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An Afternoon at the Cinema Pt. 04

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I kept pumping, but slowed my pace, as I emptied my balls deep into her. Pushing myself deeply into her now oozing pussy, I lay still and enjoyed the pleasure of coming into her.

When I stopped coming, I slid out of her and we moved back to the center of the bed. I lay there next to her, both of us breathing hard from the pleasure we had given each other My cock was still hard and covered with my sperm and her lubrication.

“Shit, what time is it,” she asked?

“About 8:45 or so, why,” I replied.

“I told my husband I’d be home by nine,” she said. “Where is my phone?”

She got off the bed to retrieve her phone.

“Hi, it’s me,” she said. “I’m gonna be late.”

“On my way home I got on the expressway and never even noticed that I was low on gas,” she said.

“Got myself off and called the auto club. I’m safe in the car, but they said it will be an hour before they can get someone out,” she went 0n. “When he gets here, I’ll stop and fill up. I’m so sorry.”

While she talked on the phone. I got up and moved behind her. I slipped my arms around me and cupped her tits, my thumb, and forefinger gently pinching her nipples. She pushed her body back against me and moved her free hand up to mine on her breast.

“No, it doesn’t make any sense for you to come out,” she said. “Like I said, I am safe in the car and it is off the expressway, so I’ll just wait it out.”

“OK, thanks, sorry again,” she said. “Love ya, see you soon, bye.”

She turned her head to me, “We have about an hour and a half,” she said.

I moved back to the bed. “How do you do it,” she asked, “How can you still be hard after coming so much just a few minutes ago?”

“It takes the proper stimulation, and you, dear teacher, is just that,” I said.

She walked to the edge of the bed and indicated to me I should move to her. I moved quickly and was soon setting on the edge of the bed. She reached down and pulled my hand to her breasts and moved my hand across the fullness of her tits. She let go of my hand and I continued to caress her full breasts.

Slowly she knelt near the edge of the bed and flipped her hair to one side while she reached out with her hand to grasp my cock. “Your cock is so beautiful,” she said. “Hard, thick, and long, everything a woman could want.”

She looked up at me, smiled, and lowered her mouth to engulf my cock. I moaned loudly as she expertly sucked eagerly my cock and moved her other hand to my balls and cupped my sac.

She pulled my cock from her mouth and eagerly licked the rim of the head of my cock. I moaned as she again eagerly engulfed my cock and began sucking eagerly.

“Oh, God, that is fantastic,” I said, “don’t stop.”

She continued to eagerly pleasure my cock with her mouth while slowly stroking my shaft with her hand. She looked up at me and seemed to be pleased with my reaction to her cock sucking skills.

I reached out with my hand and pushed her head down onto my cock.

My cock was being treated to her best cock sucking skills. Every inch of my shaft was caressed by her tongue. My thick cock filled her eager mouth. I moved along with her, thrusting my cock to give her more of my cock, and soon she had my cock completely in her mouth and throat. My hand pushed her head down my cock.

She slowly worked her way up my cock, and released şişli escort it from the grip of her mouth.

She pushed my cock back against my body and ran her tongue slowly down the shaft, from the head to the base of my cock. Once she got to my ball sac, she eagerly sucked one of my balls into her mouth and ran her tongue over it. I moaned loudly as she eagerly sucked at my balls.

She sucked my balls for a few minutes while slowly stroking my shaft. I was hard, thick, and fully aroused. She seemed excited to be pleasuring me, using all her talents, and she was talented at sucking cocks.

She suddenly stopped sucking my cock and looked up at me, “You seem ready for more,” she said.

“Slide up onto the center of the bed,” she said. I eagerly complied.

Quickly, she moved over me with her knees on each side of my hips. She stretched forward and brushed her large tits against my chest.

Slowly she reached back between her legs and grasped my cock. She pulled it forward and slowly rubbed it between her cunt lips. “I want you inside of me again,” she said.

Slowly she lowered herself onto my prick and her exquisitely tight pussy engulfed me. My cock spread her labia and pushed into the opening of her cunt. Inch by inch I filled her. My cock spread her vagina as she slowly nestled down on my shaft. After a few moments of lowering herself, I could feel her cunt lips brush against my balls. I knew I was in deep as I could feel the head of my cock push against the base of her cervix.

She waited a few moments to allow her cunt to accommodate the thickness of my cock, and then began contracting her cunt around my shaft. I groaned with each contraction of her talented pussy.

As she took all of me, she leaned forward and put her hands on the bed on either side of my head. Her full tits swing free and brushed against my face. I reached up to guide her tits to my mouth and eagerly licked and sucked her nipples. First one then the other. “God,” she breathed, “I love it when a man pays attention to my tits.”

“Tits like these deserve attention,” I said, “they are simply perfect. Full, firm, natural and so sexy.”

She looked down to watch me eagerly sucking her nipples and squeezing her tits as she began slowly moving her cunt against my cock. She contracted her cunt muscles as she began fucking my cock.

“Oh, fuck,” I said, “you are so tight!” “Your cunt is so hot and ready. You are fucking incredible.”

She moaned as I began thrusting into her cunt and she tried to grip my cock every time I withdrew. We fucked for several minutes, my cock filling her cunt with each thrust. I continued sucking her nipples and squeezing her full tits.

With each thrust, I could tell her orgasm was building. She was moaning and breathing hard.

“Yes, yes,” she screamed, “fuck me deep. Fuck me hard.”

My hands moved from her tits and grasped her hips as I drove my cock deep into her. With each deep thrust, I felt the head of my cock penetrate her deeply. Her cunt was stretched wide over my cock, and her engorged clit was visible, and being stroked by my shaft with each thrust.

She grasped my cock tightly with the muscles of her cunt as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her.

Her orgasm rocked her body. I am not sure if she just needed more fucking, or it turned escort bayan her on to fuck an almost total stranger, but who the fuck cared, My cock was deep inside her talented cunt and her body was spasming with sexual release. Her tits heaved as she gasped for breath.

I felt her release a warm fluid that coated my cock and oozed down my shaft and covered my balls and her cunt and labia.

Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her. It went on with wave after wave of pleasure for what seemed like forever.

Finally, she couldn’t hold herself up any longer as the pleasure continued to engulf her and she collapsed onto my chest. Her breathing was heavy and labored.

She could barely move but she managed to roll off me and onto her back next to me on the bed.

Breathing hard, she was laying on her back on the bed. I quickly moved to a kneeling position on the bed. My cock was covered with come and her lubricant.

I moved over her, straddling her. stroking my cock.

She was breathing hard from her intense orgasm and her chest was heaving. She looked up at me and smiled. She moved her hands to her tits and pushed them together. It was like she read my mind. My plan was to tit fuck those large perfectly shaped tits.

I wanted to come all over those tits, perhaps even on her face. Stroking my cock, I enjoyed the sensation of guiding my cock into the cleft between her tits. It was warm and the fullness of her breasts wrapped around my cock. I began stroking and she smiled at me, knowing that I, like many men before me, enjoyed the opportunity to fuck these tits.

It may have been the sensation of her large tits wrapped around my cock, the slickness of my cock easily gliding in and out, or it may have been the knowing look on her face that brought me over the edge, but soon I began shooting jet after jet of semen between her tits. She held her tits together around my cock, but I pulled back to enjoy pumping my jism onto her tits and her face.

Jet after jet of my semen splashed onto her face and tits. I came hard for several moments and when my orgasm began to subside, I moved closer and inserted my cock into her eager mouth.

She eagerly took my cock. She had a look of surprise on her face as my cock spurted one or two more jets of sperm into her mouth. She swirled her tongue over my cock head. I stroked my shaft and pumped another jet of come into her mouth.

After my last jet, I slowly pulled my cock from her mouth and ran my dick over her nipples.

“God that was hot,” I said, kneeling over her.

She lay there catching her breath. Her eyes were closed and she was covered with the wetness of my cum on her tits and face.

“Smile,” I said. She looked up to see me with my iPhone pointed at her. I quickly took several pictures.

“Do you always take pictures of the women you fuck,” she asked?

“I could be insensitive and say yes, and actually I do try to take pictures of the women I have sex with, but in this case, I need these pics to remind me of how great a fuck you were,” I said.

“I’m not sure I am at my best right now you gave me quite the facial,” she said.

“Maybe if you give me a minute to wash up you can take more.”

“That would be terrific,” I replied.

She smiled moved off the bed and walked to the bathroom.

When beşiktaş escort she returned, she had straightened her hair and wiped my come off her face and tits. “How’s this,” she said as she gave me a twirl.

“Very nice,” Ie said, “you look as beautiful standing up as you did on your back.”

“OK, I have to get going,” she said.

“No, wait, the pictures, remember?”

“OK, but just a few and you have to be quick,” she said. “I have a husband and a daughter to get home to.”

“I’ll be quick if you cooperate,” I said.

“OK, how’s this,” she said, turning her nude body slowly for me.

“Get on the bed, lay on your back, and prop your head up with your arm,” I said.

“OK, but I really am crunched for time,” she said. “It has been almost an hour since I called my husband and it is about a 30-minute drive.”

“Now, pull your right leg up so your leg is bent and your foot is flat on the bed,” I said.

“Great, that makes your tits look so big,” I said. I moved around the bed quickly taking shot after shot.

When I reached the foot of the bed I stopped. “Open your legs a bit, I want pictures of your deliciously tight cunt.” She complied with my request but also noticed that my cock was hard again and sticking straight out.

“OK, now move over to the edge of the bed and drape your head over the edge,” I suggested.

Once she was in position I moved over to her and took some pictures of her tits, then I moved closer, “Open your mouth,” I said.

She did as I requested and I slowly inserted my cock into her mouth. “Yea, baby, suck it,” I said, as she eagerly sucked at my cock. “Pump it and suck it, baby, these are going to be so great on my laptop,” I said.

She took my cock out of her mouth and said, “I really have to get dressed and get going.”

“OK, one more,” I said. “Move back to the first pose.”

Again, she followed my request. While she was moving I got onto the bed and was kneeling near her.

“OK, when I move in, you drape your leg over my shoulder, and push those big tits together,” I directed.

In that position, her hips were lifted off the bed to just the same height as my cock.

“Take my cock and move it to your cunt,” I suggested.

I felt a jolt of pleasure as I felt my cock head slide between the folds of her labia. I then moved my hips forward and I felt my cock slide into her once again. I kept shooting as I began fucking her once again.

“We don’t have time for this again,” she protested.

“Just a few more,” I said as I fucked her.

“Oh, fuck yeah, you are so tight,” I moaned as I felt my cock explode in her. Again, jet after strong jet of my semen was pumped into her pussy.

I moaned as my orgasm subsided.

As soon as my cock slipped out, she untangled herself from me. “I’ve really got to go,” she said as she slipped off the bed, grabbed her clothes, and headed for the bathroom.

She must have cleaned up and got dressed, before coming out of the bathroom. I later discovered that she purposely left her thong in the bathroom.

When she came out of the bathroom, I was laying on the bed, propped up on a few pillows. I was still nude and my limp cock was still wet and covered with semen from her cunt.

“I have to go,” she said.

“Yes, I know,” I said. “Too bad, I really like a vigorous morning fuck.”

“Maybe next time,” she said as she headed to the door and home to her husband and my daughter.

It was the best “Home visit” I had ever experienced. Not the last from Mrs. Boyd, but the future visits needed none of the pretenses.

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