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Amy’s Story Ch. 1

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Lizzie and Amy had been school friends for years. Liz was 19, had left her secondary school a year ago, and was working the stables at a nearby racecourse. She loved horses and although the job paid badly, she was supported well by her parents who owned a large farm.

Amy, a year younger was still at school. Although she was never very bright, she had been surprised by her good GCSE results, and was now finishing her A-levels at sixth-form college.

The two girls both loved to ride, and had kept horses on Lizzie’s farm for years. They spent most of their time there and had become very close. Both of them were attractive and were hits with the local boys. They had gained a reputation for being able to take their pick of men, and both enjoyed this. They always told each other about their latest boyfriends and kept no secrets. It wasn’t unknown for them to have both dated the same guy at one time or another. Amy had only one secret that she kept from her friend.

They’d know each other since Amy was 10, and at first everything had seemed normal. Then as the years went on, Amy hit puberty and really started to develop. At this time, she started to notice how much she liked the contact of boys. She had her first full-blown kiss at 11, and by 14 loved to watch boys gaze at her chest. However, she also noticed that she got the same feelings, when she was touched by Liz. There was never any sexual contact, but if Liz brushed Amy’s breast with an arm, or their legs touched under the table, Amy would feel that warm sensation between her thighs. She found herself sneaking glances at when they changed together and she became more and more attracted.

After seven years, Amy was well aware of exactly what her feelings for Liz were. She loved to date boys, but still yearned to be properly touched by her friend. This year Liz’s parents had gone away for the summer and her house was empty for three weeks. Amy decided that now was the time to make a move. She just had to decide when, and how.

On a hot Saturday morning, Amy met Liz at the farm around nine. As planned the two girls fed their horses and mucked out the stables. Afterwards, they were both hot, sweaty, and smelling of horse manure. They went to shower, and Amy decided to put her plan into action. After Liz had gone to the bathroom to shower, Amy snuck to the door and tried the handle.

“Damn,” she swore, finding that it was locked.

She knelt to the keyhole, but hurried up as she heard Liz heading toward the door. Liz stepped out of the bathroom, wrapped in a log white towel. Liz’s shoulder length blonde hair, was wet and darkened, and clung to her slim neck. Her small breasts made two mounds in the cloth, which hung down to the floor at the back. At the front however it stopped just above Liz’s knees, revealing her slender tanned legs.

“All yours,” she said cheerfully as she walked passed.

“Thanks Lizzie,” Amy said. As Liz walked passed, Amy carefully trod on the end of her trailing towel. The towel slipped from Liz’s shoulders Ümraniye Escort and Amy watched mesmerized as it slid down her back and finally onto the floor.

Liz gave an embarrassed squeal and grabbed the towel from the floor. As she bent over, Amy got a full view of her firm ass cheeks, which were white against here tanned legs. Amy quickly gazed downwards, admiring the way Liz’s crack opened to show the brown skin around her anus, and below that, the two dark pink lips of her vagina.

Amy quickly looked away as Liz turned.

“Sorry she mumbled.”

“That’s ok,” Liz said, re-arranging the towel. She gave Amy a little wink, and Amy felt the warmth between her legs again. As she entered the bathroom she felt sure Liz had known she’d been watching. She decided to re-double her efforts.

That afternoon, the two of them sunbathed in the garden. The both wore bikinis and lay on towels on the lawn. Amy was quite happy in a bikini. She had long legs and thin thighs. Her ass was incredibly small and tight, and was matched by her flat stomach. She had small breasts, with large nipples, which were always visible through tops. Her dark hair was tied back in a tight ponytail.

The sun was hot and the girls soon felt the heat. Liz went inside and fetched a bottle of suntan lotion. Straddling Amy, she applied the cream to her back. As Liz worked down towards Amy’s ass, Amy felt herself getting wet between her legs. She almost let out a moan, as Liz’s hand slid between her thighs and down her legs. Liz finished far too quickly for Amy’s liking.

“Your turn now,” said Amy. “Are you lying on your front, or back?”

“On my front I think,” replied Liz, as she rolled onto her towel.

Amy straddled Liz this time, and squeezed out suntan lotion onto her friends back. She worked slowly, taking in all the details of Liz’s beautiful tanned back. When she reached Liz’s buttocks, she added more lotion and worked it in hard. Liz was wearing a thong, and as Amy rubbed her ass cheeks, it pulled them open and Liz’s tight little anus could be seen on either side of the string.

Amy worked the lotion down between Liz’s thighs, and slowly rubbed towards her friend’s groin. As she rubbed, she was thrilled to see a small wet patch appear on the material of Liz’s thong. She worked close to the patch, every so often rubbing a finger as if by accident, over where she knew her friends opening was.

After finishing of the lower regions of Liz’s legs, Amy sat back and admired them.

“You have gorgeous legs Liz,” she said. “All the boys tell me they love them. And they say that you have a very cute ass.”

Liz grinned and said, “I didn’t see a tan line on your ass Amy. Have you been sunbathing naked again?”

Liz new full well that Amy loved to strip off in her secluded garden in the village.

“I’d be scared to, I think.” Said Liz before Amy had a chance to reply. “How do you have the nerve to?”

Amy saw her chance and took it.

“Like Ümraniye Escort Bayan this,” she said, reaching for Liz’s thong. She gave it a quick yank at the top and pulled the string from between her friend’s cheeks.

She sat back, half expecting Liz to object, and scared that she might get angry. However, Liz just let out a long moan of pleasure.

“That feels a lot better Amy,” she sighed.

Deciding to go for it, Amy pulled the thong right down Liz’s legs and off over her ankles. Liz moaned again and spread her legs a little. Amy could see her pussy lips, and all the way up to her clitoris. She could see the moisture between Liz’s legs, as it seeped out of her vagina. Amy let out a little moan too, and longed to touch that hot pussy.

Instead she reached up and pulled the knot that held her friends bikini at the back. The knot undid in one swift movement, and fell on either side of her back. Liz arched her back and pulled the cups of the bikini away from her breasts. Now sitting at her friend’s side, Amy had a great view, as one of Liz’s small firm breasts flopped out and hung, bouncing ever so slightly. The nipple on it was dark pink and stuck out, highly erect. Amy couldn’t resist any longer, and started to strip off her own bikini.

When she was naked, she lay down on her towel again. This time on her side, looking at Liz. Liz was lying face down, and looked as if she was pretending to sleep.

She turned her face and gave Amy a smile. “Now I know why you risk this,” she said. “It feels great to be naked in the sun!” She arched her back a little, giving Amy another view of her chest.

Amy felt her pussy getting soaking wet. She bent opened her legs a little and was delighted to see Liz’s eyes track down passed her chest, and rest on her groin.

Feeling almost sick with apprehension, She reached out and stroked her friends back. The as Liz didn’t object, she ran her fingers down onto one firm ass cheek. She gave it a gentle squeeze. Liz let out a low moan again, and Amy suddenly had the confidence to continue.

She let her hand slide down the side of Liz’s thigh, and teasingly start to slip under her belly. Liz turned onto her side and let Amy see her carefully shaven strip of pubic hair. Amy fondled it softly, then started to run her finger towards Liz’s dripping vagina.

“Go on Ames,” Liz suddenly sighed. “I know you want to. I’ve seen the way you watch me in the changing rooms and when I shower. At first I was surprised, but recently I’ve started to think about you too. I dreamt about you last week, it made me so horny! For the rest of the day, all I could think of was you eating out my cunt.”

Amy was shocked into silence for a second. She had no idea her friend felt the same way. Then she decided that she ought to shut up and go for it. You never know, Liz might change her mind.

She straddled Liz again, this time in a 69 position. She felt Liz’s hands caressing her ass and pushed her buttocks against Escort Ümraniye her friends face. She felt a hot tongue piece her anus, and move slowly in and out. Then Liz’s mouth was sucking at her puckered hole, pulling the flesh outwards. As Amy started to grind her ass, Liz moved her tongue downwards, and started to massage Amy’s pussy. She flicked her clitoris and Amy felt herself start to build towards orgasm. Her juice started to flow out, and soaked Liz’s face. Liz swallowed it greedily, and continued to eat Amy’s pussy.

Amy started to do the same for Liz. She massaged her clit with her tongue, until Liz’s hole was sopping wet and huge. She sucked the throbbing clit, Liz started to buck her hips as she began to climax. Amy sunk her fingers, deep into her friends opening. First one finger, then two. She continued to finger fuck Liz, getting harder and harder. As Liz’s orgasm started, Amy slipped a soaking finger into the entrance to Liz’s tight ass. Liz moaned as her passage was opened and Amy sunk her finger in deeper. She began to pound Liz’s asshole with her finger, then added a second. The skin of Liz’s dark little sphincter was stretched even more and the smell of her pussy, mixed with the heady smell of her ass.

Amy couldn’t hold back any longer. She came violently, juice dripping from her pussy onto her friends face. The orgasm shuddered through her body and she pounded Liz’s ass. Liz in turn, moistened one finger, and parting Amy’s asshole with the other hand, penetrated deep into Amy’s hole. As she thrusted, Amy, for the first time in her life, came again. The second orgasm was even more explosive and Amy forced her face against her friends soaking pussy.

She was just in time, because at that moment Liz reached orgasm. Her asshole tightened round Amy’s fingers and Amy could see her pussy contract, then suddenly open again, spraying Amy’s face with hot cum. Amy had swallowed cum from the dicks of many boys, but did not know a girl could project like this. She happily swallowed the first spurt and enjoyed its sweet taste. A second later Liz came again and this time Amy let the juice run down her face.

Liz reached down and grabbed her new lover by the arm. She pulled Amy round so that that she was looking up into her face. Liz enjoyed the way her cum dripped from Amy’s lips and onto her own face. She reached for Amy’s hand, and licked the fingers, delighting in the salty taste of her own asshole.

Finally Amy let her face drop close to her Liz’s and licked the combination of both their juices off her friend’s cheek. Letting her lips track across to Liz’s mouth, she slipped her tongue between the two wet lips. The girls engaged in a passionate kiss rolling over and over on the grass. They ground their pussies on each others thighs, until both had legs, that shoe with vaginal wetness. Amy loved the feeling on their breasts crushed together, when she was below her friend, she clawed at Liz’s ass, often penetrating her, for a second or two.

After several minutes, the girls separated, and lay on their backs, holding hands.

“You’re right Amy, naked is much better,” whispered Liz

Amy agreed, lent over a kissed her friend on the cheek. She decided that this summer was going to be one to remember. The boys could get lost for all she cared, she had a lot more exploration to do.

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