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An Affair Revisited

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Sarah leaned in close to my ear as I sipped my vodka-cranberry cocktail and watched the crowd from our table. “Oh my god, Joss.”

I frowned and set my drink on the table. “What?” I looked into her wide eyes and knew that whatever was on her mind, it couldn’t be good.

It was my first time out to the bar scene in almost a year. Sarah had pleaded with me to accompany her to meet a group of friends at the trendiest bar in town. “Joss, you have to go out and let loose,” she had advised me. I realized she was absolutely right; it was time to do something for me. So I got gussied up in a tight little black dress and killer heels that showcased the lean muscle in my legs, left the baby with my husband, and went out on the town. I couldn’t wait to be seen and prove to myself that I was still sexy after having a baby.

Now everyone in the group was mingling; some stood at the ornate bar, others wandered among the tables. Sarah and I sat by ourselves at a small table near the front door; I sat with my back to the door, she faced it and could see everyone who walked in.

I stared at Sarah, and a pit began to yaw in my stomach. Somehow I knew it was Tom; I could read it on her face. She sat very still and watched over my shoulder. Finally I couldn’t stand the suspense, and I turned in my chair. There he was, standing by the front door and looking around as if for someone in particular. Without conscious thought, I spun back around to face Sarah and put my head in my hands. My heart raced, my breathing was fast, and my hands shook. I hadn’t seen him in nearly four years, and still he made me feel and act like a blithering middle-schooler.

“Are you okay?” Sarah whispered, and I nodded my head without looking up, even though I was not okay. I was far from okay.

“He’s heading toward the bar,” Sarah observed.

I took a deep breath. I looked up at her and said, “I don’t know what to do.” My voice quavered with the rivers of intense conflicting emotions coursing through me. I couldn’t stop my hands from shaking.

Sarah’s gaze was so sympathetic that I thought I might burst into tears. She understood what I was going through and why. She had been there through it all, had even had a similar experience. She had watched me as I tried to justify sleeping with a married man, she had encouraged me when I admitted that I was crazy in love with him, and she had held me as I wailed after Kayseri Escort he left me to go back to his wife.

I hadn’t seen or spoken to him again after the day he walked out on me. I went on with my life, met someone else, got married, had a baby — but I never truly got over Tom. And it seemed my day of reckoning had arrived. I knew I wouldn’t leave the bar without coming face-to-face with him at some point. I just didn’t know what I would do when that happened.

I needed alcohol to help me through this. I slammed the rest of my drink and signaled for the server. I asked her to bring me another cocktail and a shot of whatever was handy. I downed the shot and felt a little better. Warmth from the alcohol blanketed me, and I felt calmer. More confident. “I have to visit the ladies,” I told Sarah and stood up.

“Remember, you look hot!” Sarah called after me as I glided toward the ladies’ room. It was as if she knew what was going to happen.

The path to the bathroom took me past the bar, where Tom stood with a couple of friends. He held a bottled beer in his hand. I saw all this in my peripheral vision as I walked past without looking directly at him. I could feel his eyes burn through my body from my head to my toes. My heart pounded and I could feel my hands shake. I pushed the bathroom door open and walked in. I was alone. It was a ritzy bathroom that perfectly matched the bar’s ambience. The toilet stalls were actually little rooms; each had a floor-to-ceiling door that closed and locked. I turned to the mirror and looked at myself for a moment. I took a deep, calming breath. I was hot, there was no doubt about that. I was of average height, but had worked extremely hard after the birth of my son to lose the baby weight and tighten myself up. The effort paid off; my arms were toned, my belly was flat, my legs looked a mile long, and my dress clung to every curve.

I ran a thick paper towel under the cold water, wrung it out, and blotted my flushed face. The coolness felt wonderful but didn’t do much to calm my frazzled nerves.

I heard a slight swish as someone opened the door and stepped into the bathroom. I glanced in that direction, expecting that another woman needed to use the facilities. I turned and froze when my eyes fell upon Tom, who was standing, silent, just inside the door. His baby blues blazed and locked my gaze. My heart raced, my pussy Kayseri Escort Bayan heated up, and my flower opened. My juices began to soak my silk panties. My mind emptied of all thought, and basic animal sex instinct flowed through my veins.

Tom walked toward me, laid a hand on my chest, and pushed me backward into the largest of the stall-rooms. I went willingly, walking backwards, my eyes never leaving his. He stopped only when I bumped up against the cold tile wall of the farthest bathroom stall. He used his leg to push the heavy door closed, and it locked itself. He took hold of both of my wrists and brought them up next to my head, pinning me. My swollen clit sang, and my juices had soaked through my panties and now began to slowly run down my leg. I kept my eyes on Tom’s eyes; his gaze burned into me. My breathing grew shallower, and all I wanted was for him to kiss me.

He didn’t; instead he let go of my left wrist just long enough to reach under my dress and hook a finger through the left side of my panties. In a flash they were around my ankles. Still without breaking Tom’s fierce gaze, I gingerly stepped out of the panties and kicked them into the corner. As I did that, Tom used his right hand to unbuckle his belt and push his pants down. He stepped out of them and kicked them away. He grabbed my wrist again and, breathing heavily but evenly, still without breaking his gaze, he pressed his entire body against me.

The cold tile on my back was a pleasing contrast to his hot body. His hard cock pressed against my belly, and then fell between my legs and brushed lightly against my wet and swollen pussy. That was all it took to trigger my first explosion. I writhed under him, moaning as quietly as I could, unable to keep from closing my eyes. My orgasm was so strong I feared I might melt. I arched my back and pressed tighter against him as the intense sensations ebbed.

Tom took that as a signal and, letting my wrists go, maneuvered himself for easy access. He grabbed my ass and lifted me up; I placed my hands on his shoulders for balance, spread my legs and wrapped one around his waist. He pressed the head of his cock against my fountain and pushed slowly forward until he was in up to the hilt. I opened my eyes, cocked my hips and moaned again as he slid into me. His gaze locked with mine again, and we stood that way for at least sixty seconds, neither Escort Kayseri of us moving. I relished the feeling of him inside me again…he had always filled me up perfectly.

And then he kissed me.

The soft, deep soul kiss coupled with his cock inside me was enough to set me off again. I buried my face in Tom’s neck to muffle my cries. His familiar personal scent of dried cinnamon and vanilla overwhelmed me. My pussy contracted and gushed, and at that moment Tom started moving his cock slowly in and out of me, grunting softly. This only served to prolong my orgasm, and the sensation was so strong, and the knowledge of who was causing these crazy feelings was so intense, that tears filled my eyes. I looked up at him and saw tears in his eyes too.

He kissed me again and speeded up his thrusts. We both grunted and moaned softly through our noses, neither of us willing to break the kiss. I heard a group of women enter the bathroom and do their business, talking and laughing as they touched up their hair and makeup. All this was secondary; all I could focus on was Tom and feeling him inside me again. It felt perfect. It felt right.

Suddenly he broke the kiss and fucked me with abandon; I knew he was close to coming. He wrapped his arms around me and held me tight, as if he couldn’t get close enough to me. I knew then that he had missed me as much as I had missed him. I also knew that this was a one-time deal; we both had families to return to.

He brought me to orgasm for a third time, and I buried my fingers in his hair as I tried not to scream. He thrust deep one, two, three times, and on the third thrust he threw his head back. I moved my hands over his ears, down his face and onto his chest as his hot juices squirted into me. My pussy contracted in time, encouraging him to give up every last drop.

Panting, we stayed in position for a few more seconds. His face was flushed and covered with sweat; I gently kissed his cheeks, chin, eyes, and forehead, tasting his salty sweaty goodness. Finally his cock went soft and fell out of my spent pussy. A gush of liquid – his juices and mine combined – followed and landed with a splat on the floor. He set me down on legs that wobbled and struggled to hold my weight.

He cradled my face in his hands and gently kissed me for the last time. He whispered, “I will always love you.” I wanted to ask him not to leave, but knew that I shouldn’t. Through my tears I watched him gather up his clothes, put them on, smooth himself out, and sneak out of the ladies’ room.

A few minutes later, clothed, tears dried, put back together, I did the same.

I never had to tell Sarah what happened; like I said, she already knew.

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