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An afternoon at the River

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We agree to meet in the parking lot as you know it won’t be easy to find your camping spot down a long-unmarked road. After driving for what seems like forever you finally pull over into a clearing. Your tent is set up overlooking the river and the picnic table sits close to a fire that is ready to be lit.

I get out of my car and walk over to you. You stop me from reaching for your zipper. You grab my wrists behind my back; twist me up against your truck facing away from you. You kiss the back of my neck and slide you hand down the front of my skirt.

You slide a finger into my already slick pussy, “Mmmmmm. That’s what I was hoping to find,” you growl into my ear.

You release my wrists but I don’t move my hands as I can almost reach your hardened cock if I press my ass towards you.

“I know what you’re trying to do,” as you slide your hands up and into my tank top.

Squeezing and twisting my nipples you pull both my tits out of my shirt so you have better access. Turning me to face you,”I’ve missed my Pet.”

We kiss and my arms go around your neck. Still kissing me, you alternate pinching and sucking until my nipples are red and swollen. You break away, grab my hand and start leading me the few steps into the camp.

“Leave your tits out and start the fire will ya. I need some coffee. We also have a couple more things to set up before it gets dark.”

As instructed, I start the fire and get coffee going. You grab your fishing stuff and start casting off the bank. When the coffee is finished brewing, I bring a cup to you.

“Master, I thought you invited me here to fuck.”

“Oh we will my Pet, just not yet.”

“Then when,” I demand.

“Patience my Pet,” as you smack my ass.

“May I suck your cock Master?”

“Patience my Pet,” bursa escort you say once again.

I stomp over to the fire in frustration. After a few minutes of not getting my way, I try to get your attention. I slide my skirt off, leaving me in my tank top with my tits out. I make my way down to the river and start splashing around, getting all wet to cool me off.

I look over to see you watching me, so I put on a little show. I start playing with my tits, licking and sucking on them. I turn around so my ass is facing you, give it a little shake and bend over pretending to be interested in something in the river. Standing up, I look over at you once more. I see your shorts around your ankles and your cock in your hand. I wade over to you. Standing in front of you, my face is lined up with your cock.

“May I take over for you Master?”

You release your cock. Putting both hands on the sides of my head guiding it onto your dick, you ease yourself into my hot mouth. You forgot how good it feels to have my lips around your cock and sliding it into the very back of my throat. Having your balls licked and sucked with the perfect amount of pressure, then back onto your hardened knob. A little too deep this time and I start to gag. You can feel the pressure building, you know one more suck and a little moaning from me would have you shooting your load down the back of my throat.

You grab my tits and pull me up out of the water towards you. You give me a big kiss and grab my wrists; you cannot have me touching your cock. You need me to wait a little longer for your load. You lead me over to the picnic table and lift me onto the end. You can’t resist. You take your cock and rub it on my swelling clit. You love feeling my wetness on your cock, rubbing it up and down my slit. You slide just the bursa escort bayan tip in, then a little bit more. You give me a couple of good thrusts and pull out again.

“Oh, fuck me Master! I want to cum!”

“You can’t cum yet my Pet.”

I’m reaching for your cock to guide it back into my pussy. You move to the side and lay me down on the table. You grab a bungee cord from the bench and secure my hands out of cock’s reach. You give me another big kiss and whisper, “Do NOT cum until you have permission.”

“Yes Master.”

You start working your way down my body. I’m wiggling and laughing because your beard is tickling me. You smack my pussy, “Enough!”

I take a big breath, “Yes Master.”

You bend and lift my legs, resting my heels the table. You see the custom plug you gave me glinting from my ass. Just knowing that it was there stretching me out to get ready for you made your cock twitch. You started to play with it as you licked my pussy. My moaning makes you stop. You help me roll over and slide off the table without undoing my hands.

Now I’m bent over the table at my waist. You leave me here for a few minutes. I can hear you in my car but don’t know what you are doing. You come back to the table. Your cock is in front of my face. I slurped and licked the best I could at this angle. I can feel something cold slide down my ass crack. You move back down to the end of the table. Slapping my ass hard with one hand as you pulled out my plug with the other. You rub lube up and down your shaft. You squeeze more into my plug stretched hole.

“Do NOT cum.”

You line up your cock with my lube filled ass. You try to go slowly, to make the feeling last for you. Once you get balls deep you can feel my ass tightening around your cock, trying to squeeze the cum escort bursa out.

“Do NOT cum.”

Three more steady thrusts and you shoot your load deep into my ass. Spent, you rest on top of me until your cock softens and slides out of my ass with a huge glob of cum. You untied me and we make our way down to the river to clean off. This time you let me touch you and kiss you as much as I want.

Back at the picnic table you guide me back onto your cock. You’re sitting back to the table, legs spread watching me bob up and down on your cock. You don’t know how I do it as this was the shortest recovery time you can remember. Once again, you are ready to explode.

“Master, may I climb onto your cock?”

“Not yet. Get your plug.”

I hand it to you and you tell me to turn around and bend over. Holding onto your knees I bend at the waist in front of you. You take the plug and slide it in and out of my dripping pussy. You slide it back towards my ass and ease it into my still stretched hole. Turning around, I kneel on the bench, one leg on either side of yours with my pussy ready to be impaled on your cock. You push my knees away from your body so I drop fast and hard onto you.

“I cum first,” you demand, knowing this was an unfair request.

I rock back and forth. We both pinch and suck on my nipples. You reach around and start to play with my plug. At this angle it rubs the whole length of your cock as I bounce up and down. I break away from our kiss and groan into your ears that I was going to cum.

The spasming of my pussy and me moaning, “Fuck Master!! Fuck me Master!!” and the rubbing of the plug sends your cum deep into my pussy.

I ride on your cock until the last wave of our orgasms end. Kissing you I slide off your cock and start to lick you clean. I run my tongue around your tip and give it an extra suck to make sure every last drop of cum is out. Watching me, tits still out, bare ass, worshiping your cock on a gorgeous sunny afternoon makes you start to get hard again…

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