again giving her nipples a few flicks of my tongue. I kiss her toned stomach. With my hands I begin to rub her legs and inner thighs. I feel her holding her breath and then letting it out. Working my way further up her inner thighs I feel her shaking. Not like she is scared, but shaking with excitement. Kissing softly between her garter belt and underwear I slip her panties off slowly. With each new tug I start to kiss lower. I have her underwear down on her knees, I begin kissing right above that point on her legs. I pull them off all the way. Working my way back up I start kissing top of her thighs. I pull apart her lips. She is already wet. I begin licking the outside of her lips working my way inwards. Easley and slowly I work my point finger into her. Just with a few strokes in and out I can feel her getting tighter. I flick my tongue across her clit. I notice she seems breathless and arches her back. I flick her clit again and she does the same. I stroke my finger in and out a little faster each time. I can feel her G-spot just with in her. I stimulate it lightly with that finger. Now she isn’t breathing at all.

Arching her back she whispers “My god, YES, YES! More baby! Harder!”

I slip in my middle finger and give her clit my full tongue. She is so tight that I couldn’t fit more than those two fingers. She grasps the top of my head. “YES! OH GOD YES!” as she flips me onto the couch.

She gets on top with one hand she stands my penis up and she slowly slides me in. She is wet, warm and panting for air. With her stockings still on I run my hands up and down back of her legs. She is still tight.

“God! Your tip hits my spot just right!” she says as she thrusts up and down. “OH YES!” yelling.

“You’re so tight Laura! Ride me!” Thrusting harder and harder, I can feel her tighter and tighter. I flip her over. With her on the couch I pull her legs up and onto my shoulders. Quickly she grabs me and slides me back in. Sliding in and out I fell her tighten up. I can feel her G-spot more and more. She is grabbing my ears and we are forehead to forehead. She starts to scream louder and louder “YES! YES! OH YES!” as her legs are shaking. I feel warmth coming from me. My buttocks are clinched as I am thrusting. I feel my feet tingle up to my neck. As I thrust I cum. At that moment I feel her release. She lays her head back in the couch.

I stand there for a few seconds. She looks into my eyes and says “Wow. If this is our first time, just imagine next time!”

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