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An Amazing Discovery Ch. 10

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Stacy’s father had hit her and her mother when she was younger; she swore blind that any man that ever hit her again would pay. Stacy was not the sort of woman to make an empty statement.

With all this running round my head, I was driving on autopilot; driving far too fast for a road that I did not know, too fast for a road that I did know.

From the corner of my eye, I saw it coming…

Three Month’s Later…

“I know Mrs Philips it’s been three month’s, but these things have to be taken very slowly. With these injuries he’s lucky he isn’t dead.” A voice that I did not recognise said.

It was muffled, but I heard what she said. I tried to open my eyes but I could not, I tried to move, but I could not.

I tried to talk, but I could not.

Oh my god! What has happened to me? Where am I?

“Thank you sister. I’m sorry to bother you, but nothing seems to be getting any better.” Clare, it was Clare. I recognised her voice.

“Come on Clare darling, you need to come home and rest. It’s no good you being worn out when Dave wakes up.” Mom, that was my Mom.

Clare said, “Ok Mom, I’ll be there in a minute.”

I could feel her close; she bent over and gave me a kiss on the forehead. Then she was gone. I was alone.

What was going on, I was confused. I could not work out what had happened. I had guessed I was in hospital after hearing Clare talking to “a sister.” But as to why I was here, I had no idea.

When Clare got home, Jane asked if there had been any improvement. Clare just shrugged her shoulders and went to our room, crashing down on the bed she cried herself to sleep, as she had done everyday since the accident.

Jane turned to our mother, “Jennifer, this is doing Clare no good at all, she needs a break.”

“I know, I’ve tried but she refuses point blank. I don’t know what to do anymore, our whole world has been turned upside down over the last few months.” Our Mom said.

“Sister, I think it is about time that we started reducing Mr Philips sedation, we’ll reduce it in stages over the next thirty six hours. Please ensure that we closely monitor his vital signs, if there are any complications beep me.” The consultant that was looking after me was amazed that I had survived, although he never said so in public.

Clare woke and spread her arm across to my side if the bed, finding it empty again her heart sank as the realisation of what had happened returned her to reality. As she entered the kitchen, our Mother looked up from her newspaper.

“Morning Clare, how did you sleep?” She asked.

“How do you think? Like I’ve slept every night since the accident, very little.” Clare sadly responded.

“I’m worried about you Clare; you need to take it easy. Stay at home today; you need the rest. The hospital will call if there is any change.” Mom pleaded.

Clare was exhausted; she had spent all day every day at my side in the hospital, not daring to leave my side in case of any change.

“Ok Mom, I guess I do feel rather tired. I think I’ll go back to bed see if I can catch some sleep.” Clare said.

“I promise I’ll wake you if there is any news.” Mom said.

I opened my eyes, I could see! But not focus on anything, I tried to call out but I still could not talk. I was suddenly aware of acute pain in my head.

I became aware of the noise around me, machines bleeping and the general noises related to a hospital ward. I could feel that I was gradually regaining my sight, although movement or talk seamed beyond me.

48 Hrs Later…

“Dave is responding well, we have stopped the sedative and he will come round gradually over the next few hours.” The sister told Clare, I could hear them very clearly.

I opened my eyes, I could see, more than that, I could see clearly.

“Sister! He’s opened his eyes.” Clare screamed, I could feel her grab my hand and squeeze it tightly.

I managed to squeeze her back very weakly.

“Oh my god, he’s grasped my hand!” Clare was nearly hysterical with excitement.

“Mrs Philips, please do not build too much hope, it could just be reflex action as the sedative wears off, and we need to wait for a few gorukle escort bayan more hours before we can be sure he’s past the worse.”

Like hell! I wasn’t having that; I gripped Clare’s hand and held it is tight as I could muster. With all my strength I tried to move my head to look at Clare, I only managed a very small movement, but it was enough. I could see her, still as beautiful as I remembered but looking very tired.

“No look, he moved his head, and you should feel the grip he has on my hand.” Clare was pleading with the sister to get the consultant to look at me.

“Ok, I’ll page Mr Sissons and ask him to take a look.” The sister replied.

“Dave, take it easy, you had an accident; you crashed the car. Try not to do too much just yet, the consultant will come and check you out.” Clare was sounding a lot happier.

Accident? Crashed the car, I didn’t remember anything. I felt exhausted; I fell asleep.

“Mr Sisson’s, I think Mr Philips is showing a good amount of response, when Mrs Philips held his hand he held her quite tightly, also moving his head a little when he heard her speak.” The sister said to the consultant.

“Ok, let’s try him breathing on his own; please have the team ready in case he can’t manage it himself. We will need to keep a close eye on his vital signs for the first couple of hours, any signs of distress and we’ll have to put him back on ventilation.”

“Yes sir, I’ll keep an eye on him myself, I want to keep an eye on his wife, she’s completely exhausted but she will not leave now.” The sister responded.

“Very well Sister, Would you like me to speak to Mrs Philips, see if I can persuade her to take a break?” Mr Sissons asked

“You could try Sir, but I doubt you’ll succeed.” The sister replied.

I awoke suddenly, it felt like someone was trying to choke me, I opened my eyes and could see some sort of tube. Then I realised it was being taken out, that is why I cannot speak I thought to myself. It suddenly felt very strange, not having the tube in, and quite painful.

“Take it easy Mr Philips, just relax you’ll be fine.” The sister said, “Nurse, could you let Mrs Philips know she can come back in now if she wants.”

“Yes Sister.” A voice answered.

I felt a hand take mine, I turned my head, it was Clare! I managed a very weak smile; I thought Clare was going to cry.

“You Bastard! Don’t you ever do that to me again.” Clare cried, “I thought I’d lost you as soon as I got you. It has been a very long three months Dave. I don’t care how long it takes now that you are back with me.” I could feel Clare rest her head on my hand.

“Clare.” I heard this croaking voice, realising it was me. “Clare, I love you.” I managed at not much more than a whisper.

“Mr Philips, please try and rest, you’re still a very weak man.” The sister wanted me to get some rest, but I wanted to carry on watching Clare. In the end, I only managed to stay awake for a couple of minutes before falling asleep again.

“Mom he’s awake, he spoke to me and he held my hand.” Clare broke down in tears as she finished telling our Mother the news, as did my Mother. Jane took the phone from her sister but Clare had hung up.

She brought my Mom to the hospital, when they arrived Clare had been put in a side room and given some sedation to allow her to get the rest she badly needed.

“Hey Jennifer, he looks a lot better, some colour coming back to him.” Jane said to my Mother.

“Thank god. Jane I could not cope with losing Dave, it was bad enough when his Father died. It would have been like losing both children, because I have no doubt it would have destroyed Clare.” My Mother said.

They both sat next to my bed, I could hear them talking, and without thinking about it I reached out and held my Mom’s hand. She nearly jumped out of her skin when I grabbed her, but it made her feel a lot better to finally see some response from me.

I opened my eyes and turned to see my Aunt and my Mother sat next to me, “What happened to me Mom?” I asked.

“Never mind that, you just concentrate on getting better.” She said smiling.

As every day passed, I was nilüfer escort bayan getting stronger and stronger. I was able to sit up in bed and found it much easier to stay awake for longer. Gradually my throat recovered and my voice was back to normal, I however was far from normal.

Mr Sissons came to see me and told me that I was exceptionally lucky to be alive, that due to my injuries it was possible I may not be able to walk again.

When the paramedic’s had arrived at the scene of the accident, they were convinced that nobody could survive such an impact.

The car had been split in two in the accident; the driver’s side had taken the worst of the impact.

After nearly two hours, they had extricated me from the wreckage, barely alive with a horrendous list of injuries.

Both legs broken, the left in two places. Four ribs broken, fractured pelvis. Broken Left arm and a fractured skull. On top of this I had internal bleeding, they had to remove my spleen in an emergency operation. I had been in a coma for three months, during the first week I had “died” three times.

“What accident? I don’t remember anything about it.” I asked Mr Sissons.

“I’m sorry I don’t have full details, but it would appear that you ran a stop sign at speed, unfortunately for you a semi was coming through and struck the car.” He replied.

“I have to walk Doc, I just have to.” I said.

“We’ll know more when we can get you on your feet in a week or so, see how you respond. I must warn you this will be very difficult, you are very weak after all the surgery and lying in the bed for so long. Your muscles will have wasted; you will need a large amount of therapy to help you.” Mr Sissons got up to leave.

“Can’t I try today, please Doc let me try.” I pleaded.

“You should rest Mr Philips, I’ll come and see you tomorrow and we’ll see if we can’t at least get you stood up.” As Mr Sissons said this out of my vision, he gave the Sister a look, a look that said why these people could not just take the time they need to heal properly.

The next morning true to his word, Mr Sissons arrived with a team of people. These people were the physiotherapists that would help me walk again.

They had asked Clare and my family to not visit for the next couple of days, originally this had been to allow me to rest fully. As far as I was concerned the next time they saw me, if I could not walk, I would be sat in the chair in the corner. Not lying in that bloody bed all day and night.

I got a big lecture about not trying too much too soon, and not to try anything on my own as this could set me back by weeks or worse cause even more damage to be done.

They helped me to sit up, my legs hanging of the side of the bed. When they asked if I was ok I said I was fine. I didn’t want to tell them that I was feeling so dizzy I thought I was going to be sick in case they stopped the session.

However when they stood me up, I could not mask the pain. I had never felt such excruciating pain in all my life, it felt like someone had shoved red-hot pokers into each leg and another through my pelvis for good measure. I nearly passed out.

I think I managed to stand for about three seconds before it was too much. I was devastated, I had no idea it was going to be as bad. This is going to take some time.

“Dave, that’s enough for today, we’ll sort some pain relief out for you and we will see you in the morning.” The physio said.

I should have been happy to be alive, after all my arm was healed and my ribs didn’t hurt anymore. However, I was depressed, I was now fully aware this was going to take week’s not day’s.

Two Weeks Later.

“How’s he doing today?” Stacy asked. Her daily calls to Clare had kept her going.

“He’s doing well; he can stand on his own now, even take a couple of very unsteady steps with the crutches. It’s only been two week’s since he woke up; they are amazed at his progress.” Clare said, sounding happier than Stacy had heard in a long time.

“I wish you could come over Stacy, I really miss you and I know Dave would love to see you.” Clare said.

“I’m bursa otele gelen escort bayan sorry Clare, I just can’t get the time off work and I can’t really afford the trip at the moment things are a little tight.” Stacy answered.

“Oh Stacy, If it’s the money I’ll pay for you to come over, hell if your struggling let me help you out. I know you would do it for me.” Clare said, upset with herself that she had not thought of this before. Stacy only worked as a shop assistant and she was also doing night classes, money had always been tight for her.”

“Clare, I can’t maybe next month when my classes finish. I would love to come out there and see the two of you.” Stacy replied.

“Great, I’ll send you the tickets. I love you Stacy.” Clare hung up the phone, as she did so she heard someone ask whom it was she was talking too.

“Oh, just a friend from the city.” She replied; as she did, she turned to see that the person asking the question was me! I had made it from my bed into the corridor on my own, without falling over!

All the effort was worth it. Seeing the look on Clare’s face was priceless. She gave me a hug and our first proper kiss in nearly five months.

“Oh, someone’s feeling a lot better!” Clare said with a mischievous grin on her face. And yes, I was feeling better, for the first time since the accident, I had a major hard-on.

I got back to bed, I was feeling exhausted after my little trek. As tired, as I was my erection would not go down. Clare got up and pulled the curtains around my bed.

“You better stay quiet; I’ll be mortified if the nurses come in here.” Clare said as bent down and took my dick into her mouth.

It took all my concentration to keep quiet but I did, Clare was a very skilled cocksucker and she was reminding me how good one of her blowjobs could make me feel. It didn’t last long, I was blowing jets of cum down in throat in no time.

Just as well really, Clare had just sat back down in her seat when my Mother came bursting in, worried that the curtains had been closed. She thought that something had gone wrong.

“No Mom, I’m fine. We just wanted a little privacy.” I said. My Mother blushed and said she was sorry if she had interrupted anything.

Clare quickly changed the subject, she told my Mother and me that Stacy would be visiting when her classes finished next month.

“Right then, that’s my goal.” I said to no one in particular.

“What is?” Clare asked.

“To be walking out of here on my own before Stacy’s visit, I don’t want her coming here. Anyway I’m sick of this place I want to be with you.” I said. Just then, Mr Sissons came in.

“Well Mr Philips, you want to be out of here within the month do you?” He asked.

“I sure do Doc! Any chances of that do you think?” I replied.

“Well I have good news for you, medically there is no need for you to be in hospital, and you only need physiotherapy now. You could go home tomorrow if you want.” Mr Sissons said with a smile.

“But, you must use a wheel chair; you have not got the strength to walk everywhere yet. You might strain yourself.” He added.

“Tomorrow be dammed. If I don’t need to be here medically, I am going now! Clare get me a wheel chair, we are leaving.” I shouted.

“Why doesn’t that surprise me?” Mr Sissons said.

Clare was not sure, she didn’t want me to do too much, but I insisted. I told Clare not to warn Jane or my Mother that I was coming home. I wanted to surprise them.

“Dave please, let me wheel you in the chair; it will still be a wonderful surprise for them.” Clare pleaded with me.

“No Clare, I need to do this. I promise I’ll take a rest after just let me do this.” I answered.

I got out and slowly walked the short distance to the front door, Clare opened it for me and I walked in.

“Hi Mom I’m home.” I shouted as I walked in unaided and without my crutches.

“Jane! Get in here quick.” My Mother screamed as she ran to me from the kitchen.

She grabbed me so tightly I nearly lost my balance; tears were streaming down her face as she cuddled me.

“Thank god your home, I don’t ever want to go through anything like this again. You scared me to death, I thought we were going to loose you.” My Mother sobbed.

“What’s all the fuss…? Dave! You’re home.” Jane shrieked and came over and hugged Mom and me. Feeling left out Clare joined in; we had a family group hug. The first time we had been together in nearly six months.

To be continued…

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