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Amy’s Seduction

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Amy hated the weekends, ever since Jeff left. As each one arrived filling the void became harder and harder. Why did he have to leave? Did he lie to me when I asked if there was someone else? What did I do wrong? Those thoughts ran through her mind consistently.

Saturday morning arrived too soon for Amy, she had stopped taking the phone off the hook as her friends had stopped calling her months ago. She had obliged the invites to the “we feel sorry for you dinners,” and awkwardly declined the blind dates they had set up, she knew they were trying to help ease the pain, wallowing in self pity is only taken for so long no matter how close the friendship she thought.

Amy disliked the suffering he has caused her the discomfort and sick feeling that sat deep within her stomach, Jeff was the first real man who had broken her heart, a man who intensely loved her, fulfilled her desires, wants and needs. One day she came home and he was gone all his stuff packed up, no note no goodbye just emptiness; she missed and hated him all at the same time.

The sun streaming through Amy’s bedroom window finally annoyed her enough to climb out of bed and make herself a coffee, she clambered around the kitchen zombie like, her mind occupied by the thoughts of what Jeff was doing, a little voice in her head told her to get over it he’s fucking someone else now, her heart was stronger, fighting believing he only wanted space and that one day he would walk back into her life saying sorry it was all a mistake, bullshit it’s been six months he ain’t coming back, her commonsense prevailing. Amy sat down at the kitchen table sipping her hot coffee and staring out into the garden, tears welled in her eyes.

The temperature of the water started to cool Amy turned the taps off and grabbed a towel, a hot shower always makes me feel better she thought, she dried herself and walked into the bedroom as she passed the full length mirrors of her wardrobe she dropped the towel and examined her body, her full breasts sat upright her nipples hardened from the fresh air, she cupped her breasts bouncing them softly in her hands, she then turned sideways and ran her hands over her flat tummy Amy looked her body up and down pushing her tight arse outward, not bad for a thirty year old, Jeff doesn’t know what he is missing she thought. Amy brushed her long brunette hair and slipped on her bathrobe, she grabbed the latest Who bursa yabancı escort Weekly and slumbered onto the unmade bed.

After a half of reading her thoughts wondered back to Jeff, she grabbed the picture of him off her bedside table and admired his square jaw and deep blue eyes, she imagined him holding her tight with his strong arms, and entering her from behind with his thick man hood. Amy went to the chest of draws and pulled out an old t/shirt of Jeff’s he had left behind, her hands shaking holding her prized possession like a recovering alcoholic with a Scotch bottle. Amy held the shirt up to her face, her nostrils drawing in the familiar smell of Jeff, God how I miss him she thought. Amy caressed her body with the t/shirt running it over her naked flesh, across her breasts and over her tummy, every now and then holding it against her face swirling in its touch, she then pushed the t/shirt up against her pussy holding it there for a few seconds, “Shit what am I doing?” Amy shouted. She tossed the t/shirt into the corner off the room and stormed out.

Amy opened the fridge door and peered in looking for some form of chocolate any chocolate will do she thought, hoping to find the soothing food to calm her depression and angst. She knew there was no chocolate she had finished the last of it the previous weekend and had meant to buy some to replenish her supply, even though she knew there was none Amy hunted through the contents of the fridge in faint hope, her hands reaching in deep to the recesses of the fridge knocking over jars in her haste. Her hand clenched onto an object as it started to fall to the floor the coldness of the cucumber startled her and she went to fling it back into it’s home, however there was something about it’s feel, it’s shape and texture that made Amy stop and examine it, she ran her hand along its familiar shape, her mind hazed with the pleasure of it’s touch, she could feel the wetness flow between her legs, Amy put the cucumber back on the shelf and slammed the fridge door.

Amy sat at the round cluttered kitchen table; trying to block out the sensations her body had felt from the cold dark green vegetable, her eyes trying to avoid contact with the fridge. She pulled her bathrobe tight around her body and crossed her legs tight, trying to convince her body not to be aroused, all this seemed to do was increase her bursa sınırsız escort desire. Amy could no longer resist the urges deep within her, she opened the fridge grabbed the cucumber and went to her bedroom.

Amy flung her bathrobe off and laid on her back on the bed, she stroked the cucumber with her hands watching them slide up and down, feeling every little nodule of its skin. Amy ran her tongue up and along the entire length of the thick long curved green dick, until her lips nestled at the top, she opened her mouth as wide as she could and slowly descended her mouth down until her throat was full, the sensation of her mouth stretched to it’s fullest and the coldness against her warm mouth sent shivers down her spine. Amy sucked the cucumber slowly her saliva mixing with the bitterness of its skin, her jaw aching from its size, she thrust it harder pushing it deeper into her throat with each push causing her to gag from the depth and thickness.

Amy withdrew the cucumber from her mouth and rolled it across her breast’s, her saliva making it slide over her hardened nipples with ease, her breast’s ached for relief she pushed them together titty fucking her green dildo, her fingers pinching at her nipples as she pushed the cucumber hard against her cleavage, the feel of the cucumber against her tits and the self stimulation of her nipples sent tiny explosions down to Amy’s aching cunt, her orgasm was gentle and pleasing, but not satisfying Amy wanted more.

Amy opened her legs wide and ran the tip of the cucumber along the inside of her left thigh and then down her right thigh carefully avoiding to touch her pussy, goose bumps formed on her smooth silky skin as she teased herself. She grabbed the cucumber with both hands and slowly edged it closer to her waiting pussy, the touch of the object against her hard reddened clit caused Amy to arch her back, she slid the thick cucumber downwards opening her pink puffy lips, Amy’s cunt was drenched in her juices, as the cucumber reached her wanting hole, she rested the tip against it feeling it fullness against her. Amy plunged the cucumber deep into her cunt, it filled her completely her soft warm inner flesh stimulated by the tiny nodules of the cucumber’s skin, as the tip reached it’s full destination, Amy’s legs closed tightly, her orgasm building to a crescendo, she let out a deep guttural moan görükle escort as her body involuntarily quivered.

With her green dildo still deep inside her Amy rolled over on to all fours, she grabbed a pillow and wedged it between her thighs, the soft silky fabric of the pillow case soothing her swollen hard clit, Amy extended her arm to the fullest and slowly stroked the cucumber up and down inside her pussy, her cunt lips hugging the thickness of the vegetable dildo, she pulled the cucumber out right to the rim of her love tunnel holding it there momentarily before sliding it back deep with inside her, she kept repeating the process, clenching her teeth holding her orgasm off by biting her bottom lip with each deep plunge. Her hips slowly rocked in time with each stroke her groin pushing harder against the pillow, the corner of the pillow flicking Amy’s clit.

Amy’s mind was swimming with uncontrollable desires. Her hand pumped the cucumber faster Amy shortening the strokes with each thrust. Her cunt dripping, the cucumber made squelching sounds as Amy endeavoured to quench her ache, her juices smeared over her hand with each push.

Amy pushed her arse upwards opening her buttocks exposing her pink ring to the fresh air, giving her more accessibility to dive the cucumber deeper into her, Amy’s hips rocked out of her control, she could feel her cunt lips spasm, the intensity was growing to its peak inside her, she pushed her clit hard into the pillow, her hand going faster and faster as she tried to fuck herself to climax. Amy bit her lip hard drawing blood, her breathing became shorter and more erratic, she wanted to cum so bad, her body convulsed then paused suspended in limbo Amy’s cunt squirted, setting of a chain reaction, her body pumped back and forth, she could feel her anus tighten, “Oh my God, Oh my God, I’m Cumming, I’m Cumming, yes, yes, yesssssss” she shouted. Amy’s orgasm screamed through her body her pussy lips sucking around her green dildo not wanting to let go, yearning to keep the pleasure flowing through her body. The second orgasm came so quickly and intense it blurred her vision fogging her mind, she lost all control of her body Amy wet herself, the warm pee soaking the pillow comforting her smooth inner thighs, snapping her mind back in control.

Amy eased the thick cucumber from her spent cunt, her pussy lips feeling relief from being stretched, her body slumped down onto the bed, Amy turned her head her eyes caught the attention of Jeff’s picture she reached out with her arm picking it up from the bed side table, Amy looked at the picture, kissed it and threw it out her bedroom window. Amy closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep with her green dildo tucked snugly under her arm.

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