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An Evening on the Porch

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The sun had begun its long slow descent into the night as Jeff stepped through his front door and onto his front porch. This far south, even the sun takes a long leisurely approach to setting. It was Jeff’s favorite time to sit and rock gently on one of the old rocking chairs his grandfather had made, and sip his glass of scotch. This old house sat a ways back from a sleepy country road. Jeff took advantage of the large wrap around porch often. He sat quietly and listened to the gentle evening breeze ripple through the leaves of the ancient oaks that lined the path leading from the house to the hedge that separated Jeff’s family home from the outside world.

This night was slightly different from the others, as Jeff was expecting company. A lady to be exact. The entrancing Miss Jones. Jeff met Miss Jones the previous weekend at the cotillion. He did not frequent such events as a rule, but had decided to attend at the urging of his old aunt, who is anxious to see him settle down and provide an heir to the Davis family heritage. It was at this dance that he met Miss Jones. It was straight out of a fairy tale, how he walked into the pavilion and caught her sparkling eyes from across the room. She stood in the corner next to Miss Myrtle who was talking up a storm. As it turns out Miss Jones is staying at the boarding house temporarily. One of the requirements of boarding with Miss Myrtle is attendance at the local functions. As Jeff stood and watched Miss Jones glance nervously about the room of strangers he felt it his duty to pay his respects and rescue this damsel from the unending gossip. He took her and a few gentle spins about the dance floor filling her in on a bit of the sorted and long history of the small southern town.

Morgan Jones was indeed not from around these parts, but Jeff did not allow her northern upbringing to dissuade his growing affections to her. He invited her to his home for a nice quiet dinner the next weekend, and tonight was that night. The old family cook, Miss Geneva had been about Jeff’s kitchen all day and had only just left. He and his loyal lab, Duchess, had taken up their usual posts on the porch to take in the setting of the sun and await the arrival of their lovely guest.

It was not long before the iron gate in the hedgerow creaked slightly as the large door was pressed open. Duchess merely shifted slightly in her slumber, laid out on the top steps of the porch. Timidly Morgan Jones stepped through ankara escort bayan the gate and peered up the tree-lined path to the main house. Bathed in the golden light of the setting sun the three story southern home sat regally among the oaks whose leaves had just begun to change colors.

Jeff stood and walked over to lean against the large column next to the top step. Morgan walked slowly up the path taking in the surroundings. She climbed the small set of stairs to the porch and into a welcome embrace from Jeff.

“Come sit on my swing a bit.” Jeff gently ushered Morgan to the large porch swing hanging at the corner of the porch. His gentle southern draw hung in the evening air like a song in Morgan’s ears.

As they passed the dog, Duchess barely moved only to crack one large brown eye as the couple stepped by.

“Your house is amazing.” Morgan spoke as she sat back on the swing.

“Why thank you, but it is my families home, I merely occupy it for now. Would you care for a drink?”

She nodded yes and Jeff disappeared into the house and momentarily with a fresh lowball full of scotch and ice. Among their similarities they had discovered while dancing, was their mutual affection for fine single malt scotch. Jeff handed Morgan the drink and settled in beside her on the swing. She carefully sipped from the glass and propped it on the arm of the swing.

The sun sank just below the rim of the adjacent hill and its shadow stretched out across the expanse of Jeff’s front yard. Morgan shivered a bit as the cool evening breeze chilled her bare shoulders. Jeff reached around and wrapped his long arm over her delicate shoulders pulling her close to him. She glanced up to his face and their eyes met.

Not sure whether it was the cool autumn night or the rising harvest moon, Jeff felt something prophetic the moment their eyes met. Morgan felt it too. It was as if all time stopped. Morgan, her entire existence, skipped a beat. She became lost in the depths of Jeff’s hazel green eyes. In that moment she released her nervous grip from the scotch glass and moved her hand to the strong jaw along Jeff’s face. Compelled to touch him, to feel him, to taste him. She moved as if in a trance. Jeff felt his arm tighten around Morgan pulling her closer still, needing to take in her essence. Time itself slowed to a crawl as their faces drew ever closer. Neither scarcely noticed the glass plummeting and shattering on the porch as their eryaman escort lips met for the first time. Their breath intermingled and the whole world faded away. The kiss seemed to last an eternity and take no time at all.

Slowly they broke and looked once again into each other’s eyes. Morgan’s face flushed as Jeff winked and leaned in for a delicate kiss on her soft cheek. He placed a soft kiss on her cheek and moved over to her ear. There he paused to nibble ever so slightly on her lobe and whispered to her that he felt connected to her whole being. With a smile Morgan lifted her head slightly to allow Jeff easier access to her sloping neck.

“Yesssss.” Was all that Morgan could get out.

Caressing her shoulder, easing one of her spaghetti straps down and off, Jeff laid a series of kisses across her neck and down her shoulder.

“Yess.” She muttered as his kisses moved back across the top of her chest to her collarbone and the center of the base of her neck. Pulling her shoulders in, Morgan made is easier for Jeff to drop the second strap off her shoulder and down around her arm. The light dress collapsed down hanging tenuously on her erect nipples. Jeff lightly extended his tongue and traced it down into the soft space between the uprisings of her perfect breasts. With a kiss the dress slipped down to her waist exposing her wonderful breasts.

Morgan’s head fell back as Jeff kissed his way to one of her nipples. As he took her nipple into his mouth, he smoothly lifted her from the swing and the two melted into the porch floor. Morgan began to unbutton Jeff’s shirt and pushed it back over his shoulders and off. He looked once again into her eyes and the two joined in a passionate kiss. The embrace heightened by the sensation of their bare chests pressing into one another. Morgan pressed Jeff back and her eyes followed her hands as they trailed down over his firm chest and across his strong abs. She unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. Leaning forward and rolling over such that Jeff lay on his back, Morgan gently kissed each of his nipples as she reached into his pants and felt his growing cock. She peered up at him as she slid his pants and boxers down over his hips and to his ankles.

Her crystal blue eyes stayed locked on his as she began to massage is hardened cock. Jeff rubbed his hands down her back pulling her dress down below her firm rounded bottom. He pressed his hand etlik escort between the silk back of her panties and into her crotch. With one move he rolled her back over and pulled her dress the rest of the way down. Jeff began to kiss and lick his way down across her chest and over her flat belly. He took the waist of her panties in his mouth and pulled them down to her knees. He looked back up to her eyes, taking in her magnificent naked body along the way. Helping to pull her panties the rest of the way off, Jeff kissed her pubic mound softly.

Unconsciously, Morgan spread her legs slightly as Jeff licked around her swollen labia. He could taste the moist excitement building deep within Morgan’s pussy. The thrust his tongue between her soft lips and ran it up over her clitoral hood. Her juice was so sweet. He moved back down and closed his mouth around he opening to fill her with his tongue. She gripped the back of his head and moaned slightly. Morgan pulled Jeff back up toward her.

Staring deep into each other’s eyes, Jeff’s large cock head brushed along the edges of Morgan’s slit as he balanced over top of her. She closed her eyes and arched her back. Her pussy ached to feel him; her juices flowed freely mixing with the spilled scotch on the floor.

“I want you inside me.” She whispered into his ear as she bit down on it.

Jeff slowly pressed his cock to her opening, and then with painstakingly slow pace he eased his large cock into her tight wet pussy. Both moaned a quiet chorus of ecstasy as Jeff’s cock filled in deeper to Morgan’s pussy. Pressing his cock fully inside her, he paused to soak in the complete comfort of being absorbed inside his new lover. Morgan opened her eyes slightly and cracked her lips.

“Oh god.” She moaned as Jeff slowly pulled his cock back. Almost all the way out with only the head of his cock parting her pussy, Jeff slowly pressed back into her pussy. Once in he began the retreat almost immediately.

Pressing deep into Morgan’s pussy and pulling out again, Jeff’s pace was slow with long thorough strokes. Morgan arched her back and twisted her hips in perfect sync with Jeff’s slow pace. Both muttering and moaning with the feeling of their intercourse. Morgan began to moan is shorter bursts. She raised her hips from the porch to take more of Jeff inside her. He began to quicken the pace. His thrusts became harder. Morgan moaned louder. Their pace grew faster. Jeff started breathing heavier. Morgan opened her mouth. She arched her back. Jeff thrust harder. Moans became guttural. Morgan’s muscles seized. Her pussy spasmed. Jeff’s balls tightened. He pressed hard and deep. She screamed. Tears dripped from her eyes. They orgasmed together.

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