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An Erotic Valentine

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This is a little fantasy I created for my incredible kiwi lover. We met on the internet in a chat room almost 3 years ago, and we physically met in the summer of 2002. He is the man of my dreams and I would love to be able to spend my Valentine’s Day making this a reality!


I’ve just pulled into the driveway after a hectic day at work. All I can think is TGIF – Thank God It’s Friday! As I approach the front porch, the door opens, and there you are with open arms and a huge smile. You whisper, “Welcome home, Lover,” as you pull me into your arms inside the house. I smile up at you as you land your lips on mine. Mmmmmmmmmm…. A soft loving kiss to tell me how much you missed me today. My lips yield to your invading tongue as our kiss deepens, your tongue slowly exploring my mouth.

“Hey, what’s that smell?” I ask, reluctantly pulling my lips from yours.

“I have a surprise for you!” you say with a grin as you lead me to the kitchen. “I’ve cooked dinner for my special lady on Valentine’s Day!” The table looks lovely, 2 candles burn on either side of a bouquet of flowers. There are only 2 places set on the table for a romantic dinner for 2. “Where are the kids?”

Smiling, you say, “Have a seat, Beautiful. I’ve taken care of everything.” I lean over the table to smell the flowers and I feel your hand softly squeezing my ass. I turn to face you, sliding my hands around your waist as I press my body against yours. “You’re so good to me,” I say as my hands slip to your ass, pulling you closer.

“Hey, behave! Dinner is ready and we can’t let it get cold, can we?” I see the twinkle in your eye as you walk to the stove. You bring a big bowl of pasta to the table and a bottle of wine, already open. You pour 2 glasses and offer a toast. “To us!”

Part way through our incredible dinner, I compliment the chef, and you smile that Kayseri Escort amazing smile. I then note that sneaky twinkle in your eye, and I know what’s coming. You flick your tongue out of the corner of your mouth as you chuckle at my soft moan.

“I thought you said we have to behave.” I reply.

“Did I say that?” You flicker your tongue again as you give me those ‘fuck me’ eyes.

Forgetting my half-eaten meal, I slide into your lap, facing you, looking you right in the eyes. “I dare you to do that again,” I challenge. Not one to back away from a challenge, you stick out your tongue and wriggle it. I lift my blouse, pushing up my lacy red bra, and push my hardening nipple on your tongue. Your hands slide around my hips, pulling my crotch snuggly against yours so I feel you beginning to stir. My pussy instantly moistens as your tongue swirls around my nipple. I push my clothes up higher, exposing my other breast as your tongue attacks it. My breath catches in my throat from excitement as I pull my clothes over my head.

My hands move to cradle you to my chest when you whisper, “Stand up, Lover.” Obediently, I stand next to your chair as you drop to your knees. “Hold up your skirt,” you command.

As I lift my skirt, your hands reach under and pull down my panties. Your mouth lingers just above my pussy, your warm breath exciting me further as I continue to hold my skirt.

“I can smell you, and now I’m going to look at my pussy,” you tell me. Your hands brush against my pussy, your fingers spreading open my outer lips. My clit swells slightly as you gaze at it, still not touching me. You blow your warm moist breath on my sensitive pussy, causing me to tremble as I yearn for your touch. You slide your fingertips along the sides of my clit, careful not to touch it. You bring your face closer, causing my anticipation to heighten, Kayseri Escort Bayan but you still continue to only tease.

Your finger slides lower on my pussy, caressing my opening but not inserting it where I want it. I press my hips forward, telling you without words what I want. As your finger slightly caresses my vagina, your tongue reaches out to barely touch my clit. My pussy explodes in pleasure just before you pull away.

Breathless, I stand there trembling from your teasing as you shove your tongue into my mouth, kissing me passionately. Coming to my senses, I pull away from you and quickly drop to my knees. “My turn,” I sexily smile up at you. My fingers gently caress your erection through your jeans. “My God he’s HARD!” I think to myself.

“Unfasten your jeans,” I instruct you, still rubbing my hands on your cock. I let you slide down your jeans, revealing your red satin boxers. “Not the boxers,” I purr as I stop you from pushing them down. My hands continue to caress you through the satin as I turn my head, brushing my cheek against your crotch. “Mmmmmmm…. That feels nice,” I whisper as I continue to rub my face all over your excited cock.

My mouth opens and I softly suck your satin-covered cock into my mouth. Your hands hold my head as my hands slip behind you to your ass. I let your hips rock gently, rubbing your cock along my open, willing mouth. One of my hands comes back to the front of your boxers, sliding between your legs to cup your balls. My mouth still moving on your cock, you shift your hips causing the fly of your boxers to part slightly. My warm, wet tongue slides along the front of your exposed shaft as my fingertip touches that sensitive spot just behind your scrotum. Your groan tells me of your pleasure.

Your hands slide to your boxers, your fingers fully exposing your cock through the split Escort Kayseri in the satin. I drag my tongue slowly up your hard cock, hesitating for a moment on the tip, and stand up in front of you.

“A tit for a tat,” I say grinning. You take a step towards me as I take a step away. I turn away from you as you step up close behind me… really close. My hand slides between us, lightly gripping your cock as we take a step towards the bedroom. You slide your hands to my waist, pushing my skirt down. One of your hands slides between my legs as we continue slowly towards the door. I feel your fingers slide over my hard little clit as we reach the door.

My free hand reaches for the doorknob, but you grab my hand to stop me. You put my hand up on the door as we continue to please each other with our hands. Your hand caresses my arm, sliding down to cup my breast from behind as your other hand continues to caress my pussy. My clit throbs as you softly pinch my erect nipple. “Oh Greg,” I moan as I quickly approach the point of no return.

“That’s it, Kat,” you whisper in my ear. You flick your tongue in and swirl it around my ear. My body melts against you as I start to tremble in your arms. “Let yourself go,” you pant as I do just that. My body shivers in waves of pleasure as you finally push the door open.

We fall on the bed together as you climb between my legs. “I need to fuck you,” you groan as your hard cock sinks into my wet pussy, still throbbing. My arms go around you, my hands roaming up and down your back as you push your excited cock deeper inside me. I sense your urgency as you thrust in and out of my willing body. My hips lift to meet your thrusts telling you I want this as much as you do. “Fuck me, Greg,” I whisper as I let you ride me.

Suddenly, with a loud grunt, your cock explodes inside me as you continue to thrust with each spurting release. My arms hold you close, clinging to you as you fall on top of me, completely out of breath. We lay together, floating, totally lost in each other.

“I needed that,” you whisper as you run your fingers through my hair.

“I need you, my sexy Valentine!” I reply happily.

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