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Amusing My Man, My Little Show

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He’s doing what he does best–psychologically ‘grooming’ me. He’s feeding my deepest and dirtiest submissive desire. He’s so good at it. I’m addicted to him and the way he keeps me.

I’m standing in front of him in his kitchen. He teases me sometimes during the week about keeping the floor extra clean because I know I’ll be licking my cum up off of it after milking myself.

I’m standing with my panties down around my ankles dangling over top of my lace top sissy ankle sox, dangling over my ankle strap 3″ high heels. I am naked other than that. He call it my ‘reward presentation look’, teases and always makes me blush.

My makeup is perfect. He demands that. The one time it was ‘less than perfect’ he put welts on my butt and back legs that lasted three days. That was when I first moved in with him. I know better now.

“You look cute like this, baby. Helpless. You never cease to amaze in your most addicted submissive dirty little ways. You are such a sex addicted little whore. And with that useless tiny thing in your hand? You look deliciously pathetic. No woman or queer man would ever find that thing useful. But I do, don’t I? You are simply precious with that baby like penis, working so hard to make it drip.”

“Yes, Daddy. Yessss…”

I’m lost to my struggle to cum for him. I don’t cum like a man does. I drip like a girl, barely tiny spurts.

I have a ring formed, the way he insists, with my forefinger and thumb on my left hand and closed super tight behind my balls, both pulled up and out, away from my body standing way out in front of me. Neither could slip out from my grip even if pulled. It hurts slightly but I am trained to endure it. My right hand, a tiny ring with my forefinger and thumb, pumps furiously over the head of my little semi erect penis. It’s covered in K-Y lubricant squirted all over me once I was in place, before he told me ‘Begin!’.

It’s sex for me, as he calls it. He says it’s my reward for being a good boy and doing what I’m told to do. I am allowed to masturbate while standing naked and in only heels in front of him. He has me ‘dress for the occasion’ as he says. It’s a twice a month ritual. He knows I constantly think about doing this while in my locked pink chastity restraint and doing my daily domestic chores around his house. Or when having my rear end or mouth used by him. And he does tease about that! I’m never allowed to ask. I must wait for him to suggest, to tell me it’s time for my ‘reward’.

I struggle, whimper, pump my little thing desperately. It takes me forever to cum like this. I am soft and do not get hard, barely semi erect and no more than 3″ at most.

“Is your Daddy good to you, letting you play like that?”

“Yes, Daddy…uhhhh…oooo…”

My voice on the edge of tears, he sits and watches. I concentrate on cumming for him. I can feel his eyes on me, staring at me. My locking chastity tube is dangling from his hand, his index finger in it and bursa escort holding it up, toying with it.

“Come on, baby. Cum for Daddy. You know I love seeing this. It’s not all about me. I know my little sissy must cum sometimes too. I’m not a totally selfish man. I know my little queer girl has needs.”

“Yes, Daddy, yessss…uhhh…”

I know what he expects. ‘Yes, Daddy’ and ‘Thank you, Daddy’ and ‘No, Daddy, my only responses depending on his statements and questioning. And I know he’ll lock me and not take me out of chastity for a month if I displease him. That and whip me and send me to my room.

He laughs, thinks to himself of his ownership, as I do my dirty little show in front of him.

“Remember when I used to milk you, did that dirty messy act for you with my hand, have you put your butt up and milk you from behind? Remember? You were so messy, made such a mess in my hand. I don’t know why I ever touched that tiny little thing. Other than to hold you up on your toes by it and paddle your butt. I like doing that better now with your chastity tube. I can hold you way better now? Hold you up on your toes?”

He doesn’t wait for my response to him. He is smiling. Staring at me. Laughing.

“Oh my, baby. That’s a good girl. Think about how you look to me now. How cute you are. How submissive and owned. I’m picturing you doing this front of a room full of people. You’re making my cock hard. Does that please you, baby?”

“Yes, Daddy, yes!”

He unzips his pants, unfastens his belt and raises up from the chair he sits in. He lowers his pants. His huge cock springs out of his underwear and stands straight up. He takes my chastity harness that he holds in his hand and plays, mocks, like he’s trying to put it on himself. He laughs out loud.

“These aren’t made for men, baby. Are they?”

He laughs loud, tosses my chastity harness to the kitchen counter where he sits.

“No, Daddy, no…uhhhh, please, uhhhhh…”

I am working so hard. I feel myself right at the edge of coming, start to tighten my cheeks as I struggle, struggle, struggle. I have been pumping with my hand furiously for over ten minutes, K-Y sloshing sound. He notices.

“Are you tightening up that butt thinking of my cock up deep in it? Are you? I can see you clench those cheeks. I own that ass, bitch.”

He speaks firmly, almost scolding. Always reminding me, always grooming my submissive attitude.

“Yes, Daddy, yes…please…yesssss…”

And then it happens. I start to drip, very tiny spurts, baby like. I drip to the floor, my thoughts turning to shame, humiliation. I can’t help that. Happens as soon as I start to cum. He knows and exploits that.


Whimpering, almost crying I drip onto the floor. He sits silently and watches me milk myself. I can see him smiling up at me.

When I finish completely and I put my hands at my sides and take baby steps bursa escort bayan toward him, so as not to have my panties fall from my ankles. The one time that happened, it got me welts all over my butt too.

He says nothing as I move to the front of him and present myself for locking. He pushes my balls back into the retaining ring, hears me welp and cry out as each one hurts as it pops into place in the ring. He attaches my penis locking tube, pushing my soft little thing back into it. He locks it in place. He reaches around behind me and takes my right rear cheek in his hand, pets me gently. He pats my butt.

“Naughty, naughty boy. My little bitch’s dirty little show. Are you feeling ‘rewarded’? I’m thinking you feel like a whore, and owned whore. I’m thinking you feel ashamed. Don’t you? You should. What kind of whore would be owned like this and made to be what you are? But you are a real cute little owned whore.”

He laughs loud as he takes his erect rock-hard erect cock with his other hand and holds it up and out, right at the front of me as I stand inches away from him. My messy puddle on the floor behind me on the floor, he stares up at me.

“Yes, Daddy. Thank you. Thank you. Yes.”

“Thank me. Tell me you love me.” He glares at me.

As I gush, ‘Thank you, thank you, I love you, Daddy I love you…’ over and over I feel slight tears in my eyes. He reaches down and works my dangling panties up from my ankles, back up my legs and over my butt and locked penis. He adjusts the lace at my legs of my panties, ignoring my whimpering pleas.

“So very cute. You really are. Well, as long as I have my pants down and have this big hard on, why don’t you kneel and show me how grateful you are to me for letting you milk yourself, for rewarding you like I do. Why don’t you show me how much you love me?”

He sits back in his chair and looks up and into my eyes.

“It’s your fault I have this hard on. Show me with that pointy little tongue of yours. Show me, girly boy. Put your Daddy in your mouth and suck him. Before you get that mouth of yours all filthy licking up the mess you made on the kitchen floor. I’m not in the mood to fuck right how. I want my cock sucked. On your knees! Move!”

He snaps his fingers. He watches as I hurry to my knees in front of him. He thrusts his hips out slightly and sits to the back in his chair.

I hurried to my knees and put him into my mouth quickly.

“Oh my, oh my. My little girl is anxious today. Maybe I don’t feed her enough. I like that, sweetie. You know I do. Mmmmmm, such a hungry little bitch. It’s almost like you want me to cum in your mouth.”

He laughs loudly as he sits back and closes his eyes, lost to my mouth, my head moving up and down on him. My tongue gripping the underside of his erection, moving back and forth over the hole of his huge cock.

I can only get two-thirds of hm into me comfortably without choking, have escort bursa to force it all the way in when I deep throat him until I choke. I masturbate him methodically with my mouth.

When he cums he does so without warning. Like he always does. I feel him start to throb. He always does that too. And then it happens. He exploded in my mouth. I work hard to swallow every bit of it. Huge powerful spurts hit the back of my throat. He takes the sides of my head and holds me in place tightly. I struggle not to choke or let any of it run out of my mouth and onto his lap.

When he finishes. He keeps his hands on my head holding me tight and in place. He starts to go semi erect.

“I don’t feel shame after I cum, sissy. I feel what a man feels. And I feel like I own you. Don’t you ever forget who owns you. Never forget that. You’re mine to do with as I please.”

I say nothing. His cock still huge in my mouth even when semi erect.

“Do you love me?”

He feels me nod my head ‘yes’ in his lap, hears me mumble.

“Good girl.”

He pulls my head off him and wipes his cock on the side of my face.

“Your lipstick is a mess. Fix it after you clean up that floor.”

He stands, almost knocking me over. I hurry to move out of his way as he moves past me. I scurry to the cum, the mess I made, on my hands and knees. I start to slurp and lick it up off the floor, careful to get it all.

“You do keep the floors clean around here.”

He laughed loudly as he pulled his pants back up, zipped up and fastened his belt.

“That should keep you for another couple of weeks. Do you like the sex I let you have? Do you? Do know that I could just keep that useless thing locked up indefinitely? Not let you cum at all? Do you?”

He looks down at me.

“Yes, Daddy. Yes. I love you, love doing this for you. I love you.”

He moves to the door.

“I expect you to be the pretty girl tonight. That pink thing you know I like, the short ruffly dress and the stockings with bows that match it, wear that. I’m bringing a friend home for dinner. You’ll serve dinner at 7 pm and you’ll be on the menu later tonight too. You know how much I like to watch you whimper while you’re fucked. And you know I like to lend you out.”

He smiled at me.

“You gonna make me proud of you?”

“Yessss, Daddy, yesss, you know I will. Yes…”

“Shusssshh, you just clean that mess up, have this place spotless as you always do. And be real cute tonight when I get home. That’s not too much to ask, is it?”

“No, Daddy.”

He waked back to me, bent and took my head in his hands. He kissed my forehead, patted the top of my head.

“You know I really do love you. You’re perfect for me.”

He stood and went to the living room. I heard him go out the door.

As I started my housework, I thought about getting pretty for him, I could only think about being used by him and his friend later that evening. I so want to make him proud of me.

I was dripping in my chastity harness, into my panties. Such a bad girl. Such a bad, bad girl, lost in her sissy sex toy dirty thoughts. I smiled at myself in the hall mirror. I loved what I saw staring back. I love what I am for my man.

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