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An Erotic Tale Ch. 02

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After a restless night, I awoke Saturday morning to a feeling of great anticipation. Just remembering the previous night’s activities sent my body into immediate burn, and my cock stiffened in my shorts.

Rolling onto my back, I pushed the covers down, reached into my cotton boxers and pulled my dick out. My cock is cut, standing 7″ fully erect from neatly shaven pubes, and it was hard as steel.

Closing my eyes, I gripped my dick with my right hand and slowly began rubbing up and down the shaft. My left feathered across my chest, at times tweaking my nipples, which sent little shivers of sensation down my body. I trailed my hand from my nipples, across my abs to the base of my cock – squeezing firmly, before moving further down to reach my heavy balls.

Taking a firmer grip of my cock with my right hand, I massaged the head using the pre-cum oozing from my cock-slit as lubrication. I closed my eyes and imagined what it would feel like to have Mike’s hand rubbing my dick, feeling his tongue glide over my balls and into the warm dark crack between my cheeks. Another gush of sticky fluid leaked from my cock, easing the manipulations of my hand.

The hand fondling my balls drifted down towards the area between my balls and asshole. Using my knuckles, I apply firm pressure to the area, stimulating my prostrate deep within me, while maintaining a strong steady rhythm on my cock with my right hand.

I feel the pressure building along my spine – feel my balls retracting towards my body and I speed up both stimulations. Oh yes, I lay jacking my cock into a frenzy while imagining Mike’s mouth sucking me. My breathing becomes labored and my moans increase as faster and faster I pump, my cock expanding in my hand, getting hotter and harder. My hips are pistoning into my hands, thrusting up from the bed as I get closer to that pinnacle of ecstasy I can see at the end of the tunnel. My vision blurs and black spots dance before my eyes – I shut them to block out everything but the sensation of my hand bring me to the ultimate pleasure.

I feel the pumping sensation in my cock, my sperm boiling in my balls as they draw up tighter to my body. Oh God, it feels so good.

I tighten the hand pumping my shaft as I massage my prostate with the other. Yes, yes, I can feel it – my heart is beating so fast I can feel it pounding wildly in my chest. One, two strokes, and I yell out Mike’s name as I explode, cum shooting out of my spasming cock and splattering my chest and face with the white hot evidence of my lust.

Lying there, trying to catch my breath, I couldn’t believe what I had just done. Never before have I ever experienced lust like that. My fantasies always revolved around faceless men. Now they had an identity – Mike Grayson. How did this happen? How did he creep into my life so quickly and so completely?

After taking a leisurely shower, I dressed in jeans, a t-shirt and slipped my feet into my favorite pair of chucks. I had a light breakfast of coffee and toast, but I still had about an hour and a half to kill before Mike was due, so I decided to make some headway with the files I brought home from work.

Just over an hour later, I was startled by a knock on my door. Having become totally engrossed in the work I was doing, I completely lost all track of time. I quickly closed my files and switched off my laptop before opening the door.

Wow, I had somehow forgotten how gorgeous Mike actually was. Standing on my door step, wearing faded jeans which molded and cupped his amazing body in all the right places, a black t-shirt and a pair of Timbaland boots on his feet, I was immediately hit with a case of white hot lust.

Grinning at my reaction, Mike stepped into my house and pulled me against his body. The reality of his lips was even better than my memory. He thrust his tongue into my mouth and took what he wanted. For some reason his possessive, arrogant actions made my body burn even hotter.

“Good morning,” he whispered against my lips with that cocky smile on his mouth. His breath across my damp lips made me shiver in response.

“Um, hi Mike,” I greeted back like a complete idiot, which made him laugh softly at my awkwardness.

“You ready to go?” Mike asked.

“Yes, let me just get my keys. Where are we going? Do I need to take a jacket or something,” I asked.

“Yeah, but just a light jacket – it still gets a bit chilly in the evenings.” I cocked an eyebrow at that as well as the fact that he had neatly deflected my question about our destination. So Mike intended us to be out well into the evening –

I shivered at the prospect of spending the whole day with him.

We drove for about an hour heading out of the city, until all we could see of the passing scenery was fields of green and mountains in the distance. About 20 minutes later we pulled into the parking area of what looked like a country style bistro.

As we waited to be seated, I glanced about the place nervously. I could feel eyes on us and it Demetevler Escort made me cringe inwardly as to what people were thinking about us being here together. This was all new to me – being on a date with a guy.

Mike, sensing my unease, squeezed my hand in an act of reassurance.

After we were shown to our table and our orders taken, Mike sat back in his chair and stared at me. It made me really self-conscious, and I squirmed under his intense gaze.

“Mike, stop staring,” I pleaded.

He smiled and said, “Fuck, you are beautiful. Just looking at you has my cock so hard, I’m ready to explode.”

Oh, God. I quickly looked around to see if anyone had overheard him, but our table was fortunately located at the window, and no one was close enough to have overheard.

“I-I don’t know what this is Mike. Last night was – I don’t usually do that kind of thing. I don’t know what’s happening to me,” I stammered.

“I know baby, I know. This took me by complete surprise as well,” Mike said.

“I wasn’t looking to start a relationship with anyone, but now that I had a taste of you, I want you with a hunger I’ve never experienced before. I can’t explain it, but you bring out the caveman in me. The thought of anyone else touching you, tasting you – fucking you, drives me insane,” Mike practically growled.

I sat there in shock. Mike felt the same way about me. This chemistry – however crazy it was, was just too intense to walk away from.

“I’ve never done this before Mike,” I confessed. “Please, I do want you, but I’m not sure how to do this.”

From the look on Mike’s face, I could see that he was a bit shocked by my confession. But then, the shock was replaced by that cocky confidence that I was beginning to understand, was such an intrinsic part of Mike’s charm.

“Lets just go with it baby. We both feel it and want it, and I would never do anything that would hurt you Carson. I want you to trust me. Tell me you believe me,” Mike urged.

I looked at Mike and believed his sincerity. A shy smile touched my lips and I nodded in confirmation.

After an amazing meal, we drove around in the country for a while, stopping at various farms along the way – buying and tasting fantastic cheeses and wines. At around 5pm, we headed back towards home. I had the most incredible day I could remember ever having.

Mike and I talked a lot about ourselves, our families – just getting to know each other. I learned that he was 32, the middle of 3 children – all boys. His parents were still alive and his father was a retired professor of Sociology. His mom was a housewife who doted on her husband and kids.

Mike actually had an engineering degree, but when the opportunity arose to buy the sports bar from the previous owner, he had jumped at the chance to do something besides the usual daily grind. That was 3 years ago. Before that, he had worked for a large engineering company as a senior engineer, but didn’t really enjoy it much.

I told Mike about my childhood, losing my parents and the parade of foster homes. He held me in his arms while I told the story, and told me how brave I was to have achieved all I had with no support from loved ones.

Mike didn’t take me home, but rather took me back to his place. As we drove through his neighborhood, I noticed how upscale it was. It seems Mike was quite loaded, and that for some reason made me quite nervous. He had an amazing house – not what I imagined him living in at all. The house was a two storey, all glass and reinforced steel. I expected him to live in a more ranch style type of house, but this completely blew me away.

He took me on a tour of the house, and it was all I could do to keep my mouth from hanging on the ground. The house was decorated shades of black, white, reds and greens. However it didn’t have the sterile feel of an interior designer.

“Wow Mike, this is amazing. I mean, just wow,” I was astounded.

Mike laughed at my reaction and told me he had loved the house the first moment he had seen it about 4 years ago. He had immediately put an offer down and bought it, and ever since has been decorating it to his own tastes. We took a tour of the backyard which had a huge swimming pool and Jacuzzi attached to it. When we got to the upstairs and master bedroom, my nervousness started once again.

Mike came up behind me and his arms stole around my waist as he gently kissed the side of my neck. I leaned back into his chest and tilted my head to the side to give Mike better access. He gently sucked and bit my neck, marking me. He then softly blew against the wet skin which made my already hard cock even harder.

He pressed his hips closer against my ass, and I felt his cock hot and hard pressing into me. I moved my hand behind me to gently slide it along the front of his jeans, which made Mike growl and arch into me.

He spun me around and took my mouth with such passion, that I gasped in Otele gelen escort surprise. His tongue slipped across mine, and we dueled for supremacy.

“Tell me you want this as much as I do, Carson.

Please baby, I want to feel your skin against mine,” Mike whispered urgently against my lips.

“Oh God, yes Mike. Please, I want you – I want to feel your hands against me, you body on mine,” I moaned in response.

Mike led me to the bed all the while kissing me. He removed my t-shirt and ran his hands over my smooth torso, giving me a light shove, so I fell backwards onto the bed with a bounce. I toed off my shoes and socks and scooted back towards the headboard, never taking my eyes from Mike’s as he slowly began to strip for me.

He grabbed the bottom of his t-shirt, pulled it over his head, and dropped it on the floor. He stood unmoving, watching my reaction to his body. Damn, but Mike’s body was a work of art. I thought I had good definition in my body, but it was nothing compared to the chiseled perfection of Mike. He looked like a Greek god with strong shoulders and pecs, rigidly defined abs and biceps. His chest had a light scattering of hair across it and a treasure trail of hair which lead from his navel down into his jeans.

Reaching down to remove his footwear, he straightened before his hands moved to undo his jeans and lower the zipper. He slid the pants over his hips and kicked the jeans away. His underwear tented where his huge cock was trying to escape. He removed his shorts and the sight of his 8″ cut cock, beautifully framed by neatly trimmed brown pubes was enough to make my own cock jerk and gush a steady stream of pre-cum. I moaned at the sight of this and reached for my own zipper wanting to free my hard cock from its denim prison.

“No! I want to do that,” said Mike.

Crawling onto the bed, he pushed my legs apart so he could sit in the vee created. He ran his hands over my chest and down to my groin, where he unzipped me and peeled my jeans down my legs. As he reached to pull off my underwear off, I closed my eyes in embarrassment. No other male had ever seen my naked body before. I was worried that I would be a disappointment to Mike.

My eyes popped open as Mike growled, “Baby, your body is beautiful”.

He reached over and gripped my shaft in his hot hands. I threw my head back against the pillows at how good his hands felt. This was even better than my fantasies. I bucked my hips up and Mike laughed at my impatience.

“Please Mike,” I begged.

“Easy baby, we have all night – and it’s your first time. I wanna make this feel good for you. “

“Mike, it already feels so good. I need more – I need you.”

Mike chuckled at my plea, and leaned over and took my mouth in a searing kiss. His lips moved along my jaw line to my ear, sucking and nipping on the sensitive lobe. I could hear his harsh breathing in my ear, and knew that he was as aroused as I was.

On to my neck he moved, marking me with little lovebites, making me moan and thrash beneath him. He lightly scoured his fingernails down my sides, adding different sensations that made my head spin.

My nipples received that skillful mouth next, sucking on the dark buds until my body arched off the bed and my hands dug into the firm muscles of his back. I thrust my pelvis up, trying to get some friction on my cock to relieve the pressure. Mike moved his body further down so that his groin was out of reach.

Looking up from where his face was hovering over my groin, he spread my legs even further apart and pushed upwards. He leaned in and pressed his face against my crotch, and inhaled the musky scent of my arousal. He took a long lick of my cock, much like one would an ice cream. Popping the head into his mouth he sucked hard, tonguing my cock slit while jacking my shaft with his hand. He moved his mouth from my cock to lick and nibble at my heavy balls. Taking one into his mouth, he rolled it around on his tongue before moving to take its twin into his hot sucking mouth.

He pushed my legs further up towards my chest, so that my ass was more exposed to him. Using his hands, he spread my ass cheeks further apart before applying his wet tongue to my sensitive hole.

“Ahh, yes! Mike, please I need more,” I panted.

Stiffening his tongue, Mike licked at my hole, before slowly penetrating it. My hips jerked off the bed as my hole squeezed around Mike’s invading tongue, trapping him inside me. His right hand wrapped around my throbbing cock, heavily lubricated with my juices and jerked me in time with the thrusting of his tongue inside my tight ass.

Squirming under this erotic torture, I moaned out loud, chasing my orgasm.

“Mike, Mike, I’m going to come,” I groaned through clenched teeth.

Mike withdrew his tongue from inside me, only to replace it with a wet finger sliding strongly into me – stretching me deliciously. He moved back up to my cock, swallowing Balgat Escort it whole as his mouth slid up and down, applying a strong suction. His burrowing finger brushed against my prostrate, massaging that little bundle of nerves – making me scream at the intense sensation rocketing through my body.

Fuck that was just too much for me. Precariously close to the edge already, that just sent me careening over. My cock spasmed as my balls drew tight and my cum burst from my cock into Mike’s sucking mouth. My ass contracted rhythmically around his buried finger, while he licked and swallowed every bit of my seed as it pulsed and squirted onto his tongue.

As I lay there breathing heavily, Mike gently withdrew his finger from my clutching ass, once my contractions had eased, and allowed my cock to slip from his mouth.

“Magnificent,” he said, as he crawled up my body and held me in his arms.

I could feel his rock hard erection pressing into my hip. I rolled us over, so that Mike was on his back and I was leaning over him. I kissed him deeply, tasting myself on his tongue. It was delicious. I had never wanted to taste myself before – but today, lying here with Mike, I wanted to do and try it all. I wanted everything Mike had in store for me.

“Mmm, that’s sexy. I like that you enjoy your own flavor baby,” Mike whispered as I moved down his body with my lips.

I stopped and took his left nipple in my mouth gently rolling it around on my tongue. “Harder baby – more suction,” Mike instructed.

I did as he said, taking the initiative and gently nipping him with my teeth. His body arched into my mouth as his hands gripped my hair to hold me in place. I knew then that he liked the slight pain, and made a mental note to do that again. I moved onto his other nipple, tweaking it with my fingers and using my mouth, drawing Mike into a frenzy of lust.

What I really wanted was a taste his beautiful cock. I gripped his swollen member and tightening my fist around the shaft, I pumped my hands up and down feeling the hard strength of his erection.

Looking at Mike, I could see his features pinched and his lips compressed into a tight line as though he was in pain. From the sexy sounds emanating from him and his tight hold on the bedding, I knew the opposite to be true – that he was actually in heaven.

I leaned over and took the spongy head into my mouth, sucking and tasting the sticky liquid coating it. I wanted to make this good for Mike even though I had never done this to anyone before. I lowered my head and sucked him deeper into my mouth. As his hips bucked up, I gagged as his cock touched the back of my throat.

“Easy babe, just do what feels good for you. Suck it a little harder – yeah just like that. Oh God your mouth is fucking amazing,” Mike encouraged.

I curled my tongue beneath the sensitive spot underneath the head – rubbed at it with my tongue then licked it.

“Lick my balls. Suck them nice and slow baby.”

I moved lower and drew one orb into my mouth, sucking at it leisurely while using my fingers to stimulate the other. As I moved back up to his shaft, I pursed my lips and pressed them over the slit at the tip of his cock. I moaned deep in my throat as his cock jerked in my mouth, and the vibrations of my moans sent pleasure tingly down his spine. I sucked deeper and faster, greedy for all of him.

Mike’s hands clenched in my hair, holding me in place, guiding my mouth to where he needed it the most. I bobbed up and down sucking and licking, using my hands as well to stimulate where my mouth couldn’t reach. As his cock once again touched the back of my throat, I swallowed and breathed through my nose to avoid gagging.

Mike’s hands clenched even harder and his hips thrust up into my mouth. “Yeah, that’s the way, baby. Tease my dick. Fuck that’s good. It feels like you going to swallow my dick.”

I kept up my pace, knowing the Mike was close. I could feel the pumping sensation in his cock as his balls drew tighter. I sucked and sucked like I was a man dying of thirst and his cock was my water. I used my hands to squeeze and tug his balls to maximize his pleasure.

“I’m going to come,” he warned as his cock sunk deep into my throat again. “One more stroke baby.”

He thrust hard and deep and filled my mouth with blast after blast of hot cum. I sucked every drop, savoring it, not letting any escape. “Yes swallow me baby, swallow all of me.”

When Mike finally stop coming, I gave his cock one more lick and pulled away to look into his eyes. I smiled shyly at him as I licked my lips and he gave me a lazy smile in answer.

“Come here baby,” he held out his arms for me. I crawled over and snuggled into his shoulder.

“Goddamn baby, you nearly gave me a stroke. There is no way you never did that before,” he chuckled softly.

I blushed and pushed my face deeper into his shoulder. He laughed louder and squeezed me closer to his side.

“Sleep baby. I need you well rested for what I have planned for that gorgeous body of yours.”

I smiled to myself as he pulled the covers over us as I tried to imagine what pleasures tomorrow would bring.


I awoke early Sunday morning to the sound of rain pelting the windows. It took a moment to get my bearings, before everything came rushing back to me.

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