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Amish Discipline Ch. 2

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After leaving Amon, my emotions were running pretty high. However I was looking forward, more than ever to having Beth do the cleaning and chores in the house. I would have to pick her up at her farm and then return her after work. This was always pleasant to see her beautiful body and pretty face. It started out as a quiet relationship and I surmised it was because of the beating her father had given her and the exposure of her naked body to my view that caused her to be quiet and reserved.

The weeks went by and I never tired of watching her gracefully go about the chores. We still hadn’t gotten very far with our conversation and I still wanted to get closer to her, “if you know what I mean”. On some mornings when Beth is working, I like to go jogging and am usually gone for one to two hours. But it was one of those hot summer days and the humidity was high. I just didn’t feel like doing the full routine and turned back after only a few minutes. I was wearing my jogging shorts and an old T-shirt which was now soaked and sweaty.

I needed to get in shower and clean up. As I entered the house the air conditioning had come on and was already cooling the temperature down. I made my way up the stairs wondering where Beth was cleaning. The upstairs window air conditioning was running in the bedroom and was making quite a noise. As I entered the master bedroom I saw Beth standing in front of the dresser with her back to me. She couldn’t see me come in and with the noisy air conditioning, she couldn’t hear me either. I slipped around the door and stood with my back to the wall, so I could observe what she was doing. Much to my surprise she was in the drawer that contained my underwear and also the place that my wife and I keep some of our play toys.

Beth had found the custom made dildo that we used to play with. The dildo is one of those kits that you can order and then make a casting of your own cock. It was something that we both wanted to do and the results are very realistic. Now I’m not huge by any means, but my cock is about 8 1/2″ and is 1 1/2″ thick. When I made the mould, I was amazed that it showed all the veins and even made a nice casting of my balls. Now I was watching someone other than my wife play with this dildo and my own cock rose to the occasion. I watched Beth’s small hands stroking the dildo and imagined her stroking my own cock, and yet she was stroking my cock or yet it seemed that way. My hand went down and I could feel how hard I was getting. I knew that this might be the opportunity that I had been waiting for. I stood there transfixed with the moment. Beth ran her hands up and down the dildo feeling the texture and squeezing the spongy rubber. She felt the well-hung balls and gently squeezed them. I was sure that I could feel her doing this same thing to me. Then she took the dildo and placed near her face to see if she could smell the aroma that might have been left behind. She placed the head of the dildo against her lips and licked the end. I thought I might explode right there and then. I couldn’t wait much longer and had to seize the moment.

“Beth” I shouted, “what are you doing”. She froze and her head snapped around, knowing that I had caught her. The blood drained from her face and she couldn’t move, her hand still clutching the dildo.

I slowly walked over next to her. Her head dropped and her breathing got heavier. I thought she was going to cry. I said once more “Beth what were you doing in my drawer.” She just looked at me but didn’t answer.

Beth should I tell your father what you were doing! Suddenly I could see fear in her face and she started to plead with me not to tell Amon. “Please, please don’t tell my father.” She begged. “I will do anything that you want, just don’t tell my father.” At this point I needed to push the envelope even further.

“Beth,” I said, “would Amon beat you with the strap again.”

“Yes,” she said.

“Would he do other things to you also Beth?”

“Yes” was her answer.

“Beth if you don’t want me to tell your father, I want to hear the whole story. Please let’s go sit down on the bed and you can tell me.”

With that I took her hand and led her to the bed. She was still clutching my dildo in the other hand.

Beth started her story telling me that it was several months ago and her mother had taken the rest of the family over to an uncle’s farm, leaving her father and her to do chores. Beth was in the barn cleaning the stalls when she begins the story.

“I was raking the hay Kastamonu Escort around and just sort of daydreaming. I have begun to notice things that are changing in my body and have become aware of animals and what they do when mating. I have started to notice the things that hang down on male animals and especially the horses and bulls. I am quite intrigued in the interest that these animals are now having for one another, both females and males. It was sort of a lazy morning and I was watching the pony in the next stall. He was still young, but his thing was hanging down and swinging from side to side as he walked around the stall. I wondered if I could get next to him and maybe just touch his thing. I went into the stall and took his halter and tied him up against the rail so he couldn’t run around the stall.

“At first the pony seemed nervous, but I just kept talking to him and rubbing his back and down around his belly. He seemed to calm down as I rubbed him. I kept moving closer down and under his belly, closer to his thing. As I got closer I could see it was starting to get longer and thicker. Then my hand brushed against his thing and he flinched. Finally after several minutes the pony let me rub my hands up and down the length of his shaft. It now had grew to about 20” and was as big around as my arm. I knew that I was stimulating him and he was feeling the need to mate. I kept rubbing up and down his shaft and had knelt down so I could see the whole thing. I just couldn’t stop; I had to see what was going to happen. As I worked his thing up and down, he became more and more excited. Then his feet and legs went rigid and his thing started spraying a hot gooey liquid all over the floor. It got on my hands and was spraying all over my shoes. I started to giggle at what had happened and then I felt it.

“It was a large hand and it grabbed by the arm. I looked up and saw the angry look on my father’s face. With one movement, he jerked me to my feet and half drug me towards the house. His breathing was heavy as we went up the steps and through the door to the house. On the way through he grabbed the strap off the wall and I knew I was in for a beating.

“He pushed me over to the table and laid me across it, the way he had done when you were here before. This time though, he ripped my dress from me and left me standing there in my panties and bra. He just stood there looking at me, as if he was now seeing me for the first time. His breathing got faster and heavier as he stood looking at my half naked body. Then turned me around and bent me over the table and his big hands yanked my panties down and off my thighs. He left them dangling around my feet. Then he started to feel my bottom and let his hands run up and down my thighs, pushing up higher until he came in contact with the folds of my vagina. He took one of his large fingers and prodded in between my lips and I could feel the moisture lubricating his finger. As he was breathing heavier, he was mumbling something I couldn’t understand, but I knew it was somewhere between being angry and excited by touching his oldest daughter. Then I felt his other hand reach up and undo my bra and push it away from my breasts.

“The next thing I knew the strap landed across my bottom. He struck again and again until my bottom was raw and burning from the leather strap. I was crying and trying to plead with him. He roared back that he was going to teach me to get the male species excited, like I had done to the pony. I lay there sobbing, trying to let the words sink in as to what he meant.

“Then I heard him undoing his pants and I heard them hit the floor. Then his under shorts went down with his pants and I looked back to see his thing standing straight out, thick and hard. My father said that he was going to show me what a male does with his cock when someone like me gets him excited. That was the first time I had heard his thing called a cock. He said he was going to teach me what mating was all about.

“I pleaded with him, ‘Father don’t do this to me,’ but he was angry and moved forward pinning me against the table. I could feel his cock up against my thighs; it was hot and throbbing in his excitement. Then he went back to fondling me. He rubbed my breasts and squeezed the nipples. He ran his hands up and down my thighs and prodded my cunt lips inserting his finger deeper into my hole. I felt the heat building up in my stomach and my breathing got faster as my father excited me. Then he placed the head of his cock Kastamonu Escort Bayan up against my cunt and started to push forward. I gasp as his large cock tried to enter my virgin womb. He reached down and spread my legs even further, so he could get more room to enter me. I started to cry as I felt him come up against my hymen. It wouldn’t let him go any further. He pulled back out and with one lunge drove his cock through my virgin protection. I screamed as the pain cut through me.

“His balls were now up against my bottom. As his cock filled my insides he took his hands and squeezed the raw flesh of my bottom. Every time he did this, my cunt muscles would contract around his cock. I could hear him moan with pleasure from my working against his cock. He kept pounding his cock in and out and squeezing my raw bottom. After what seemed like an eternity, I could feel his cock swell and his seed was spewing inside my belly. He collapsed over the top of me and pinned me down on the table. As his breathing got back to normal his cock shrank some and slid out of my pussy. He stood back up and I turned around to get more comfortable. I thought that now he was done and I could go to my room. His cock was covered with his seed and blood from taking my virginity. He looked at me and moved forward. He called me a slut and pushed his cock up to my lips and said he wanted me to suck him and clean him up. I obediently opened my mouth and let his cock slide into my mouth. I could taste his salty seed mixed with the blood from my virginity. I started to suck and clean the cum from his cock.

“Then I felt him start to grow again and I knew he was once more getting excited. I kept sucking his cock and he kept ramming it into the back of my mouth and down my throat. It wasn’t long and I felt his balls tighten and he shot another load of seed into my mouth. I knew better and swallowed it all, tasting the sticky hot fluid as it ran down my throat. After this he went limp and pulled his cock from my mouth and put his clothes back on. He told me to get cleaned up and go to my room. We never spoke of this again.”

Wow! At this point my heart was in my throat and my cock was hard and stiff. I felt a much closer attachment to Beth and wanted to somehow comfort her. I moved closer and saw that she was still holding my dildo tightly in her hand. I wanted to break the ice so I reached over and put my hand on hers holding the replica of my cock. I asked her if she knew what this was and she looked at me and laughed. “I think I have that figured out by now.”

I laughed too and said, “no, no it’s me!”

She looked at me with a quizzical look and said, “what do you mean?” I then took her hand and placed it over my cock that was almost poking out of my running shorts and started to explain how we had made a replica of my cock from a kit we had purchased. She ran her hand along my cock and then would rub the dildo in the same way, feeling if they were indeed the same.

I knew at this point with those small delicate hands rubbing me through my shorts, that I had to have this young Amish woman. I slowly removed the dildo from her hand and started to rub it up and down the legs of her dress. She watched me transfixed with what I was doing but never released the grip she had on my hot cock. I slowly lifted the hem of her dress with the head of the dildo, pushing her dress up farther and farther as I exposed those young legs to my view. When I reached the bottom of her panties, I left her legs exposed and moved the dildo over the front of her dress, pushing in against the soft fabric of her breasts. I could tell that she was becoming aroused as I moved over the various parts of her body.

I moved my hand over behind her head and turned her so that her face was facing mine. As I moved closer she instinctively moved with me, and our lips met. I think this was the first time she had ever been kissed and I wanted the moment to replace all others for her. My tongue parted her lips and her mouth tasted like honey. As we moved together I could feel the heat building between us. She relaxed and her arms moved up and around my neck as her tongue started to explore this New World that was opening up between us. I slowly undid the ties to her Amish hat and let the hair fall down. It was beautiful and hung almost halfway to her waist.

I undid the ties to her dress and slowly pulled the top down over her shoulders and then across her breasts, letting it drop to her waist. The whole time our eyes Escort Kastamonu were focused on each other. I reached behind and undid her bra and pulled it free from those young delicate breasts that I had only envisioned in my dreams. They were perfect in every way, not real big but coned shaped with dark tight little nipples. At this point she knew she was going to be loved and not raped! I hoped she would find the enjoyments that love have to offer. I leaned her back on the bed and proceeded to pull the rest of her dress down over her legs, letting it fall to the floor.

Then I took the dildo once more and started to rub it over her body, touching her panties, over the front of her cunt, down her thighs, over her flat stomach and across the buds of her breasts. I then replaced the dildo with my mouth and followed the same route that I had used with the dildo. When I reached her breasts I sucked each nipple with my mouth and let my tongue savor the sweetness of her skin. I moved up to her neck and over to her ear. I whispered how beautiful she was and how I wanted this moment to last forever for her. As our mouths met she pulled me closer and our kiss was one of need and passion. With my free hand, I felt across her flat stomach and moved over her panties, parting her thighs to reach the lips of her cunt.

As I moved back up to the hem of her panties, she knew what I wanted and raised her hips so I could slide her panties down to her knees and then off to join her dress on the floor. Now I raised back up to enjoy the view of this naked girl lying there before me. She reached over and undid the tie to my running shorts and started to tug them down. I knew she wanted to do the same as I had done to her. I stood up and she slowly pulled my running shorts down along with the jock strap I was wearing. She looked at my cock and was mesmerized by it. I pulled of my shirt and kicked off my shoes and socks. We were both naked now watching the reaction of the other. I had never seen anyone as beautiful as this young Amish woman!

I pulled her into my arms and let the heat of our bodies’ build between us. My cock was now throbbing and was trapped flat against her stomach. It was aching to find its way into her small cunt. I laid her back down on the bed and kissed her eyes, nose, lips, neck, and worked my way back down to her breasts. She was starting to breathe heavier again as I made my way down to the top of her mound. I stopped to savor the sweet aroma emanating from her cunt. Then I spread her thighs wide apart and parted the outer lips, to her love canal with my tongue. She gave a short gasp as I found the tip of her clit and ran the rough surface of my tongue against it. It was not pain this time that she was experiencing, but the pleasure brought about by love. As I dove deeper into her love canal, the sweet juices started to flow out onto my tongue and mouth. The moaning coming from her mouth gave way to her hips moving in against my mouth as I sucked every spot of her cunt lips and love canal. I kept up the pace as her thrusts against my tongue got faster and quicker. With one final lunge she experienced a massive orgasm, she gripped my head and shoved it deep into her pussy, spilling juices all over my face. I lapped at her cunt savoring her cum that was now all over my face.

She wanted to relax, but my poor cock was demanding some attention of its own. I moved back up over the top of her and started kissing her neck and mouth. It wasn’t long before she started reciprocating and our mouths were locked in a tight embrace, with tongues exploring each other. I moved my hand between us and grabbed hold of my very hard cock. I placed the head at the entrance to her love canal and started to push forward. I felt her legs parting giving me full access to her little cunt. As my love tool pushed forward it was enveloped by the warm tight lips of her cunt. I pushed deeper and felt her moan with pleasure she had not felt before. As I thrust in and out the fire between us was building hotter.

The pace picked up, our breathing became labored and I felt my balls tighten as they were about to explode and send my seed deep into the belly of this young Amish woman. With another massive orgasm we both went over the edge, me sending my seed deep into her and Beth locking her legs around my waist as to pull every inch of my being into her. We gripped and held each other tight as our thrusting started to subside. As my breathing started to subside I slowly withdrew from within her and collapsed next to her. After a few minutes she rolled over bent down next to my cock and started to suck the excess cum from me. My cock started to respond to this and I could feel the blood engorging it once more.

My little Amish Girl now knows what love really is! I think its going to be a long hot summer.

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